Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Secret Revelations

Any time I'm talking with William Henry is a good time. He came out loaded for bear and we really get down to it. There's more information in this half-hour than in some two hour interviews I've done.

We go beyond the ostensible pretext of The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll and dive headfirst into Obama the Hindu Avatar and the psychic roots of political theater and ritual. And it all ties into the issues raised in the book- this is all a continuum, not a sampler of disparate, disconnected elements. Here's Williams pitch:
There is an incredible connection between rock and roll and ancient secrets, and Chris Knowles understands it. Ancient mythology and shamanism influenced modern rock to an unbelievable extent. Many rockers are shamen, and cults like vodoun and druidism, which are integrated into rock mythology, are remnants of ancient Egyptian religion. Chris Knowles says, "This is not an accidental process," as he relates rock iconography to symbols that date back even beyond Egypt and into the stone age.

Click here to listen.
It's time well spent, I guarantee you.


  1. An amazing interview Chris. Music and our world of Ancient Astronaut Theory has run hand in hand. I've always been a closet Exocreationist no matter what the fundies tried to syphon down my throat. Also, thanks to the outdoor orientation of my father's side of the family, I've had Pagan leanings. A quick side note, I wonder the influence of a musician by the name of John Denver in spreading proto-thought about Paganism of a Shamanic basis? But I found a group that truly made music with great AAT leanings and Pagan Ritualism in their theater which probably in many ways cemented the person I am today from a musical source. They are a band you have not written about much, and that's the Moody Blues. But getting back to John Denver, I attended a lecture roughly 3 years ago, I wish I could remember who gave it. But this lecturer talked about a John Denver connection to "The Nine" as you wrote about Gene Roddenberry. Your interview with William Henery reminded me of that lecture!

  2. Absolutely true...you might
    enjoy a book by Camille Paglia,
    my former humanities teacher,
    who used the themes W.Henry
    talks about. It's called,
    "Sexual Personae".....I think
    that as a creative person I
    am practicing a form of magic
    or sorcery, though I am not a
    rock and roller, having played
    in my last space rock band 10
    years ago.

    I make electronic music and
    visual art and I also identify
    as a shaman...I feel the ,"muse",
    spirit and have had one foot in
    the world of dreams and one in
    this world for my whole life.

    It is quite easy to see how
    various performers are like
    shamans...Miles Davis was one
    who consciously used this idea
    with his fusion records of the
    early 70's.

    I don't know who said it in
    the surrealist movement but
    one of those cats said;

    "art is sorcery".

  3. You and William are digging into the same deep well of our collective mythologies.

    You two need to team up somewhere - somehow.

    He does a Nashville conference every year with Whitley Strieber, and you need to get on board.

  4. My previous comment posted at 11:11

  5. Rama worshiped Shiva also named Nataraja (the king of dancers) ... the Int. Society of Krishna Consciousness tells us.


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  8. I am hoping to get a chance to hear the interview today.
    A bit off topic but at the same time not at all...
    The other day I came across 'Brown Gas' and wondered if there is a connection with 'Stonehenge'. I was very surprised to find that there is a connection.

  9. Looking forward to listening to your talk with William, when I get a spare half hour!

  10. Hi Chris,
    Loved the interview. Please forgive me if I have missed something, I haven't had a chance to read the book yet and haven't heard all the interviews, but from what I've gathered it seems that you might not be touching on something that I would think should tie into all of this quite prominently... namely the phenomenon of The Grateful Dead and their lineage into the modern "jam band" scene with the obvious entheogenic and celebratory elements in these concert/rituals and their counterthrust to the corporate reign of fake music b.s. I would love to hear your thoughts on this...

  11. I am Shiva, destroyer of worlds...hmmmmm....

  12. Chris, I have just stumbled upon your blog from another blog today. Looks like a goldmine, I'm subscribing. I see you've been at it since '04....I have a lot of catching up to do.