Monday, July 17, 2023

Dismember the Titan

I hadn't given much thought in particular to the Titan disaster until my old pal Richard Hoagland asked me to come on The Other Side of Midnight after a long absence. I'm glad he did, since it all fell together pretty quickly once I looked into it. 

Of course, Richard is always going go where he wants to go, so a lot - I mean a LOT - of my notes got left out. 

But that's OK, because I am going to be giving a major presentation on the topic for a Secret Sun Institute livestream on Saturday night, 9:15 PM EDT.

The more I dig down this rabbit hole, the deeper it goes. And the more it fills in a lot of missing puzzle pieces in this titanic enigma I've been wrestling with all these years.

Here's a teaser for you...

First off: come on. What the hell does that thing look like to you? Besides fake, I mean. 

I'd tell you what it looks like to me, but this is a family blog.

It should be a lead pipe cinch for old-school Sunners, but here's a refresher all the time. 

Now look at that "submersible" again.

Osiris represented the sun traveling through the Underworld at night, so just bear in mind this entire drama here went down during the week of the Summer Solstice.

Here's a handy timeline. The Solstice is highlighted.

And do check out this little list of aphorisms from Opus Novum ("the New Work"), the enigmatic little cult organization that the co-founder of OceanGate belongs to. 

Now tilt your head a bit to the right.

That's it.

The Titan was reportedly salvaged on the 28th, and human remains were reportedly found inside. The reported cause was a reported implosion. 


What happened Twin days later?

Lex Luthor's ritual ejaculation engine Blue Origin rocket thingy reportedly exploded. And not in a good way, reportedly.

The time of the reported Titan implosion to the reported Blue Origin explosion was guess how many days?

Aww, you guys are good. 

What's the significance of 13 in our little exegesis here?

“The Ancient Egyptians believed life was a spiritual journey that unfolded in stages. They believed that 12 of those stages occurred in this life, but the last, the 13th, was a joyous transformative ascension to an eternal afterlife. 
So the number 13 represented death to the Egyptians, but not death as in decay and fear, but as acknowledgement of a glorious eternal life.”

Do we really expect anything less at this stage of the game? 

In case you've never seen it, here is Lex Luthor's mighty phallus of regeneration Blue Origin rocket. Subtle, right? But what's up the feather?

Glad you asked: 

In Egyptian mythology, the deceased soul had to pass through twelve gates in the afterlife before it could arrive at the thirteenth realm, that of Osiris, ruler of the afterlife and Egypt’s first mythic Pharaoh. Here the soul was judged before Osiris and the 42 gods, and the heart was weighed against a feather of truth.



Yep. Everything's up with the feather.

From that point on, the symbols have been flying fast and thick...

... like this ostentatious display of Watcher adoration in Heaven or Las Vegas...

...Tay-Tay's little Orange Orb adoration making the news again...

... and this bit of Orange Orb adoration in Heaven or Las Vegas again.

And just like clockwork, M(ithras)K(ybele)Ultra 3.0 is heating up again...

... with Dammit Janet gobbling some 'shrooms with the Chinese, surely to prepare for the spice agony some mutually-beneficial Ultraterrestrial contact.

Or to receive their marching orders. Same diff.

And our old pal The Weekend is getting in on the hot trend of Watcher/Nephilim adoration that so many of the big EDM festivals are partaking in...

... not to mention Coachella.

Of course, all of this is about adoring the Watchers in their underground abodes and preparing to welcome them back to the surface, whether you call them Titans, Anunnaki, Fallen Angels, Apkallu or Archons. 

As we'll see on Saturday night, it's all the same thing. 

The names and myths are merely cultural accretions. The underlying reality behind all of the ritualism we've seen so much of for at least the last quarter-century is all pointing in the same direction. 

The Sirens, the Watchers, the Orbs, this, that, the other thing? All part of a very, very old reality that people are just starting to wake up to now.

So don't you dare miss the massive livestream coming your way.

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