Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Secret Sun Shines on Freeman Fly Once Again

My brother-from-another-mother Freeman Fly had me on for a freewheeling meeting of the minds. We cover a number of different topics, with the general theme being the calm before the apocalyptic storm...

Here's the skinny:
The world is powered by sorcerers and not scientists. Despite what the aging acolytes of the Enlightenment might wish, computers have only strengthened the power of the supernatural on this world. We've just been conditioned by Harry Potter and Hollywood to think that spirits are ghosts, demons have horns and tails, and magic is all just hocus-pocus.

A lot of people tend not to realize that we are dealing with forces and energies here, not cartoon characters. Forces taken extremely seriously throughout our history, by men with far more brains, discernment and life-experience than any of our current crop of over-privileged academic idiots could even dream of.

A lot of the worries about the dangers of high-tech control, worries that seemed like paranoid delusions in 2016, are now national mandates. And there's also the inexplicable sudden interest the elite media has in the UFO topic to factor in, despite near-total disinterest on the public's part.

Oh, and we also have five years of face-kickingly obvious mass rituals to throw into the mix as well. Gotthard Tunnel, to name one...

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Let me just say that the members version is where things really take off - Freeman and I get into it and explore some deep, dark truths. Freeman has a mind-boggling archive of shows going back decades and truly deserves your support. You will not regret it, guaranteed. I've been following his work since the early 2000s and it's invaluable for any seeker.

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