Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Alchemical Annihilation of America: Excerpt from Epic Livestream

What started as a goofy, fun little topic for a livestream got very dark and very disturbing when the Gods of Sync dropped a little factoid on my path - just one tiny little bit of trivia - while I was looking for something else entirely, as per usual. 

Then a rabbit hole I wasn't looking for - and didn't much feel like exploring - opened up beneath my feet.

You see, the nerds who "created" Superman and Batman (meaning the nerds who shamelessly ripped off Doc Savage and the Shadow and threw in a bit of Phantom into the mix) were nothings, nobodies, absolute randos. Marginal talents that just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got paid quite handsomely for indulging their minor-attracted fantasies in the funny pages. They went back to being nothings once the sales slowed.

But the middle-aged men who "created" Wonder Woman (meaning the middle-aged men who shamelessly ripped off a now-forgotten character called "Amazona") were anything but nobodies - they were esteemed products of the ruling class system and were well connected to the kinds of nefarious operators you've all read about on parapolitical sites. And before the Comics Code Authority brought the hammer down in the early Fifties, the original Wonder Woman comics spewed out some of the most rancid, most perverted imagery ever seen in children's entertainment (until the present day, of course). 

How did they get away with it? Good question.

The answer is that an evil and insane quack signed off on it all. An evil and insane quack engaged in some of the most horrific human experiments ever performed - on children, no less. All with the blessings of Uncle Sam.

To understand all of this is to understand how we got to such a sick and demented place in our culture. The seeds were planted a long time ago. 

Be advised that it all gets very, very dark.