Unified Weird Theory: But It Rhymes


Is the endless Seventies tapeloop finally over? Are we reliving the early Eighties again now? Was
Stranger Things somehow a harbinger of the changeover of the selections in the Replay Machine?

It's been said- often, recently- that History doesn't repeat but it rhymes. I guess it also comes with a vintage Linn beat and icy Prophet 5 riffs.

It's too soon to make any sweeping statements about the future and I'm trying not to get pulled into this dark, cold new reality spreading over the world today. But there are a lot of strange themes- well familiar to readers of this blog- that are bubbling up from the information underground and into the mainstream conversation, and I can't exactly figure out why.

I only remember the last time they raised their heads out of the murk, and what effect they had on the world around us.

Think about it: not only has MK ULTRA now become a household word but so has "Deep State," terms that were largely relegated to the mimeograph and shortwave fringe in the early 80s. And yet the CIA dumped truckloads of files onto the 'Net in the past week and all of a sudden people realize just how strange they could get.

CIA Docs Reveal Agency’s Longtime Obsession With UFOs, Magic 
The documents also include substantial information about CIA obsession with UFO sightings, policies for using invisible ink, and their determined investigation into magicians.

(REPORT) — The juicy bits of the CIA’s massive document dump may have centered on their overt use of torture against detainees and the internal debates underpinning that policy, but it’s far from the only thing in there that warrants a second look. The documents also include substantial information about CIA obsession with UFO sightings, policies for using invisible ink, and their determined investigation into magicians.
Reports on the UFOs described some 20% of sightings as “unexplained,” and sought more cooperation from the Pentagon in documentation of such sightings, particularly pushing to ensure that all high-ranking Air Force commanders were briefed on the rules for reporting about them. 
The CIA showed concern both about the “national security” implications of flying saucers, and the intelligence ramifications of them, with the advisory committee urging “close attention” be paid both to Russian actions with respect to UFOs, and public opinion within the US about them. 
With respect to magic, the CIA appears to have become intensely interested in the phenomenon in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with one 1969 document about a “self-educated magician” in Soviet Georgia who was able to perform “miracle” healings through the laying of hands. 
The CIA’s interest in magic got a lot bigger in short order, and within a few years they were bringing in television psychic Uri Geller, who famously used to bend spoons on TV with the power of his mind. 
Incredibly, the CIA was quickly convinced that Geller had real powers, and tried to move into remote viewing, the attempt to conduct surveillance on sites they don’t have access to via supernatural means.
So why are we hearing about all of this now? And I mean this week? Why are we hearing about this during a time when the new President is allegedly at war with the CIA? If the timing doesn't strike you as curious, you're probably not paying close enough attention.

In the midst of all the chaos and controversy of Inauguration Day, when Donald Trump-- an Eighties man if ever there was one-- declared open war on pretty much everyone, his picks for Defense and Homeland somehow sailed through confirmation with 98-1(Mattis) and 88-11 votes (Kelly). These were the first cabinet members to be approved. 


If you don't see the crystal clear symbolism at work here, I have failed you.

Curiously, the vote on his CIA director (Mike Pompeo) has been delayed. A recent story about the apparent conflict between Trump and the outgoing CIA leadership cited a former analyst who is now a fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, which we discussed recently in connection to the Satanic Temple, strangely enough.

There was another signal sent out, meant to send a message about the violence and vandalism committed by some of the more radical elements among the protests in Washington yesterday. It received little attention, but jibed with the ice-cold undercurrent at work in this new regime who are behind all of Trump's reality TV bluster and bravado* :

The Trump administration condemned what it called the "anti-police atmosphere" in America and called for more law enforcement and more effective policing in a statement on the White House website after President Donald Trump's inauguration.
"The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump administration will end it," said the statement on (www.whitehouse.gov) after it was taken over by the new administration.

I recently watched a Canadian documentary on remote viewing that confirmed what I knew already; that despite the spin you may have heard in the media, the CIA took it very seriously and there were reams of statistics to back up its efficacy. $25 million was spent on a program whose technology essentially consisted of paper and pencils.

The host of the documentary even got a major hit during a class held by the controversial Major Ed Dames, which turned his studied skepticism around completely.

You'll be hearing more about this, if the current rerun models hold true. And you have to ask yourself- what happens to all the promising graduates of these private RV programs anyway?


And that Cold War we keep hearing about sounds a lot like something you have seen in an Eighties movie or sci-fi story:

A spectre is haunting the West -- the spectre of cyberwar. 
It's now clear, according to American intelligence agencies, that the Russian government engaged in a campaign of hacking, email leaks and fake news in an attempt to undermine the American political process -- and steer the presidential election to Donald Trump. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegation.
But many are now asking: Are we at cyberwar? 
In the cybersecurity industry -- mostly made up of hackers and spies -- the conventional wisdom was that cyberwar is like physical war. It's only war when someone dies or something explodes. 
But what happened during the recent American election is forcing experts to revisit that idea. 
"'Nothing's blown up' is the old school way of thinking," said Dave Aitel, a former scientist at the National Security Agency. "But I don't have to blow something up to destroy your country. I just have to reduce trust in your national way of life." 
"I think it's a cyberwar, and I think we've lost a battle," said Aitel, now CEO of the security consulting firm Immunity.
I can just hear the Tangerine Dream soundtrack now.

There are a lot of films released in the early Eighties that people might do well to rewatch in the coming days. Brainstorm is one, and more than ever before it acts as a very precise kind of roadmap to the thinking we've seen coming out of Silicon Valley, thinking that's only going to become more pronounced.

Brainstorm is also an interesting film because it was the brainchild of effects guru Douglas Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey) and was subject to a wave of "bad luck", including the drowning death of its female lead, Natalie Wood.

That in turn sparked off a suppression effort by the studio that you can't help but but wonder about, given the dark and conspiratorial nature of the film. And perhaps the tales being told out of school.

And appropriately enough, Trumbull's career was saved by his work on the Back to the Future theme park ride and work on IMAX technology, which in turn did so much to save Hollywood itself

Of course there's also Altered States, based on John Lilly's experiments with ketamine and isolation tanks and a stunning precursor to the ayahuasca trend that's become so popular among Silicon Valley cognoscenti. 

Psychedelics and tech entrepreneurship have long gone hand in hand. Steve Jobs experimented with LSD. Bill Gates dropped acid on occasion. 
Ayahuasca, a psychedelic drug that induces mind-boggling hallucinations, is Silicon Valley's latest infatuation. Tim Ferriss, a well-known angel investor, recently described it to The New Yorker as being as ubiquitous as "having a cup of coffee." 
While you won't find people sipping on ayahuasca in Starbucks, an increasing number of entrepreneurs swear by the plant — which contains DMT, an ingredient designated Schedule I by the Drug Enforcement Administration — as a method of professional and personal development. Businesses have sprouted to facilitate demand.
This is how new cultures develop. Ideas seep into the conversation first as trends, cycle out of the mainstream and then gestate among hobbyists and specialists. There they grow and mutate and then eventually reintroduce themselves when conditions in the greater culture become right. Often this is during times of widespread conflict and social dissolution, when the gatekeepers of the old paradigms are on their back feet. Then what was once marginal becomes self-evident.

The question becomes then who are the real revolutionaries at work in the culture today? The protestors in the streets peddling centuries-old Marxist dogma or this weird nexus of spooks, nerds and military, kicking at the legs of the tables of Reality itself?

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

UPDATE: Well, isn't this interesting? 

NOTE: I've been very busy with work and some other pressing issues. My apologies for not responding to comments.

I actually wrote a piece about the new regime change before the inauguration but scrapped it, because I'm burnt on this issue after 18 months of nothing but All Trump, All the Time in the media. But these signals yesterday drive me to include this excerpt from the piece, since it jibes with so much of the signaling emerging underneath the noise:

So why Trump?

We've already seen why.

Trump's behavior is so egregious and so upsetting to his opposition that they're willing to sign off on people they might ordinarily see as excessively radical because they're so terrified of what Trump might do without an experienced and paternal figure like "Mad Dog" Mattis or Rex Tillerson there to reign in him in. Even if under normal circumstances the same people probably would be terrified of these appointees (the fucking CEO of ExxonMobil as Secretary of State?). 

It's classic good cop-bad cop. The more unhinged Trump appears the more comforting his generals and spooks look. The more it appears Trump has sold out to Putin the more reassuring a three or four-star general appears, especially when he goes against his boss.

The only difference is I think this is a game they're playing for keeps. And the people who need to know that know that.

Twin Peaks, Mulholland Dr. and the 17 Enigma

David Lynch and Twin Peaks return this May so I thought I'd take this opportunity to re-post this analysis of the classic Lynch film Mulholland Dr., which started life as a follow-up TV series to Twin Peaks. It appears there will be 17 episodes in all, if the series clocks in at 18 hours and the first episode is two hours long. A cast list comprised of 217 actors has been announced.

PASADENA, Calif. - Showtime's revival of David Lynch and Mark Frost's groundbreaking 1990 TV series "Twin Peaks," first announced more than two years ago, finally has a premiere date: Sunday, May 21.

The series, which will clock in at 18 hours and was entirely directed by Lynch, will have a two-hour premiere, with weekly episodes following that. "We've seen the whole thing," Showtime CEO David Nevins told the Television Critics Association on Monday. "It's the pure heroin version of David Lynch."
Lynch's last released film was the brilliant yet pitch-black Inland Empire (2006), very much a companion piece to Mulholland Dr. Note that the period spanning from Twin Peaks to Inland Empire is 17 years and from Mulholland Dr to the new Twin Peaks is also 17 years. David Lynch will 71 on Friday, the inverse of 17. 

David Bowie appeared in a brief yet memorable cameo in the feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

Maybe the simplest description I can offer of Synchromysticism is "the bleed-over of dream logic into consensus reality." The keys to this process are myth, symbol and co-incidence.

If symbol and myth is indeed the lingua franca of some higher function of consciousness, it could well be that manipulating that consciousness could certainly re-structure our reality paradigm. I'm saying not only our perception of reality, but even the causal order of that paradigm.

However, by investing yourself in this process you often find yourself living in a world governed not by reductionism and determinism, but by a real-time variant of dream logic. Not always a pleasant place to be, believe me.

Dream logic is David Lynch's lifeblood. Although some reviewers have dismissed Mulholland Dr. and Inland Empire as jumbled navel-gazing, there are very simple keys in these films that unlock the mysteries. Even before I discovered these clues I felt the films made perfect sense, even if I couldn't quite nail it down. Knowing now what these films are about (at least what many people interpret them as, Lynch never makes any definitive statements on the films' meaning) doesn't demystify them for me, it does the exact opposite. With a friggin' unholy vengeance.

The film (released 10/12/01, or one month and one day after 9/11) gets its name from the famous Los Angeles street, which in turn is named in honor of William Mulholland, the LA water baron. Mulholland inspired Roman Polanski's 1974 film Chinatown, which starred Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and John Huston (who played the Mulholland character) and was based on a Robert Towne (Parallax View, Firm, Mission Impossible) screenplay.

Mulholland's birthdate? 9/11/1855.

The film pretends to be a standard mystery: a would-be starlet named Betty (played by Naomi Watts) arrives in Hollywood to house-sit for her aunt, only to find a beautiful and mysterious brunette named Rita (played by Laura Harring) who is suffering from amnesia. Throughout the film there are disconnected subplots- a man who dreams of a demon living in a restaurant parking lot, a film director with the Kabbalist-sounding name Adam Kesher (meaning "connection," played by Justin Theroux) threatened by a crime boss, and an idiotic hitman who is looking for Rita. Sprinkled throughout are some old school Hollywood icons- Chad Everett, Lee Grant, Robert Forster, Ann Miller. Michael J Anderson (Twin Peaks, Carnivale, X-Files) also makes an enigmatic appearance.

Rita is looking for clues to her own identity, which leads her to an apartment of a woman who has committed suicide. Halfway through the film, Rita vanishes and a totally different story begins. Watts now plays a failed actress scorned by her glamorous but sadistic lover Camilla (played by Harring), who humiliates Diane by taking her to a party celebrating her engagement to Adam Kesher.

That's all I'll say for now. Let's run the number...

The apartment of the suicide is- yes, you guessed it - 17.

View Larger Map

Watts' characters are from Deep River, Ontario which lies smack dab on which route? You guessed it- 17.

"Rita" takes the name from a Rita Hayworth poster. Hayworth's birthdate? The 17th.

Now here's where it starts to get interesting- when we first meet Betty, she's wearing a bright red cardigan. When Camilla dumps Diane, she's wearing a flaming scarlet dress. This color identification repeats itself throughout the film.

"Scarlet" and "17" take us to back to Jack Parson's old obsession- the Scarlet Woman, the Whore of Babylon from Revelation 17...

Is Lynch, the maverick artist, condemning the bitch goddess of Hollywood (like Rome, a city of hills) as the Whore of Babylon? That would be the obvious answer, but we don't see any further connections, obvious ones at least.

That kind of mythologizing isn't really Lynch's style, and Camilla - the obvious whore stand-in - merrily runs off with her Adam while jilted Diane lies dead in number 17. A detail-obsessive like Lynch wouldn't leave those loose ends dangling. We have to consider that this is bleed-over from the powerful subconscious contents Lynch is playing with.

And then we have this weird conjunction- Watts pregnant with Liev Schreiber (my wife's second cousin, for those of you keeping track), who played the Gregory Peck character in The Omen remake (released 6/6/06, which is Hollywood's idea of clever symbolism). Interesting connection back to Mulholland Dr, since The Omen is essentially a take-off on Rosemary's Baby, directed by Chinatown director Polanski.

If Hollywood is Lynch's Babylon (more likely it's his saṃsāra), it's interesting to note that Parsons' Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron, played the Whore of Babylon in Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (which was re-released in 1966 with the subtitle, "The Sacred Mushroom Edition"). Anger later penned the Hollywood Babylon books.

In this light, the name "Diane" takes on added resonance connecting back to Parsons and his crowd.

What's a 17 without a 33? Laura Harring has a birthday on March 3. Watts would later play a Hollywood icon herself, the lover of the mighty Kong. Here she is atop 33rd Street in Masonic Manhattan in the King Kong movie poster. A strange reversal of scale takes place in the climax of Mulholland Dr., when Diane watches in horror as two tiny versions of the elderly couple she meets on her arrival in Hollywood crawl under the door at #17.

Remembering that William Mulholland's birthday was 9/11, we shouldn't forget the previous remake of King Kong, from 1976.

Minor details take on resonance- Robert Towne's adorable daughter, Ka-Hathor-Ein, plays Adam's assistant Cynthia (another moon goddess name). This actress' birthday is on the 17th, too.

Kesher's wife Lorraine dumps him for a pool cleaner, played by none other than Mr. Montana himself.  Cyrus stated in 2011 that he feared for his daughter Miley and that his family was "under attack by Satan."

And speaking of genes and mushrooms, the hitman is played by Mark Pellegrino, who guest-starred in the X-Files episode "Hungry," which immediately followed the FieldTrip/Biogenesis/Sixth Extinction blowout (and was actually filmed between them).

Pellegrino is best known for playing Lucifer on Supernatural.

Then there's this classic Lynch scene- Adam Kesher's confrontation with the enforcer known as the Cowboy, played with inhuman intensity by Monty Montgomery, a non-actor who's the founder of this organization....

When I first began looking seriously into symbol and Synchronicity, I took a very deterministic view towards it. But as the evidence and the connections multiplied, I realized that I was holding onto a comforting fantasy rather than surrender myself to a process I could not understand, and thereby never hope to control.

Which is all just another way of saying that I think David Lynch might have a tighter grip on the true nature of reality than the rest of us do.

I'll let the Cowboy have the last word...

Spy vs Spy: The Russia (Un)Reality Show

Oh, the utter lack of self-awareness

Why am I growing leery of all this "CIA coup" talk we're hearing in the media? 

Exactly because we're hearing it in the media. I didn't cut my teeth on all those old issues of Covert Action Quarterly to just turn around and buy whatever narrative the media is flogging.

This all feels orchestrated and stage-managed to me. Like everything about this election and its aftermath. Some kind of game is playing out here, I just can't grasp at the contours of it. Which is a good thing, probably. For me.

For some reason I can quite put my finger on, it makes perfect sense that a man known to most of the public as a reality TV star is at the center of this open-air psychodrama unfolding in front of us, this contrived Clash of the Titans, this bizarro Battle of the Billionaires.

So much of this is ultimately a new media put-on, Trump battling (read: trolling) the press, shooting out tweets with his meaty fingers. The charge is being led by The Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com fame) and The New York Times (owned and operated by Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican telecom magnate), and the once-mighty/now-endangered CNN bringing up the rear.

And for a guy who's the focus of a firestorm of controversy and the ostensible target of attack from some of the most powerful forces in the country, he doesn't seem to be sweating it too much. Near as I can tell, at least. Even the ultraliberal Newsweek has the headline today: "Don't Kid Yourself - Trump Is Winning." 

That raises some red flags, by my reckoning. Is this just another performance for a seasoned reality TV hand? Have we finally come to this?

Think about it for a minute: why dump all this Russia stuff out when all the paperwork has been completed? The recounts didn't pan out, the Hamilton Elector campaign went nowhere, the Electoral College voted, the results were ratified by Congress. It's a done deal. 

These painfully-earnest celebrity videos, the Golden Globes speeches, aren't moving the needle at all. They're just inspiring eye-rolling, resentment and hathos, even among Trump-haters. No one cares about the status anxieties of the unjustly-pampered and impossibly-rich. 

Chris Rock put it best: “If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” 


I'm pretty sure I know where all this is all eventually going, I'm just not sure what exact road they're planning to take. But I guarantee that a lot of people cheering on the new McCarthyism are definitely not going to like where the bus lets off. 

How do I know this, you ask?

Well, the CIA's track record isn't entirely classified is it? I mean, there's the matter of testing LSD on children as young as five, testing radiation on pregnant mothers and on the mentally-handicapped, overthrowing democratically-elected governments and setting up death squads, flooding our cities with illegal drugs...

...need I go on? I hope not.

But hey, there's an election to try to undo. So already having sold their souls (and the working and middle classes everywhere) to Wall Street, Bilderberg and Silicon Valley billionaires, the Democrats have given up their last scraps and shreds of hair, skin and sinew to the fucking CIA, of all people.

And how does the CIA apparently plan to repay them?

Well, according to this report, by installing the man who would like nothing better than to crush what is left of their party into a finely-ground powder into the Oval Office:

For these two reasons, there are people inside the CIA who would love to see the unpredictable tycoon replaced by vice-president-elect Mike Pence, a man who they feel they can work with. 
Of course, it is well-known that the CIA has an infamous record of plotting coups d’etats against democratically elected governments in other countries — for example, in the early-Fifties when it helped the Iranian military overthrow premier Mohammad Mosaddeq and reinstate the Shah, and the ousting of Chile’s president Salvador Allende in 1973. 
The atmosphere is currently so feverish in Washington that there are well-informed people who now believe that the CIA is contemplating a version of the same thing in America itself.
Wouldn't that just be a kick in the pants? Give the Left Trump's head on a platter and put their worst fucking nightmare in the White House?

Mike Pence, an inveterate partisan warrior who would not only work night and day to gut all their favorite programs but won't lead with his chin the way Trump does. A much harder target who will come armed with an increasingly-radicalized Republican Congress (led by Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan) and a seriously pissed-off police force looking for payback after eight years of Obama.  Not to mention a vengeful GOP voter base, who will baying for blood just in time for the midterms.

the CIA we all know and unlove.

But is any of this actually true? The Media has seized on Trump's tactical assent with the Russia hacking report, but that means that they are now taking the word of the CIA and Donald Trump as gospel when the only evidence presented thus far is use of Ukrainian not Russian-  malware, that hackers can obtain anywhere on the Dark Web.

Not familiar with what's going on in the Ukraine, are we? Not familiar with the "color revolution" that Obama Administration neocons engineered, that just happened to bring real-life Nazis to power? From Globalist mouthpiece Foreign Policy:
Yes, There Are Bad Guys in the Ukrainian Government 
It's time for a frank conversation about some of the unsavory characters in Kiev. 
Sound policy, however, can only be based on sound analysis of the players involved. That requires conceding the point — even when made by the Kremlin — that more than a few of the protesters who toppled Yanukovych, and of the new leaders in Kiev, are fascists.
Here's video of a mass rally of the Soros-funded Ukrainian fascists. And then there's this recent story:
RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian police have unveiled a plot led by a Ukrainian armed movement to recruit Brazilian neo-Nazis with combat experience to fight pro-Russian rebels in the European country’s civil war. 
A series of raids took place last month in seven cities on the homes of neo-Nazis in order to prevent possible attacks against Jews and gays in Porto Alegre, according to Brazilian police, who seized vast amounts of Nazi propaganda material and also illegal ammunition, reported the Zero Hora news portal.
Nice friends we have there. Still think the Russians shot that jet down?

Bizarro-World in the comics was funny. Not so much here.


In the middle of the New McCarthyites' New Red Scare came a blockbuster headline: Trump and Vladimir Putin to hold summit. Suddenly every newly-minted CIA-lover's worst nightmare had come true- Trump really was Putin's puppet, by gum!

Only problem was the story is not true:
The Russian embassy in London has denied that Russian president Vladimir Putin will meet President-elect Donald Trump in Iceland following his inauguration on January 20. 
The Sunday Times newspaper wrote that Trump's team have told British officials that the new US leader plans to meet Putin within weeks of becoming president. But the Russian embassy in London has downplayed the report.
A spokesman for the embassy told Business Insider on Sunday that the report is "complete rubbish" and suggested that we look at the embassy's Twitter feed, where the embassy has been referring to the report as #fakenews. 
Two aides to Trump also denied The Sunday Times story, according to Reuters. "The story is a fantasy," one Trump aide told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. Another said the report was not true.
Did anyone happen to notice that the Trump team has been running ops to smoke out leaks, by its own admission? Did the unimaginably credulous press corps, desperate to throw any negative or sensationalistic headlines they could, bother to verify this story? 

These privileged pajama-boys and girls in the press are not dealing with Obama Administration whiz kids from Oberlin and Vassar anymore.

Now they're dealing with men who have killed and tortured people. A lot of men who have killed and tortured a lot of people, if you start counting all the adjutants and assistants, I'm sure. They're dealing with men who would probably like nothing more than to kill them if they can figure out a way to get away with it. Think I'm exaggerating?

How bizarre has the world you are now living in become? The liberal New Yorker is hailing Marine General James Mattis, late of Central Command, as a bulwark against the perceived authoritarianism of a New York native who spent his life in the libertine worlds of casinos, beauty pageants and network television. 

I mean, where do you start?

Need I remind you this guy's nickname is "Mad Dog?" Here's a couple quotes from his time in Iraq to let you know that he earned the moniker:

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.” 
“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
Some savior, New Yorker.

Now ask yourself; do you think these people are afraid of reporters?


Look, I could be wrong but the fact remains that the CIA had all the time in the world to take Trump down if that's what they were really after. They had the primaries, the elections, the Electoral College and both their hands up the ass of the entire mainstream media since at least the 1980s. All of it, from stem to stern.
This feels like something else. 

What if there was a war among the intelligence hierarchy, one side lost and this is all just face-saving? This is all just brush-clearing, steam-letting, which the victors are indulging before they bring the hammer down? What if Trump is trolling in order to draw attention away from what is coming down the pike?

Maybe this Russia unreality show is just one giant "red" herring. Maybe the War in Heaven has already been fought and settled.

Why would I think this?

The news that the Clinton Global Initiative is closing down might have something to do with it. The Clintons used this mammoth cash machine as an extremely effective power base while out of office and cultivated unimaginable wealth, power and influence with it:
Since Bill Clinton launched CGI as an arm of the Clinton Foundation in 2005, its members made more than 3,550 commitments and pledged to raise $125 billion to meet them, according to a Bloomberg News calculation based on annual reports. The group says its work has affected 430 million people in 180 countries. In philanthropy circles, CGI is widely credited with creating a new framework for giving and action, convening powerful figures from government, business and charities to address global problems. Members would pay for the privilege to meet and brainstorm solutions, then make financial commitments, often multi-year plans costing tens of millions of dollars.
This closing is based on paperwork filed with the State of New York and yet no major media outlet will cover the story. Why? Mainstream site Politico reported on the mass layoffs there back in Septermber.

What's different now?

Maybe this will give you a clue. 

I'm no prophet. Prediction is a tough racket, given the random variables constantly swirling around, banging into one another like protons in an atom smasher. But I can say this- the powers that be played the Global game and there was one clear, unambiguous winner: Communist China.

It's why China seems to be the odd man out at Davos this year, Monopoly board under its arm, forlornly trying to get an increasingly-reluctant world to play along again.

And after a number of years-absence, China's horrific smog problems are headline news again. 

I believe there is a new Cold War coming. But collating all the stories and taking the measure of the Trump junta, I don't believe it will necessarily be with Russia.