Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Missing Foundation: U2s Bono Finds the Bottom

Bono & Merkel- a match made 
in the deepest pits of Hell 

I'm a big fan of the film Bedazzled, both the Cook/Moore original and the Fraser/Hurley remake (shut up). Both films riff on the old Faust routine, the proverbial --or actual, in this case-- deal with the Devil in order to show you that the house always wins and you always get the shite end of the stick. Natural facts, is all.

The takeaway in Bedazzled is that the Devil isn't just enormously powerful, he's actually the greatest legal mind in history. There's a reason Satan is introduced in the Book of Job as the "Adversary," or essentially, Jehovah's Attorney General. He knows the Law like nobody's business and he's here to make sure you choke on it. 

So open wide, Bucko. 

It doesn't matter how clever you think you are there's always gonna be a line item on page 5,682 of Appendix Z, written in maddeningly ambiguous language, that will piss all over your hopes and dreams.

Another one of my favorite films is The Devil's Advocate (no, seriously-- shut up), the 1997 potboiler that pits a scenery-gobbling Al Pacino against an overmatched and somewhat bewildered Ki-Anu Reeves, with a young and pert Charlize Theron caught in the middle, much to her misfortune.

In a climax so over the top it practically bounces off the Chrysler Building, Pacino's Satan unloads on Reeves with his great secret-- he doesn't make anyone do anything. He just puts that delicious cheese in the trap and lets all the hungry little rats discover it on their own. He insists that he loves humanity, only problem being that we shaved apes are too stupid to play his kind of chess. Kind of like we're forever Charlie Brown and he's forever Lucy. Fer.

The reason I bring this all up is that Paul David Hewson--better known to the world as Bono Vox, lead singer of U2-- made his own deal with the Devil back in 1980 or so, when he chose riches and glory over the Gospel. 

This certainly isn't a value judgment on my part, it's just how he frames it himself. 

You see, before the release of their first album, 3/4s of U2 were mixed up with Shalom, a Charismatic Christian sect (or cult, whatever floats your boat) run by an ex-SAS paratrooper (if memory serves) named Chris Row. 


For those of you who can't tell one batch of holy rollers from the next, Charismatic Christianity is pretty intense and often intensely sexually-charged. It's a Mystery cult in all but name, essentially a stock-and-barrel rebirth of the old Attis Mysteries. Only without the mushrooms and sex orgies. Openly, I mean.

Some Charismatic services--like the Holy Ghost rave-ups in Pentecostal churches-- make most rock concerts these days seem pretty tame. Which is probably why Fundamentalists and Evangelicals tend to hate Charismatics, seeing their churches as estrogen-drenched pits of heresy, hysteria, wife-swapping and sodomy. 

The thing is they're pretty much correct in that assessment. And by correct in that assessment,  I think I mean "jealous."

One of my old girlfriends used to take me to Charismatic Catholic meetings at Sacred Heart and they could get pretty intense. My Jewish pharmacist--who was like a father to me, only without the booze and abuse-- converted there after his wife's cancer went into remission after attending those meetings. I have heard that a fog of estrogen has amazing medicinal properties. On Science Today, or something.

And since this is my life we're talking about here, a terminal fugue-state in which Death and Chaos seem to have been constantly hovering overhead since birth, my very first Charismatic meeting came a few hours after I watched police divers pull the body of a 15 year-old girl out of the water and onto the beach of the Quincy Dam behind the South Shore Plaza. 

I believe it was the last day of school and she drowned after getting her leg caught in the branch of a sunken tree. Not a great start to the summer. But as much as I hate to admit it, the trauma kind of amped up the experience.

And true to Charismatic form, that girlfriend in question was one of the most elementally sexual people I've ever known (she went to prom six-months pregnant...with another girl).  She still is, in case you were wondering, and still attends weird, tonguesy kind of churches. The last time I saw her (back in 2014), we had a really intense discussion about UFOs. Really enjoyed it. 


My point is it's not like U2 were sitting around with the hairshirts and cat-o-nine-tails, moaning into the gloom over their sins.  But neither was it like rocking in the free world, with dollars falling from the heavens and young American nubiles throwing themselves at their feet.

Charismatics can get pretty wild (wife-swapping, the DL, etc) I've heard tell, but it's an all-or-nothing deal. It's not like being a Presbyterian.  When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way. Backsliding only goes in one direction.

This lifestyle can get so intense that U2 were seriously considering chucking in all that rock-combo business and throwing down for the Paraclete, even after their first album made a big buzz in the States. 

But this fallen, irredeemable world is Satan's Kingdom-- or the Archons', if you prefer-- and Island honcho Chris Blackwell almost certainly threw big devil-dollars in U2s faces in order to lure the young Dubliners away from the Narrow Gate. 

Especially seeing how Blackwell's top earner (Bob Marley) died from a mysterious bone cancer while U2 were barnstorming around on their first US tour. 

Most people would say the band made the right decision, seeing how things panned out. But there's no doubt it left them with nagging feelings of guilt, especially young Bono. 

This guilt, of course, burned like a homing beacon to Attorney-at-Law Devil E. Satannas, Esq., and he came a-calling with his top-shelf, can't-miss grift: world-saving.

So after galloping around telling interviewers how corny and square bands like The Clash were with their soft-boiled socialist politics, Bono immediately stepped right into Joe Strummer's Doc Martens and started penning his own "anthems," mostly vague and uncontroversial toetappers about world peace and no-nukes and so on. Don't bomb us, Mr. Reagan, tra la la, hey.

As it happens, Bono and the band continued to profess their religion and seemed able to chase the guilty's away with some newly-minted World Council of Churches social gospel sloganeering, reading straight out of the Rockefeller hymnal. Everyone wins. 

But at some point it all went pear-shaped and Bono morphed into the Oligarchy's go-to court jester. Since, I don't know, 1993?, there hasn't been a neo-colonial con Bono didn't sign off on, a pseudo-cause for which he paused, a globalist gambit he didn't ambit. 

Admit it; when you think of that sickening puddle of one-worlder shills the media is constantly trying to ram up our collective pisshole, you can't help but see Bono in his hepatitis-yellow shades, mugging and preening and photobombing. 

As if he's some kind of postmodern John, baptizing all the corruption and deception with his all-powerful Bono-sauce. And it was fun while it lasted, certainly. 

It always is, until the Devil sends the bill.

And boy oh boy, should our Paulie have read the fine print. This bill comes with a motherfucker of a past-due notice.

Now, I don't know if our Bono ever really believed that these foundations and charities that the filthy rich park their beer-money in were ever anything but rawboned shucks and grifts. You get the sense that he's so smitten with the waft from his own taint that he just might have. 

Or maybe this is my own youthful churching, assuming the best of everyone. Gets me into trouble, that does.

Because the Devil isn't just the world's greatest legal mind, he's also its Master Salesman. Ol' Nick may well have strung poor Paolo along the Road Paved with Good Intentions until the Irishman found he was in over his head in brimstone. We're not well-acquainted enough for me to say. 

But you know how it is; a compromise here, a compromise there and all of a sudden the Devil's up in the foyer, eyeing which heirlooms he'll haul away first.

Satan's a closer, doubt it not.

But since I still cherish the memories of my pre-War love affair with U2 (and my like-affair with the Eno-era), I don't want to think Sir Bono let the rot set in so deep on his watch. 

I want to believe that Lord Vox was off in his 12th Century Norman Castle in County Cork (or whatever), gazing with rapt adoration into the mirror and planning his next world-saving press junket or writing his next immortal pop classic.

But that nonsense, that's Children of God-level shenanigans here. This is MI6 honeytrap shenanigans, even. Yeah, I always want to believe the best of everyone until I find out it's always the worst.

But as if that weren't wince-toast enough, ol' Bono then did the most chuckleheaded thing you can imagine in the Twittermob Era; the dumb fuck apologized. Not only apologized but queefed out the lamest, saddest, cringiest apology you've ever heard. 
We are all deeply sorry. I hate bullying, can't stand it. The poorest people in the poorest places being bullied by their circumstance is the reason we set up ONE. 
So to discover last November that there were serious and multiple allegations of bullying in our office in Johannesburg left me and the ONE board reeling and furious. You question the whole reason you're doing this.
And as if there wasn't enough blood on the tracks, the poor bastard admitted fault and foreknowledge:
My team and I heard concerns about low morale and poor management in this office but nothing along the lines of what emerged recently. 
I was assured that those concerns were being dealt with – clearly, they were not. I'm thankful that Gayle Smith, ONE's new chief executive (former US Agency for International Development boss), has taken swift and decisive action to address what had gone badly wrong.  
Although the bullying allegations centre on an individual (an accomplished female executive formerly of the African Development Bank and the World Bank), the head office failed to protect those employees and I need to take some responsibility for that.
Who the hell is advising this guy? Peter Griffin? Maybe I was wrong about the flagellation.

Bono here might as well have drenched himself in fresh chum and gone for a few laps in the shark tank at the New England Aquarium.

Proving yet again he's no Dylan, the Great Wordsmith pinched out one last wincer:
In fact, if they would agree, I would like to meet them and apologise in person.While ONE isn't funded by governments or the public, we should still uphold the highest standards the public would expect.
Mother of Fuck. Why didn't you just leave the combination to the vault in the mailbox, Bono?  You may as well by the time this mess is over. Because this tweet here pretty much spells out how your employees feel about the situation....


Maybe you can meet with the disgruntled employees after you fix your wife's boyfriend's supper, Bono. He's in the mood for a french dip tonight and sincerely hopes the pullout couch isn't too uncomfortable. 

By the way, they're fresh out of Astroglide; be a dear and fetch some more at the chemists? Cheers.

And even more unfortunately for our Bonster, this ain't even his first rodeo with this ridiculous con his grifter chums are running for him. Look for that little headline up there to come back and bite poor Bono.

Worse still, the dictator-coddler that Bono tapped to helm this sham dropped some 24-karat feministing on Twitter, just before the world learned she was lording over the whoring of her female employees to the Jr. Assistant to the Associate Water Commissioner of Nowherenia Province.

That, just a few weeks before Bono cringe-bombed us with a week-late "shithole country" mic-drop while he and the boys lamed up the airwaves with their latest Lo-T bopper, titled who gives a fuck. 

They probably thought the giant eyes ingratiated them with the Jay-Z set, and threw in Non-Binary Mithras as a shoutout to MC M-Double-B and the gals at Kappa Beta Phi. 

The irony here being that Bono shoots out all the right goodspeak at the same time his little vanity operation is squeezing workers-- particularly disadvantaged women-- in those self-same countries by doing crap like screwing them on taxes and trying (?) to whore them out hither and yon. 

Now, Trump certainly tends to rankle and offend and tick folks off with his pig-knuckled Queens-English and Atlantic City argot, but Bono and his UN-Davos-Bilderberg chums are the ones who are actually taking the shits. 

And now they want the rest of their world in their outhouse.

See what I mean? Fine print, Paulie D, fine print. That Devil will give ya a right curbing if you don't pay close attention. And he's a real knife-twister with the irony.

Loves irony, he does.

So, you may be asking, who's on the board of this Bonodoggle? Oh, just the usual hustlers and pirates. Two in particular stand out...

...namely porcine-erotica afficianado David Cameron, the political genius who oversaw the dissolution of Great Britain. That's Sam Cameron, Dave's partner-in-crime, proudly waving the Orange around in the air like they just don't care. 

Grab a rope and they'll pull ya in, they will.

And then of course there's Ron Perelman, the mastermind who drove Marvel Comics into utter financial ruin and nearly took comics and superheroes down with him. Here's the Perel-y Dewdrop dropping one on Halle Berry, who looks utterly thrilled by the attention.

But even with that august company there are still a few circles to descend before we reach bottom...

I'm trying to work out the math here- so U2 maybe signed their first pact in 1979, when they were up-and-comers. Then they re-signed in 1998 when the execrable Pop laid a big goose egg. 

So yeah, if we assume ol' Nick goes by the Metonic Cycle, I'd say their contract was up for renewal round about November of 2017. 

And maybe the lads got a bit too big for their briefs and decided to sign with Darth Soros instead. So maybe ol' Beelzebub didn't appreciate the competition--or maybe the Sith Lord is too demonic even for him-- and the Lord of Things That Fly let loose a couple swarms on Bono's picnic. 

Hence the Irish press-- the bloody ingrates-- took aim at U2s legendary and longstanding tax evasion, sensing metaphysical blood in the water. 

Maybe more so now that new U2 album is underperforming, with only 250K sales so far, reportedly. Joshua Tree probably sold 250K over a weekend back in the day, yo.

Maybe next the press will train their sights on Bono's cozy relationship with the United Nations, whose systematic sexual abuse of children is so egregious that there's even a wikipedia entry for precisely that. Wikipedia not being exactly keen for manning the stanchions against organized pedo rackets, I might add.

(While we're on the subject, Bono, maybe you can explain this one sometime. No rush, it's just that I really love this album but probably on account of I originally got it with the non-creepy-icky cover art).

And my oh my if the floodgates aren't opening on all this fake-charity rapeyness and various- and-sundry One-Worlder devilry. 

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to buy the world a Coke and teach it to sing in perfect harmony, too. Who wouldn't, right? It all looks so enticing on the commercials. 

Only problem is that Bono's drinking buddies aren't really concerned with universal love and brotherhood and partridges in pear trees. "Diverse" is just a word they use to describe their portfolios. 

No, the Davos-Bilderberg agenda is "Grab it All, Own It All, Drain it All," as the great Jack Kirby once darkly prophesied. And your middle class delusions are getting in the way of their profits.

Yeah, I realize I'm not even a smear on your Berlutis but I'd advise you to back the fuck away, Bono my boy. Take the money and run. Go on. Get back, get back to where you once belonged. 

Don't let it get all sad and arthritic like the Stones. 

Plus, the Devil's dogs have got your taint-stink in their noseholes and there may well be more bottom to plumb down there in Hell. Hey, just sayin', is all. I'd want someone to warn me.

PS: Drop by on Saint Paddy's if you like and we can continue the conversation, Bon-Bon. The corned beef and cabbage is on me. You bring the brews. I have some mint Clash boots you probably haven't heard yet.


  1. lyrics from Bono/Eno/Pavarotti's 'Miss Sarajevo' circa 1995 - kind of fits the moment...

    "Is there a time for keeping your distance
    A time to turn your eyes away
    Is there a time for keeping your head down
    For getting on with your day....

    Is there a time for first communion
    A time for East 17
    Is there a time to turn to Mecca
    Is there time to be a beauty queen

    here she comes, heads turn around
    Here she comes, to take her crown"

    and then Pavarotti's bit translates to
    "it is said the river finds the sea
    the river finds me
    beyond boundaries and the thirsty land
    i've lost how to pray
    in love, i've lost hope
    and that love I can no longer wait"

    back to Bone-on
    "is there a time for tying ribbons
    A time for Christmas trees
    Is there a time for laying tables
    And the night is set to freeze"

    1. I hate to say it but I don't see Bono's lyrics ascending to the Canon one day. This reminds me of a greeting card or a high school yearbook poem.

    2. haha, cheers Chris. sorry for making you or anyone read thru that... never was a fan personally but had to endure as it was saturated all over the radio growing up... didn't mind the guitar sound of the edge, but was over-used i reckon. Hendrix or anything with some blues was my antidote to the infestation of mainstream 'music', though my eyes are opening up to the dark reality of culture creation & corruption through music thanks to people like yourself & Mark Devlin! Hendrix was clean from what i can tell, and sadly it seems was likely murdered

  2. Like it. Often wondered about his motivation. Dylan mentions a hangout with him in his book "Chronicles";(whose own attitude towards music licensing I find more clear cut, his son's business links with Israel aside) How does he square the U2 brand with the Bill Clinton bromance?.."Only kids in Amsterdam still listen to U2",I remember someone quipping on Bbc2.(And that was 20 yrs ago)

    1. It was interesting to see how they were branded and packaged. They became so successfully inoffensive and non-threatening they almost seemed to win by default.

  3. Have you heard Joe and the Latino Rockabilly War’s version of Straight to Hell ?

  4. Hahahaha "You get the sense that he's so smitten with the waft from his own taint that he just might have."
    So, the take away, most charities are covers for nefarious activities and/or money laundering and celebrity chastising in public is due to the fine print they didn't read in their deal with the devil (or Lucy-fer). On the other hand, celebrity deaths are because they refused the deal OR publicly reneged on the deal.

    1. Sorry, but no. I've worked for a number of charities, and this is what happens:

      Most people in most charities are genuinely trying to make a difference. In a world where the natural tendencies of people are that they couldn't give a flying F if somebody they never met dies, and they might even have some morbid fascination in watching. The truth is, the average person is pretty relaxed about mass murder, as long as they're certain nobody they know is in the list of invitees to the murder party. Charities are mostly made up of weird people who care about those things. And since most people don't, they find it rather hard to get together enough funds to do whatever would be needed to save a few people.

      And this is where it gets to part two: Since it's pretty hard to get people to give pennies to charity out of the non-existent goodness of their hearts, charities have to get creative. And that's where the deals with the Devil happen. If people could just bring themselves to give an F, charities wouldn't have to do all sorts of entertaining things so that people will pay them, not to help other human beings, which they really can't be asked to do, but in order to get something they really want, be that sex, drugs, rock & roll, or whatever floats your boat.

      Third, while the average person is pretty bad at giving an F, the average rich person is far, far worse. The average rich person is a spoiled brat that honestly believe they deserve to be rich, and therefore, the poor totally deserve all the misery they get. Enough said.

    2. Pure projection...again.
      Anyone who doesn't work for a charity is a heartless bastard, or something like that ?
      Many "charities" provide make work salaries for folks who can't, or won't, work in the real world. Most people sense this and consequently, refuse to give to said "charities", as their hard earned cash is paying someone who works for the "charity", and not being directed to the refugees or dolphins or whoever the "charity" claims to be helping in the first place.
      Most folks have a hard enough time navigating through life and keeping their head above water, let alone trying to help someone outside their immediate social circle. This does not make all of them heartless bastards. If someone is feeling particularly generous, they would be better off volunteering at a homeless shelter or handing out food or clothing to the needy in their area.
      Only the wealthy, and nouveaux riche strivers, try to virtue signal their righteousness by creating, or throwing big bucks at, showy charities.
      The rest of us know that a "charity" is not going to end human suffering, or even put a dent in it.
      At best, most charities apply a temporary and very superficial band aid to deeply entrenched human problems that have existed for thousands of years.

    3. The intake-to-outflow ratio on most charities is shockingly low and when you start talking about these celebrity pseudo-charities like Bono's little operation the actual monies paid to people in need is practically non-existent. ONE is an abomination, an utter slap in the face to the entire world. Bono better get his ass the hell down next time he climbs up on his high horse.

    4. Charity begins at home right? Living in Oakland CA I utilize the ample opportunities to give directly to the homeless.
      I also use to rate them. Couldn't find Boner's ONE though!

      As an aside, I camera company I work with just came out with a new product line called… wait for it VEGAS

    5. Sorry, but just because you say no, doesn't make it so.

      First, one of the points was [rich guy] Bono's charity was involved with nefarious activities. Do you think the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation couldn't raise enough money, so they had to get creative and make a deal with the devil? I'm inclined to believe the former already existed. We're not talking whatever small, community based charity you're getting on about.

      Second, everyone (at least in the US) is inundated constantly to give money to charitable causes. By all means, you go ahead and give to your charity of choice and show them just how many F's you give; however, you WILL still be asked via tear jerker commercials, people with cans on street corners peering sadly in your car windows at red lights, store checkouts asking you to buy their little paper dodads to proudly write your name on for giving $ to such-n-such charity, bell ringers outside store doors, etc. etc.

      See the point here? Regardless if you give money and F's, you will continue to be asked (or harassed) to give more. I am an average person and I know many average people that do give F's and to charitable organizations. Average people only have so much disposable income to donate, so our giving might not be the charity of *your* preference. Your preachy, unrelated soapbox and generalization of people and what they do/not give F's about is your own opinion thru your negative lens. Enough said.

    6. In the overall scheme of the vampiric parasites that seem to feed off the rest of humanity, charities are just another tube they want us to insert so they can harvest yet another part of our personal energy. Even converted to money, our energy is still being drained.

      Our rent, utilities and "neccessities" represents our "regular" energy drain. Nowadays look at what's been added: cable, internet, monetized online gaming and personalities, requests to volunteer/march/write/mail/donate for a cause or politician, even updating social media. All these things are extra energy drains that have been fairly rapidly introduced into our society. For what purpose? That's why I visit this place.

  5. Always hated this f**king group since the first time I saw them back in the '80s with their TV music video where Bono Prince Charlie was dancing around in his black Peter Pan skip-away booties like Tinkerbell while singing Sunday, Bloody Sunday. They struck me even then as so phony they could give value to a $3.00 bill! Their stench got worse over time. Never saw their appeal. If anything, glad to know I was right again in my many suspicions about people and society in general.

    My rule, Chris, everyone is guilty and full of it and no one innocent and pure as the driven snow. Go with that and you'll always be right and never disappointed by anyone.

    1. Well, the first time I saw them (on the October tour) I had an out of body experience. The second time (on the War tour) the show was so deadly dull I spent most of the time making out with my girlfriend.

  6. As Negativland once said: "Just Say BO NO!" Those musical pranksters knew U2 were bullshitters way back in the day and released "U2" to prove that point. And while Bono and The Edge PRETENDED they weren't aware of the lawsuit against Negativland, they knew. They ALWAYS knew. Before long, Bono had morphed into demonic entertainer "MacPhisto." It was pretty obvious by the Zoo TV Tour what was really going on. They tried to cruise on their 80's cred through the 90's but it just got lamer with each new record. I wrote a somewhat critical piece on these guys a couple of years ago. Not that it matters.

    1. Indeed-- well said. Rattle and Hum was one of the stupidest movies ever made and my nickname for the album was Sean O'Cougar McMellancampy. My U2 fandom was focused on the first two albums but I liked the Eno Era stuff because Eno. Zooropa was when I signed off, Eno be damned.

  7. Indeed, the Faustian deal is alive and well, far from something medieval that Goethe et al. wrote in some musty scrolls because they were starved for excitement.

    After all, didn't Satan promise untold riches and worldwide fame to those who will prostrate before him?

    I've long realized that huge, global renown and success are never God's doing; neither do they stem from talent alone. Beatles? Abba? Madonna? Michael Jackson? I grew up with them and used to love them (who didn't) - but theirs are deeply dark and sinister stories. Oprah? Harry Potter? Again, there is "something else" going on, which the billions of adoring fans are blissfully unaware of. Mother Theresa? John Paul II? I have my doubts and reservations.

    Sometimes the hidden darkness just plain annoys me: A couple years ago I came across the Italian singer Tiziano Ferro and was wowed by his classically-trained, thoughtful brand of pop. Then... It slowly dawned on me - seeing the imagery, videos, commercials. E.g. his big hit "Regalo Più Grande" [The Greatest Gift of All] - 29 million views on YouTube - is about - well, there's no other way to put it, selling your soul to You Know Who. So predictable. So sad.

    And yet, this is very much what modern-day entertainment is about. So please go easy on how much TV and mainstream movies + music you consume. And gently steer your kids towards less star obsession and more of the real, genuine stuff that goes in your family and community. The tyranny of entertainment is here for a reason, and that reason ain't good for our souls.

    1. Listen, I grew up in the music biz and spent more time than I can say in nightclubs and the rest. I knew from very early on how corrupt the business is, even at the lower levels of the pyramid. The Devil is a jealous god and vacuums up all the talent. And then gnaws on it until there's nothing left and feeds the bones to his dogs.

    2. I once got a chance to work musically with a child of the 80s in love with U2 and very new to the music business at the time. I tried to explain how corrupt her heroes were and that certain artists and songs represented lines I would not cross by playing them. This got Do You Wanna Touch Me? (by notorious pedo Gary Glitter) out of the potential set list.

      Since I wasn't as obstinate at the time about the Glo-bono-lists quite as much, we did do one U2 song. Her Bono defense was always pretty much "at least he's doing good things with his money and fame." I hope she's paying attention now and, if not, may remind her next time we talk.

  8. Re Charismatics - yes, when you assault little kids' minds to a point where they are writhing on the floor and "speaking in tongues", it's anybody's guess really whether this is a state of being "indwelt by the Holy Spirit" or good ol' dissociative identity / multiple personality mental disorder. Either way, the letter agencies were never too far from the action. That explains why Assemblies of God, for instance, gave us Elvis, the Osmonds, Katy Perry, the first Australian Idol winner (who's been working his butt off for a Christian charity now accused of selling aid in Haiti for sex) and countless other megastars.

    And the fact that the charismatics mushroomed in the 1970s - the heyday of mind control experiments and organizations acting as CIA covers? Purely coincidental, for sure!

    1. The Osmonds are Mormons but point taken.

    2. Americans know Pizzagate is Real and they approve of it

  9. Cringe is right. I am almost embarrassed to admit I loved U2 back in the day. I even saw them in concert at Angel’s Stadium, in Anaheim, around 91. I loved the show. Public Enemy opened for them, and they were absolutely amazing, as well. Probably one of the best Stadium shows I’ve ver been to. Sigh . . .

    1. Let's face it- rock and pop are about youth. Plain and simple. U2 have done some hard living and just can't get it up, rockin' the house-wise. Then again, they never really put the hammer down when it came to shaking the people, it must be said.

    2. Their quick embrace of the chiming anthem sound, in hindsight, was the early sign of their sellout. While claiming to have started out as punk wannabes, iirc, they quickly inverted to what punk had rejected: over-production. It was kinda like Narcissus falling in love with his image at that point I suspect. Robot/alien/AI/TV stage sets for the eyes, with banks of signal processing equipment hidden below for the ear magic is not the sign of a band that knows how to "keep it real." Or even wants to.

  10. In my head, I heard Nick Cave sing "up jumped the devil and he staked his claim" as I read this. Lee Perry once released a track called "Chris Blackwell Is A Vampire". The cover art for the single is hilarious, and at the time he also claimed Blackwell murdered Marley and exploited the Wailers, only to walk back those claims (à la Quincy Jones) a few years back.

    1. Good ol' Scratch. What a treasure that guy is. Glad he got some real dosh with those Guiness ads.

    2. I love that this can be read in two different but pertinent ways: "Scratch" as in Lee "Scratch" Perry, and "ol' Scratch", as in the devil himself



  12. I kinda sorta liked U2 back in the day. I was a young teen, and they were a hot relatively new band. I bought Joshua Tree. After a handful of listens I lost track of it and realized I wasn't really a fan. Played a couple of their songs in a band I was in my first year in college. Once Pop and Zoo TV and all that crap came around, I realized they were just interested in fame and fortune and haven't been able to stand them ever since. This stuff with his "charity" doesn't surprise me a bit.

    1. It isn't surprising. But it's just another part of my 14 year old-heart that dies.

  13. Chris,

    My Boston boyos always talked about U2 like they were two bands, before and after Eno. I personally liked their Achtung period (crunchy guitars!) but wondered if they had evaporated after the Millennium (fitting, somehow). I didn't even know they had a new album out till you mentioned it here.

    Here's an old chestnut from The Onion. Maybe the other guys didn't renew?

    1. It was the usual pattern for me- as soon as they started getting popular I lost interest. I thought War was a few good tracks and some major cack filler. Same with Unforgettable Fire. Though I still remember the Saturday morning in 1984 when Tower Records blasted TUF, which I don't think was actually street-dated yet. That's a dragon I've been chasing since.

  14. What's even more astounding is this shit has undoubtedly been going on forever. The paranoia of medieval christians that their children were being disappeared for diabolical sex and blood rituals seems less and less like reactionary xenophobia and more like entirely substantiated concerns on the part of intellectually sophisticated forebears. Pizzagate is classical Levantine religion. Cooler heads can only prevail for so long before the mob demands physical removal.

    1. Except the mob is stuck on the couch, bloated with Hot Pockets, Cheetos and Percocet constipation. They've never seen a pitchfork in their lives, except maybe in a Jason movie.

    2. As Gil Scott Heron said, "The revolution will not be televised"

    3. Pizzagate describes USA Govt Crimes and Pedogate describes the International United Nations / Bilderberg Group Human-Livestock Programs.The Most Powerful Man in the USA is Billionaire-Pedo Jeffrey Epstein aka The King of New York City

  15. As has been mentioned on this blog, this whole Big Reveal and its timing must have a tangible reason. And it's unlikely to be a benevolent, humanity-loving one. No, the same elites who masterminded this stuff have now decided they WANT us to know. The question is, why. And why now.

    Where are we headed? What is the underlying trajectory? An elderly British aristo type once quipped, "most people are thankful for 'Alice' [= Alice in Wonderland-themed trauma-based mental programming, a.k.a multi-generational abuse]". Are we now to embrace this outlook openly? That it's all good, because child abuse, as it turns out, is the ticket to fame and glory?

    1. I'm thinking it's coming on account of this being the Apocalypse and all. Still working on that one. Just a working hypothesis.

  16. Haha, cynically witty takedown of Ireland's most famous iPod salesman and Lithuanian mall owner.

    I of Newton from the 1980s Twilight Zone is a fun little Faust parody. Short and worth a watch:

    In the UK charity adverts on television were heavily restricted until relatively recently. Now its hard to escape them - a weird mix of guilt-tripping Hollywood-slick videos about saving the animals/kids/sick animals/sick kids or lottery commercials promising to let you win loads of money and donate to worthy causes. Along with pre-pay funeral ads they're probably the most hated things to pop up on TV, thanks to their emotional manipulation and numerous scandals over the years jading kind-hearted donors. Anyone unfortunate enough to watch daytime TV will want to shoot themselves in the head after viewing more than a few minutes of charity ads - kids with cancer! Tortured bears! Help the mistreated kittens! You might drop dead of a heart attack - give us money! WARRRRRR - text us some money on your mobile - oh go on...


    Yeah, I know there's lots of good people sincerely working hard for charities but when you see the creeps, perverts, intelligence agency infiltration, financial fraud, dishonest money-raising tricks* and the like it all becomes a bit much.

    *the most egregious being the companies who hire unemployed kids and send them knocking at doors to hassle people into signing up for direct debits. Background here:

    1. Don't want to be hassled to give money to charity? There's an easy answer for that. Give money without getting asked. To whatever charitable cause of your choice. Oh, you don't do it? Well, then the least you deserve is getting hassled for not giving an F.

    2. Agree with you that direct donations are best and despite my snark have no problem with people contributing to charities of their choice (which I do). But spending £100+ million on glossy TV ads and using manipulative methods of fund-raising aren't doing the charities any favours.

    3. Before you give to anyone look up their financials. You can always ask for an audited statement too. If they give out less than 25% then fuck 'em.

    4. Charities. Why do we need organizations a.k.a. bureaucracies to help us do good in the first place? Why must we put a distance between ourselves and those who need help? Is there no one in our own community or even family who could use a bit of extra attention, company, distraction or cash?...

      Last week I ran into a group of teenagers here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are from Thailand and attend a religious school here. The school organizes their classes and gives them a roof over their heads. That's it. No transport, no weekend trips, no internet or entertainment of any kind. I don't think these kids even own a pair of jeans and some casual T-shirts. They are clearly bored and lonely. And they are staying down the street from my house. So remind me again, why do I need to send money to some global, London-HQed charity?

    5. There's a reason for the saying, "Charity begins at home."

      The idea of a "Charity" as an organization is a sign of a degraded and perverse culture. Shameful really. It evidence of a corrupted society.

      No, do not give to a charity to prove you give an F or a G or whatever. Take care of those you know - really. If people did that they would find it to be plenty.


  17. This is as close to a near perfect piece of writing as one s going to see...Chris seems to be channeling some weird jester thing. In medieval times, there was the jester and the fool. The Fool was usually a tad deformed, or physically compromised. His role was to openly mock the king -"Don't do that" so the fool would do that thing in front of the king. The jester, if given an order, "Don't do that thing" would wait until the king's attention is diverted and then do that thing and thereby mock the king.

    It's a bit of a long winded way of saying Chris aint no Fool.

    1. Heh. You gotta laugh to keep from crying these days.

  18. I liked U2 back in the day (meaning the 80s, esp. between '83 & '87, which coincided with HS); once the 90s rolled around I found their new schtick (Achtung Baby & the Zoo Tour) just plain annoying. But by then I was listening to grunge, industrial, krautrock & weird Japanese psych-noise, & wouldn't have gone to a U2 concert if you'd paid me in looted Nazi gold.

    & speaking of U2, lest we allow the memory hole of history to swallow this little gem (from 2014):


    "Last week, U2 broke the Internet, but not really in a good way. The Bono-led band’s Songs of Innocence, which U2 has hinted may be its last record, was released as part of Apple’s keynote event, dished out to iTunes subscribers for free. The album reportedly cost Apple $100 million, a figure the company is likely to eat. Rather than generating the kind of hype Apple is accustomed to, Songs of Innocence generated a huge Twitter backlash, with the company posting a guide on how to remove the album from your library on its support page. Most damningly, Wired’s Vijith Assar called the “devious giveaway” no better than “spam.”

    This is quite a comedown for a band who, just over a decade ago, could still call itself the biggest band in the world. Their 2000 record, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, not only sold a staggering 12 million copies, but it gave the band a renewed relevance in the wake of 9/11, when songs like “Walk On” came to symbolize an America figuring out how to pick up the pieces. Songs like the anthemic “One” had always found a universal relevance, but this was a reminder of exactly why U2 was so popular: It united the types of people who would normally never agree on liking anything.

    But in 2014, they seem to be disliked with the same intensity that they used to be patriotically beloved (despite their overt Irish heritage). The reason why depends on your perspective. According to a webpage helpfully titled “Why U2 Sucks,” the litany of reasons runs the gamut of “they are pretentious” to “they are derivative” and “they just plain suck.” The Guardian theorizes, however, that we hate U2 because we hate Bono, while the New York Observer thinks they’re the Guy Fieri of music, which one assumes means selling bombastic, tacky crap to as wide an audience as possible.

    Hating U2 is something of a modern Rorschach test, and more than anything, it’s the same brand management issue that befalls just about any band that aspires to be the biggest in the world. The moment a group aims to be the one act everyone likes, they become the one “no one likes,” or at least the one the Internet most likes to dogpile on. In a roundup of songs that broke their respective bands, CBC rounds up all the usual suspects of wildly popular bands a bunch of people now hate for their own ink-blob reasons: Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, Dave Matthews Band, and Weezer.

    Each of these groups started their careers either well-liked or beloved (especially in the case of Weezer), only to find themselves a punchline among the kinds of folks who want to differentiate their music taste from the rest of the pack. Coldplay is, even among its most fervent detractors, far from the worst by any measure, but there’s a performative aspect to disliking them, one that says more about you as a consumer than the band itself. Most people who hate Nickelback, widely considered the most hated band in music, can’t even name a single Nickelback song.

    Although CBC cites “Discotheque” (from Pop, U2’s much-derided experiment in excess) as the moment the public turned on them, it was most likely Apple that did U2 in. The wide success of 1991’s Achtung Baby launched a decade-long experiment by the band into art rock, as Bono attempted to bring the avant garde into the mainstream. Although 1993’s Zooropa won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album, Bono never wanted U2 to be an "alternative" (read: niche) group, your vinyl-hoarding friend’s favorite band..."

    1. Funny you should mention that album, David. It just showed up in my iTunes library after I distinctly remember deleting it the first go-round. Maybe it's some kind of virus from Vega.

  19. As innocence is constantly sacrificed to the meaner things of this world, I have to admit that, I too, really liked U2 when they first started taking off in the early 80's. Blindsided by my own idea of Irish heritage and what that means to me and then assuming the same from everyone else who might have felt similarly is my constant soft trap which I never seem to get tired of tripping: You believe what you believe so hard that you forget that usually only those that mirror your intensity just want to sell you something.

    When you start getting older and less concerned with what one wishes to be contrasted to what appears to be and you gain enough cognitive powers to more readily and confidently tear the bark off the tree of ignorance, the scope of your outlook narrows from the dreamy, blurry, wide lens to the Central Scrutinizing laser edged, need-to-know, in hopes of finally illuminating the parts of the terrain which one finds oneself currently deployed.

    Easy for me to say, I know.

    This talk of Bono and his less then merry men being sold off to the devil is no more troubling than what can be found squirming under the decayed grey bones of the culture today. Like eager scientists dreaming of Noble Prizes, we toss through the refuge in the trashcans of our celebrity in hopes of finding the sinews of their avarice in which to thread back to our Petri dishes whereby our theories of our own demise will be founded on truth and meaning; the minted coin of all who dwell in this realm.

    I am not surprised in the least. But I will comment that it's a bad sign when Irish cant tell their own Shenanigans from their Blarney when its covered with Malarkey and sold back to them in an old rig-a-doo. Shame on ya, fellas. For shame.

    1. Slagging Bono (and Geldof) is a favourite national pastime. We were wise to him long ago.

    2. Well said, Bill. I can only mourn for my memories. I had that clown sussed out that night in 1983 when he had clearly been eaten by his own ego. Any lingering loyalties from 1981 were extinguished by the cringe-tsunami at the Astor Place K-Mart.

      Some of my earliest memories are playing with my Hot Wheels on the floor of a nightclub owned by the mob so I guess I never really had any illusions as to who controlled that whole racket. I still remember how Jello Biafra screamed his lungs out at the father of Jerry's Kids' drummer when he asked for a teeny, tiny piece of the rather substantial take at the door. I wasn't surprised in the slightest when the rest of the band sued him for outright thievery.

  20. You know what I take from all this... Bedazzled (yes the Hurley/Fraser film)! I love that movie, I thought am I the only one?! It's so hipster or what-have-you to consider that film a dud. I think it's a wonderful comedy, directed by the comic genius Ramis. And of course more than just a comedy. I never got the hate this film gets. Fraser is great in it, he showed his talents here, along with the rest of the cast.

    As far as U2 goes, I did like them in the eighties when I was teenager. Does Bono not get how he has been coming across the last twenty years?! Clearly not.

    1. Ramis is an under-appreciated director and writer. He never seemed interested in the glory, just the work. I'm glad someone else loves that movie. So, so underrated.

  21. Chris, yours is the best take I've read on the fall of Bono! I'm laughing through oh, yet, another disturbing truth.

    I was in my 30's when I had to learn the hard truth, the hard way, about how the world works.

    Terms like, "non-profit', "charity", "trust fund', are euphemism for money-making machines. Depending on laws, these organizations can both borrow and lend money, invest, and be invested in.

    From the International Red Cross to your neighborhood dog rescue, they're ginning up the cash.

    Not necessarily evil, some do deliver to who they represent, but the money generating part always exists.

    1. Yeah, it's sad but true. Most especially with rackets like Bono's little sweatshop.

  22. Excellent and accurate article. I really enjoyed this one a lot. I
    gladly let go of U2 after Under a Blood Red Sky, after that it was "meh". Also, I couldn't stand the "U2 worshippers" at school, they got off on their own taint scent too.

    1. It's a rite of passage around here, then. Welcome to the club.

  23. Chris, thanks for this.

    Of course, I'm not going to stop liking the music I like just because somebody one day tells me not to. If I was independent enough as a teen to like stuff that wasn't even from my generation, which was a deadly sin back then, I'm not going to go dotty just yet and tell everyone that I like just what I'm told to like so I can merge with the bloody crowd.

    And even less I'm going to join the chorus that says: "Oh, I always knew I was clever by not giving to charity." No, that is not being clever. That is being selfish. You can be extremely cynical and give a flying F for people that are being screwed hard. It isn't incompatible. I've done it my whole life.

    But still, that apology does look interesting. I'll have to think hard about where that takes me. Especially since I still get involved in various charitable activities, though not so much now, partly because I'm too busy trying to work out what the hell is really going on!

    1. Maria, as most of your comments, this one comes across like: Chris, thanks for this, but... I, me, my...

      Wow, you seem so edgy. And sadly, while you figure out what the hell is really going on and if you can make it as a fiction writer, you are just leaving those charitable groups to fend for themselves. I mean seriously, while you do you, think of the suffering! Who will now will save them now? /s

    2. And you aren't being sanctimonious or anything.....

    3. Anon -2:05: you'd have to read all of Maria's replies in this post and others on this blog
      to truly decide if I am being sanctimonious. Great word, BTW. If you have read them and that's your conclusion, so be it. Truth is, I was actually being sarcastic.

    4. Maria likes passive/aggressive posting I guess. I don't think anyone here has said that not giving to charity is "clever". I think we are saying that most high profile charities are crooked as F (to use Maria's abbreviation) and only a tiny fraction of the money they generate is ever used for what they claim to use it for. This really isn't even a debatable point. That said, there are some decent charities out there that try very hard to do what they say, and she's probably right that the majority of people working for any charity are doing it for the right reasons. I agree with the person up thread who said that we should help the people who are near us, first. If everyone did that, there would be a lot more resources available to help those suffering in other nations.

    5. To Anon 7:04 - my sanctimonious comment meant for Maria's post...! Loved your sarcasm....

    6. Precisely, Gus, thank you. Thank you also for posting the link to McGowan's newsletters below.

    7. Anon 6:54 - Oh, sorry! I guess one of my lessons learned today is I shouldn't reply to anything before coffee in the a.m. And I wasn't being sarcastic about sanctimonious being a great word. Cheers!

  24. Chris, this is probably the best account on the internet of the fall of a once great band. Man did I love U2 back in my high school days! I had a pet theory that Macphisto 'walked in' and took over the band after Bono dressed up as him for lols. The reality though is that character was probably an outward display of a demonic corruption that had already set in years before.

    1. Like I always say, take symbols seriously and be very careful about the symbols you identify with. Especially when it comes to Satan. The spirit world is very real and far stronger than you.

  25. U2's breakthrough concert in Europe was at the 1983 Lorelei open-air festival. The Lorelei poem is Germany’s version of the Siren mythos. So here we go again…

    1. Loreley, yes. There's a great Killing Joke show shot there in 1985 as well.


    3. If i was Tony Wilson i would've decked him.

  26. When U2 initially hit the U.S. scene some 30-odd years ago, I was kinda turned off by the quasi-religiousness of their music. Yet I still think The Joshua Tree was something very special. If you compare U2 to The Stones, you get a flavor of the problem. Some of this can be explained astrologically. Esteemed evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest makes a connection between Neptune and generational musical styles. The Stones really hit their stride making “taboo” music for the Neptune in Scorpio generation (those born 1956-1970). U2, OTOH, hit their stride with the Neptune in Sagittarius generation (those born 1970-1984). Sagittarius is intrinsically “religious” and “orthodox,” and has faith in the future, but it’s shadow side is bombast and self-righteousness. Which kind of explains how Bono morphed from being a seemingly earnest religious guy (I’ll be generous there) to being an entitled prick with a messiah complex. It’s so quintessentially Sagittarian to think and act like you have all the answers—Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius can be lucky, but you can’t overextend yourself without consequences. I think that’s what happened to Bono and U2. Anything “owned” by Jupiter can just keep puffing itself up until it’s bloated beyond all recognition. Neptune is inherently “spiritual,” but in Sagittarius it can produce situations of utter self-delusion... people thinking they’re so “spiritual” that they couldn’t possibly be dirtied by whatever’s in the environment around them. But people outside the echo chamber can see how fake it is... doing rock and roll but pretending the business of it won’t get you dirty. Look in comparison at Keith Richards... he’s kind of disgusting on one level, but you gotta admire how f***in’ *real* the guy is. Richards has never pretended that he was above paying the cost required by his “Crossroads Deal” (a la Robert Johnson). Bono, though... just like every other “preacher” who acts like his hands are clean... and then we all find out otherwise... they are always so surprised and indignant that the Emperor can be seen without clothes...

    1. Bono's downfall is his pride. The world saver ego trip is probably the worst and most dangerous, as the entire 20th Century proves. There's no saving the world- it's beyond redemption. You can help other people, maybe even save them now and then. But this world was a write-off long before humans showed up. Gaia is beautiful and can be rather pleasant at times but she's like Medea- she eventually kills off all her children and starts from scratch.

    2. Have we mentioned Bono's daughter? Who a few years back was going to be wheeled out as the recording industry's next It Girl, amid much media frenzy? I distinctly remember the news stories saying, "Watch out! Next year, this girl is primed for stardom!", and wondering how on earth they were going to market that awkward-looking, heavy-set kid to the masses.

      Either way, it does reflect on Sir Bono rather significantly: A person who sells his child to the mental trauma rigmarole can hardly be described as a misguided idealist.

      Same goes for Trump btw: If anyone tells me Trump "opposes the New World Order" etc., I say look at Ivanka the textbook beta-programmed sex kitten before you make such ridiculous statements.

    3. You mean like 'rebooting' 'WINDOWS'?
      True consciousness exists outside of the 'Matrix'.
      'Windows' can't even begin to understand that.
      Our 'Mother' experiences the PUSH/PULL of this 'dualism' just as we do, and her 'parts' make choices accordingly, just like us.
      But many more are making choices that challenge the very nature of this 'reality'.
      Would it not be nice to exist in a 'reality' NOT based upon FEEDING?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Hi Chris, long time reader, first time poster.

    It's crazy how many symbols are thrown at us daily to condition us to be subservient to them.

    I wanted to share something I found with you, that might warrant your intrigue.

    It looks like a craigslist ripoff to me, but for esoteric things. What do you make of it?

    1. Symbols are powerful tools that can be made into powerful weapons. So many of the problems we experience comes from symbol abuse, whether it's by accident or design. I don't know what to make of Cthulist. Maybe just for hobbyists.

    2. Chris, some of the commentators here seem to be contributing to someone's dossier on you, and "innocently" testing to what extent you are clued in on certain topics. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. But having worked in the Middle East before, the tone sounds eerily familiar to me. Well, at least your adversaries recognize that you're a force to reckon with!

    3. I have to agree, how many symbols are unaware people parroting what they've seen elsewhere, prompted by those abusers? You don't know what you're sharing is a weapon, but that's conditioning for you I suppose.

      As for Cthulist, I think there's something strange underlying it. It may be fiction, but often I find fiction is based in fact somewhere along the line. Looks like it covers a lot of range.

  29. I'll add David McGowan's take on this, as further support (from his NEWSLETTER #77 January 8, 2006 Year End Clearance Edition, Part 2), unfortunately no longer available online:

    "...And that, alas, is one of the most troubling problems that we face today: the efforts of those among us who should, through their aggressive political activism, provide us with some hope for the future, are far too easily misdirected by charlatans/political operatives – and there is certainly never any shortage of those.

    "Consider, for example, Sir Paul “Bono” Hewson of U2 fame, who has been very busy for the last couple years. Whether traipsing through Africa hand-in-hand with Paul O’Neill, or working with Sir Bob Geldof to organize a grandiose event whose primary purpose was to disarm the legitimate critics of globalization while covertly advancing the Bush/Blair agenda, Bono has kept a very high profile. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times advocated his appointment as the new head of the World Bank, though the job ultimately went to one of Bono’s pals, Paul Wolfowitz. Not to be outdone, Time magazine has named Hewson as one of its Persons of the Year (along with Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation, which appears to serve primarily as a CIA funding conduit).

    "Not long ago, a Ronald Brownstein column in the Los Angeles Times had this to say about Sir Bono: “A few hours after lunch with his old buddy President Bush last week, the Irish rock star Bono, a guitar slung low over his hips, paused near the climax of a raucous U2 concert to ask 20,000 fans to sign up to save the world .. The organization that Bono asked his fans to join is called One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History. It was formed last year by 11 leading anti-poverty and charitable organizations, including Care, World Vision and Bono’s own group Data – an acronym for debt, AIDS, trade in Africa.” (Ronald Brownstein “Hearts That Beat as ‘One’ Could Shake Up American Politics,” Los Angeles Times, October 24, 2005)

    "A nominally progressive rock star working with World Vision to save the planet? Who would have guessed it? I should probably mention that World Vision has been identified as a longtime intelligence front that is heavily steeped in mind control and assassination operations. Its distinguished alumni include, according to published reports, notorious patsies/assassins/Catcher in the Rye-fans John Hinckley, Jr. and Mark David Chapman. All of which makes it rather ironic, I would think, that Sir Bono is now falsely assuming the throne left vacant by Chapman’s target, John Lennon (whom Bono criticized, curiously enough, in the Time magazine article).

    "Brownstein also noted that Bono has “unexpected allies, like conservative televangelist Pat Robertson.” Actually, a quick scroll through the list of One’s partners-in-crime reveals that the majority of the organizations tied to Bono’s ‘cause’ appear to be either intelligence fronts or fundamentalist religious groups (

    "With ‘progressive’ rock stars walking arm-in-arm with right-wing religious leaders and unelected presidents, and with prototypical Hollywood and Washington ‘liberals’ working closely with right-wing media operatives, and with no serious opposition to the current political agenda despite the fact that the American people have made clear their preference for a change of course, one gets the uncomfortable feeling that the two ‘sides’ are actually working together behind the scenes to collectively wage war on the American people – as if, at the highest levels of government, the terms ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican,’ or ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal,’ are completely meaningless."

    1. Yep, the Australian Idol winner I mentioned earlier has been a World Vision Ambassador. Looks like the world is not that big after all - or complicated!

    2. Hegelian dialectic 101.
      Bono was SATANodomized into 'stardom'.
      "There is no spoon"

    3. Just FYI, ALL of McGowan's newsletters (and much of his other content) are available on line. Here is the one your posted excerpt is from:

    4. Oh, excellent! Thanks Gus, I guess I had the old links saved in my library which don't work anymore. I'll definitely update.

  30. A number of years ago I attended a weeklong Starbucks corporate conference in New Orleans.

    The big climax of the week was Bono's "surprise" appearance and "speech" in front of 10,000 of the Siren's army. He incoherently fumbled his way through some self-congratulatory commentary, seeming unsure why he was speaking or even who his audience was. He kept telling us how famous he was. It was supposed to be charming, I think. Eventually he said a few words about some charities or changing the world or whatever, but he left the impression of a supreme douche. So awkward, much cringe.

    The only way it would have been better is if he had been escorted offstage holding a giant bag with a dollar sign.

  31. "One gets the uncomfortable feeling that the two ‘sides’ are actually working together behind the scenes to collectively wage war on the American people – as if, at the highest levels of government, the terms ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican,’ or ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal,’ are completely meaningless."

    How true. I have some issues with some of McGowan's research and analysis, but I think he was on the side of the angels, so to speak. Bono went from being a tolerable egotist to an intolerable egotist to a corrupted idealist to a total fraud and shill. And it's all there on the front pages of the mainstream papers.

    I've always thought The Edge was the real talent in that band anyway.

    1. the only musician, you mean

  32. I always felt the same regarding The Edge

    Which brings me to another band I thought I had “understood”....Cocteau Twins, of course. Who else. No one near, as we all know by now. My saved to this day, treasured concert venue poster( gleaned from a light post...Thank you Ann Arbor!) dreamily described as “heaven must sound like this”...little did I know! Just another eighties tortured soul...

  33. The charity's called ONE because it only gives one percent to actual charity, lol.

    1. haha! yeah, they've successfully achieved their corporate KPI target. Bone-o as CEO gets his bonus for that one

  34. The charity's called ONE because it only gives one percent to the actual charity, lol.

  35. Was that sometime Bono chum Killer Pearly in last night's 'The X-Files' ('Nothing Lasts Forever') giving a shoutout to 'The Poseidon Adventure' as a hymn to 'precious bodily fluids' fuelled vampirism?


    'The Roar singer told her Instagram followers: "It's funny, sometimes people who disagree with me just say, "Shut up and sing." Boy, will I do so in a whole new way... next year. Hell hath no fury like a woman REBORN."'

    'Katy Perry rocked the Hammersmith Ballroom in New York on Tuesday, July 28, as part of the (RED)Nights concert series. ... Katy Perry’s show attracted a host of famous faces in the audience, including Rihanna and Donald Trump.'

    & in 2009:

    planned to be 180 metres high no less!

    'The tower was to be the tallest building in the country.

    The design included an egg-shaped recording studio, suspended from a 600ft luxury apartment block.

    The pod studio was to dangle beneath a battery of wind turbines and a huge solar panel.'

    Consider it what would have been Dublin's equivalent of The Shard daggering into the sky like a defiant middle finger to all & sundry down below.

  36. There is an atmosphere of Indian Spirituality right here.

    I do not play with dolls countrywomen.

  37. Eno, which is 'One' spelt backwards, was the string-puller behind the scenes of the whole Achtung/Zooropa/Pop absurdity-obscenity.

    & on the subject of 'One':

    '"At the instant we were recording it, I got a very strong sense of its power. We were all playing together in the big recording room, a huge, eerie ballroom full of ghosts of the war, and everything fell into place. It was a reassuring moment, when everyone finally went, 'oh great, this album has started.' It's the reason you're in a band – when the spirit descends upon you and you create something truly affecting. 'One' is an incredibly moving piece. It hits straight into the heart."
    —The Edge, on the recording of "One"'

  38. U2 were supposed to play the gig at the Bataclan during the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015 but The (Vegas) Eagles of Death Metal were on instead performing the song "Kiss the Devil" when an attack killed about 90 fans.

    BONO was in the vicinity that night - no doubt feeding off the energetic psychic discharge the terror unleashed.

  39. As I got older and no wiser I did try and do my homework in regards to charities,I would look up the ratio, or percentage of moneys or other Items that actually reached the people in need and would donate to those charities, its not always a matter of not giving a sheet about others ,sometimes we just become a bit jaded with age because we learn to much about what goes on...

  40. These comments show one ever really liked U2; everybody just pretended to like them, but they all knew U2 sucked. You know, like the Germans just pretended to like Hitler.

    1. That's a bit brutal dude!
      They did bring a particular 'sound'; the EDGE mostly as Chris has stated.
      I find his guitar work mimicking irish folk instrumentation.

    2. Anonymous: I'm being a little sarcastic. I enjoy U2 to this day, although not all. Was sort of annoyed by the reverse hipsterism evidenced in the OP, i.e. "I hated them before it was cool." Bono is probably a pretty shit human being, but I doubt uniquely so. Certainly not Josef Mengele/Ted Bundy Jr. as the OP seems to want to convince us.

  41. I always preferred Henry Rollins' take on Bono from around the time U2 did their televised concert at Fraggle Rock or Red Rum Rock...something like that...I think Henry said "sniper, places your crosshairs on the man with the leather covered bubble butt."
    I dated a girl who loved Bono & #2 so, consequently, I found myself sitting through their horrendously pretentious band commercial Prattlin' Bums. The bit where B.B. King tells Bono how profound his lyrics are very nearly caused me to swallow my tongue as I furiously attempted to stifle my guffaws.
    Personally I'd rather mic my flushing toilet through a Marshall stack than ever listen to another Poo2 song.
    I've never been able to glean their appeal. but, now that you mention it, Satan does sound like a reasonable explanation.

  42. Speaking of the fallen, this NFLim story is pretty remarkable when you consider the implications of who the "unsavory character" may have actually been. Either in this case, or potentially some similar time, this sort of access to the "top" (not really, haha) is telling.

  43. Be sure to ceck out Harry Browne (who wrote 'The Frontman, a Bono-expose) being interviewed on Doug Henwood's Behind The News podcast. I often wish Henwood would interview Chris Knowles- that'd kick the shit out of Joe Rogan!

  44. What a racket. Pimping coherence for a fractal Kafka trap.

    Holy prostitutes selling timeshares for the grave and Apocalypse insurance.

    I guess that is all the fresh meat staying where they lay, while the tombs get taller.

    Tangled webs.

  45. And for today's orange news, orange is the new red!

    For those thinking more about water, mermaids and sirens, here's a heavy look at spacetime physics and whether or not space/time is actually fluid- like or an actual fluid.

    It's hidden behind a paywall here, though I've found the entire piece elsewhere.

  46. All I can say is that Sunday, Bloody Sunday has an intro that can be recognised in the first three beats - which is pretty good going.

    Conversely, it makes you wonder if all the victims/collateral of the IRA violence/bombings (and the of the counter-insurgents) were as those in recent terrors: lorries ploughing into crowds, massacres at rock concerts/nightclubs, bombings at marathons, etc.

    The revelation may be for us to understand that they were just as violent...

  47. "In the morning I am a recluse, lost in memories
    Ideal situations and convulsions
    I'm never in and I can't remember
    They built portholes for Bono, so he could gaze
    Out across the bay and sing about mountains maybe
    You are what you own in this land
    You can be King and it all depends on the view and what you can see
    And around here nobody tells me what to do anymore" Intro to ""e don't need nobody else" by the Wheeping boy, and irish band from the 90's (album heartworm) they had a hit "when we were young"

  48. Now I understand how and why U2 are so pro british and anyti Irish, having been trained by some ex SAS officer. No one is ever an ex SAS, it is just like any other intel outfit or the mafia, once in never out. About their music I am grateful to had discovered it in 1982, after listening to Joy Division, Magazine and Echo and the Bunnymen, so U2 seemed like a pale copy of post punk tropes. Back in the 80s even Huey Lewis sounded more original and sincere than u2. May u2 rot in las vegas.

  49. @Maria Rigel I have the freedom to not donate one red penny. There are many other ways to support the human race in times of need. Your nose-lift looking down on people who do not give money is wrapped in a belief system full of guilt or something. I dont have to do anything. I dont have to meddle either. None of us do. I can dupport humanity in any way I choose that is beneficial to me and to whomever. You are very judgemental when you do not need to be. Let it go. Do what you like and step back or two when looking at the rest of us from your high horse. You dont like it? Too fucking bad.

    ~ V

  50. Chris!!

    Far too long since I've chimed in but simply had to if only to add one more memory onto the "fire of the BonBon" around here.

    Isn't it amazing how growing up -- and I say growing up when 1980-87 was my twenties -- colors how we perceive our heroes in those (our) still formative years? When the big Eno explosion of 1987 Joshua Tree hit, coinciding with the TIME magazine cover (always the karmic kiss of death as it turns out), one Bono quote always stood out to me: "Partying is a disguise, isn't it?"

    Fast forward into the 90s and that became an albatross for the man, a passive-aggressive disappearance up his own backside of what was to come...Irony, thy name is...Interior questions of "what the hell happened?" dissolved into a sad acknowledgement of what most likely had been there all along, just carefully concealed. In our 20s we're still babies, aren't we, especially when we don't listen to that still, small voice inside ourselves.

    Don't get me started on the psychic ramifications of popular music or this'll turn into a John Todd ramble sooner rather than later, and no one needs that. (And I know you have your own stories to tell on that front, my man...)

    Oh well, live and learn. Off to listen to some Ghost (haha!). I likes my evil up front and cartoonish now, rather than hidden behind the platitudes of the earnest. Once bitten, twice shy. Cheers mate!

  51. As if anyone needed remindin' that Bono's an utter fraud. Which I mean respectfully. 'Cause he understands what he is, completely. Scan the interviews. Guy is authentically misguided. He should keep that truth close to the chest when he has to answer to his master for sake 'a the press. Lil' f_er that he is.

  52. It would appear Bone-o was in the dark from the start, as you say so many bands were, (not to mention many priests, most politicians and the media in general) and U2 was most likely taken from Utu, a Mesopatamian Sun god, not something a follower of Christ would do;

    1. Speaking of dark, at least Bono didn't get tramp-stamped with a Phoenix like Ben Affleck.

      He gets a horrible back tatoo that the women in his life hate; so who does likes it then? Curious what the backstory really is given Ben's lied about it before.

  53. Sub specie Bono.
    UNO, dos, tris, katorse!
    Compliance, now! from the United States to the United Kingdom, compliance to the United Nations!