Friday, October 23, 2009


UFO/Fortean researcher Mac Tonnies passes on, apparently of natural causes. He seemed very young, this is tragic. Mike C! had long been planning a podcast with Mac and I and I'm sorry now that will never come to pass.

More info here and here.

One more, thanks to Emperor.


  1. Thanks for passing this on - I have been busy and not checked the Fortean news wires, I just stopped in here looking for something.

    It is sad and shocking news - he was not only a nice and enthusiastic guy, but one of the original thinkers in Ufology (which it needs more of) and I was only looking forward to more important work. He was also younger than me - which is always a wake-up call.

    Nick Redfern has also posted here. He says the manuscript for his Cryptoterrestrials book is done and ready to go to the publishers and a lot of us have followed the development of it over the years - I might not have agreed with everything but felt it was going to be an important contribution to the debate, showing that there were new and interesting angles to explore.

    Anyway I'm rambling - I'd better take time to collect my thoughts. I still can't believe it. Thanks again.

  2. Just to say people are leaving messages on Mac's last blog post.

    Also Greg Taylor has posted his thoughts over on the Daily Grail.

  3. Very sad news... Where can we hear your podcasts please Mr. Knowles?

  4. This is sad and surprising news.

    I enjoyed Posthuman Blues and Mac Tonnies' twitter feed.

  5. 1 billion human abductees, according to the replicable empirical research, – have had their consciousness and and/or their physical bodies taken by a quantum, hyperdimensional thank U for this so sad