Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Sirius Star

A lot of you have commented on the big story of the day- the seizing of the Sirius Star oil tanker (which is 330 metres long) by Somali pirates (don't forget Somalia is next to Kenya, where the family of our "serious man for serious times" Barack Obama hails from).
Pirates have anchored a hijacked Saudi oil tanker off the Somali coast, as the spate of hijackings gathered pace with two more ships seized on Tuesday. Vela International said all 25 crew on the Sirius Star - the biggest tanker ever hijacked - were said to be safe. The vessel is carrying a cargo of 2m barrels - a quarter of Saudi Arabia's daily output - worth more than $100m.

Here's Vela International's logo...


Meanwhile, we're hearing that "serious progress" has been made in the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Sec'y of State...

UPDATE: Don't forget the most important issue of our times...

UPDATE II: OK, my head is about to explode...
The South Korean foreign ministry says pirates seized the Chemstar Venus and its crew of five South Koreans and 18 Filipinos off the coast of Somalia late Saturday. The ship is owned by a Japanese company. There has been no word on the condition of the crew...

...International Maritime officials say at least 83 (=11) have been attacked off Somalia this year, with 33 of them hijacked. The pirates are currently holding about 11 ships, including a Ukrainian cargo vessel carrying 33 tanks. -VOA


  1. I was perhaps one of the many to comment on this earlier Chris.
    I thought this was too clunky a sync to be anything you would write on, far too obvious and in your face.
    It really does scream out at you, this one.
    Quite interesting to note the two distinct possiblities with the name Vela, again of cosmic significance:
    The Vela constellation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vela_(constellation)
    The Vela Pulsar (In said constellation): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vela_Pulsar
    I guess though that this story was an unavoidable post inclusion for you.
    Aren't we beyond the Dog Days now though? Are is the window still open?

  2. Oh dear, Justin, this is so much more "serious" than merely some period of time in the calendar. So much more.

  3. Yeah, the analysis by some "security & terrorism" expert on the BBC news really made me take notice when he said that the Somali pirates launch their attacks from "motherships."
    I don't know if this is specified terminology for such craft but it does seem to conform with many of your Sirius posts and AAT.

  4. I was going to wait a few days before I posted the work I did yesterday, thinking about things/questions you posed. Maybe I'll just post it now.

  5. dang, soon as i saw the video on cnn, and the sirius star on the ship, i was gonna hit you up but of course you are all over it. I heard that the ship was headin to Syria

  6. small group of desperate "sea pirates" disrupts transit-to-port (docking, installation) of the Sirius Star, owned and operated by VELA (EVAL)

    cheers bro

  7. I haven't read all your posts, but I was thinking of the VA 243 tablet and its star symbol and the CIA compass/star.

    A very CIA-rius election.

  8. Yes, Kenya. Don't forget which superman it would be that wears the Cape of Good Hope.

  9. Hey man-
    I was just like Justuss...I saw that story on the news and I thought..."Sirius Star...Africa. Ooh I've got to tell Chris about this..!!" And of course, you were three steps ahead, as always. Ain't this 'sync' stuff fun?!

  10. So Malia gets a Puppy when the Sirius Star gets jacked. Makes u wonder if it goes with the repeat 'jacking of the White house.
    Excellent to see your work 'pay off'.


  11. And I saw this poster yesterday which gave me pause, and then seeing the Sirius synch today, gave me bigger pause, maybe Pause.

    Madagascar= Made a Gas Car?
    Escape 2 Africa

    And I see the Breaking News today on MSNBC are the hearings about whether to bail out the big 3 or no.

  12. Another cute synch:

    The Sirius Star was on its way to Statia, the sister island to St.Maarten, Saba and Anguilla, where I come from... and my favorite Statian is also my favorite pirate.