Thursday, April 14, 2016

Space/Gods: As Above, So Ba'al-Low

Ba'al in his flying sky-chariot

We're five days out from the erection of the reproduction of the Palmyra triumphal arch in Trafalgar Square in London. There won't be a simultaneous installation in New York for reasons we'll look at in a moment.

There's been a tremendous amount of bad reporting on this event, which I don't think is in any way accidental. I think this entire circus has been an intentional provocation and a live-action exercise in Knowles' First Law. I think religious conspiracy theorists have been played in order to broadband certain archetypes back into the Collective Consciousness, all at a very crucial time here in SecretSun'16.

The Islamic State militants, many of whom have spent the past several months being blown to dogmeat by Syrian and Russian gunships, have played their own role in this worldwide mystery play. Here's what happened before a real war on terrorism fell on ISIL's heads:
In May 2015, Palmyra was captured by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a terrorist group with a history of destroying ancient religious structures. Shortly after, ISIL reportedly claimed that it did not intend to demolish the buildings at Palmyra's World Heritage Site, but stated that it would destroy any artifact it deemed "polytheistic" or "pagan". On 23 August 2015 (or earlier in July, according to some reports), ISIL militants detonated a large quantity of explosives inside the Temple of Baalshamin, completely destroying the building.  
Ironically, what ISIL has done in their campaign to destroy the rich and diverse cultural history of the Middle East is actually unbottle it. How many people knew who the Yazidi were just a couple of years ago? Now they and their history are a worldwide cause celebre. Zoroastrianism is making a comeback- a new temple has been built just up the highway from here.

The pirate privatization of our history

The destruction of sites like Palmyra and Nimrud has not only awakened the world to the fragility of our shared heritage, it's broadcast these ancient, very potent images into the unconscious minds of billions around the world. That's no accident. What's more, the old Syria has been destroyed- actually, physically destroyed- one can only wonder what will be built in its place. 

One can only wonder at the timing of it all as well.

Something very ancient and very powerful is awakening after a very long slumber. It's only natural that there is a violent reaction against it. But I have a feeling that it will take its own tribute a thousand-fold before all this is over.

Into this mix is the mainstreaming of the Rockefeller UFO Initiative (a 20 year-old story), a major rock star gambling his money and reputation on his own UFO initiative (claiming the support of major figures in politics and the military), the mainstreaming of Nibiru/Planet X9, and real-life X-Files stories playing out with figures like Kyle Odom and the Uber shooter. 

Toss the mainstreaming of Satanism into the broth (both as a movement- such as it is- and through TV shows like Lucifer and Damien) and you're looking at a highly weird year. And we're only a third of a way into it.

So, for those who may not have heard, a group called the Institute for Digital Archaeology announced plans to erect scale replicas of the so-called "Ba'al Arch" in New York and London, on April 19th of this year. This was announced to the world in a New York Times opinion piece and was immediately picked up by the Christian conspiracy community, for obvious reasons. This appeared on the Fundamentalist site End of the American Dream:
I realize that the headline of this article sounds like it must be false, but it is actually completely true.  The Temple of Baal (also known as the Temple of Bel) was a world famous landmark that was located in Palmyra, Syria.  In August 2015, this temple was destroyed by ISIS, and most of the world recoiled in terror at the loss of a “cultural heritage site”.  In an attempt to “preserve history”, two exact replicas of the 50 foot arch that stood at the entrance to the temple will be erected in April 2016 in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London.  Needless to say, a lot of people are quite disturbed by this.  In ancient times, child sacrifice and bisexual orgies were common practices at the altars of Baal, and now we are putting up a monument of worship to this false god in the heart of our most important city.

The only problem is that he's got the wrong Ba'al.

Ba'al is a title (meaning "Lord"), and is a prefix and not a name. The Ba'al known in the Bible as Molech- Ba'al Hammon- was known in the Greco-Roman world as Kronos or Saturn (hence the child sacrifice). The Palmyra Ba'al- Ba'al Hadad- is an entirely separate figure who was identified with Jupiter and was worshiped in an entirely separate manner than Hammon/Molech. So there's some terrible scholarship here. Unsurprisingly.

But I get the feeling that was exactly the point. I think we were witnessing an intentional provocation and I'm willing to bet that there was another agenda at play all along.

Either way, seeds were planted, Old Ones were invoked, their names burned up the fiber optic lines of the international internet. All very, very timely given what is going on above our heads.

Like this story, about that suddenly-significant Planet X/Planet 9/Nibiru and the talk you're hearing about its gravitational effect on objects in our neighborhood. Yesterday:
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has denied the claims of unusual tugging between the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn and an undiscovered planet dubbed as Planet 9 or Planet X. 
"Although we'd love it if Cassini could help detect a new planet in the solar system, we do not see any perturbations in our orbit that we cannot explain with our current models," Earl Maize, Cassini project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement. 
NASA also explains that if Planet X do exist outside the orbit of Neptune, It would most likely affect the orbit of Saturn and not Cassini. Planet X or Planet 9 is considered to be 10 times the mass of Earth. 
The news about the mysterious anomaly in the orbit of Cassini due to the gravitational tug of the massive undiscovered planet started circulating after researchers at CalTech published a study in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, revealing the existence of Planet X or Planet 9. 
My gut tells me this Planet 9/X is very, very real, my friends.

Back to our story: the author at American Dream takes the bait and reaches back and pulls the old Nimrod saw out of the Dispensationalist toolchest.
For those of you who aren't familiar with this old riff, there's a belief among Fundamentalists that Nimrod- a purported Babylonian king from the 22nd Century BCE- is in fact the source of all pagan dying-rising gods such as Osiris, Adonis and Dionysus. The source for this theorizing seems to be Alexander Hislop's 19th Century anti-Catholic polemic The Two Babylons:
According to some traditions, the original Freemason was Nimrod.  He created the very first “New World Order” in the post-flood world, and virtually all of the major gods of ancient Babylon, Greece and Rome ultimately trace back to him or traditions surrounding him. 
But for many modern occultists, the story of Nimrod is far from done.  A lot of secret societies and occult groups have traditions that tell them that Nimrod/Marduk/Osiris/Apollo/Baal will someday be resurrected and will once again rule the world. 
And many Bible scholars believe that the coming Antichrist will either be a resurrected Nimrod or will be associated with him in some way.  
What is especially fascinating in this case, and almost certainly part of the game unfolding here (the people playing this hand almost certainly realized the conspiranoids would pull the Nimrod card) is that another name would be invoked here by association, a name that is now breaking out of the conspiratorial margins and into the popular press. From the Wiki:
George Rawlinson believed Nimrod was Belus...based on the fact Babylonian and Assyrian inscriptions bear the names Bel-Nibru. The word Nibru in the Akkadian language of Assyria and Babylonia comes from a root meaning to 'pursue' or to make 'one flee', and as Rawlinson pointed out not only does this closely resemble Nimrod’s name but it also perfectly fits the description of Nimrod in Genesis 10: 9 as a great hunter...Nibru, in the Sumerian language, was the original name of the city of Nippur.
Belus is Marduk and Nibiru was known as the "Star of Marduk."It was also often identified with- you guessed it- Jupiter. The god who put the Annuit in our Coeptis (Aeneid, book IX, line 625).

Seeing a pattern emerge here?

But it seems- seems, mind you- that the huffing and puffing about pansexual orgies and roasted babies had its effect and the plans were apparently- apparently- changed and the New York installation was rescheduled, possibly for September, possibly indefinitely. No word on the thousands or hundreds of other replicas 'planned' for other cities. From American Dream again:
The Temple of Baal is NOT coming to Times Square in New York City next month.  This is great news, and it represents an incredible victory for Christians in the United States.  As you will see below, the New York TimesSnopes and a whole host of other mainstream news sources reported last month that everything was on track for reproductions of the giant 48-foot-tall arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria to be put up simultaneously in Times Square in New York City and Trafalgar Square in London during the month of April.  But now that will not be happening.  The only arch that will be going up will be in Trafalgar Square, and it won’t be the one from the Temple of Baal.  Instead, the Institute for Digital Archaeology has changed plans and will be putting up a reproduction of the Arch of Triumph which the Romans originally built in Palmyra and that has nothing to do with Baal.  
First of all, claiming that Arch of Triumph has nothing to do with Ba'al again shows this author's ignorance. The Romans openly recognized Ba'al Hadad as their own god Jupiter and saw their triumph as his will being ordained.

The temple itself was built by Greeks, not Canaanites, who saw Ba'al as Zeus.
So the association with the old Ba'al Hammon rites is even more contrived.

The IDA could have dispelled misconceptions about this project but as far as I can tell, chose to let the rumors run wild. Why?

In fact, there's no evidence the Ba'al arches were ever even built!

Another thing the author didn't notice is that his claims of credit for the cancellation of this installation only reinforce an emerging theme you see on comments sections and Facebook threads with increasing frequency; that Christian Fundamentalists are no different than groups like ISIL. This of course is a grotesque exaggeration, but the seeds have not only been planted here, they are growing like kudzu all over the global electronic village.

The Snopes page on this seemed to play into this association by claiming that Christian groups were themselves accusing the IDA of installing operant Ba'al temples in London and New York, an accusation that was the result of sensationalist (and deliberately misleading) headlines and misreporting of the original story. 

So yes, the resulting takeaway from this for many was that these religious conspiranoids are our own ISIL.

The IDA in fact is planning to reconstruct the temple in Palmyra itself, using pieces of the destroyed edifice. 
After the temple's destruction, the Institute for Digital Archaeology announced plans to establish a digital record of historical sites and artifacts threatened by IS advance. To accomplish this goal, the IDA, in collaboration with UNESCO, will deploy 5,000 3D cameras to partners in the Middle East. 
The cameras will be used to capture 3D scans of local ruins and relics.
Following the recapture of Palmyra by the Syrian Army in March 2016, director of antiquities Maamoun Abdelkarim stated that the Temple of Baalsahamin, along with the Temple of Bel and the Monumental Arch, will be rebuilt using the surviving remains...
But, as with so much science and technology these days, the IDA's plans may- may- have been whittled down not so much by Internet outrage but by that oldest of demons, budgetary woes. The plans seemed wildly ambitious on the face of it and may well have been announced as a way to pony up some dosh from its patrons.
Angelhair and wish-dreams, like so much of the wonder stories you're hearing coming out of the sci-tech world lately:
‘What I approve of is collecting a record of and documenting vast numbers of sites,’ said Tim Schadla-Hall, reader in public archaeology at University College London, referring to the Million Image Database project. 
The replica arch is less to his liking or comprehension. ‘It seems to me it’s a bizarre expenditure of money, possibly with worthy but misinformed aims, to promote something which isn’t a real past, in an entirely reproduced form. I don’t get it; I find it very, very odd. I’ve got better uses for the money.’ 
As for the IDA itself, ‘I really hope they succeed,’ said Daniel Pett,who runs digital public archaeology projects at the British Museum, ‘but at the moment people are slightly sceptical.’  
The IDA is a not-for-profit organisation, which describes itself on its website as a joint venture between Harvard, the University of Oxford and the government of the UAE (United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai- CK)...The UAE provides funding only ‘on a project-specific basis’. 
Most of the IDA’s money comes from private sources within the US – Karenowska confirmed an annual operating budget (including, this year, the manufacture of the arch) of about £2.5 million, which is enough to make archaeologists on your average gig fall off their chairs.
But either way the Roman arch is going up in London, the current capital of the world, the only city that really matters these days. And given the timetable and the work involved I'm starting to wonder if the Ba'al gate was anything but a media wind-up.

Or better yet, a ritual working of some kind, meant to piggyback on the reappearance of Marduk's planet, an event that seems to be causing no end of excitement in the upper floors of this world, if you know how to read the signs.

If so, what was the purpose of this working? We'll get to that in a moment.

We just saw the Space X reusable booster test, (of the Falcon 9, of all things, symbolism that takes us back not only to Egypt but to Mesopotamia itself) another sign that the hyper-rich are extremely concerned about getting into space. We can only hope it's not some hare-brained escape plan. But it should be noted that Robert Bigelow's inflatable space habitats are now finally operational. And if you don't know already, Bigelow is the man who the US Gov't essentially privatized its UFO reporting infrastructure out to (MUFON, etc).

Hmm, UFOs and space colonization. Nice work if you can get it.

Given all this-- and the lingering memory of that absolutely-bonkers "Welcome back, Anunaki" ritual in Dubal eight years ago-- I'm not disinclined to believe that the movers and shakers aren't in the near future and hence are planning for any and all eventualities.

I'm not saying they're right, I'm just sayin'.

Then there's this story:
NASA: Exoplanet-finding Kepler spacecraft in trouble 
A routine contact with a NASA spacecraft 75 million miles from Earth discovered something alarming: Kepler had placed itself in Emergency Mode. 
The Kepler mission team is now working to recover the spacecraft from Emergency Mode, according to Charlie Sobeck, Kepler mission manager at NASA’s Ames Research Center. 
On April 4, the last contact with Kepler, the spacecraft was operating normally and healthy. 
The Kepler space telescope is on its second mission, Kepler2, after it was re-purposed to survey the Milky Way in search of planets outside of our solar system that orbit stars -- like Earth orbits the sun-- known as exoplanets. 
This critical situation comes right before flight operations engineers at Ball Aerospace and the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado were planning on flipping the telescope for its new mission objective. 
What exactly is its new mission objective? I can't imagine that exoplanets are all that compelling given what we're hearing about this rogue giant within our own solar system. And is this a 'malfunction' or a project going into the black? I think you know what gets my vote.

(Given the Nibiru angle here I can't help but read Ball Aerospace as Ba'al Aerospace. Just a nervous tic of mine).

So, let's face the facts; the people at this IDA are not idiots. They surely knew how certain religious groups would respond to erection of Ba'al gates, even in such modern-day Babylons as New York and London.

But maybe that was part of the plan all along.

Maybe the cancelation of the installation of the Ba'al gates was pre-planned, as a signal. The fact that the story, and the history behind it, got such widespread coverage made the actual installation irrelevant. Or maybe in fact the cancellation was itself the message...

What message, you may ask?  Well, perhaps that in light of Nibiru's reappearance the days of the relatively-young sky-god cults that arose from the Ugarit roots of the chariot-flying Ba'al figure are numbered, that much, much older and much, much more potent personas- ones who were  themselves ancient when the Ennead ruled Egypt- are stirring from their slumber and getting ready to make themselves known once again. 

You think that's a stretch? World religions changed on far less than the appearance of a new planet in the sky, especially a planet for which the seeds have been planted in the margins (read: among the sensitives) of human society for 40 years now.
And think about it- can you possibly imagine a more potent omen than the appearance of a new giant planet in our solar system? What will the astrologers do, for heaven's sake?


I've been finding myself looking at all my Mesopotamian books lately, my Samuel Noah Kramer books and all the rest of them. In comparison the Egyptian material seems almost whimsical, comforting, much more like the Bible than Jews or Christians would want to admit. But the Sumerians were farther away from the Greeks and the Romans as the latter are to us. Sumerian texts were ancient when the Vedas were written. 

And for some reason that we still can't explain, someone is hiding nearly all of those texts away from us.

Think about that today.


  1. Nicely done. :)

    Yeah, I think that at least a large fraction of the Powers-that-Be are prepping for the return of...someone.

    Have you seen all the Nibiru/Rapture/FEMA/Poleshift hysteria on youTube lately? Disinfo-distraction from what Planet "9" *really* represents?

    Yes, I don't buy the Kepler malfunction, I think it's more likely that the telescope is just working for someone else, now.

    And - if we make Contact, or get Disclosure, Ms. Anna is going to give a *gigantic* "F-U" to the Skepdicks and the whores in the media. XD

    1. It wouldn't matter- they'd just move the goalpost or rewrite history and claim they always believed it. It's the religion of always being right no matter what. Which is an entirely different matter than the religion of knowing the truth.

    2. Yeah, I think you're correct about that.

      They'll probs claim that they were always just "playing Devil's Advocate" or something.

      Is it wrong that I'm enjoying the fear of the pantspissers overs this Nibiru Nonsense? XD It's the Doomsday that Never Ends, they can piss their nappies forever, just claiming they are still refining the calculations until Planet 7X wipes us all out. XD

  2. Reading this just reminded me that last night I had a dream in which I seen a 'dark' planet in the sky, just before sunrise.I say dark, because in the dream it appeared much like the moon in full eclipse.There were others present and I remember saying, it is the moon, but then someone behind said no, there is the moon over there, I turned and looked and indeed there was a half moon,when I turned my head to look again at the object, the Sun rose and the object could no longer be seen, because of the sunlight, I remember being frustrated ands the sequence ended,excellent piece sir

    1. Well, look for more of that kind of thing. This will change everything, including our conscious and unconscious experiences. It already seems to be, if this year is any yardstick.

  3. Chris the Vedas could date to 400,000 BCE. I also have read about Nibiru being sighted by astronomers recently. Several large comets have been disturbed in the ort cloud. Disturbed into the same direction. Inflatable space habitat? What fun! Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

    1. Yeah, this could be bad news. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Obviously some of the more extreme panic-mongering is ridiculous but that doesn't mean this won't cause problems. Hence this space rush.

  4. Ahhh, Dubai, proving that slave labor is still the unsurpassed engine of economic development right here in 2016.

    Fun fact, in four years Dubai will be hosting EXPO 2020, a world's fair. In honor of this event, Dubai announced construction of the world's largest building to be completed in 2018 in preparation for the expo.

    of note:
    1) Dubai already has the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. I guess one world's tallest isn't enough.

    2) Dubai had already announced the construction of the world's tallest residential building, Burj 2020, in preparation for the expo. I guess two world's tallest aren't enough.

    3) This new world's tallest building will recreate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the upper observation levels...ya know, those (possibly mythological) Hanging Gardens of Babylon that were (in some stories) constructed in the Temple of Marduk, a ziggurat in the center of Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon.

    random connection/ The Tower of Babel is closely intertwined with the myth of Nimrod and was (again, in some stories) spit'n distance from the Hanging Gardens.

    1. Dubai is by no means alone in operating on slave labor. It's endemic in that part of the world and beyond. I guess the difference is the insane symbolism that city spews out like coins from a broken vending machine.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I don't read ATS. I've heard way too many stories that it's a stomping ground for shills and spooks to put any trust in it. There's no central source anymore, you really need to collect and collate and sort things out on your own. Message boards tend to encourage bad behavior and the noise overpowers the signal. We know now just how involved the agencies are in massaging social media and the like- it's really a time to keep your antennae high and use your intuition skills.

  6. Wow, thanks for bringing together all the threads I have been reading about but couldn't quite connect myself. SOMETHING is coming, that much is obvious. It seems that Sitchin might actually have been on to something (he got the planet right, anyway). Very interesting (and disturbing) stuff.

    1. I'm going to be digging into Sitchin again soon. I was looking at that "Sitchin is Wrong" site and discovering it's a showcase for one logical fallacy after another disinfo tactic. It's really got me wondering about Sitchin again, a researcher I've not put much stock in past the rough contours.

  7. The thing that concerns me about all of it is that even if we go to the end of the argument and check all the boxes where, yes, there is a planet hurdling into our solar system and yes, there are some kind of beings that may have visited our planet in the remotest of remote times living on it---what then? I mean, our species typically is very, very good at getting things wrong most of the time. Just look around at what our interpretation of things has done for us in terms of the state of the planet on the whole? What if all these secret signals being passed to so-called elites are just a massive misinterpretation of something that happened so long ago to ancestors so different in thought and deed from us that we have just lost whatever it was that they may have intended us to find in the remaining megalithic structures we keep staring at in the desert and digging up in Turkey. All of these things that people are doing---to what end? To prepare the way of the old/new gods as they return to do what? Reward the elite and subjugate the rest of us? This whole concept seems dubious and outdated at best and the premise for another poorly written movie at the very worst. I think our biggest concern should be with trying to understand the truth of the evidence we have about all of this and then try, without killing each other in the process, to move forward into a new understanding of our place in the world so we can actually reach the next rung in the ladder up to our own potential. Wouldn't that in itself just piss off the Anunnaki if they were to actually come back here and find out that we had outgrown their petty games of thrones and no longer need their kind of instructions? Yeah, that is just wishful thinking, I know. But the point is, if most of that stuff is true, I just wonder how much of it we will have gotten right. And to that, how the new interpretation of those events will shape us and our ideas of reality in our present?

    1. All very good questions and things to bear in mind. We're at the very start of this process. But too many things keep creeping into the mainstream for no good reason (ie., without the zeitgeist-fulfilling power of the early X-Files and the 90s UFO movement) that it can't help but raise a lot of questions. Something is going on- now we need to find out what.

  8. Weird. The Cassini data was never about Cassini itself, but Saturn. The paper is titled Constraints on the location of a possible 9th planet derived from the Cassini data. Is NASA/JPL responding to journalist errors? Easily verified. For Astrologers out there, the best fit for a current location given in the paper, based on possible orbital elements derived from Brown's work, though the possible location is derived from observational data, is around 20-22 degrees Aries, give or take around 10. If it's indeed there, and at 600 au, it's not moved much in your lifetime.

    1. Every time NASA and JPL do something I ask myself is this genuine or is this fulfilling some ritual purpose? It's a very important question, one that has deep and lasting meaning. I don't doubt for a minute that astrology doesn't factor into every decision they make, even if only in a tangential manner.

  9. Given the recent “revival” in interest concerning Nibiru/Planet X… I am reminded of a similar transmission coming from our very own contemporary “mystery cult of the dead” …the Grateful Dead. Specifically, one of their most cryptic and beloved compositions… Dark Star (stella obscura).

    The piece begins…

    “Dark star crashes… pouring its light into ashes. Reason tatters… the forces tear loose from the axis”

    I continue to find deepened, synchronistic meaning in this and other transmissions from the Dead… gone but not forgotten. Given their psychedelic experimentalism of the last 50 years, their information tends toward an “extra-dimensional” visitation. Indeed, I return to the question raised later in Dark Star…

    “Shall we go… you and I while we can? Through… the transitive nightfall of diamonds?”

    1. Well, there's also Bowie, for a more recent example. This is all very curious and puzzling and if indeed true any foreshadowing or precognition is to not only be expected, but in fact prerequisite.

  10. Chris's deeply salient points aside for a moment, the X Files comes back as Planet X now flirts the threshold of authenticity? The psi-effect, spirit-dwelling Underworld nexus of modern sci-fi is resurrected just when a dark planet makes itself known in our solar system? There are people who actually think that's not a portent? Y'all better recognise. :)

    1. It may well account for this very unhinged, manic energy we felt coming out of the revival. I'm not done parsing the deeper meanings there, I'm just waiting for some time to pass so that things may have a bit more time to gestate. If you get my meaning.

  11. "Syria became subject to Egypt in the days of Tabrimon, and recovered her liberty under Benhadad I; and in the days of Benhadad III, until the reign of the last Rezin, they became subject to Israel: and in the ninth year of Hoshea King of Judah, Tiglah-pileser King of Assyria captivated the Syrians, and put an end to their Kingdom: now Josephus tells us, that the Syrians 'till his days worshipped both Adar, that is Hadad or Benhadad, and his successor Hazael as Gods, for their benefactions, and for building Temples by which they adorned the city of Damscus: for, saith he, they daily celebrate solemnities in honour of these Kings, and boast their antiquity, not knowing that they are novel, and lived not above eleven hundred years ago. It seems these Kings built sumptuous Sepulchres for themselves, and were worshipped therein. Justin calls the first of these two Kings Damascus, saying that the city had its name from him, and that the Syrians in honour of him worshipped his wife Arathes as a Goddess, using her Sepulchre for a Temple."

    Excerpt from "The Chronology of Antient Kingdoms" by Isaac Newton

    1. It has to be Syria, the land of Sirius. The land of the Phoenicians and kindred. The land of the sun-worshippers who took control of Rome, Syrian Phoenicians such as the Severans who changed the course of human history. The land of Mount Hermon, where the Watchers descended. Where Saul became Paul. The war in Syria should be our most trenchant omen that the world is about to undergo violent and inexorable change.

  12. Chris a few years ago I had a dream that I'm sure related to some of the topics you've covered in this post and I'm wondering if you have any idea why a wooden bowl that separates heaven and earth would be involved? It was rather random.

    1. Please tell, a wood bowl separating hell and heaven. Something to do with planet X, or Nibiru, or great googlee mooglee? Odd, yes! 87

    2. I didn't have access to the internet at the time so couldn't research it then. You know I was really ill from a thyroid tumour that involved a lot of time in bed with a high temperature which can put you in another place. It's true that Dreams are often abstract and very symbolic. This seemed like more than just a dream to me maybe time will tell Dennis.

  13. I felt at the time that there was a chance such a bowl may be removed, although it could be nothing or mean something else entirely. Very odd though.