Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fallen Arches: Lucifer, Los Vegas and the Arch of Hysteria

The thing about Never-Ending Rituals is they never end. And you never know where and when the next phase of it is going to pop up. 

Well, this time the action is in a suburb of Athens, Greece. A FB group member posted a story on a controversial statue the government has installed of a red, eagle-headed angel sculpture entitled "Phylax," meaning protector. 

The mayor has defended the controversial installation, claiming the statue is a depiction of Talos, the ancient defender of Crete. 

Never mind this is Athens, not Crete, and that the statue bears no resemblance at all to any Talos I could find.

And of course they've rolled out the religious groups to protest the statue, which only makes it all the more alluring and glamourous. Watching a bunch of cranky old clerics marching around doesn't ever do anything but make supporting whatever they're protesting part of your duty as a postmodern citizen of the world.

I love that headline about "religious fanatics." Oh, you sad, silly media people. 

You haven't a clue what religious fanaticism really is. 

Believe me, the most hardbitten atheist will be begging to return to the comparatively-serene days of Calvin and Torquemada if and/or when that day dawns and we all find out. Think Bill Nye in a hair shirt and a cilice, flagellating himself like a barrel full of Opus Dei Grand Masters.

OK, bad example; that's any night of the week. But you get my meaning.

Now, does "Phylax" remind you of anyone in particular? 

Let me ask any of my more, say-- Jesus, I don't even know what term to use anymore-- mainstream-minded-type readers?-- do you really think things like the Babylon Gate there are built on a lark? Just to pass the time away?

In the backyard of the theatre where the Academy Awards are held?

Do you think whatever government people are involved with this statue in Greece are putting up with all kinds of hassle from protesters and local church leaders because they enjoy the headaches?

And how liberal and enlightened do you think the folks who venerate these ancient Babylonian war gods actually are? How humanitarian do you think a secret society powerful enough to wave these icons in our faces could really be?

Because Babylonian war gods are exactly what we're looking at here. 

Or Watchers or Anunaki or Vegas or Pearly Dew-Drops Who Kept Not Their First Estate. 

Whatever. Same difference.

And of course we saw Luciana ("Anno Lucis") Vega venerated on a pedestal, just like friend Phylax there.

Then there's this Babylonian demon-- yes, the same one as in The Exorcist-- being installed at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London.

Think about it, now; what does an ancient demon have to do with modern art?

Actually, quite a bit, come to think of it.

The artist who created Phylax also created this quite-striking Lucifer, installed in the chic Pralina bistro in Nicosia.

I believe all this ritualism has been and will be ushered in under the guise of art, so if you raise a peep about the face-smashingly blatant symbolism you'll not only be painted as a superstitious Troglodyte but also an uncultured Philistine.   

I mean, everyone knows the Vegas are our friends and only want what's best for us and our planet. Don't you want what's best for us and our planet? You do? Then shut your goddamned pie-hole. 

We know literally everything about you.

Oh, it goes on from there; the same artist who sculpted Lucifer and Phylax also created this. Yeah. Look familiar? It should.

Especially if you've seen this lookalike- titled The Arch of Hysteria-- sculpted by Louise Bourgeois. Maybe you saw it in the Home Life section.

Oddly, The Arch of Hysteria was also featured on the Instagram page of another chic bistro, though the name of the place escapes me at the moment. Ajax or Borax or something? 

Something like that.


I came upon this in my travels--someone apparently took exception to something I said somewhere and got all "Satanic Panic" about it. Because self-righteousness is the narcotic dragon some folks never get tired of chasing.

It really gave me a hearty chuckle, given the date it was posted...

"Hollywood is a bunch of predatory perverts?" I don't recall ever saying such a thing but I guess I didn't have to, did I?

Irony, you are such a saucy seductress.

"A cabal of evil" and "a cult in thrall to Satan?" I never said that either, but again I guess I didn't have to.

Of course, this here is no laughing matter: "Silicon Valley Satanists?" Now there are three words I hoped never to see together.

Let me be clear about this: LARP Satanists are fun to gawk at, accessorize well and are usually only ever a danger to themselves. 

But when Satanism is wed to powers of control Orwell never dreamed of and Intersectional hate-mongering, well then we've got ourselves a whole other problem.

Oh, add in Social Darwinism and unquenchable sexual predation while you're at it. Which we've been hearing quite a lot about recently with our Cylon friends.

But perhaps the Cylons have offended the Vegas in some way. Back in the day, this ill omen here would send everyone running for the shrines and temples, begging for absolution.

Now, the LARP Communist affection for LARP Satanism is a bit of a head-scratcher; time was that when I met a Satanist I automatically assumed they were also a Neo-Nazi. Why? 

Because they almost always were. Were/secretly still are, whatever.

Of course, the Satanic Temple--led by a guy whose dream project was helping republish Ragnar Redbeard's Might Is Right-- would prefer you forget all that.

Correction: whoever is running him and that little cutout would prefer you forget about all that.

Sadly, History begs to differ. 

But time is on Greaves' and his co-religionists side. Well, until the Vegas finally arrive and feast on their Satanic brains, Temple of Doom-style.  

The Vegas, like the Old Ones, will eat their acolytes firstBest case scenario, mind you.

But for now, they're all in clover. Anyone watching the rich and the useless know full well how fashionable taboo-violation has become, which includes Satanism. And they also have lots of money to throw around at anyone who panders to their vanity.

First Daughter Chelsea Clinton got a lot of heads-a-scratching when she recently played Twitter tag with the Church of Satan, but there's also this Twit, making reference to Confederate statues.

But she is most certainly not the brightest bulb in the Clinton box. "Never been in a church with a Lucifer statue?"

How many churches has she been in? I'd say a lot. I'd even say probably this one. But hey; cut her some slack.

She's stupid.

YourNewsWire-- which on its best day reads like the Weekly World News with an intestinal virus-- served up this sordid story recently. We saw an earlier version of this with a similarly fictitious joint in Japan.

But as it happens this Cannibal Club has a website. I really, really don't give a shit so I didn't look into it. Is this a viral site for The Santa Clarita Diet? Maybe, but did I mention I don't really care?

I don't need YourNewsWire to tell me most of these people are sickos.

For instance, I take it for granted this shit-- which we unpacked last year around this time-- is based in some kind of reality, whether real reality or LARPed.

But like I said, if you know what you're looking for it's pretty obvious what some of those overprivileged Angelenos are into these days. 

Stuff like this; hyper-sexualizing a nine year-old boy and then screaming transphobia when they're called out for it. Do note that Ellen Degeneres, RuPaul and James St. James-- not exactly obscurities we're talking about-- "liked" this allegedly blatant bit of pedo-grooming propaganda.

"The Future isn't for you"-- that's a threat, believe it. Allegedly.

It's all pretty toxic stuff. It reminds me of how a nation of Beavises took the scare stories about harmless hard rock pap they heard in Sunday School in the 70s as a business model, and unleashed a tsunami of Satanic metal, black metal, whatever-metal in the 80s. 

Similarly, this toxic brew of MKULTRA and MKOFTEN was largely subterranean until the thirst for clicks brought it all to the masses.

But however it got here, here it is. Again. 

And people are going to be raped, abused and murdered because of it, just like all the other times Satanism bubbled up from the pit.


You know, I used to buy into the whole "Satanic Panic" thing too, thinking there was some kind of irrational witchhunt that popped up out of the ether, all on its own. The problem is that I went and looked at the actual evidence (a bad habit of mine) and not just the New York Times thinkpieces.  

I found out that not only was the ubiquity of Satanic bilge as bad as I thought I remembered it, but there were all kinds of horrific crimes that were the direct consequence of Satanism, crimes the overpaid wags never made mention of in their little lectures. Were some innocent people swept in that and jailed unjustly? Of course, but that happens every single day in our court systems.

I was heartened to discover that this wasn't just my imagination playing tricks on me, but that an author who wrote what I believe is the definitive study of pop Satanism essentially agreed with me.

And now it's starting again. Like I've said, you don't need to worry about the Satanists bopping around in Portland or Brooklyn art galleries, you need to worry about the Satanists in the trailer parks and housing projects. 

Or worse.


  1. I'd say people protesting a statue and trying to exorcise it is pretty batshit fanatical.

    Also, that building design in hollywood is from a set in the film 'Intolerance'. But I guess any gods that aren't Abrahamic are scary and evil so it must have something to do with the Illuminati and satanists. Apparently most people aren't aware of biblical scholarship and the fact that Israelite religion came out of Canaanite and other ancient near east religion. Imagine if these people found out their religion was influenced by paganism. They'd have to exorcise themselves. Unfortunately people aren't interested in facts, they'd rather take myths literally.

    1. My, how easy the occultic elites have it nowadays: The naivist middle classes will normalize and rationalize away literally anything.
      A close friend of mine - Chicago MBA, London group VP - moved to the Middle East recently. I emailed her a historian's highly eloquent and intelligent article about how the birth of the modern Saudi state was in many ways a byproduct of political Zionism. Boy, how defensive and embarrassed and just uncomfortable she got. Why did I "blame the Jews for everything", she asked. Why bring up stuff that "happened 100 years ago" to begin with.
      So there you have it. Too busy making money. Fighting tooth and nail for the status quo, whatever that may be. Lapping up BBC News like it's the Gospel. And these are the ultra-educated, exposed, accomplished ones, who have seen the world.
      As long as you let them keep their Poké-gyms, their airline miles and their Netflix subscriptions, they won't notice Lucifer if he was sitting in their kitchen.

    2. There you go again with the spooky mythological characters. My problem with the so called 'occultic elites' has to do with their political know, the things that actually effect people's lives. Their right wing neo-liberal policies are much more of a threat and important than statues of mythological creatures and secret occult groups/rituals that can't be proven or verified to exist.

  2. Protesting a statue is less than nothing. It doesn't show a drop of conviction. If you think that's "batshit fanatical" then you really have absolutely no idea what those words actually mean. Why don't kick your feet up and dig into the archives and find out what's really going on? Enjoy.

    1. Protesting and exorcising a statue because they think it might be satan is pretty nuts. I'm familiar with this blog, been coming here for a while. I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea that there might be some group of powerful people that are into 'black magic' but I'm also not convinced, I need some actual evidence. What I have a problem with is the types of people these conspiracy theories attract. I'm seeing a huge right wing agenda behind all this stuff. We've got people supporting people like Donald Trump and Alex Jones because they think these guys are fighting the 'illuminati' and that 'satanic pedophile vegan feminist post-modern transexual neo-marxists' are taking over the world and going to put us all into gulags. A guy went into a pizza shop with a gun because of people like Alex Jones spreading bullshit like pizzagate. Another guy killed his dad because he thought his dad was a liberal pedophile. These are some batshit crazy people. But I guess it's all just part of a conspiracy to make conspiracy theorists look bad.

    2. "I need some actual evidence."
      OK, but that means you haven't actually read anything Chris has ever written here.
      As far as a vast right wing conspiracy, and I'm not saying there isn't one,but it's the Left that has hegemonic control over Academia, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and prestige media, and they're making sure everyone knows it. Activist Twitter mobs and their enablers in media and Academia are getting people deplatformed and fired left, right and center.
      I could link to literally hundreds of examples of this from the last 12 months alone but Chris doesn't want data dumps. If you want to read about it, expand your horizons a bit and you'll find numerous examples.

    3. @ Decades

      The guy that went into the pizza shop was also an actor (IMDB listed and everything) who just so happened to shoot ONE bullet directly into the hard drive of said Pizza Place's private server.
      Conveniently destroying any evidence of Child Porn that 4Chan hackers claim to have found on their website.

      Both Donald Trump and Alex Jones will be proven right in the end.

    4. @ Caleo,
      I'm not saying there's a vast right wing conspiracy. I have issues with democrats and some left wing types too. The thing is, in the US and other countries government policies have been going more and more right wing. It's called Neoliberalism. It started in the 80s with Reagan and Thatcher. Trump is following this same system. If the 'left' has so much control over everything why have Democrats and Republicans gone further right? Also, why are you so scared of the 'left'? The countries that are doing the best right now are more progressive countries like the Nordic countries. If that's the left wing 'agenda' then I'm all for it. It would be better than what we have going now.

    5. @ Anonymous

      Of course, it was a conspiracy within a conspiracy. You have to prove that there was any child porn in the first place before you can say it was destroyed! Where are the victims of this pedophile pizza parlor? Have any victims come forward? Where are these pedophile accusations coming from? People on 4chan? The website that's known for having child pornography?!
      Wasn't Trump a friend of Jeffrey Epstein? There's more evidence connecting 4chan and Trump to pedophilia than there is for Comet Pizza! So let me guess, the mainstream media is 'fake news' but you believe what some 4chan hackers and Alex Jones say?

    6. Alefantis himself said the computer was destroyed so that's proven. The Accusations come from researchers looking at the Wikileaks dump of Podesta's emails and from Alefantis's own Instagram account.

      Trump found out what was going on with Epstein and never went back, he also banned him from Mar-a-lago for hitting on a young girl there.

      The Clinton's meanwhile have both been to Epstein Island 10+ times each.

      I don't "Believe" 4Chan and Alex Jones, I go to the source evidence and make up my own mind.

      Here watch a short 5min video and see for yourself.

    7. Yeah...none of that is evidence of anything. Those emails have nothing to do with pedophilia. This is completely absurd.

      Here's a video that debunks pizzagate:

    8. Decades, don’t bother. It’s Conspiracy Town. The place where absence of evidence is not only not evidence of absence, it’s proof.

      Here in Conspiracy Town, “facts” are not useful in and of themselves. They are mere data points to be strung together. Actual causal, evidence-based connections? Pfft, that’s for squares. All that is needed is insinuation and innuendo.

      In Conspiracy Town, happenstance and quirks of history do not exist. Everything is connected. No one acts alone.
      Inconvenient facts or events are invariably staged “Psy-ops”. Everyone on tv is an actor.

      In Conspiracy Town the elites hide everything in plain sight. Secret messages, images,’s all there for you, the intrepid investigator (ok, blogger) to find wherever you look. The conspirators are helpful like that! They make it easy. They don’t *really* want to keep anything secret.

      Hell of a place.

    9. Chickenshit shills like to visit Conpiracy Town and drop some snark that everyone has heard a million times before. They think they're being clever and original but everyone else just thinks they're pathetic little cucks.

  3. To be really transgressive, radical and non-conformist in this age, try being a Traditionalist--it's the new Straight Edge. It's hard to see how Satanism has any transgressive power left when it has become so mainstream. Donald Trump is Anton LaVey on steroids as far as I'm concerned, and he got 81% of the Christian vote. This must be what the end of this culture looks like: ultra-jaded people looking more and more desperately for a way to get attention and failing, as the whole civilization circles the drain.

    1. Define "traditionalist" in a way that most other people that self-define as traditionalists would agree. I'm fairly sure you'll fail.

      I've always said that the one big problem of the USA is that they really don't believe in any sort of tradition. You guys were anti-tradition from Day One. And that's coming back to bite you.

      European countries do have some traditions, on the other hand. Sensible traditions. Not based on "my grandpa did it, so it's a tradition". Rather, based on facts learned over centuries about that particular piece of land. Stuff based on things that are sensible to do if you live in an island, on on a mountain, or on a plain with good connections with faraway places, or based on the usual weather patterns of that area.

      Americans simply don't have that. Every time I hear stories about California fires, or droughts, or floods, or whatever is the latest California disaster, I shake my head. The Earth itself is telling Californians to get the hell out of there, or at the very least, start obsessing on water management like their lives depend on it, because hear my words, it really does.

      But they have no traditions with the most important fact about their land embedded on them.

    2. Very good point but if one understands the REAl history of the Roman Catholic Church, and even Christianity, it becomes obvious that 'pagan god worship' is alive and well, and is VERY ancient.
      TPTB have been doing ritual and blood sacrifice in the name of 'GOD' for thousands of years.
      Now they flood us constantly with sigil magick and covert symbolism to feed the 'dark side' of the 'force'.
      But there is another side of the 'force' right?
      Just where are the 'JEDI' when you need them?

    3. Yup. A lot of the alt-right is the right aping the intentional provocation tactics of the far left and postmodernists.

      Unfortunately this stuff works. Idiocracy becomes more and more real every day. It's EXTREME!

  4. man those laveyan satanists are so fucking cringe worthy. Just like every other modern religion just a bunch of liberal modernists larping. In a way i would respect a person who was a theistic satanist more.

    The far right already took over black metal in the 80's and 90's and are pretty much done with it. Varg vikernes is a meme to metal kids these days. He has a hilarious youtube channel.

  5. Swastika & Cross - one and the same - symbol for the great year duration of the sun secret/sun barycentric orbit.
    With christianity/islam for the gullible plebs, luciferism/satanism for the gullible higher-ups, and judaism for the chosen, all control structures, whether ethically harmonious or antithetical - will creak at the seams at the crescendo of the eschaton.

    When you know mankind is facing near-extinction for the umpteenth time, the last thing you can be, is surprised - at anything.

  6. Since I read both of Mark Frost's Twin Peaks books, I was curious what else he had written. I've started listening to the 1st book of 3 called The Paladin Prophecy. It involves a secret society for students. One character describes to another that a Paladin is a Holy Warrior. So far there are some elements in the story that relate well to the statues in this post.]]

  7. woah... even before i started reading, just the picture below the title made me think, what's up with that red pazuzu, wtf... so yeah, for those in the know, it's pretty pretty pretty self-evident who that is, and no amount of hogwash can even slightly mask the truth... freaking madness...

  8. Lactatia?!?! Holy crap they thought they could sneak that under the radar? It's as subtle as a punch in face.

    Which is to say it sounds like the young lad expects to be nursing soon. This has to tie in with the male pregnancy meme going around lately. Which of course ties in nicely with the "get 'em hooked on estrogen producing soy products" and label it "cool vegan" for the hipsters.

    To what end is the question.

    1. Agree!
      The child's birth name is Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden. (Nemis...that's interesting).
      Lots of horrifying information about this poor 8 year old here:

  9. One of the most popular stories we've written at Red Dirt Report in the past few years was one by investigative writer Louis Fowler. Fowler was invited to attend a black mass for a far darker Satanic group here in OKC, the same group that holds (or tries to hold) black masses at a public building here in town each Autumnal equinox. I assure you, Fowler's story is worth reading in light of the subjects Chris notes in his latest post. This stuff is very real and appears to be gaining popularity amongst some.

    1. Interesting, thanks for the link. The Satanic Temple tried to hold a black mass here at the Queenshead Pub in Harvard Yard a couple years back, openly supported by the Graduate School for Education, but predictably, and on a deeper level, ironically, got too much pressure from the archdiocese and got shut down. Apparently they moved it to the Hong Kong bar & comedy club last minute, but it was a reported failure. The Temple states they are non-religious and atheistic, yet they hypocritically execute pseudo-religious events all the time. I've mentioned previously that I've met the founder a few times before he ever set the temple up, and could never take him seriously. Many here in the Boston area don't take him seriously either. They were considered to be, if considered at all, like the shitty poets and arm-cutters back in high school. That's why it's so surprising to see all the attention they've been getting in the past year or so.

    2. Reminds me of an old Rollingstone magazine cover pic.The tranny boy Model is "styled" as a 90s santanic Shock Rocker's glam era doppelganger : a spooky kid...'lil Marilyn Manson'?

  10. "A tattoo of a mermaid often indicates a sentence for child molestation."

    Drones over Vegas:

  11. In the original Star Trek pilot, Talos is where the Enterprise is diverted from their mission to the Vega colony.

  12. I recently upgraded to Jordan Peterson’s version of Christianity and understanding of the Bible to prepare for this. I suggest you do to. He’s got a solid bead on postmodernism. He’s got all his courses online and a great series of biblical lectures. Blew my mind how stupid we all are.

  13. I was always taught to be a good boy by my elders. Back then, I thought everybody was like me, also taught to be good. It would never occur to me to put up a devil statue or worship a demon. So, the question is, who ARE these people? What do they think will be the outcome of their actions? Why would they want that?

    1. Isn't there a religion (sabbateans, iirc?) who believe the Messiah will not come until good is destroyed and mankind utterly depraved? I'd start looking there.

    2. Anon 9:54 - Same here. It's quite a revelation and paradigm shifting discovery isn't it? My problem is, where does it end? I really enjoy Chris' writing style and prescriptive. Lots of food for thought in this blog and in the comments.

  14. Last Feb. 2017, witches threw a spell - that may be causing drumpf's brain to falter

    1. To falter so much that he almost single-handedly resurrected the American Economy, forced North Korea to the negotiating table, defeated ISIS, and locked up Human Traffickers nationwide at an unheard of rate.

      All while shrugging off a constant Fake News smear campaign, Betrayals, Leaks, Paid Protests, a Seditious Intelligence community, Paid False-rape allegations, and illegal wiretapping.

      Drumpf is finished this time for sure!

    2. And yet, none of that is actually true. Oh sure, I can find links to most of what you mention, yet all those links are, shall we say, to sights that never criticize Trump in any way whatsoever and seem to have a distinct bias in a single direction. Of course, that doesn't mean I trust the MSM, I haven't trusted them for many years. However, how does not allowing people from war torn nations to come to the US stop human trafficking? If he is locking them up at an "unheard of rate", why is it only dailywire, breitbart and alex jones that seem to have any stories about this, which seem to be lacking in sources and actual proof? I'm open to the possibility that the MSM would ignore it, for sure, I'm just not going to trust solidly right wing biased web sites that have their own propaganda agenda. I'd like some actual proof of any of these claims (the economy claim is patently false, nothing Trump has done would have had any effect on the economy, since his policies have only just gone into effect, or aren't in effect yet.....also Carrier and Wal Mart laying off hundreds of thousands of people and moving those jobs to 3rd world countries doesn't strike me as single-handedly resurrecting the economy).

      Your hyperbole itself makes me inclined to think that you are deluded anyway. Still, I'm always interested in new information, as long as there is proof to back it up.

    3. Traffick Arrest links from reputable sources: more links in comments.

      On North Korea:

      The economy is up due to the well-founded confidence investors and businessmen have in Trump's economic policies.


      On ISIS:

      Open your eyes Gus. Just because it's a right wing website doesn't mean they post fake news. Alex Jones has plenty of reputable sources if you care to take even a cursory glance at his sites.

      The most important thing Alex does is Collation, correlation, and pattern recognition of publicly available information.

      Lovecraft thought that "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance..."

      But I don't agree. Our inability to correlate information causes all of our problems and suffering.
      Ignorance is the root of all evil according to Buddhism, and I agree wholeheartedly.

  15. I see this effort to mainstream santanic stuff as the last in the playbook. All the other controlling tools are useless (tv, music, etc...) as much of the content is no longer in the PTB control or is so warmed over it just becomes "meh." This is the one program they've been saving but to unleash it they needed to ensure a dumbed-down unhealthy society. That was the last 20 years (hi Millenials) and now we have a portion of the population who confuse not being on board with their "thing" (see comments section re: veganism from your previous post) means you don't like them. Another viewpoint is a threat to a controlled mindset - "What!? Are you not of the body?"

    Success in this effort or Chaos? Both outcomes have advantages to those wielding this but will they prevail? My bet is this has been rolled out a little sooner than anticipated because Hillary was supposed to win and it would've been a softer reveal. The pace smells like a race against something. One guess is the climate - and not the version where it gets warm.


    1. Meanwhile, if you're not on board with MY thing (eating meat) then you're obviously an agent of vegan totalitarianism.

    2. Thank you D.; you've made my day. Your first paragraph pretty much encapsulates my last 20 years of wondering "what's wrong". Why the most polite and matter-of-fact comments I leave under random online crime story videos earn me replies like "Idiot", "Horrible person", and "How dare you". Why ugly is the new beautiful, across the board. Why women's mags encourage readers to put on white pants and proudly show off their menstrual blood. Why news anchors teach us on live TV 'what happens to a bucket of water when you leave it outside during winter'. Why the casual Howyrdoin' when entering a coffee shop has been replaced with robotic chants of "Welcome To [Company Name]!". Etc. etc. Clearly, there is a lot more to it than just us Gen Xers "getting old".

    3. "Meanwhile, if you're not on board with MY thing (eating meat) then you're obviously an agent of vegan totalitarianism."

      The point of the original comment clearly has flown well over your head.

  16. " Holding flags from the times of Byzantium ". Yeah, how dare those monsters hold reminders of their ancient ethno religious identity. Get with the f*cking program and bend the knee before your new/old Babylonian masters.
    And that unfortunate child forced to model for The House Of Mann. Did you catch his new name. Lactatia. As in lactation, or something ?
    Surreal and disturbing.
    Keep pushing Chris. Your work is important and very necessary.
    A document of what bubbled up from the abyss before it all fell down.

  17. I think the reality of "Silicon Valley Satanists" is, if not part of the endgame, then a fulcrum leading towards one. Could care less about Church of Satan types in this regard, think David Myatt & Co. Good analysis here of what's bubbling below the surface, esp. with regards to the Order of Nine Angles take on magick:


    "Magick – correctly understood and correctly used – is a means not only of personal development and personal understanding (a freeing from psychic, archetypal, influences and affects) but also of evolving to the next level of our human existence where we can understand, and to a certain extent control and influence, supra-personal manifestations of acausal energies, such as an Aeon, and thus cause, or bring-into-being, large-scale evolutionary change. Such understanding, such control, such a bring-into-being, is Aeonic Magick.”

    I don't think those transhumanist buzzwords in the above quote were used by accident, do you?


    "It is essential to stress that this has got precious little to do with what religion proper calls “Satanism”. And it is one of the reasons why O9A is primarily a system of radical political subversion – the politics conceived as the way of applying the will driven by imagination into molding the world into desired image."

    Could it be any plainer? Reductionism par excellance.

    1. ONA (which may be a big troll operation btw) is actually more of an old-school pagan outfit. They're radically opposed to Church of Satan/Silicon Valley/Hollywood/Wall Street types, whom they call the "Magians" or "homo hubriati". Niners would classify these people as having no honor, no culture, no spirituality, no sense of being a folk or sense of history. If ONA infiltrated Silicon Valley, people like Zuckerberg, the Google boys and Kurzweil would be the first to be sacrificed to the Dark Gods.

    2. O9A is a transparent attempt to sex up Naziism and fascism and market it to edgy intellectuals, which is nasty enough in and of itself. The whole thing is written in a pseudo-profound style designed to give intellectual fellatio to the reader about how smart and elite they are for reading it. This is a common tactic in propaganda aimed toward geeks, jaded intellectuals, and similar demographics.

    3. Yes, and it's misleading BS to boot. Here's the quote that should raise eyebrows

      "So, you can lay every imaginable objection on O9A, save one: you may never accuse it of being an anti-modern, backward or “traditionalist” doctrine"

      To summarize, this is a shady group claiming to be "modern" satanists who believe in blood, trauma and chaos, yet claim they are UNLIKE all the many cults and other "backward" groups who've traditionally been practicing these very same things (in "un-modern" ways from their perspective, no doubt) for thousands of years if not more. Yeah, meet the new "satanist", same as the old "satanist".

    4. David Myatt was also involved with creating ISIS when he "Converted" to Islam as an "insight role" and weaponized Islam for the CIA.

    5. Spot on re KaliTribune. Obviously a corporate site telling us to play nice and not believe those bad 'conspiracy theorists'. Only this time in a hush-hush, pseudo-conspiratorial tone.

      What an insult to our intelligence. And to see Jasun Horley of Auticulture up there... Dispiriting to say the least.

    6. In other words satanists want to fuck with reality just like TPTB do; Angle/ANGEL.
      9 Angles, I mean Angels?
      Fucking with the construct; 9 and 3 are interchangeable.

    7. As an aside, 'aeon' or 'æon' is a twelfth of a great year - the duration of a sign of the zodiac (often simplified into an occitan/templar/christian cross or swastika).

      Everything emanates from the secret sun, the sun behind The Sun, their great year barycentric orbit, and our twice-a-great-year yin/yang cataclysm/rebirth, but it is seductively easy to focus on the fascinating emanations, rather than their root.

      Maybe the root is too scary?

    8. I could have just as easily quoted Temple of Set for whatever that would have been worth. Or maybe I should have just stated the obvious in the first place: LHP Satanists mouth the same platitudes that transhumanists do, they're just a little more up front about it. But their worldviews align perfectly. Not the means, the ends. (Maybe there's a better site about O9A out there someone could direct me to? I'm doing some research of my own.)

      & Myatt is a strangely fascinating enigma in his own right. Jeff Wells wrote quite a bit about him back in the day. & I have seen the allegations connecting Myatt to MI5 & Gladio (from his Combat 88 days). But one thing Myatt did do (as evidenced from his own writings) was to encourage O9A members to infiltrate political groups across the spectrum--left, right & anarchist, & spread chaos from within. If that's not classic COINTELPRO then I don't know what is.

    9. Satanism and the military industrial complex are hand in glove.
      They attempted to, and obviously succeeded in 'weaponizing' the demonic realm.
      Lavey, Aquino, and others are linked to military intelligence.
      This shit is as old as dirt.
      Dee did same for Elizabeth 1.

  18. What are your thoughts on the film Mother! Who needs Satan when you have what Christianity has become?

  19. In the Information Age information is cheap but attention is scarce and extremely expensive. There's always been an arms race for attention but recently it's been kicked into hysterical overdrive. Billions upon billions of dollars are being spent devising ways to get you to just look at things, even briefly.

    New fangled tactics like surveillance-powered micro-targeting and AI are getting a lot of press, but sometimes the old tried and true methods work just as well. One of those is shock, controversy provocation, and taboo breaking, or "trolling" in Internet slang.

    Unfortunately this method only works if you keep escalating and escalating. Faux Satanism and horror tropes are no longer shocking so now they have to introduce simulated rape, child abuse, and snuff to get a reaction. I think a lot of this stuff can be explained this way.

    That being said I am not arguing that it's harmless. A certain amount of taboo breaking can be good and can help kick society out of rigid thought patterns, but some taboos exist for a reason. Even if they're only doing it for attention I think desensitizing society to torture, rape, murder, pedophilia, cannibalism, human sacrifice, and other genuinely sick and evil things can be pretty irresponsible. But since when did buck-chasing celebrities or their corporate masters care about social responsibility?

    Beyond that it also kind of feels like something's changed. I like your "it's not a game anymore" thesis.

    Shock and outrage porn has always been a thing. It was big in the 70s, 80s, and 90s with (as you point out) Satan-metal and horror shows and other stuff. It goes back further than that too-- to the decadents and even some of the mystery cults. It's always been a way to get attention. But two things seem different today.

    One is that the world as a whole seems so much more precarious and dangerous. Politics and economics are a lot more unstable than they were in the 90s. In the 90s I could listen to some dark music or watch a horror flick, but when it was over I could return to a more benign reality. Today after the song or flick is over I return to a world on the brink of war and economic depression where flatly evil totalitarian political ideologies (of both "right" and "left" flavors) are being actively rebooted and mainstreamed. Evil imagery in art doesn't feel like fiction. With the right resurrecting Hitler and the left rebooting Soviet ideology it feels like prophecy. How long before one or both of these political ideologies starts making the "Saw" series or the "LA Devotee" video a reality? Stuff like that actually happened in Nazi concentration camps and Soviet gulags, not to mention the urban battlefields and trenches of the wars themselves.

    The second thing that feels different is the art itself. Dark music and horror flicks of the past are consciously fiction. They're art that knows it's art. Tropes like horror and faux Satanism were used to talk about depression, anger, disillusionment with society, teen angst, and other things. Today I see more and more stuff -- much of it including the stuff you've linked in this post -- that is trying to "break the fourth wall." Whether or not the LA cannibal restaurant is actually real or a publicity-whoring ruse doesn't necessarily matter. It intends to be taken as reality by those seeing and experiencing it, and in so doing is working to desensitize us to murder and the desecration of victims.

    It's ironic (maybe intentionally so) that we have #metoo and similar stuff going on while simultaneously the entertainment industry is pumping out sex abuse porn. Harvey Weinstein gets (perhaps rightly) blackballed for abusing women, but shock porn "artists" can glorify much worse things and nobody raises an eyebrow.

    1. Well, anyone living outside the first world comfort enclaves in the "70s,80s and 90s" did not have the luxury of returning to a "benign" reality. Seems it is just that the first world is getting to know "The Fear", as W.S. Burroughs and Hunter Thompson used to call it. Back in the early 8Os two films saw this approaching - Blade Runner and Videodrome. No wonder both failed at box office.

    2. "I am the video flesh made whole" truly resonates in our brave new AI sex/bot world in the making doesn't it?

    3. Interesting to see "shock porn" making its way to university museums:

      Mediating Disaster

      The exhibition Aftermath: Landscapes of Devastation focuses on landscape photographs made at the sites of natural or human-made disasters

  20. I dunno about connecting this to Vega or the Babylonians, the Eagle is Aquila. He looks a bit more... Horus-y, to me.


    Makes more sense to me anyway, especially if you link him to Ol' Uncle Al who has always inspired exorcisms.

  21. The more I read, the more I think the KLF might have been on to something. Those on our side are Justified and Ancient.

    And they know What Time is Love.

    1. Catching the Last Train to Grand Central? :-

    2. Whether you worship some angry old man with a beard or a freaky robot who looks like a devil it is all for the greater good of Discordia. Hail Eris! At any rate, some priestess of Hecate is just going to get annoyed with your mechanical fallen angel and pull the plug.

    3. Take me to the church of the KLF!

    4. 'What Time Is Love' = when do the pills kick in.

  22. I am not perfect, I am flawed like everyone else, however, it's bothersome to notice how most people seem to be blind to the realities of the world today. Perhaps they are in denial, or perhaps they simply accept the current state of the world today and it's machinations as "normal". It's truly a sad state of events. However, "all things must come to pass".


  23. Satan = Saturn = Time = Money = Evil

  24. Secret Sun,
    I've been wondering how all this happens?
    Came across an interesting article by the author of such works as Anti-Fragile (here's a link to his website on how passionate individuals can end up changing the larger pop around them...

    It also makes me wonder aboot all our cognitive biases which can both help and hinder us; the same bias that helps glue us together as a population can also lead us into witch hunts and pogroms...
    It looks like Scott Adams' Moist Robot hypothesis is a good fit to how human beings work

    Keep the Lasagna Flying,

  25. Good find.. now that Chris mentioned MS 13, I was much reminded of Mayan gods, which have many similarities to this and had their home bases far closer by. Anybody have the address of the FB group? Would really like to join and can't find it anywhere.

  26. Wanna join the Mara? Just go to jail and you will find them. Good luck with that.

  27. Well, regardless, have a little more from Signs and Portents Daily

    >Seventeen dead, 24 missing and 300 trapped in California mudslides: Oprah's $50m estate is among the homes swallowed by 'river of mud' in upmarket neighborhood where many ignored warnings because of wildfire 'evacuation fatigue'

    1. The Trump Curse strikes again...

    2. A mudslide? #YesSheCan in the Never Ending Year of Women!

      Mixed signals = transcendence?

  28. Now Alton Towers, an amusement park in the UK which is owned by the ominous Merlin/Blackstone company, announced "Wickerman", their new wooden coaster. It will incororate a "wooden effigy" that will burst into flames while you ride in a train that is adorned by a ramshorn-skull. Runes and all in the presentation:
    Other rides in the park are called "Oblivion", "Th13teen" and "The Smiler", which is centered around a giant mind-control machine that is supposed to make you "get corrected" (to smile). Sadly the ride suffered a terrible accident that resulted in several limb-amputations among the victims.
    Another park of the chain has a coaster named and themed after the "Saw" movie franchise, that features a queue full of torture devices. You also get sprinkled by fake blood during the ride!

    On another note:
    I was just spending 5 days walking through Amsterdam, listening to nothing but Cocteau Twins. Despite it being a truly transcending experience (maybe only Venice could provide a more fitting background for Cocteau magic), I saw mermaids and orange everywhere.
    I know that orange is the colour of the dutch royals (who are some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet), but still...

  29. Has Stephen Hawking been replaced with a lookalike? Conspiracy theorists claim the REAL professor is DEAD and a 'puppet' has taken his place - and reveal the SIX clues that support the idea

    Read more:

    ...The voice-synthesizing computer

    His voice-synthesizing computer is another matter for conjecture. It's said to work by Hawking twitching a cheek muscle to scan and choose words on the screen and these written words are then turned into spoken words via the voice synthesizer.

    Those who believe that Professor Hawking is a puppet for the elite don't believe that anyone could do all this simply by twitching a cheek muscle and have observed that he's not constantly moving his face when he's 'talking'.

    What they think is actually happening is that the professor isn't doing anything at all and the voice we hear is the result of NASA astrophysicists typing information into a computer – information that they want the masses to hear and trust - and it being transmitted to the computer attached to Hawking's wheelchair.

    The robot voice that emanates from that computer has nothing to do with Hawking – it's just information that NASA want to push onto a gullible and unsuspecting public, fans of Hawking, who hang on to - what they believe to be his - every word."

    Hawk - Horus - NASA

    1. Does not "Hawking" means "to aggressively sell"? Which is what he has been doing for the big bang for more than 50 years.

    2. Hawking couldn't carry Vallee's jockstrap even without being crippled. The difference in the two is stark, and to me at least, significant. It's almost as if despite Vallee's long history with some of the deepest secrets including DARPA, SRI and serious UFOlogy, the PTB needed to "roll out" a safe-space scientist to tone down or conceal certain of the more remarkable details of our universe. DeGrasse seems the same as well, though he's more of a PR hack for the latest science news of what you should believe.

    3. Miles Mathis's papers on Hawkings shed some very stimulating light on the 'switch' theories.

    4. I met J. Valle in the early 90s and what struck me the most, and something I had never realized, is how much he belonged to the same French intellectual tendencies of Foucault and Derrida, mostly Post Structuralism and deconstruction. In other words, The Post Modern. Which in the USA has sadly became a bad joke due to the corporate sponsored misreadings of the European theorists writings. All done intentionally, of course. In the USA a whole industry arose since the 80s and 90s of books published "to explain" Post Modern theory that is maliciously designed to falsify and confuse the original texts so that they remain unread and give rise to the idea that Post Modern thought is some poisonous brew to be avoided at all cost. As if Americans were not capable of understanding the original these fraudster's (Paglia is the worst offender, there are hundreds more) screeds are read in USA academia instead. This is one of the greatest cultural crimes in history, one which explains the debased state of American cultural life today.

    5. "misreadings"? There isn't even a consensus of what Post Modernism actually is or what it even represents from it's supposed adherents.

  30. Jezebel the celebrity 'feminist' blog, prepping it's clueless readers for the transgenic future...

    Of course, today it's all "would you do it with a fish man?", but eventually it will be "you disgusting transgeniphobe, how dare you refuse to f*** the human identifying transgenic alien hybrid."
    I called it here first.

    1. On a possibly related note, accepting sex robots in the place of real men for women"

    2. '...would you honestly turn down a literal god if he initiated a moment of intimacy?'

      To be chosen requires not your consent.

    3. Does this make weinstein a fish deity from the black lagoon to the likes of streep?

    A lot of this is just trolling the semi-retired.
    It is a rather curious feature of western magic.

    Perhaps it is enough to leave the hard stuff in flux and be left out.
    Better than being angry. War, and such.

  32. I'm not afraid of the poor and downtrodden who end up imprisoned for their Satanic acts, Chris. The one's with friends and lawyers in high places are the killers. Don't let their pearly whites fool you.

  33. Hey Chris. I saw the poster for the new film The Shape of Water today.

    You've probably already covered this but: Quinotaur: is a mythical sea creature mentioned in the 7th century Frankish Chronicle of Fredegar. Referred to as "bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis", (the beast of Neptune which resembles a Quinotaur) it was held to have fathered Meroveus by attacking the wife of the Frankish king Chlodio and thus to have sired the line of Merovingian kings.

    The name translates from Latin as "bull with five horns". Naturally, Guillermo del Toro directed.

    1. Looks like instead of the done-to-death "dystopian future", film-makers can now finally set their stories in "1960s high-security government laboratories". Closer to home, so to speak...

  34. just going to leave this here, Delta IV Launch vehicle with Spy Sat NROL-47, official mission decal painted on the side of rocket is White Knight in Battle with Red Dragon, news outlets have been showing an alternative logo with Black Knight buddying up to Red Dragon

    Alternate Logo for mass media consumption

  35. GMC just announced they are going to sell cars with no steering wheels. How symbolic.

  36. Taboo violation is becoming so mainstream that its getting a bit mundane. Normies everywhere, consuming the prepackaged neo-occultic happy meals sold by a disconnected ruling elite with a kink for societal sadism.

    1. A word we are going to hear more often in tb
      the future - "Dignitaries". Because they have dignity and we do not.

  37. is this the Secret Sun or Skywatch TV?

  38. 'How do you like your humans? I like them CRISPR'

    'The gene-editing technology CRISPR could very well one day rid the world of its most devastating diseases, allowing us to simply edit away the genetic code responsible for an illness. One of the things standing in the way of turning that fantasy into reality, though, is the problem of off-target effects. Now Microsoft is hoping to use artificial intelligence to fix this problem.'

    ...'turning that fantasy into reality'...

    'There is lots of debate over how problematic the off-target effects of CRISPR really are, as well as over how to fix them. Microsoft’s new tool, though, will certainly be a welcome addition to the toolbox. Over the past year, Microsoft has doubled-down on efforts to use AI to attack health care problems.'

    The Demon Seed will defrag humanity from existence.

  39. this is NOT NOT believe me...i will NOT lie to will NOT listen to NOT obey me...go AWAY...i am NOT beautiful...i do NOT love any of u...i am NOT lance derek coleman!!!!!!


    Lucifer has fallen..