Saturday, March 14, 2020

Foresight is 2020 (UPDATED)

One of the main fixations of my work here on this blog is how pop culture isn't just this inert, useless pastime but can be a form of prophecy. 

I'm just not sure that's always a good thing.

I'm sure a lot of folks have heard about this, a "Wuhan" virus popping up in a 1981 novel by Dean Koontz. What a lot of people might not have heard is that the "Wuhan virus" was originally the "Gorki virus" and was changed in a later edition of the book. 

I'm not sold on the reason why exactly, but given Koontz seems to be a pretty plugged-in cat it's entirely possible he may have read or heard there was a virology research institute in Wuhan when the change was made

Even so, it's an interesting sync.

A little more interesting is this clipping from a Sylvia Browne book, predicting a viral outbreak in 2020. I know Browne is seen by a lot of people as a fraud, but you gotta admit, that's pretty impressive. 

But the question then becomes how many other predictions in this book also came to pass. Anyone can get lucky once.

Anyone read this? Report in the comments.

Do this kind of work long enough and you start to realize that prophecy and clairvoyance is everywhere. I think our minds have access to points in time and space that our physical bodies do not, and that anyone can find themselves pulling information from the Ether that is normally inaccessible. 

I think creative people especially are going places in their minds that transcend the limitations we usually place on ourselves. The problem is that you usually don't hear about the source material until after the fact. Kind of defeats the purpose.

But I also think that once you see past the mechanistic worldview beaten into our brains from a very early age you realize the world is constantly speaking to us in a language we seem to have forgotten.

Or at least most have forgotten. 

Now, longtime readers know that about two and a half years ago I began to fixate on a notion I'd had some 30 years prior. And that's the absolutely absurd and ridiculous idea that a semi-obscure New Wave singer who's been largely retired since the late 1990s is an Oracle of the Apocalypse, if not in fact THE Oracle of the Apocalypse.

It's all too much to go into tonight but the more I dug into this bottomless rabbit hole, the more evidence I found. And even though I initially believed this was an insane delusion that was held by no one else on the planet, I eventually came to suspect that a lot of very powerful people seem to agree with me and have tried now -- for decades -- to rub some of her mojo all over their own spell craft.

Any doubts I might have had about this admittedly-bugfuck thesis were flushed away when I saw the Massive Attack-Adam Curtis show at Radio City Music Hall last autumn and witnessed the absolute most literal presentation imaginable of this otherwise shy and rather-fragile middle-aged woman as the Oracle of the Apocalypse.

And knowing the history of powerful yet unseen forces trying to capitalize on her powers, and seeing what is at the very least a live drill for the Apocalypse unfolding all around us, I can't say I'm reassured by the fact that one of her most explicit prophecies ("Five-Ten Fiftyfold") seems to be about a flu-like pandemic that will wipe out half the world's population, as discussed here.

Seeing as how it's now 2win-Ten 2win-Ten, do note "Five Ten Fiftyfold" is the 2econd song on the 2econd Cocteau 2wins album.

Note on the first song ("2lood 2itch") on their very witchy first album Garlands, she clearly sings the word "Corona" twice. 

And I apologize, but I've not yet been able to identify the "blood bitch" in question, nor spot any obvious references to adrenochrome, Kuru, or spirit cooking. 

And that the word "Corona" is derived from the Greek word for "garlands," as is "Stephen." As in "Stephen Paddock."

I should also mention that my current thesis is that given the apparent references to being drugged and so on, the title Garlands may be a reference to Garlands Psychiatric Hospital, which was located in Carlisle, Cumbria.

UPDATE: I should also point out that the day the Corona first began to swell...

...would have been someone of note's 53rd birthday.

Now, we've been tracking the interest of the Gateses in "possible" pandemics for quite some time, dating back to the 2017 post "The Microbes Are Ready." 

Note that the poster art for The Gates Foundation's conference on pandemics features computer illustrations of a coronavirus. 

Talk about prophecy, eh? Who is it that once said that the best way to predict the future was to invent it? Refresh my memory.

Anyway, there's been a lot of speculation as to the origin of COVID19 and its possible origin as a bioweapon. Buzzfeed went so far as to get website Zero Hedge banned from Twitter for merely reporting about the speculation, though it's not exactly clear what the fuck business it was of motherfucking Buzzfeed's. 

But now the Chinese Government is accusing the US Army of developing the virus, leading to a big diplomatic row. There certainly is a very weird paper trail at work here but I can't really make any definitive statements about what I believe may have gone down.

Plus, I don't want to get deplatformed.

But as to the possible ritual intentions over the creation and distribution of this pathogen, I'll just remind everyone where the Event 201 conference-- the one that's got a lot of people talking coronaspiracy -- actually took place.

And that's a few blocks away from the venue where the Oracle performed a series of shows with the first iteration of Massive Attack and Adam Curtis' apocalyptic roadshow in October 2013. 

Think about that for a minute: of all the places in the entire world that conference could have taken place, it took place at a hotel just a very short walk from that venue. 

By itself, that's a pretty insignificant coincidence. In the context of all the rest of it, it's fucking insane.

UPDATE: Oh, it gets more insane. A block away from the one-time Sibylline Temple is Kate Spade New York, which most certainly played into our vortex of madness

Reader JS tells us that the Kate Spade Company has a new CEO. 

Care to guess her name? 

The reality you thought you knew is over. Plan accordingly.

UPDATE: As is this. WTF is going on? What Titan of Industry resigns on a Friday night?

And you may have heard that Tom Hanks and his wife are now being quarantined with COVID in Australia, but you may not have heard that they're being quarantined in Gold Coast, where longtime readers remember Jeff Buckley and the person he inadvisedly broke the Sibyl's heart for nearly drowned during a midnight swim in the winter of 1996.

I think the Hanks are going to be in hospital for 17 days.

Hanks is in Gold Coast filming an Elvis biopic: Elvis also playing a key role in the eternal psychodrama the Sibyl and her Shepherd Boy reenacted in real time.

Now, I'd spun all of this Sibylline material onto a private blog late last year, but unfortunately, the private blog turned out to be not as private as I had hoped. 

It was getting some uninvited traffic, specifically from the middle of absolutely nowhere in the deserts in California and Nevada, as well as from a major organization I've talked about in the past, an organization known to employ a private security force larger than most police departments. 

Yeah. Fun.

Although this must undoubtedly be a mere coincidence, no less a luminary than Elon Musk himself posted this enigmatic tweet just a couple hours after I'd posted in the private blog about Philip K Dick and his "Strawberry Fields Forever" epiphany, as well as the AI-possessed Sophia in VALIS.

Gotta love those coincidences.

Musk is also having a baby with well-known Cocteau Twins superfan Grimes. 

Gotta love those syncs.

And as reader KTV pointed out Katy Perry-- whose 2017 song "Tsunami" was a baldfaced rewrite of the Cocteau Twins' "Watchlar"-- announced her own pregnancy with actor Orlando Bloom in a music video where Mystery Babalon the Kate draped herself in Garlands.

As did Beyonce when she announced the birth of the #CarterTwins, on the 35th anniversary of the initial release of Garlands

Beyonce's "Love Draught" was also rife with Cocteauisms, almost assuredly the contribution of Cocteau Twins superfan The Weekend.

More recently, Janelle Monae draped herself in Garlands at the Ausurs.

Anyone sensing a pattern here?

As fate would have it, today (Friday the 13th) is not only the 24th anniversary of the release of the Cocteau Twins' final album in the UK (the Buckleycentric Milk and Kisses), but Garlands is set to be re-released in just a week from today (March 20), as is Victorialand.

Now we discussed Garlands but Victorialand-- named for the Antarctic region is a fascinating little artifact as well. 

The leadoff song on the second side is "Ooomingmak," which is an Inuit word for -- wait for it -- a Musk ox.

Then of course there's the insane "Little Spacey," which I can't even begin to wrap my head around.

Realize that Kevin Spacey was a total unknown outside New York theatre circles when this album was released. 

Also realize you most certainly not heard the last of Kevin Spacey.

"Feet-like fins" became a hot topic in scientific circles in 2017, when a new "walking fish" was discovered off the coast of Bali.

UPDATE: It so happens another new species of feet-like fins fish was found in November, just Twin days after the corona began to swell. It was spotted in deep waters off the coast of Dry Tortugas...

...which houses this curious edifice. 

And a blush was recently brought to the snow-- apparently for the first time ever-- when algae was seen in Antarctica. 

According to interviews, the title of the heart-shredding lament "The Thinner the Air" is reportedly a reference to the difficulty people have breathing in the higher elevated areas of Antarctica. 

Breathing difficulties being a major topic of concern all around the world these days.

Let me ask you this, though: say you were watching a movie -- maybe by Ingmar Bergman or Andrei Tarkovsky or somebody -- about an Oracle of the Apocalypse and her songs sounded exactly like "The Thinner the Air." Would you even remotely question it?

Pretty interesting, no? I'll let you know what I find out about side one as it comes in.

So let's recap: Two Cocteau Twins LPs are going to be reissued on Friday. The first song on the first album has "corona" sung twice in the second verse. The title of the last song on the other album is a reference to breathing problems.

In addition to these insane syncs, I'd just like to drop a few others. 

First of all, there's now a nightclub in Brooklyn called "Heaven or Las Vegas."

Speaking of Strawberries, or fraisiers, this weird track was trending on Twitter today.

We've discussed locusts in the past pertaining to "In the Gold Dust Rush," and locusts are a huge if underreported problem in Africa and Asia these days.

We've also discussed the lyrics of "Glass Candle Grenades" referring to alien beings that are invisible but exist all around us, and that too has bled into the news in the past couple of months.

I've got a lot of other news and non-Sibyl syncs to cover, but I'll save those for Sunday. So if you haven't heard this show yet, here's a handy YouTube link.

Be advised I also try to initiate poor Richard into ELIZinian Mysteries. I was semi-successful.