Have You Ever Wondered...

...why we here in America (and several other countries) celebrate Father's Day around the time of the Summer Solstice? Of course, it comes a little earlier in 2012- it will be celebrated on the 17th.


  1. Thanks for addressing that, as I just came upon that conclusion earlier in the week myself, and yet these days, everything like this just falls into place and makes 'sense' with all the other craziness....

    Happy Father's Day Chris...! ;)

  2. (Sun)God the Father? Is that what you're implying?

  3. Interesting video that triggered a weird personal solstice sync. I woke from a dream about my deceased father who was pushing a round ball of earth in front of our childhood home -- like the dung beetle in the clip. (Oh and my Irish dad died in 2007 on St. Patrick's/Osirus Day). Crazy, huh.

    Another solstice symbol is the sacred marriage, the hierosgamos. This weekend's Swedish wedding in which the princess married a commoner in very intriguing.