Monday, December 10, 2018

Sync or Swim: The Gyre Ever Widens

As per usual there's more going on out there than I have time to process. I keep trying to chop up these posts into smaller portions but they just keep growing. I'm really harried at the moment, so let me just drop a major deluge of high-grade synchery on you good folks and let you hash it all out while I attend to important business.

Chicago seems to be a testing ground for deep symbolic entrainment as of late. We have the weird pyramid project and now we see more orb-pearl symbolism popping up all over the city. I think it's safe to say these new icons will be eventually showing up in your city eventually.

So we see all your usual food groups popping up here; extraterrestrial symbolism, NASA, pyramids, Loyola. Readers of The Secret Sun should grok exactly what's being rolled out here. 

And like I said, it will all be coming to your town eventually. Bet the farm on it.

There's also this story coming out of Germany, of a miniature Tower of Babel-type ziggurat made of gold being huckstered to the public as a Christmas tree.

"Suck on it, peasants," is the obvious takeaway here.  

Then there's the Vega symbolism we've been trying to unpack. This video is a smorgasbord of high grade symbolism, particularly that of the Masonic variety. The 13s, the Blue and Gold, Saturn-- it's all coming out into the open, folks.

And speaking of pyramids, the ESA is giving NASA and Elon Musk a run for their religious iconography money with the hilariously-named CHEOPS satellite.

And of course veganism-- or more accurately, Vegaism-- is now being elevated to religious status. As predicted in these pages.

And Bonnie Prince Willie and Ka-Hathor-Te Middleton are getting in on the act as well.

Speaking of Heaven or the Vegas, we also have this story. Make of it what you so desire.

And now come reports that the Pearly Princess is expecting Twins, as any Secret Sun reader would naturally expect. If you didn't, read up on the topic here.

And as regular readers would also expect, Ariana Grande Bestia proceeded throug the Stations of the Frase when she touched the Twins home-plate, after rounding the Pearl, Siren, and Strawberry bases.

Listen, I realize a lot of you are still struggling to wrap your head around this but I told you over a decade ago that this is all about something extremely powerful crossing over from the Other Side and taking up residence in the most unlikely of hosts.

And I told you over a year ago that other people took notice of this fact, people far more powerful and influential than you or I could dream of being. And I believe they took notice of this a long time before anyone else knew who this host was.

And if you're not convinced of these facts by now we'll just have to agree to disagree, my friends.

Anyway, concurrent with the news of gene-edited Twins coming out of China we saw this little ritual here, with 23 sets of Twins posing with Santa, pointing us all to the 23 chromosomes each parent contribute to their offspring. 

Or just the 23 Enigma in general. It's a toss-up.

In a related story, Pearl entrainment continues in the elite media. 

This seemed to be a major story for the same coterie of influencers. I was struck by the Kirsten Dunst photos that seemed to pop up in some of the stories here, for reasons some of you may not be necessarily aware of.

That being that a 15 year-old Dunst starred in a very interesting episode of The Outer Limits alongside Joshua Jackson, "Music of the Spheres."

The episode deals with an alien signal that the old perceive as indecipherable but the young perceive as an addictive form of music that creates a euphoric (if not erotic) state in the listener. 

I mean, come on, already.

The alien signal then proceeds to begin to radically alter the DNA of the kids who become addicted to it, ultimately leading to a the creation of a new transgenic human-alien hybrid race. 

Coincidentally enough, this all has to do with problems with our sun.

Not to beat a very robust and thriving horse, but I have to say the alien music in question is not entirely unlike the extended intros to tunes like this and this.

Note that "Music of the Spheres" aired 9+9 days before Garlands Day, 1997 (the next episode that season would air in June). I believe that day might hold some significance to this weird onion we're peeling here.

This story caught my eye as well. The theory here is that the megastructure-- a Dyson sphere, to be precise-- is evidence of a Type 3 civilization, meaning a stellar civilization that has mastered the power of suns.

The other potential megastructure sphere is Tabby's Star, which neighbors our old friend Lyra. Which, of course, must be why I'm thinking of the Vegas.

This caught my eye not only for the possibility of an advanced alien intelligence but also because when superstar soprano Sarah Brightman (the former Lady Lloyd-Webber) covered Our Lady and Her Unmercenary Musician's masterpiece "Eperdu," she did so in front of an elaborate depiction of you guessed it-- an alien megastructure being constructed in space.

Consider this Wisdom, to those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

And in what should be a surprise to absolutely no one on the planet, Gal "Inanna" Gadot performed as a mermaid on Israeli TV back in 2008. As you'd expect, she and the other mermaids wore giant pearls atop their heads.

Bear that in mind as we await the arrival of Aquaman near the Winter Solstice.

And even your dog won't be surprised that there's already a Siren clone coming on Netflix.

Being on account of there's not a single program on the planet that
isn't coming to Netflix.

This headline is on the shortlist for "Best Snark of 2018."

Speaking of Aussies, Mermaids and Pearls, we have this story leading to the "World Mermaid Championships."

Did you realize this was the logo for Johnny Depp's Viper Room?

Me neither.

ESA has CHEOPS but NASA has SOFIA, which is launching a day before Elon Musk is launching his new Falcon 9 (Falcon-fucking-9!) program. Bearing in mind that Musk's lady love is a prominent Bene Frasserit witch, we should remember exactly who played "Sofia" in the Millennium Dome Show.

Sofia, who blows up the Tower(s) then gives birth to the first of the new hybrid race of Earthlings and Demons of the Air.

Yeah, this what the fucking British Government put forth as their big production to celebrate the new Millennium.

Kind of puts this recent production in an interesting light. And by recent production, I mean "mass public ritual/invocation featuring you-know-who."

And why Ipswich, you may ask? Maybe--just maybe-- this map will shine some light on the mystery.

As we've seen, Clarion Call is essentially a rebranded Siren Song, using the actual diva they previously had hired a bunch of other singers to imitate.

Did the self-proclaimed mass ritual in Perth have something to do with the mass whale and dolphin beachings not far from where it was held? How about the unusually powerful typhoons this season, or the weird seismic activity in the general area?

Give me your best guess in the comments.

Speaking of Sirens and the Shimmer, looks like a new species of salamander is being discovered in Florida, where not-coincidentally the recent docu-drama Annihilation was set.

Keeping that in mind, do note the official Pantone color for 2019 is "Living Coral."

Shocking, I know.

But Violaine is still out there in the mix, predictably adopted as official color for a movement that no reasonable person is going to object to.

Even so, I can't help but wonder at this particular use of Violaine, consider the "purple sky" story we saw after the aftermath of Hurricane Archangel Michael in Florida.

We also saw smoke from the recent wildfires in California turning the skies Violaine on the other side of the country.

But don't count Orange out. It's still got quite a lot of petrol left in the tank.

And oddly enough, it's being used for much the same reason as Violaine. Also a cause that no one can possibly object to. Which is the point, most probably.

Speaking of the Unmercenary Musicians, this video is a must for all those involved in the study of advanced Fraserology. Here we learn just how heavily involved with drugs the Twins were, just how psychically-damaged Our Lady was by her still-mysterious past, and shockingly, how the music that sounds so meticulous and calculated was almost entirely conjured on the spot out of the ether.

Including Our Lady's timeless and (literally) enchanting melodies and harmonies, I might add.

Do you understand now?

For your future reference, this is how people who were involved with bonafide spirit channeling speak of their experiences; with utter bewilderment and wonder.

Note that Raymonde uses the word "magic" more than once here.

I don't know if this is the Mandela Effect or not, but it so happens that Simon Raymonde's father was far more connected and influential in the music industry--and the British Government--than I'd previously been aware of.

Ivor Raymonde was pivotal in the development of several major British pop stars and either cowrote, arranged and/or produced several landmark records in the Sixties, including "I Only Want to Be With You" and "Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore."

Oddly, you really didn't hear much about this back in the day. It isn't exactly like George Martin's son joining a weird indie band, eventually taking the reins and subtly steering them towards greater commercial acceptance, but then again, it kind of basically is.

And speaking of transgenics, gene-editing and alien DNA it happens that "Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" was featured in a landmark episode of The X-Files. One that aired about the very same time Our Lady finally parted company with her Unmercenary Musicians, oddly enough.

Ivor Raymonde eventually became an in-house producer for DJM, the label which actually developed the career of an aspiring pop singer named Reginald Dwight. I think one or two of you out there might have heard of him. Raymonde was also instrumental in the career of another striver named Julio Iglesias.

Ironically, DJM later renamed itself "Rocket Records."

Ivor Raymonde was also the producer and arranger for Edward Woodward, an actor-singer who some of you might recall.

Woodward is best known today as the star of The Wicker Man, a landmark film dealing with Scotland, paganism, public ritual, sex magic and human sacrifice.

And Woodward's producer's son would somehow happen to fall in with a Scottish combo who'd were no strangers to occult matters either (like, oh, goddesses taking human form). And he'd later become an important executive in the music biz himself.

I really don't know how I didn't put this all together before. It certainly puts quite a lot into context and fills in a lot of missing pieces to our puzzle.

Especially that of another recent docudrama-slash-thinly-veiled biopic...