Wednesday, September 20, 2023

I Wanna Take You to Mulholland Drive...

Buckle up, because we're taking a midnight ride to Mulholland Drive.
A word to the wise: It's a steep and treacherous ride and your present conception of reality may not return intact.

Mulholland Dr (released 10/12/01, or one month and one day after 9/11) gets its name from the famous Los Angeles street, which in turn is named in honor of William Mulholland, the LA water baron. 

The real Mulholland inspired Roman Polanski's 1974 film Chinatown, which starred Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and John Huston (who played the Mulholland character) and was based on a Robert Towne (Parallax View, Firm, Mission Impossible) screenplay. 

Mulholland's birthdate? 9/11/1855.

The film pretends to be a standard mystery: a would-be starlet named Betty (played by Naomi Watts) arrives in Hollywood to house-sit for her aunt, only to find a beautiful and mysterious brunette named Rita (played by Laura Harring) who is suffering from amnesia. 
Rita is looking for clues to her own identity, which leads she and Betty to an apartment of a woman who has committed suicide. 

Halfway through the film, Rita vanishes and a totally different story begins. Watts now plays a failed actress named Diane Selwyn, who was scorned by her glamorous but sadistic lover Camilla (played by Harring), who humiliates Diane by taking her to a party celebrating her engagement to Adam Kesher.

Throughout the film there are seemingly disconnected subplots: a man who dreams of a demon living in a restaurant parking lot, a film director (with the Kabbalist-sounding name Adam Kesher) threatened by a crime boss, and an idiotic hitman, played by Lucifer himself.

Also sprinkled throughout are some old school Hollywood icons: Chad Everett, Lee Grant, Robert Forster, Ann Miller. Michael J Anderson (Twin Peaks, Carnivale, X-Files) also makes an enigmatic appearance, as does Robert Towne's daughter Katharine (whose brief role burns through the screen in manic pixie dream-logic-girl mode).

These turns by old-time stars are all too appropriate given that the film marks the final and irrevocable death of the Classic Era of Hollywood.

So if you haven't watched Mulholland Dr yet, do so before Saturday at 6 PM ET. 


Because Mulholland Dr will be the subject of an epic Secret Sun Institute livestream on that day and time. We'll even touch on a little Lost Highway, Inland Empire -- and of course -- Twin Peaks.

This is all part of the syllabus as we've been discussing the power of dreaming during times of crisis, a process well-recorded throughout history, even in the Bible itself. 

And who better to bring into the conversation than the Mozart of Dream Logic himself, Mr. David Lynch? That's right; no one.


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