Friday, November 05, 2010

From Dog Star to Dog House (UPDATES)

Live by the symbols, die by the symbols

Two years ago we spent a lot of time looking at the bizarre and incongruous Sirius symbolism that was being used by both Presidential candidates. It lasted well into the first few months of Obama's administration. What exactly it means is something we can only speculate on, but it seemed that someone was having a jolly old time sneaking in references to the Dog Star in speeches, press conferences and all of the rest of it. It seemed to dissipate early in this year, as the ridiculous "messiah" hype (or "Antichrist" hype from the snakehandlers) ran smack dab into the brick wall of unified Republican intransigence.

I avoided this election as best I could, so I don't know if there were any symbolic shenanigans to be had. I have a feeling probably not, since there was obviously a power struggle going on behind the scenes that may actually dwarf the struggle that played out in the open. Now we see Obama acting like a whipped dog in the face of Republican triumphalism, so I can only wonder what is really going on in that town (I have a feeling it's something very nasty indeed).

While Obama was riding on a wave of mind-numbingly ridiculous hero worship, his enemies were taking stock of him as a man and I believe they realized pretty quickly that he was no messiah- he isn't even much of a leader. Certainly not a fighter.

Even though a lot of their voters were wetting their pants over the ridiculous cartoon painted of Obama as some Marxist firebrand with demonic ambitions, the Republican leadership saw him as just another corporatist go-getter with deeply narcissistic tendencies who started his campaign before he even finished his first term in the Senate.

Of course, on everything that matters, Obama is no different from the Republicans, and he's only advanced the warfare state agenda and the erosion of civil liberties. I'll tell you, it really got to be a sick joke reading all the headlines that started with "Obama continues Bush policy on..." last year.

But there's another, more blog-appropriate lesson here- elections are nothing but the manipulation of symbolism.

Symbols rule political advertising because both parties serve the same overlords, they only disagree on who gets the scraps from the table. So in order to appeal to a dumbed-down public, they use dumbed-down symbols.

The symbolism of a young and inexperienced black man in an inherently symbolic office rankled a lot of older white Americans who've seen their prospects vanish as wealth and power is transferred to countries they once looked down upon. The fact that they don't take out their anger on the globalist traitors in both parties who sold us all out is another story, but still.

Obama blew a lot of symbolic tests:
his Supreme Court appointments did nothing to reassure Middle America, the cringe-inducing "beer summit" did nothing to smooth over ruffled feathers over the fact that Obama trashed a white cop from the Presidential podium before he even heard the facts of the case. In the grand scheme of things none of it really seems important, but to swathes of the country used to certain symbolic protocols, they arguably did more damage than his policies.

But his weakness and his prevaricating have hurt him the most. Not even the most inbred snakehandler buys into the Antichrist meme anymore. But that would be preferable to the image of a guy who rolls over every time the Republicans (or the "Blue Dogs") looked at him cross-eyed. Polls show that people hate the Republicans even more than the Democrats but at least the GOP acts like it has some balls. There's a lesson there for my liberal friends.

I'm probably the wrong person to comment on it all since I hate both parties like poison, but I do understand the power of symbols. Obama and his handlers might have some devious masterplan to turn it all around before 2012, but if not, I'd recommend that they score some symbolic victories that don't require the gutless whores in Congress to assist. And for God's sake, find some archetypal role to reinvent himself as other than the whipped dog he's playing now.

I'd also recommend that he wake up tomorrow and hold a press conference and say "I offered an olive branch and that mincing old queen from Kentucky slapped it back. So from now on, all y'all can kiss my ass."

Well, not in so many words, but you get my drift.

UPDATE: After I finished writing this post last night the missus and I sat down for some Fringe worship. And what do my wondering eyes behold? Olivia, crowned with the Stairway to Sirius. If that ain't a sync, what is? Bonus sync: the four funerary goddesses.

UPDATE: Recovered Dominionist Frank Schaeffer sees the hand of the Rapture-ready snakehandlers in the election. I don't see that so much of that, I must say. I think Bush's failed Apocalypse in Iraq took a lot of the oomph out of the movement politically in this country. Their paymasters seem more focused on bigger prizes like China and Africa and the movement can't even sneeze without their OK.

I still see the usual right wing reaction you get whenever a Democratic president is elected combined with Obama's inability to preside and use the Bully Pulpit. Maybe he and his team are great policy wonks, but they had it all two years ago and pissed it all away. As the Gospel of Thomas says, what you bring forth within you will save you and vice versa. So ball's in your court, President Tut.


  1. Poison, eh? I think the Washington based national parties are like pit vipers crossed with vampires. They're poisoning us, then sucking us dry! Then they slam us in the heads with baseball bats with guilt and shame about internationalism about shipping our jobs overseas. Frankly in the last year I've totally tuned Washington out. This election I watched streaming election coverage from my native state of Oregon. We hate the national parties up there! Local Red or Blue is really Green up there. We're going to solve our problems, and Washington is going to Whine like pathetic little girls! It's every state for itself!

  2. Ar this point, and this will scare the hell out of people, I'm all for citizen non-compliance, take your money out of the commercial banks, and set up accounts in community banks, banks that lend to local business. The GOP's precious U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I am all for it's complete dismantling and restructuring, the COC served it's purpose at one time, but it's war, and local chapters should be pressured to distance themselves from the Washington COC, if they know what's good for them, and I fulling intend to tell MacConnell and the Bonner all of this. If I have to be made an example of, so be it, I don't care.

    Sorry folks, I'm not interested in a police state.

  3. By the way, folks, enjoy the internet while you still have it, because you're going to start seeing websites being shut down, right and left, if they don't hue to the corporate tone. Our free internet just went right out the window, and people don't even realize it.

  4. Chris let's leave Washington for a bit and go over the atlantic for a bit.

    I'm pretty baffled by what is currently going on in Great britain

    "A shadowy organisation has apparently offered to lend the UK £75bn to clear the national debt and "help save the world", a peer has told Sky News. Lord James of Blackheath said the group, which he refuses to name and refers to only as "Foundation X", is willing to hand over the cash without strings attached."

    who has this kind of money laying around, plus why now and on the "open", maybe it is just a huge nigerian scam eheheh :)

  5. I came across the Secret Sun about the time of the Norway spiral oddity. I have been amused by all the Obama symbolic stuff. I love anything fringe-y. I have appreciated your level-headed, apolitical tone. It has been very refreshing to read both this blog and the comments without the standard divisiveness and rhetoric oozing out of every other corner of the internet. All the 'this person is an idiot' and false projections of messiah worship elsewhere gets quite tiresome. I have never felt the need to add my own comments here until now. I have to say, this entry seems like dogpiling to me. I would like to ask why you claim the President: "started his campaign before he even finished his first term in the Senate." Just how is that? By working with Senators Hagel and Luger on nuclear non-proliferation? And I would like to request further elucidation on how he has: "advanced the warfare state agenda and the erosion of civil liberties." When in fact, we have more civil liberties now than under his last several predecessors. For example, you can now carry a loaded firearm in a national park. As for the warfare state agenda, I don't think Obama or Buddha or Jesus or anyone else could do much to stop the death-for-profit bunch that pulled the successful coup d'etat we know as 9/11. I wholeheartedly agree, however, on your quandary as to why: "they don't take out their anger on the globalist traitors in both parties who sold us all out". The rest just seems like disjointed and irresponsible ranting about the ineffectiveness of democracy and wild speculation about the President's character that borders on tea-baggery. "...his weakness and his prevaricating have hurt him the most." When has the man ever been elusive? (If you, even in your head, said: 'birth certificate', congratulations, you have just confirmed to me, if not yourself, that you are a de facto tea partier.) Even so, which is preferable, his prevaricating or the Orwellian doublespeak that pours incessantly from conservatives' maws? Remember: The War on "Terra"? There's friggin symbolism for you. As far as the weakness addressed, how in the world is the first black President supposed to accomplish anything if he shows hubris or is perceived as angry about anything at any time? He has to be (or at least act like) a perpetual peacemaker in order not to be derided as just another angry n-word. It seems to me that your mindset while writing this piece was the attitude that unfortunately, serves only to trample upon any chance we had of actually making lasting improvements to our nation. Over 400 bills containing Obama's entire political agenda had passed the House of Representatives and were awaiting passage in the Senate. Because of voter ignorance, fear and laziness, all of that legislation, therefore our President's political career, therefore hope, all came to naught on Tuesday. Also, why would you want him to: "find some archetypal role to reinvent himself"? You know, it just occurred to me that I've never heard anyone from the left refer to Obama as messiah. Yet, as noted above, the right love to overindulge in crucifying him time and again. Lastly, I would pray this be your last foray into the political realm. Just stick to your comic book and X-files wackiness and no one gets their feelings hurt, k? I'm out, either way. Thanks for a year of entertaining reading. Enjoy your tea, but for the love of God, before you post, educate yourself! Sorry to be a troll, I just loathe disinformation.
    I have full anticipation of this not getting past a mod and/or resulting in a ban. I can live with either.

  6. Seventeens

    Over the past couple of days-

    A 'bomb' is diffused 17 minutes before it was supposed to go off.

    Obama will not be protected by 34 ships for trip to Mumbai/Bombay

    68 people die in plane crash in Cuba.


  7. Hi Chris,

    Well you nailed another one- thanks for putting up the best analysis columns to be found on the web.

    And cartography, what you said, only I couldn't even stand to watch. The dismal and doofy swept the state here in Michigan. And nobody can remember yesterday much less who did what in the political record. Flouride or Chemtrails? We have it all!

    In comment 43 of the last post blogger column I wrote all I know (which isn't much but told from a local perspective in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) about ELF in the 80's and 90's. I'm no insider, no expert, I was just there and heard the local side and the researcher's take on it. Locals did what they could to stop it from being huge but no one is going to stop the military from building their toys, although the local scuttlebutt was that it was obsolete before it was started (heck if I know).I wrote it as a continuation of your comment and I hope it holds interest for you.

    Best wishes, Delorus

  8. Chris, we all probably knew something like this has been going on all along, but here's an article about the neuromarketing that was used by republicans in the election:

  9. Hey Chris,

    Another great and timely post. I think the human desire for dramaturgy is SO intense that it doesn't go away despite how dumbed down people get.

    Blue beam, antichrist or saviour memes, 2012 apocalypses/ascensions - it's all a dramaturgy to to inject meaning into the apparent meaninglessness of events in the public sphere.

    If regular folks have given up trying to change the reflection in the mirror (ie the world) then they've only got two options left: change what's being reflected (themselves and their complicities) or keep spinning a continually dumbed dowm symbolic shadow-play to fake some indirect connection to the divine/meaningfulness.

    Here's my thing - the human race is special, every one of us. Every beer-swilling redneck, every racist, homophobe, mysoginist and psychopath in the known world is special - just not in the way they've been led, or are leading themselves, to believe.

    We're all manifestations of consciousness, thus we're all inherently magical. But that doesn't mean a DAMN if peeps are unwilling to change. That's free will. We're free to remain dumb-ass motherf*ckers for ALL eternity. We're free to dream up all these nonsensical dramaturgies when the most important one is STARING US in the face and yet continually beyond our grasp.

    It's just a case of WHICH fiction do we want to believe? One that proposes we are truly infinite and powerful but need to do a lot of work on ourselves, or one that says
    we're only semi-infinite and God, or government or benevolent aliens will sort out all our problems?

    I can understand it all in a way - It seems quite plausible to me that we've been engineered to be psychopathic and distorted, but people only need a nudge and they'll run with the ball. Even if that ball means the destruction of selfhood and all that is good in our world.

    Does it really matter if some dark alchemists/aliens/big business raped us a long time ago and are raping us still, IF we decide to do something about it and stop allowing it to continue? Together we're stronger than all that, fantasy or not. We CAN change our own symbols, if we face up to them.

    Being raped is no fun, but neither is another hundred years of more of the same. My heart breaks just thinking about it sometimes, Chris.

    Sorry for the rant.


  10. I think that this article goes a long way toward explaining the events of this election. It's a little overblown, and a little too much on a "single-cause" trail, but it does seem to describe one part of the events and moods that resulted in this massive alteration in the government.

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  12. Good one, Chris.

    Hey Aneurin:
    He quite simply did begin his campaign for president during his first term as senator. How could one dispute that. Anyway still, Chris used that in the context of how he was seen by the GOP.

    And what has he done to advance the warfare agenda and erosion of civil liberties? He expanded the droning to Somalia and Yemen (that was what the kid on the flight over Detroit said motivated him) - in addition to the Surge 2.0 in AfPak. And he has ordered the assassination of US citizens suspected of being terrorists, including one specifically. If summary execution isn't violation enough for you, nothing will be.

    Yours is the rant. Chris just laid it out as it is.

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  14. I thought that Obama was going to be different. I was very inspired by his oratory on election night 2008, but he became himself, or he changed by the time he was sworn in. Did he get warned that he could become a new JFK if he pushed too hard? That his assassination could touch off a potiential Civil War 2? There's the story of this rich Hawaiian businessman who has been Obama's benefactor, and got him admitted to Occidental College here in Los Angeles. Then the stories of, is Obama an American Citizen? Then there is the talk in the Patriot Movement that we may need a 2nd Civil War to remove private sector internationalists from power. I don't see a die back population wise, but a die back as in serious regrouping that perhaps is needed. The corrupt China influence is everywhere! And we have a coward President who jumps when the opposition says BOO! Things are moving at Warp Speed to the First Contact Event. I think we're headed to a point where Washington cannot keep the balls juggled overhead anymore. We're headed for that event before 2012, and the China Corruption someway is going to break in the media like Watergate. The whole system will die, leading to the nuclear event with China in the 2012-2014 period. The Nationalist Party types have started they're death throws as of last Tuesday. This is to the West the equivalant of the fall of Communism in the Eastern Europe sector. It is terminal cancer of the system. Guard and care for the children and the weak in your communities, this is going to be a tragic 4 to 6 year period for their emotional well-being! Just hope and pray that Gene Roddenberry and the Cult of Grissom is right in alien intervention. I have had hints around the edges that I believe are correct that COG are already in contact with the aliens through organizations such as the UN's Military Staff Committee. There are military officers out there from worldwide national governments who have loyalties not to national governments and China corruption, but to US, the people of the world exemplified by the Earth seen from the Moon on Apollo 8 at Christmas. We have begun the tough transition!

  15. "I don't want anyone to think I'm racist because I'm not"

    Yeah very convincing, Daria.

    I must say, I do wonder what it is about Obama that has some Americans literally frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs.
    To non Americans he seems intelligent personable and cultured. And then I remember that you guys elected the semi idiot fundie freak 'the worst moment in my presidency was when I was dissed by a rapper' G.W Bush, and it all makes perfect sense.

  16. I would not count out the snakehandlers yet. The movement is evolving (heh) and seems to be becoming more pragmatic and mainstream. I expect to see it go more mainstream in the future, taming its rhetoric but not its inner core.

    Also keep an eye on China, which is making cyberpunk-style dystopia a reality complete with breathing masks required to go outside.

  17. Despite these setbacks, I suspect that the Liber ALs will triumph in the end; they have Ra-Hoor-Khuit on their side.

  18. Politics seems to be more like a bad TV soap opera as time goes on, maybe it is just that I notice it more than I used to. They have totally overplayed the whole psychology based tactics,very few people are dumb enough to buy it now. I think they need help from everyone right now. If they don't accept help then we have a problem.

    How much support would a government get if they listened to the people and acted according to the needs of the people and the country, with utopia as their agenda? - LOADS! Get things urned around a bit. They could go down in history for offering true democracy. It hasn't actually happened yet has it, if we are honest. Not really.

    A government system that provides a country with security against ill advised prime ministers (UK) and presidents (USA) would not go amiss. We do both seem to suffer from rather ill advised chiefs, that drop all their eggs in a hurry once they get into power and then the get lead astray by the invisible big bad wolf? Maybe there is more to politics than that - I don't get it though.

    We have the quirky House of Lords in the UK which I have never understood but I think they have a strong influence over who ever we elect, and the house of commons, and now the EU - probably more power there, than anyone we elect. It makes little difference who we elect with a chain of command in place that override them.

    Obama may well be a really good man - one that just landed in the snake pit, and has a choice - be a snake or get eaten.

  19. In the past I've actually agreed with a lot of the criticisms of Americans by non-Americans.... Then I see this statement: "To non Americans he seems intelligent personable and cultured." and it shows me THE WHOLE WORLD IS LOST!!!! Keep your nose out of the air....

  20. There are some people out there who seem to have formed a bazaar emotional bond to President Obama. I guess this happens with every president, but it's particularly strong in this case. I suppose it's part of our culture of celebrity worship that has people defending someone who's clearly guilty of deplorable things. It's like a psychological fantasy land where we predetermine guilt and innocence based on how cool we think they are.

    Aneurin should take a minute and look over this list to get better grip on what's going on. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

    1) War escalation
    2) Increased military spending
    3) Public financing and insurance for nuclear power plants
    4) Expansion of industrial/chemical farming: pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones, etc.
    5) Mandatory purchases of defective/corrupt health insurance
    6) Environmental degradation (see 1, 2, 3, and 4)
    7) Continuation of Rendition (actually started by Bill Clinton, then expanded by Dubya)
    8) Continuation of limited habeas corpus
    9) Continuation of surveillance of U.S. citizens with telecom immunity 10)Continuation of Patriot Act
    10) Continuation of military Commissions Act
    11) Continuation of NorthCom (stationing of U.S. troops for duty in th U.S., a repeal of Posse Comitatus)
    12) Continuation of torture in Guantanamo, Bagram, and who knows where else (CIA secret sites).
    13) Continuation and expansion of private military contractors
    14) De-facto pardon of war criminals, High Treason, and other High Crimes
    15) Authorized the extra-judicial assassination of an American Citizen

    Now... everyone who's so passionately defending Obama would probably do the country and Obama's presidency some good by adhering to a few of the things HE said in his Campaign speeches. Notably the many things he said about change being up to us to fulfill. Assuming Obama has to "be a snake or get eaten" as wootie said, then the best way forward for not only his supporters but the country in general would be to hold his damn feet to the fire. Chris never said Barack Obama was a bad man. He just basically said he's been useless as a President as far as the core issues that define our principles and way forward are concerned. So let's assume he had the best of intentions but had a rude awakening upon taking command. It is OUR responsibility to make sure he fulfills his promises and vehemently call his administration out when they fail to do so. If I were the president, and knew full well I had to lie, cheat, and murder to keep my job and my life, I would pray every single day that the people of the U.S. would get off their couches and DEMAND real change. Boycott, protest, change banks, become more self-sufficient, whatever it takes to starve the beast that prevents the progress we need. Instead, many of his supporters do just the opposite. They defend his shortcomings, make excuses, and would rather focus on "tea-baggers" and such. this further empowers those who are controlling the game. It pits us up against one another instead of focusing on solutions.

    "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. " - Barack Obama



  21. "For example, you can now carry a loaded firearm in a national park."

    Like that is a good thing? hu?

    Daria - I would further elucidate by saying that magic & witchcraft, political or otherwise, is the psychological manipulation of social emotion. - I completely agree with you on that and some other things - well said! You didn't come across as racist, I think we all know what you meant.

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  23. wotiewotwot,

    Obviously your forays into nature are limited to the municipal parks and you've never had an encounter with a bear or any other kind of wildlife. Guess you've never had to worry about a mountain lion sneaking down out of the adjoining national forest and getting one of your kids while they're playing in the back yard. I suspect you've never lost livestock to predators. Possibly you could protect yourself with your television remote or offer the bear some kind of entitlement paid for by his fellow woodland creatures!

    Most Americans are just fat, lazy couch potatoes who probably would make a tasty bear snack.

  24. Chris I think there is a genuine problem of perspective here. I've been a follower of your blog for at least a year now and visit it very often. In my opinion most of the people who read it are intelligent and more informed than others. So what we have here is a group who is capable of reason and logic. The perspective problem comes in when you consider the rest of the people who live in America and who vote. These people are NOT responding to their own careful research of the facts concerning Obama's presidency; they are, IN MY OPINION, responding on a subconscious level to a man who they just cannot envision as their President.

    I agree with Aneurin that if the president were to come off as too tough he might be perceived as a threat and immediately dispatched, sooner than 2012 when I suspect he will be voted out immediately. Thank God for that!

    I do not consider mysely apolitical but I also don't consider myself sentimental or overly emotional when it comes to the President. He's no messiah; He's just a man and a continuation of all the other plastic presidents we have had before. What I am is observant and a great listener. The things people don't say are often the most telling. Some of the nonsense I hear on a daily basis concerning Obama is genuinely frightening. For an overview please go to any Yahoo page concerning any political story and read some of the comments. My God, the nuts that preside in the world!

    Women's Studies education uses the term standpoint epistemology to explain how different perspectives can be either more or less developed because of your standpoint as a member of a dominant or dominated group. Right or wrong, this viewpoint resonants with me because I find it to be true. I believe that in terms of the Obama Presidency, it's not all about his weakness, or his policy. After all,in terms of policy he is just Bush lite. There is more going on here than just politics. What that "more" is I won't speculate on.

    I have very little hope that any of this election mess will lead to anything good or beneficial for anyone but the chosen few. What I AM hoping is that the masses of people can DO SOMETHING, anything, to get our sh*t together. It's 3 minutes to midnight; we don't have much time.

    As always Chris, I really enjoy this blog and your writings. Keep up the good work.

  25. who cares? Biden is the real president.
    Maybe, obama should start getting pictures with the black entertainer pose of "im going to kick your ass". it works fine in low minded.

  26. I must be insane! I'm going to comment on the race thing!

    I certainly heard comments after Mr. Obama was voted Presidant- no more or less ignorant than I had heard before. There are many people who act ignorantly, in my humble opinion.

    But there were many people who thought, because he was a fresh start in a new direction, that something would get done for the greater good. I felt that way somewhat, even though I don't count on politics to do much.

    I don't feel much has changed in business as usual- be it because of the system (most likely) or his own personality, the elephant has not been turned from it's charging path. I think in the last election here in our county the vast majority of people just pulled the Republican lever.

    I have good friends, Democrats and commited political believers, who appreciate President Obama's retorical skills and the content of his speeches.They appreciate his appearance and behavior, whereas Bush made their skin crawl every time he spoke. The tea partiers make them crazy.

    We are white people, Mr. Obama is not as white as we are. Bush was just as white and way more right. We were more hopeful about Mr. Obama. We are not too hopeful for the passage of favorable policies to benefit us fairly at this point, but would love to be surprised in a good way.

    But the bottom line is that it is politics and I expect nothing good, and it is not about race, it is about politics. I hope that it is the same for others- maybe I am far more ignorant in this regard that I think I am- I hope not.

    Best wishes, Delorus

  27. Hey Anony - Yep you need a gun.

    Hey Chris, do you think that some of the symbolism we are seeing in politics may be an extension to a shrine? As a shrine may become a focus of a cult image.

  28. Chris I too am disgusted with politics, I truly wish there were 3 parties but we all know there is but one. In all fairness I hope Aneurin continues trolling here, this blog is synchromystic in nature and it is amazing to me what we all find here. Politics in our Black Iron prison is always the rich and ignorant vs the poor and intelligent.Money does corrupt. Chris, I too think Obama is an honorable man. There must be something really important in Afganistan (read opium) that keeps our troups there. Being from ecotopia I hope for the day the left coast is left out of such wars and corruption. Matt, Go Ducks! Perhaps Obama will continue his Iraq drawdowne and truly get American solders out of harms way. The Repubnics are now hoping for our forces to bomb Iran. Do onto others that which is not hateful to yourself(Hillel), putting drones in the air and slaughtering people is hateful imho. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis, where the grass really is greener.