Saturday, June 01, 2013

Unified Weird Theory: Why It Matters

When I wrote about the Unified Weird Theory it wasn't based in some impulse to bring together a bunch of pseudo-sciences and quasi-superstitions under one tent.

In fact, it was to redefine these as emanations, mere byproducts of what should be a modern Gnosis. At the very top of it all should be an understanding that the world we are sold is false and illusory. And that we'll take whatever clues we can find to get out of the primeval forest we are drifting further and further into every single moment of every day.

Quite simply put, we don't belong here. There's something about us that is profoundly maladaptive and foreign to this biosphere and we will never feel at home here. All of the great visionaries and gurus have told us so. The problem is that even if their minds and souls were somewhere else, their bodies were right here in the celestial prison camp with everyone else. And as soon as they were safely out of the picture the guards turned everything they ever said around and in on itself.

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the institutions we once built to try to better the human condition are all falling apart to shit. The news media no longer acts as a watchdog for the people against the powerful. The universities are saddling our kids with crushing debt and handing them often-useless degrees- and toxic, divide-and-rule "identity politics" nonsense- in return. The Technology giants are nothing more than manservants for the national security state, Cyberpunk dreams be damned forever.

The scientific establishment is nothing but a cooing, submissive lapdog for powerful corporate and government interests that spends all of its time yapping at its critics. Yet the evidence continues to pile up that a near majority of scientific work being done today is outright fraud, nonsensical corporate makework. Religions have exposed themselves as political tools for the rich and incubators for sexual predation. And nobody tries to pretend that any attempt to build a grassroots political movement won't be co-opted as soon as it emerges.

The problem is that everything is wrong.

We don't know who we are or why we are here. We are a classic-- definitive--- invasive species on this planet. We are doing terrible harm to the biosphere and to our indigenous neighbors; beautiful, loving, highly-intelligent creatures like the pachyderms, the great apes, the canines, the cetaceans and so on and so forth. We are trying to build a scale model of a world our DNA only half-remembers and can't be imposed on this planet without doing irreversible harm to ourselves and everything else. Never mind the "Green" fantasies- it's worse than that. Crazy worse.

We have to get the fuck off this planet- or at least move the focus of our destructive anti-biosphere lifestyle somewhere else- before it gets sick of us and wipes us all out. We've not been here a eyeblink in its history and it has wiped the slate clean five times already in the past four billion years. It's fixing to do so again but is being kind enough to give us advance warning.

But I'd say we have until the end of this century- at the very outside- before Stepmother begins cleaning house.

While our scientists download porn and torture lab animals for lulz the planet is cooking up new pathogens that our medicines won't be able to touch. We're already seeing the frontiers of our antibiotics- the next phase of planetary germ warfare is about to begin.

So what the hell does weirdness have to do with all this? 

Anomalies are ignored by scientists because they have a nasty habit of doing away with long-held theories. And this present system is if nothing else entirely theoretical. To quote Gibson, it's a hallucination we all decided to have. But it gets more insane every single day. Ask an older relative what they think of it all.

And anomalies and weirdness are the signals that you are living in an illusion. They are the seams in the matte painting, the cop-issue boots on the anarchist, the corporate advertising on the conspiracy site, the knowing wink on Air Force One, the waving Apollo flag. The signs that something is not right, that something is not as it seems.

As are calamities. I'm still sitting here but got three separate sneak previews of Armageddon in the past several months. Sandy was brutal, but the Halloween storm was by far the most life-changing, maybe because it came first. This gentle little snow, so soft and clean- it should've been a lovely day off. Except the trees were fully dressed and couldn't handle the weight. Listening to trees and branches explode- literally like a Fourth of July fireworks show- and realizing there was nothing anyone could do about it- not even the mighty Bill Nye- made me wonder what we do in the event of real disaster.

 Of course, one came the following year. Like the devastation in Oklahoma it was preceded by massive solar unrest, giving lie to the hubristic scientistic delusion that human activity is causing all of this. What they really mean is that we scientists are causing it, because we are the supreme crown of all creation, the greatest expression of the entire universe. And we can stop it too, because we fucking rule. Fuck yeah. High fives.

So please let me tell you once again that the people on the Internet who try to sneer you away from pursuing your own Gnosis- whatever form it may take- have nothing to offer you. Nothing. Their own realities are crumbling around them- don't be caught in the rubble of their illusions. They attack you to take their minds off their own disintegrating holograms.

And now there's a concerted effort in the mainstream media to get you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, to lump in questioning anything they happen to be ordered to print with "conspiracy theory" and then to identify the term "conspiracy" with stupidity, which would surely be a surprise to all the prosecutors who file charges of conspiracy every weekday.

It's weak and sloppy but utterly typical. The mainstream media is dying too, having broken faith one too many times with its audience. Everything is falling apart, because everything is built on a lie. Sure, some things are falling apart faster than others, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics holds steady.

I think two things will happen- an overwhelming crisis point is coming soon that will either destroy us or snap us out of our Enlightenment-era delusions. We will reboot the project with an understanding of actual reality, and not a Victorian-era reality that reduces everything there is to chunks that can be cut up, measured and sold. Because that's all that the entirety of human activity is oriented towards in these times.

And if you ask me, that's pretty fucking weird.


  1. You certainly got right to the core of our current situation with brutal, visceral honesty. Made my hair stand up and my spine tingle.

  2. Nice post, but I don't see why this can't drag out for a lot longer. In comic book terms, the Deathlok corporate techno-dystopia seems to be just about here, but there's no super cyborg to save us. Nor would I count on natural disasters to wipe the slate clean -- that kind of apocalyptic thinking has a pretty poor track record, doesn't it?

    Finally, you may enjoy this quote from Peter Carroll (Liber Null, 1980):

    “Decades, possibly centuries, of warfare lie ahead. The remnants of monotheism are collapsing fast, despite the odd revival, before secular humanism and consumerism. The technological, atheist super-states are trying for a stranglehold on human consciousness. We are entering a phase which may become as oppressive to the spirit as medieval monotheism. The production/consumption equation is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp or balance as the consumer religion of the masses begins to dictate politics.

    More and more mechanisms for the forceful regulation of behavior have to be introduced as population density pushes individuals to seek ever more bizarre forms of satisfaction in material sensationalism. The problem with any belief system is its tenacity and inertia once it is established and dominant. The medieval religions murdered millions to protect their own hegemony. Innumerable crusades, jihads, burnings, and massacres were committed. In the end no level of persecution could stave off the inevitable ascendency of Atheism."

  3. It's like you peeled open my brain and put into words exactly what has been on my mind constantly for the last year or so. The world feels so lonely sometimes doesn't it? I am thankful to have occasional reminders that there are others out there that feel as I do. I can only hope that those of us that are in sync (at least somewhat) can have the opportunity in the near future to enjoy the human experience in a world that is more balanced.

  4. No part of this is out of place. I would get this tattooed if I knew a tattooist who could do hyperlinks.

  5. Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!! The anomalous is important because it's a reality check! I'm vibrating like a damned tuning fork...

  6. I enjoyed reading this very much. In every way, even to our remaking of our food by agriculture, our lives are an anomaly. Get off, get out, grow up, go away...what is our future? Exciting times and scary contemplations, but the long view for me is that we must be learning something here.

  7. From Andrew Farquharson.

    Hello Christopher. Yes, we don't belong here. I think that the reason for it all was uncovered by (among others) Robert Munro, who was a very successful Out-Of-Body-Experiencer.

    In Munro's case, the discovery was an accident, if one assumes that anything is an "accident".

    Munro wrote some potentially useful books (which needed serious editing to make them readable) about his Out-Of-Body Experiences, but unfortunately he was also an autodidact who was unable to communicate clearly. He was also apparently unable to deal with what he found out.

    In one of his books (I think it was "The Far Journey") he encountered an other-dimensional tourist who was visiting Earth to have an in-body experience in an animal of some sort. I'm a bit vague about the exact details.

    The "tourist" talked to Munro and slipped him a wad of information dealing with the Why and Wherefore of the Earth.

    A brief summary:

    1. Earth is an energy garden, run by "someone".

    2. The energy harvested is very valuable to "someone".

    3. Various lifeforms are "planted" in this garden and are killed to harvest their energy.

    4. At one point, this "someone" accidentally discovered that a life-form it had never previously noticed was, when under stress, giving off a pure refined strand of the sought-after energy. (My comment here is that this life-form was probably Homo erectus, or another species of Homo).

    5. This led to the full development of the "garden" to the extent that it has never been more productive.

    The never-more-productive-garden is this illusion of a world, where consciousness trapped in the carbon-oxygen cycle produces the energy that is so avidly sought by "someone" (aka the matrix or whatever one wishes to call it).

    (Unfortunately, Munro does not seem to have known what to do with this information. He later even undertook contract work with the U.S. military, for God's sake.)

    Interventions in History (such as plagues) from other dimensions are recorded if you know where to look in the primary historical source material. These are "someone" carrying out maintenance work on the system. Much maintenance work nowadays is of course observably carried out by agents of "somebody" from within the garden itself.

    This observably insane world, where all consequences of any importance are intended, is now in the process of being dismantled from the inside out by the infinite oneness of consciousness that is the only reality.

    The trick, if you want to call it that, is not to be party to any duality or opposition, and to be beyond the carefully designed haste and noise and mayhem of this so-called world.

    By the way, an excellent post. Thank you.

    Andrew Farquharson

  8. I've been reading your Blog for 2 weeks now,and I must say that this post is *it* - it's like you've cleared up all the confusion in my mind. I walked away from my old Christian beliefs about 6 weeks ago,but after a brief flirtation with nuAtheists I found myself utterly repelled by their philosophy. Big Science, nuAtheism,thanshumanism: it is all spiritually dead, nihilistic, and (strangely like "traditional" religions) they are home to sexual violence. A few weeks ago I resumed my interest in the weird, and I've been happy again.

    I'll keep on with my searching. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thoughts.

  9. First look at this. An article claiming that Putin is almost threatening war against 'America' for its ecocidal GMO evil industry which is endangering the Bees, and if so noone will be able to grow any food!! Russian Warns Obama: Monsanto
    Now onto your article. I personally distrust New Age ideas which claim that planet Earth and the physical body is a trap. This idea originals from solar mythology (which the occult elite embrace) which sees Mother Earth as a place to be feared. You can see this theme running through nearly all (or all) of their his-story of ideas---from say Christianity with its 'nature is fallen, and we are born in sin, and the Orphic-Gnostic belief that nature and universe is creation of a demiurge, and we are really a 'divine spark' trapped in a physical body and need to return home to our 'spiritual home', and there is the Eastern beliefs in nature being an illusion/'Maya' and how we thus need to 'purify' ourselves to escape the 'Wheel of Birth and Death', and of course the modern world is under the oppression also of the scientific materialist myth which claims all there IS is 'matter' and there is no spirit, and nature and the universe is dead---so there is no meaning. But also part of this is the Transhumanist shit whereby Mr Scientist will be our saviour and have the techno means to 'upgrade' us and give us immortality.
    So in all these ideas the original mythos is suppressed and denied, and that is the mythos of the Great Mother. This is where we learn that nature is sacred, and our bodies are sacred, and so is cyclic change. THAT is what we need to re-member. THAT is the mythology the powers-that-shouldn't-be really fear. It is feeling home in this wonderful Earth, and knowing that the real problem is not this home, but ignore~ant and deliberate evil THINKING by a cabal who then manipulate many people via toxic myths, propaganda, and sorcery and violence. THAT is what is needing to be seen and the seeing of it is the undermining of it.

  10. Physically and physiologically, our animal bodies seem very adapted to surviving in this world at least in a small band of the environment. No less adapted than any other animal in its natural habitat.

    Psychologically - or experientially if that is a word - humans seem particularly ill-fit to their own lives. I personally think that a lot of this emerges from fundamental errors in the way humans grow their food, eat, pollute the environment, behave socially and economically and do everything we can to only increase the challenges to healthy sustainable lives while ostensibly trying to improve those lives.

    Naturally, as people grow less healthy, they will believe they do not belong here - and in truth, there is no course of action that does not lead to the eventual decline, death and decay of the human body - and they will be drawn to pessimistic views of this world, materially and spiritually. People with healthy, and attractive bodies, will tend toward more positive outlooks - or possibly that positive outlook leads to better health. Not a universal truth - and "attractive" and "healthy" certainly don't go together in American and Western culture (are the models in the Victoria's Secret catalog "healthy" or merely "sexy"?) - but no one's philosophy can ever escape their own personal experience.

    I don't really see how those challenges would go away by moving somewhere else. Whether this world or another - this reality or a virtual one - the inner experience will always present the greatest challenges to and opportunities for evolution and adaptation.

  11. Yeah, scientism could be the dominant religion for a long time. It produces real results and offers real financial incentives to its adherents and priests. Most of the highly educated people I know have embraced it.

    I always saw this desire to leave Earth as the big macguffin of scientism, evidence of its religious power. You have to have people totally brainwashed before theyll actually volunteer to enter the void of space with no air, food, water, or people. At least the assassin who jumped off a cliff knew he was committing suicide. And of course the space mission requires the very thing you decry, Chris, a massive hierarchical slave labor economy to produce super technology.

    I fail to see why you advocate "earth flight" or believe that leaving our mother planet will solve our problems. Even if Sirius B is your true mother planet and the paradise that you believe, is it worth the cost to get there? Take it from me, no matter where you go, there you are.

  12. What I in fact advocate is moving our habitat destroying industry offplanet, either to orbital platforms or the Moon. Pampered westerners believe we don't have a problem simply because all of the toxic heavy industry has been moved abroad, mostly to China. But it is creating a horrific crisis that is unsustainable for the Chinese people and their neighbors.

    I will also be dealing with frontier theory in my next installment and discussing how our present situation- which could generously be described as degenerative- is the result of a lack of a basic human need for frontiers.

    But also I believe I am backed up by most responsible scientists by stating- as I have for several years now- that this planet is a dangerous place in a dangerous neighborhood. The longterm survival of the human race- and I believe the well being of the indigenous species we are doing such terrible damage to- clearly relies on long-term strategies based in not putting all of literal eggs in one basket. This isn't even remotely controversial among people who take the long view of this biosphere and the very, very dangerous cosmic neighborhood it resides in.

  13. Hey Chris,

    Another awesome post. I tend to agree with much of what you're saying here. So while I'm all down for seeing the beauty in Stepmother Terra - because I believe as Alan Moore does that the invocation or image of a god IS the god - I have always felt that Earth is my step-parent, and a sometimes lunatic and homicidal one at that. This is just my own deeply personal view of things though.

    But I've noticed a kind of tension between people of a more 'hermetic' outlook; tending towards unity, community and mediation between Heaven and Earth, and people of a more 'Gnostic' outlook; tending towards aggressive questioning of axioms, dictates and received wisdom - complicators and conspiracy theorists for want of better terms.

    I think this tension comes from a host of factors, chief among them being an individual's tolerance for things 'As They Are' vs 'How They Might or Should Be'. Does that make sense? What I'm trying to say is there are folks who just rail against what they perceive as boxes. And as long as its a box it'll never be big enough. I'm one of these people. I look at the observable universe and see a very dark place, but again - I'm perceiving the inside of my own head/mind/soul. It's all I CAN perceive. So, I've got to get to know that terrain pretty well in order to say anything that translates as useful, adaptive or insightful. When I read your work I sense that you understand your psyche a little better than others do theirs. You have walked the terrain a little more acutely.

    I think it's the same with the Earth's biosphere. We don't really know the Earth any more, if indeed we ever did, so how can we treat it with respect? Intimately mingled with this is the fact that we don't really know the insides of our own heads any more, so how can we treat them with respect? Especially when certain factions among us work pretty hard to ensure it stays this way.

    Regardless of whether Earth is a stepmother or biological parent, we've lost the ability to be effective stewards because we've also lost the ability to be effective magicians/artists. I think both problems are one and the same. We defile the earth because we defile our psyches, and each other. We've lost that punk shamanistic touch that says, "That's all well and good, but this is WRONG. Change this." Or that cosmic conspiracy theorist touch that says, "We know so little about the realities of the universe. That being the case, what might be wrong about this picture?"

    I hope I'm making some semblance of sense here. Apologies for the unfocused nature of my comment; I've been dealing with a ton of stress and bullshit recently. But I look at your work, Chris, and I see an exceptional synthesis of Gnostic AND hermetic ideals, which I guess is why I find your work so stimulating.

    Keep asking the difficult questions, and suggesting these interesting ways to tackle them.


  14. Muzu your comment sounds true to me. I do think however that the Gnostic path does strengthen spiritual awareness. The end times have so many bored or just batshit crazy adherents/media savy people that fear is contagious. City living is devoid of nature. Many people would be well served by taking walks/trips to green areas or woods. Time without the sheer noise of the citys changes perception. Time out of the hiss of the processors. Chris this post is the central problem beings of a human nature are faced with, how to manufacture a wholesome outlook and a sustainable habitat for our children's children. Dennis

  15. One thing about eventual extraterrestrial and interstellar travel. I'm not exactly transhumanist though I do think the human genome and physiology will change drastically with both gm and cybersurgical integration, but I feel certain that the current proposals for human space travel are essentially flawed. They seem well plainly dangerous and likely to end in lethal failure or a very qualified success that can't be sustained.

    But, honestly, I think there probably is some undiscovered technology or scientific principle that could make space travel practical and attractive. So I can't really say it is a bad idea to pursue it - even though bad ideas for actual deep space missions are all we have now, because without the serious pursuit, we'll never find the right way to do it.

  16. The moon is a harsh mistress...

    This whole off planet migration theory is a surprise coming from someone who doesn't even believe that "aliens" are physical beings from Sirius(or wherever.) Just smacks a little of technological salvation, to me. Sure, it's a good idea to colonize space ...but... I was browsing some of the International Space Station footage and Commander Hadfield was talking about how they are studying some sort of degeneration of the eye caused by weightlessness. Additionally, there is a phenomenon called "headward shift" of fluid which is documented here:

    Another result of longterm weightlessness is skinny, weak legs, disproportionate to support Earth weight. Which leads one to believe that the "Grey Alien" could be a sort of space being.
    But, I digress.
    The point I'm trying to make is that we don't even know if humans can survive in space long term. Should research be going the direction you suggest? Yes. But I think it's too early to announce our grand plan to colonize new frontiers. I agree with you that the whole "exploration" theme is a major motivator. It's why Star Trek is so appealing.
    In reality, space might make a better old-folks home.
    Terence Mckenna sold space as the next frontier for the mind and body, but you appear to disagree with his take on the psychoactive drug angle.
    I think that the next major step in space exploration would probably be a Buckminster Fuller inspired Space Elevator, if it's possible.
    I agree with the other commenters who suggest that we need to take care of Mother Earth first. We act like Rockstars in a Motel Earth that we can just trash and move on. So far as I know, there aren't any other Earths yet, and even if we do find one it may be logistically too far away or too cost/time consuming to terraform. The smartest move would be to take care of our own precious planet before making alternative plans.
    And about the whole "we don't belong here" Gnosis. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say this is false Gnosis. The nutritionist/researcher Weston Price showed that natives who had bonded to the Earth intuitively knew how to eat exactly which organs in wild animals to get their Vitamin C and other major nutrients. He noted that North American (Canadian) Natives all saw rapid degenerative issues with their health when they were introduced to modern diets such as processed white flour and sugar.
    So, in short, my magic pill is a push for Permaculture farming, and a smarter diet.
    We feel crazy all the time because our society IS crazy.
    Modern media is a perfected version of Orwell's "two minutes hate."

    Sorry to appear so dissenting. I'm really not. Your ideas are amazing, well thought out and insightful. Thank you for them.

  17. Well, everything is a struggle and an adaptive process- there are no two ways about it. But again, stop a minute and look at the real history of this planet- the violence, the earthquakes, the volcanic nuclear winters, the ice ages, the tsunamis, the meteor strikes, the thousand year droughts, the desertifications, the plagues, the blights, the floods, and of course the five mass extinctions. I'm glad you are happy and comfortable and all your needs are being met but that's not the experience of the overwhelming mass of humanity.

    And those same cultures that rich liberals like McKenna love to idealize all want McDonalds and cable TV and Evangelicalism and all the rest of it and grab it all as soon as they can get it.

    Things are going in one direction and it has nothing to do with Permaculture or neoprimitivism or anything else like that. Take a look around.

    Will you deny people who have lived in grinding poverty for centuries access to air conditioning and medicine and cable TV? Will you deny the same lifestyle you enjoy now to those people because you don't think the planet can sustain it? Good luck explaining that.

    Things are the way they are, not the way we want them to be. We can't devise ideologies to shield ourselves from reality and then attack people who disagree with our illusory worldviews. There's no going back. Nothing is going to get better by itself.

    If our society breaks down it will be back to the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest. We know that. It's not speculation. Permaculture hippies would either slave away making food for roving gangs- exactly as serfs did for the bikers of the Middle Ages, the knights- or their skulls would make nice sissy bar decorations on the gangster's choppers. Or maybe both.

  18. As far as space travel is concerned it's not even in its infancy, it's in its gestation. But a lot of people are putting a lot of money into it and these are people who aren't known for fooling around with their money. Not at those sums. NASA was always a joke- a tinkertoy propaganda front. We will see what happens, but rest assured there are a lot of serious people who realize that this planet is a very precarious place to put all our hopes in. I don't know if it's better telescopy but have you happened to notice that close shaves are increasing in frequency lately? It's going to take a long time but it's not like anyone is doing anything worthwhile down here anymore. That's for damn sure.

    And Eva- I'll post tomorrow about Gnosis, since you are way off the mark. Or anyone who is curious can click on the Gnosis tag- I've been through a lot of this before. I really am not saying much new here.

  19. Andrew,

    Your comment on the energy garden revelation is almost exactly in line with my own personal suspicions, with one crucial difference. I do not think the energy that is released upon death is as delectable to that "something" as much as that energy given off by the living, specifically emotional energy.

    Once again I'll make a Star Trek reference, to the several energy beings that Kirk and the Gang encountered which fed off of strong emotion. While some were known to exist off love and other positive vibrations, the more ravenous consumed hatred and fear.

    It was Lovecraft who observed that fear is the strongest emotion, and fear of the unknown is the strongest fear. If there is "something" feeding off of human fears, why would it kill the golden goose, so to speak? Rather, create a culture of ever-present threat, one lacking in data and detail, and where distrust, over-reaction and panic activity are the norm, and you will have a fear farm like no other, agro- (aggro?) business of tasty terrors.

    I've felt this is closer to the truth ever since I read Charles Fort's "We are cattle" line. But I never could get the logistics right, with that unlikely image of a fleet of UFOs arriving with their To Serve Man cookbooks. But discorporate entities, moving amongst us like an invisible mist, soaking up the misery of the worls like a sponge? Its a theory that sounds impossible yet fits the bill far too nicely to be ignored outright. Certainly it has inspired (and been inspired by, I suppose) the less savory images of religions around the world, with their invisible demons and spirits of the air who never seem to eat, yet are always there to torment us.

    One wonders if Lovecraft was on to something with his From Beyond - and here we are, back to Star Trek, with Robert Bloch being the writer of Wolf In The Fold, one of the episodes I mentioned. Victorian theories of an all-enveloping Ether renewed as a sentient parasite.

  20. According to Michio Kaku the number 1 covilization totally controls weather on A planet--no more earthquakes, tornados, etc etc. This is the transhumanist mindset aka occult elite that wants to control EVERYTHING including consciousness. We can of course include the monotheistic concept of dominion over nature also. There's no understanding that nature is alive. Mother Earth is a living organism. You seem to put down 'permaculture hippies' but they have the intelligence to work WITH nature and not wanna hop on some startrek hyperdrive to fuck knows wheere as 'the answer'. Another planet? That will be living organism to that has cyclic changes like our organisms and feelings. Our real problem is not Mother Earth but a cabal who are insane, no soul, and have mindcontoled millions of people to be as souldead as they are and not care about love and respect for Mother Earth.

  21. "Will you deny people who have lived in grinding poverty for centuries access to air conditioning and medicine and cable TV?"

    Yes. No. and Yes.

    1. Food is medicine. 2. Well that's just silly. 3. I deny myself cable TV, so, yes

    What about a program to take back the deserts? Nutrition and farming would take care of a lot of the strife on our planet. I'm surprised you would argue that.

    I think I interjected too soon. Will wait for your additional posts on this topic and try to understand your POV.

  22. Muzu, the Elite are anything but occult. They are hyper-rationalist, ultra-materialist, mega-reductionist, dedicated to absolutely nothing at all but adding up spreadsheets and making currency and commodity hedges every minute of every day of their lives. Which is why they are the Elite. The true Elite controls everyone else by creating endless chaos and conflict and has no real interest in changing tactics now.

    Eva- People in developing countries know what they want and have no interest at all in listening to Westerners try to deny them anything or tell them things like food is medicine. And you are on the Internet, which is a luxury every bit as much as cable TV and uses up as much energy if not more. And you can't throw McKenna at me one minute and then tell me farming would solve our problems when he said farming was the source of all our troubles in the first place and that we need to go back to being hunter-gatherers.

    I'm not trying to be difficult or combative but you're really not being consistent here. And I'm sorry, what you're saying smacks a LOT of hippie imperialism.


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