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Charles Manson and Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers

Charles Manson, a relatively early beta-test for the now-familiar Joker archetype, is dead at the age of 83. A lifetime convict and two-bit grifter, Manson was accused of masterminding two horrific murder sprees, ostensibly in hopes of triggering a race war he called "Helter Skelter," named after the famous Beatles song off Manson's beloved "White Album."

You probably know the official version of Manson's story and I'd wager quite a few of you are very well-read in the non-official versions as well. 

To me, Manson was just a charismatic jailhouse punk who certain parties found useful for a time. He did what he needed to do, was waved around in front of the television cameras and was then thrown back in the can, where he felt most comfortable and secure. 

Three hots, a cot and a parade of credulous journalists to bullshit from time to time? A never-ending stream of fan-mail from mentally-ill dipshits? Charlie achieved a level of Grifter-Nirvana that the most adept swamis would kill for.

As he himself admits, Manson was nobody, absolutely nobody  and probably would have remained so had he not shown up in certain circles in San Francisco at a time when a grand and ambitious new Project had been launched. 

This Project would round up a host of charismatic fuckups like Manson, give them whatever they needed so far as money, dope, whatever they liked to fuck and of course, scads and scads of media attention. 

Hence you had a lifetime bullshitter and showbiz bottomfeeder like Howard Stanton Levey remade as Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey.  When not spreading the Satanic gospel on high-profile media outlets, LaVey was essentially a host for kinky sex parties. All of which were almost assuredly recorded by the SFPD, for whom LaVey was a paid informant.

You had Kenneth Wilbur Anglemeyer aka Kenneth Anger, a onetime filmmaking prodigy gone to seed, whose fringey, fetishy work was openly financed by oil baron J.Paul Getty Jr., the Ford Foundation and other society-smashing Bond-villains. 

And you had a ditzy hausfrau-turned-shopkeep like Sybil Leek recast as the Wondrous Witch of the West and feted like royalty on American talk shows. And the beat goes on.

It was all part of the Project, all part of the Overarching Agenda.

So a guy like Manson-- whose trajectory would have landed him nowhere but back punking and snitching on the block -- in fact rubbed elbows with big-time showbiz types, rock stars and movie producers. People who otherwise would never piss on a Charles Manson if he was on fire.

Manson and his ragamuffin band of privileged suburban girls in the middle of their first schizophrenic breaks found themselves sheltered on a TV-set ranch, looked after by Tex Watson, a success-track frat-boy who apparently suddenly chucked it all to "find himself." Or something. 

Manson quite correctly points out he never killed anyone. Stone-cold sociopaths like Watson and Susan Atkins probably didn't need much prompting and it's generally agreed upon that the murders were committed to convince the cops that Bobby "Cupid" Beausoleil-- a musical prodigy caught up in a bummer drug deal with some angry bikers-- was in fact innocent of killing music teacher-drug dealer Gary Hinman.

Who exactly was targeted for the spree- and why- is of course another conversation altogether. And what certain parties knew about it all is another conversation even still.

You're probably seeing a lot of Manson stuff in your daily feed but I thought I'd repost this installment from the "Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers" series for another POV, one you might not be seeing all that much. 

Let me know what you all think in the comments.

By 1969, Hell had well and truly broken loose in America. 

A deeply-divisive and increasingly futile war, assassinations and concurrent riots that crippled major cities, widespread violence at the Democratic National Convention and an growing epidemic of hard drugs like speed and heroin were leading the country to the tipping point.*

And increasingly, seemingly random and horrific acts of violence from "serial" and "spree" killers would fill the headlines. 

Pop culture would be increasingly dominated by themes of horror, black magic and Satanism, everything from movies to bestselling fiction to television and to comic books. At the same time Dispensationalist Apocalypticism would rise from the Fundamentalist margins into the mainstream, with best-sellers like Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth. 

It was as if the entire country had fallen under a particularly malefic spell. Largely coinciding, strangely enough, with the creation of Project MK-OFTEN.


Lifetime convict Charles Manson quit San Francisco and made his way down the coast and eventually hooked up with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, who set up recording sessions for Charlie with producer Terry Melcher. Soon, stars like Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young were coming around to check out this crazy street-freak and his largely-improvised song-poems.

Wilson called Manson "the Wizard."

Manson picked up an entourage along the way, mostly young, fucked-up street kids, but ran into the same hassles in LA that hippies were facing in San Francisco. Manson somehow finagled a gig for himself and his "Family" at the Spahn Movie Ranch, where Hollywood producers used to shoot Westerns. More recently, TV shows like Gunsmoke had used it before it fell into disrepair.

Interesting place for a drifting ex-con and his street-people friends to crash. 

Coincidentally, Manson's alleged associates and San Francisco neighbors, the Process Church of the Final Judgement, would open a chapter in Los Angeles shortly after Manson and his entourage arrived in the area. Even more coincidentally, the Process would end up moving in some of the same circles as Manson and would, like Manson, also try to recruit Terry Melcher to their cause.

According to Adam Gorightly, the Process "stayed in public view until a few days after Robert Kennedy’s assassination on June 5, 1968, after which they dropped mysteriously from sight."

Sharon Tate would travel to England in 1965 to appear in Eye of the Devil, one of many occult thrillers produced in the 1960s and a kind of prototype for The Wicker Man.

She won the role in a very Rosemary's Baby-like fashion- actress Kim Novak had originally won the part but fell from a horse and couldn't complete the film. Tate was hired to re-film her scenes.

Alex and Maxine Sanders, celebrity witches and creators of "Alexandrian Wicca", were hired on as technical advisers for Eye. Make note of this detail.

One can't help but wonder if Tate fell under some sorcerer's spell while in England. Her short life would thereafter be filled with darkness and ill omen.

Tate with the Sanders

The darkness would spread to the Polanskis' social circle in Hollywood.

Jay Sebring was a celebrity hairstylist and a friend of the Polanskis. He would move into a house once owned by the famously doomed Hollywood couple, Paul Bern and Jean Harlow:
Bern met actress Jean Harlow shortly before the premiere of Hell's Angels in 1930...The two struck up a friendship and eventually began dating. They announced their engagement in June 1932 and married on July 2, 1932.

Two months after marrying Jean Harlow, on September 5, Bern was found dead from a gunshot to the head in their home on Easton Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The coroner ruled his death a suicide. 
Harlow died of kidney failure during the filming of Saratoga in 1937 at the age of 26.  
(The body Bern's common-law wife Dorothy Millette) was found in the Sacramento River two days after Bern's death. It was later determined that she had committed suicide by jumping from the Delta King steamboat.
In the November 1960 issue of Playboy, screenwriter Ben Hecht questioned the official verdict of Bern's death, causing renewed interest in the case. Hecht suggested that Bern was murdered by an unnamed woman and that the investigation into Bern's death was a "suicide whitewash".  
The sad tale was also chronicled by Kenneth Anger in Hollywood Babylon. But the house would see more tragedy before Sebring moved in:
(Sebring) loved the house but was always concerned about the fact that it was supposed to be “jinxed”. He knew the stories about Paul Bern’s death but he also learned that two people had drowned in the swimming pool as well.  
A subsequently notorious event in 1966 would transpire when Tate stayed over with Sebring one night.
Unable to sleep, she lay awake in Jay’s room with all the lights on. She was very uncomfortable, although she couldn’t explain why. She felt “funny”...and was frightened by every little sound that she heard. 
As it happened, she had good reason to be:
Suddenly, a person that she described as a “creepy little man” came into the bedroom! She was sure that this man was Paul Bern. The man ignored her though and wandered about the room, apparently looking for something. Sharon put on her robe and hurried out of the bedroom.
Things then went from frightening to terrifying:
Sharon started down the stairs but halfway down them, froze in shock. There was a figure tied to the staircase posts at the bottom of the steps. She couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. However, she could clearly see that the figure’s throat had been cut. Then, the apparition vanished.

Tate- and Polanski- would have another disturbing encounter, this time with dogs allegedly belonging to the Process Church, who were reportedly in the neighborhood as part of an estate-cleaning deal they arranged with an LA real estate baron:
...the Polanski’s had agreed to take care of Patty Duke’s sheep dog, and the dog had a habit of getting loose. On the night of the party, the sheep dog once again bounded away, and Roman Polanski went after it. 
Somewhere down the hill, Polanski encountered a group of vicious German Shepherds belonging to—as Sanders phrased it after a libel suit by DeGrimston—”English occultists who were in America to promote the end of the world.” Somehow, during his attempt to retrieve Patty Duke’s pooch, Polanski got locked in a garage trying to escape the cult’s dog pack, and managed to break a rear window out and escape up the hillside.
The omens kept on coming. Shortly before her death- and while pregnant- Tate had an affair with an actor named Christopher Jones. Jones later recalled a disturbing encounter with the actress:
"One night we went to visit the Trevi Fountain, and I looked at her and had the strongest feeling she was going to die."Another time I was looking over at her and asking her what she was thinking about, and she suddenly came out with: 'The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he's ugly, but he's not.'" 
I thought it weird at the time but Roman had just done the movie Rosemary's Baby so I related it to that."I told her she shouldn't say things like that because it made me nervous."
Strangely, Jones would have another disturbing experience with an actress the following year while filming a movie in Ireland:
Jones was cast by director David Lean in Ryan's Daughter (1970). … Unknown to Christopher, he was drugged during his filming of Ryan's Daughter by Sarah Miles ...which caused Christopher to believe he was having a breakdown. Jones also was involved in a car crash, not knowing he had been drugged. The director and producers never informed him of the drugging.
What the hell was wrong with these people? Seriously.
In any event, the Polanskis were allegedly part of a very wild party scene, and Tate was dragged into some rather sordid activity by Polanski:
Polanski had the professional and personal power Sharon craved and thus she was drawn into a world of frequent humiliations, subjected to his sexual proclivities that included drugs, affairs, orgies and home sex videos he shared with friends.
The scene at Cielo Drive would get very extreme, even by Hollywood standards.  The Daily Mail described it as "a revolving door with celebrities dropping by, unknown people flitting in and out, and orgies fueled by cocaine and hallucinogens like mescaline."

From Adam Gorightly's book The Shadow Over Santa Susana
"In Doris Day: Her Own Story, Terry Melcher was quoted that the 'murders had something to do with the weird film Polanski had made, and the equally weird people who were hanging around the house. I knew they had been making a lot of homemade sadomasochistic-porno movies there with quite a few recognizable Hollywood faces in them. 
The reason I knew was that I had gone out with a girl named Michelle Phillips, one of the Mamas and Papas, whose ex-husband, john Phillips, was the leader of the group. Michelle told me she and John had dinner one night, to discuss maybe getting back together, and afterwards he had taken her up to visit the Polanskis in my old house. Michelle said that when they arrived there, everyone in the house was busy filming an orgy and that Sharon Tate was part of it."

Sammy Davis, Jr.- who'd have his own flirtations with the dark side- later said of the Cielo Drive scene:  “Everyone there had at at one time or another been into Satanism.”  

Were the activities in this circle being filmed for blackmail purposes? Were they being filmed for private collectors? Did the whole scene just too far out of hand? Gorightly:

During follow-up investigations at the Polanski residence, police discovered several films and videotapes in the main bedroom closet. Some of these films, it has been rumored, involved an elite underground Hollywood group who swapped smut of each other...
There'd be even darker rumors about the scene and the films being made there:
Many years after the Tate/LaBianca murders, Manson told an interviewer, "Don't you think those people deserved to die?... They were involved in kiddie porn." Like Manson's Hollywood Star revelations, one must wonder about these allegations of Polanski making money from kiddie porn, as Charlie's claims pre-date Polanski's late 1977 rape case of an under-aged girl. 
Were these films somehow linked to the murders? Stories would later emerge that Manson and right-hand man Tex Watson hired themselves and the Family out as a murder-for-hire ring.

Before the murders, Manson was seen on walkthrough in the Cielo Drive property, as if casing it out. Was someone worried about their face appearing in one of those films?
At one point, two reporters approached the Manson defense team informing them that certain individuals in Hollywood were worried that the case might cause a film industry scandal. The reporters said that lots of porno -many of the hand-held, home-made variety -had been discovered during the Tate murder investigation, and that many influential people had put in pleas to the district attorney to lower the charge against Manson to manslaughter, as a way to keep him quiet.
Yet Manson was reportedly still preaching his race-war apocalypse, at least according to some of the testimony that emerged during the trial. One account had it that he took matters into his own hands, significantly with a drug-dealer:
By June, Manson was telling the Family they might have to show blacks how to start "Helter Skelter". When Manson tasked Watson with obtaining money supposedly intended to help the Family prepare for the conflict, Watson defrauded a black drug dealer named Bernard "Lotsapoppa" Crowe. Crowe responded with a threat to wipe out everyone at Spahn Ranch. Manson countered on July 1, 1969, by shooting Crowe at his Hollywood apartment. 
Drugs would play a role in the killing of Gary Hinman by Bobby Beausoleil, apparently ordered by Manson as another act in the Helter Skelter ritual (the killing was supposed to blamed on Black Panthers in Manson's tortured logic).

Manson was himself acting on the orders of the Straight Satans outlaw biker gang (remember Harlow and Bern and Hell's Angels?), who felt that Hinman had burned them with a bad batch of drugs.

Beausoleil was simply ordered to get the Satans' money back from Hinman, to the amount of $1000, but was ordered to kill him when Hinman said he didn't have the cash.

Strangely-- and synchronistically-- a parallel event would be unfolding at Cielo Drive, just a few days before Watson and his accomplices showed up to murder Sharon Tate and her friends:
 A dope dealer from Canada was punished for selling Jay Sebring bad dope. According to actor Dennis Hopper, twenty-five people were invited to watch the dealer get whipped and to participate in the whipping. They videotaped the event, as they had other events involving—again, according to Hopper—“sadism, masochism and bestiality.”   
Hopper claims that LA police informed him about some of this information. The tapes have never surfaced, but rumors in the Hollywood underground have always insisted that they exist...According to Hopper, the public humiliation of the dealer took place three days before the murders at Cielo Drive, which would make it on or about August 5th. 
The murders at Cielo Drive shocked Hollywood (Manson: "Write something witchy" in the victims' blood), followed by the murders of the LaBiancas. Later, rumors would circulate that Rosemary LaBianca had been involved in meth dealing. 

Peter Levenda writes in Sinister Forces:
Maury Terry raises an important point in his observation of the killings, one which cannot be easily ignored: if Helter Skelter was the true motive, then why did the killings stop after La Bianca?  
There was no evidence linking the Manson clan to any of the killings; they were still in the clear on Tate and La Bianca, although Bobby Beausoleil had been picked up for the Hinman murder. They could have continued their Helter Skelter murder spree much longer before being stopped. Why only that one weekend in August? Why only the five victims at the Tate house (six, if you count Sharon Tate’s unborn son) and two at La Bianca? 
The only reason that makes sense is that both murders were contract hits, and that Manson dressed it up in Helter Skelter for the benefit of his young female assassins...Helter Skelter was Manson’s “program” for the brainwashed murderers; it provided a context, and it also influenced their choice of bloody graffiti at each scene...

But another explanation would surface following the slayings:
Hippie Commune Ruled By ‘Black Magic’
Friday, December 5th, 1969

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 5 – “Black magic” …“He believes that he, and all human beings, are God” … “There is no crime, there is no sin” … “The women were the key to everything.”
Three friends of Charles M. Manson used those words Thursday to describe him and the way they say he ruled a clan of nomadic hippie-types on a commune near Death Valley. 
Prosecutors say they will seek an indictment charging Manson, 36, with conspiracy to commit murder. Several members of his clan are accused of slaying actress Sharon Tate and six others. 
The three friends—miner Paul Crockett, 50; guitar player Paul Watkins, 19; and Brooks Poston, 21—gave their descriptions in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. 
“The whole thing was held together by black magic,” said Watkins, who has followed Manson since they met two years ago in the Haight-Ashbury district, then the hippie Haven in San Francisco. 
“You don’t believe it? Well, it really exists, and it is powerful,” Watkins said. 
“He (Manson) believes that he, and all human beings, are God and the devil at the same time. He believes all human beings are part of each other,” said Poston, a Manson follower for two years. 
And more recently another theory for the Tate slaughter would surface, allegedly based on a report by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. In an article on Ed Sanders' book on Sharon Tate:
(O)ne loose thread in the story is the role of a mysterious English satanic cult that was active in LA in those years. 
The author learned new details after working with LA private investigator Larry Larsen, a former LA County deputy who assisted the investigation into the death of Robert F. Kennedy. 
Larsen had been informed through associates that the English satanic group had recruited Charles Manson to murder Tate because of information she had learned about RFK's assassination. 
The contention is that members of the English cult had invited Sirhan Sirhan to LA parties and one such party took place at Sharon Tate's residence, where sexual and ritualistic rites occurred – along with heavy drug use. 
According to an Immigration and Naturalization Service report, the English Satanist group had commissioned Manson to kill Sharon because of 'something that she unfortunately overheard that she was not supposed to overhear either in regards to Sirhan Sirhan or about Sirhan Sirhan'. 
Whether or not Sharon knew something about the Robert Kennedy assassination remains unanswered.

The links between Manson and the Process are well-documented. Gorightly: 
In Helter Skelter, Vincent Bugliosi recounted how Manson had been bragging about a relationship with The Process, until one day he was paid a visit in jail by two brethren of the church, “Father John” and “Brother Matthew.” After their departure, Manson seems to have clammed up for good about The Process, and since then has made no further comments.  
Maury Terry, The Ultimate Evil:
A jailed Manson killer told me Charlie's 'family' met Process leaders at the 'Spiral Staircase' house (the Process headquarters) near Los Angeles in 1968. Manson himself confirmed this statement in his autobiography. In a clear reference to the English group, he wrote that he met individuals who worshiped 'multiple devils' (there).
Despite the many denials of their association from the Church and their supporters, The Process magazine would later publish a piece by Manson:
In “The Death” issue of Process from 1971, a brief article by Charles Manson appeared, entitled “Pseudo-profundity in Death,” which Charlie penned during the course of the Tate/LaBianca trial. In this article, Manson described death as “total awareness … Coming to Now … and Peace from this world’s madness and paradise in my own self.”  
This was not a news piece- this was a commissioned article. Meaning the Process hired Manson to write the piece, meaning they had contact with him while he was in prison.

So what is it then? Were the killings mere drug hits or were they meant to trigger a race war? Or were they ordered by an "apocalyptic English satanist cult" with links to mind control and the RFK assassination?

Or what if it was all three?


Great effort is now being made to rehabilitate the Process Church and attack their critics (like Sanders), but what if the Church were just another front for more troubling activities, including drugs, mind control and political extremism? 

What if the Church's congregants had no idea what other players were actually doing behind the curtains while they went about their zany cultic business?

Perhaps we'll never know. 

But we should look at their travels in 1966 anyway. They apparently went from Nassau to the Yucatan Peninsula to New Orleans.

That's a very interesting path indeed. 

First Nassau. From a 1981 Christian Science Monitor article entitled "Bahamas: an island paradise for drug traffickers":

Tainted cash flowing in from drugs smuggling has permeated every sector of the economy.  
The story is much the same in Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, where many new commercial ventures funded by drug money are changing the face of the inner city.
Then Yucatan. From a STRATFOR report on drug cartels in Mexico:
While some South American drugs come into Mexico on land at the Guatemalan border, most are shipped via air or boat along two main routes. The first route enters the Yucatan Peninsula by either remote airstrips or the port of Cancun and then goes across the border into Texas by land, air or sea along the Gulf of Mexico.  
"As a port city, New Orleans was a gateway for drug smuggling well into the 20th century, and the city's historic tolerance for gambling, drinking and other behaviors proved conducive to drug dealing and addiction," state museum historian Karen Leathem said.
What exactly were this English cult -- who'd later set up branches in other cities like Boston and San Francisco-- doing, hopping around these smuggling hotspots like that? 

And why exactly would get mixed up with all these apparent drug hits in Los Angeles?

I guess we'll never know.

But we do know that New Orleans was also where DA Jim Garrison's conspiracy case on the John F. Kennedy assassination was filed, and where many of the key players in it were headquartered, including Mafia don Carlos Marcello.

What was that about Sharon Tate again?
According to the INS report, this “English satanic group” purportedly took out a contract with Manson to kill Sharon Tate because of something she overheard at these parties regarding Sirhan Sirhan.
In one of those zany, wacky, loony coincidences you can only chalk up to kismet, the Process Church would fall apart in early 1974, shortly after Air America, the CIA's airline widely reported to have been involved in drug smuggling (particularly from South America), had its operating authority canceled by the CAB, or Civilian Aviation Board.

Weird, wacky stuff.


The Process wasn't the only cult Manson was involved with. Another LA area cult would enter the mix when a grim headline hit the papers.

As it happened, there'd be no Thelemic solidarity once the Solar Lodge scandals hit the wires. Especially not when the magic "Manson" word was uttere "(OTO leader Grady) McMurtry promptly informed on Brayton to the FBI, almost certainly to avoid his own affairs being investigated too closely."

Reports of the Family's involvement with the Solar Lodge came in from other sources as well: (Ed) Sanders reported that at least five separate sources informed him that Manson was involved with the Solar Temple Lodge...Sander's also claimed that a house owned by Brayton at 1251 West Thirtieth Street in Los Angeles was supposedly frequented by Manson. [In fact, it was Manson ‘Family’ member Tex Watson, not Charles Manson.

Alex Constantine wrote that the Solar Lodge were another link in the Mansonian apocalyptic chain and used similar tactics on their members as did Manson himself:
 The group subscribed to a grim, apocalyptic view of the world precipitated by race wars... The Riverside O.T.O., like the Manson Family, used drugs, sex, psycho-drama and fear to tear down the mind of the initiate and rebuild it according to the desires of the cult's inner-circle.
The Braytons used their proceeds from the cult to buy a number of properties in the LA area. How exactly they raised these funds is unclear. It's difficult to imagine they did so from members' dues, as some ex-cultists have claimed.

A former member detailed just how brutal the cult leader's control tactics were, charges which were disputed by some lodge members: 
Candace Reos, a former member of the Solar Lodge, was questioned by the police in 1969. She stated that Brayton practised thought-control on the Lodge's members; one member, she remembered, was ordered to curb his sexual desires by cutting his wrists every time he was aroused. Mrs. Reos told the police that when she herself became pregnant, Brayton was outraged, and told Reos that she would have to train herself to hate the unborn child.  
Reos went on that the children of the group's forty-three members were kept apart from their parents, and received special "training" that was given in "very severe tones." She added that "there was a lot of spanking involved, and a lot of being enclosed in dark rooms." The teacher's punishments "left welts", and the Order parents themselves were sometimes ordered to beat their own children.
Following the headlines over child abuse, Brayton and her husband would flee to Mexico and other members would be jailed. 


The Manson story was a Hollywood story, a story of the young Hollywood demimonde run amok, and its flirtation with the new breed of rough trade ending as badly as anything Kenneth Anger had ever chronicled.

So perhaps it's no surprise that Hollywood was quick to reassure itself in the grand Hollywood tradition.

Or perhaps the not-so-grand tradition: a 1970 TV movie called Ritual of Evil, that I previously reviewed on the Satellite.
(I)ts plot is ripe with parallels to the Manson Family case, though none of the details that people might normally focus on. Instead, it seems to be encoding details about Sharon Tate, the Process Church and the bad news party scene on Cielo Drive, all those details that didn't begin to surface until Ed Sanders' muckracking expose, The Family was published in 1971, a year after this film aired.
In Ritual, a rich young woman named Aline Wiley is discovered dead on a beach, and investigation into her apparent suicide reveals that a satanic cult called Capricorn has been making the rounds in LA, spicing up the orgy scene with mock human sacrifices and black masses. At first suspicion falls on a folk singer (played by Georg Stanford Brown) who is lodging on the Wiley estate, especially since he recently spent time in prison on a drug rap.
But Sorrell soon learns that Aline was mixed up with Capricorn and used to bring hippies to her parties (read: orgies) and subject them to nasty, satanically-tinged S/M games. These games then climax in the ritual sacrifice of a poor bearded hippie- that is to say, a Charles Manson-lookalike as sacrificial lamb (patsy?)- and Aline's own death. 
All of the mayhem is orchestrated by other parties, however, who use these dabblers and hippie wastrels as puppets. Oddly familiar somehow...
The patsy angle is only reinforced by the appearance of several Manson Oswalds. Whoever wrote this thing knew their Weirdness. And their semiotics: naming a satanic cult "Capricorn" would do nicely if you wanted to create a Process Church analog, considering that they worshiped Christ and Satan in equal measure. Christ was born in the sign of Capricorn. 
Several details pop out at you while watching Ritual of Evil.

• First of all, the actress who plays the Sharon Tate character is in fact a dead ringer for Sharon Tate. Her name is odd- Aline. But if we scroll back up to Tate's involvement in Eye of the Devil we remember Alex and Maxine Sanders' involvement in that film. 

AL-ex and max-INE= ALINE. Get it?

So we're not only are told this is Sharon Tate, we're told what she was up to and why she was up to it. The sacrifice here is an obvious reference to the beating of the Strip drug dealer and other sicko games Tate presided over.

Bear in mind this aired six months after the murders.

• Secondly, there's a washed-up female screen star running around the house in question  (which is actually a fabulous beachfront property in Malibu). This is an obvious (and unkind) reference to Doris Day, whose son Terry Melcher was renting the house on Cielo.

• There's some genuine occultism dropped into the script, some Book of the Law and call outs to Astarte and other figures you wouldn't hear cited in your usual dopey Hollywood Satanist potboiler.

The Proce...sorry, Capricorn is presented an organization with a decadent but essentially harmless front and a much more serious and diabolical force operating behind the scenes. And as the public would only find out much later about the Process, the male leader of Capricorn is a poseur and a buffoon and the real power lies with its female leader.

Fascinating. What did these producers know about the Process and the party scene at Cielo? Were they trying to tell us something about it here?

• Just in case you didn't get the hint they actually were talking about the Process here, they include a subplot about a German Shepherd that's used in "Capricorn's" rituals.

• And this is perhaps strangest of all: having met and spent time with Jacques Vallee I can tell you that Louis Jourdan is doing a dead-on Vallee in Ritual.
I believe this and Fear No Evil- both intended to launch a proposed series titled Bedeviled- started life as UFO-themed series about Vallee or a Vallee-like character and that Jourdan studied film and video of the UFOlogist (who had made a splash in the Sixties and was close friends with Anton LaVey) to prepare for the role.

The writer seems to have read Passport to Magonia; the Jourdan character takes a Jungian-type approach to the cultic activities, and there's even an older,  more mystical Aime Michel-type character who is used for expositional purposes.

LtoR: Jacques Vallee, Anton LaVey, Aime Michel

Ritual of Evil aired in February of 1970. Think about that for a moment.

What does this mean?

Given the time it takes to write, prepare and produce even a made-for-TV move, it means it must have been written before Charles Manson and the rest of his family had been arrested for the Tate-LaBianca murders.

It may have been written before the murders themselves.

Telling tales out of school indeed.

Since one of the Mansons in the film was a "sacrificial lamb" for the, Capricorn's black mass, what does that tell us about lifetime loser Charles Manson, who had once begged the authorities to keep him in prison because he didn't know how to live on the outside?

What ritual is the film's title referring to exactly?


* In other words a lot like now, only with a news media that actually did its fucking job and spoke truth to power.

The witch in Ritual of Evil is played by Diana Hyland, who was the original mother in Eight is Enough, based on a novel by a CIA agent.

And yes, Ritual of Evil is staffed with all kinds of Leslie Stevens people, including Hyland herself.


  1. Manson was portrayed in the last two episodes of this season of "American Horror Story"
    In the episode, titled “Charles (Manson) in Charge”, Evan Peters took on the role of Charles Manson, Billie Lourd played Linda Kasabian, and Sarah Paulson portrayed Susan Atkins. The previously killed-off Billy Eichner also returned to the series as Tex Watson.

    The reenactment was pretty accurate, and very graphic, as the show re-created the deaths of aspiring screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski, heiress to the coffee fortune Abigail Folger, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, Steven Parent, and, of course, actress Sharon Tate at her and her husband Roman Polanski’s Cielo Drive home in Beverly Hills in 1969.

    While Manson was not present at the Tate murder scene, Peters played opposite himself as he portrayed the cult leader as a hallucination in Kai Anderson’s mind.

  2. Miles Mathis has some very interesting info on the subject in his essays.

    1. Quite - especially his analysis of the crime scene photos.


  3. Capricorn can very easily be seen as the mermaid.

  4. Thank you, Chris, for posting this concise bit of the hippy horror show. As dark and disgusting as it is it should never be allowed to slip down the memory hole.

    It's been said, Manson's name at birth was "No Name Maddox". The name goes back to a legendary Welsh prince. The word mad, from Welsh, means fortunate. In current English, mad means crazy or angry. Either way. Several celebs have named their children Maddox. I wouldn't be surprised if more syncy coincidences come from this.

    1. Grim but accurate. The front page of yesterday's paper in Las Vegas featured a story about a horrific murder/suicide against some children, committed by a man named Marcus Maddox. Ugh. The Ritual goes on. At least his first name wasn't "Marilyn"...

    2. His name may have been Maddox but the intel alias, Charles Manson, derives from several deliberate sources, including Charlemagne and specifically, Charles Spencer Mann, the primary Freemasonic developer of Laurel Canyon- Spencer is a key name in the peerage and only a vetted brother is allowed to reach that far in finance circles. Manson (Mann's son) (possibly adopted from the Hollywood orphan rings overseen by Georgia Tann) was the persona created by those high end fraternities, which also include the military and the fathers of both Tate and Folger- Lt. Col. Paul Tate and Major Peter Folger, both high ranking military intelligence operatives. This was not a mass mind fuck involving actual killers and drug addicts- try and herd cats like that some time- but actors/intel assets groomed for the roles. No crimes were committed. You can't get recruits for domestic ops if they are going to be looking over their shoulder the rest of their anxiety ridden lives. The media can lie with impunity- they are not under oath-- As for Tate and the other "vicsims"- Santa Catarina (look it up) in Brazil is my guess where they went before their new personas emerged stateside- ie, sister “Patti” Tate is really Sharon (Google image her and tell me different)-

  5. One thing you allude to here that deserves more investigation is how MKOFTEN was likely used to manufacture a hokey cartoon villain to help fuel the rise of the managed state-backed evangelical movement in the late 70s and 80s.

  6. wow, great post. I've read widely on the Manson stuff and you've given some real nuggets here worth some serious pondering. I've never heard of Ritual of Evil but immediately got a copy to watch tonight... insanity

  7. Also worth mentioning is The Manson File by ex-Satanist/husband ov Zeena LaVey, Nikolas Schreck. The original book is available at now, surprisingly:

    Although he released a hugely expanded edition some years back which you can find info about at his website. He's also done some radio interviews that are quite informative which you can find on youtube searching for his appearance on "TLB Radio"

    Lastly, his documentary on Manson is also worth consideration:

    I only mention all of Schreck's work because he covers a lot of ground not commonly talked about, much of which is related to the subject matter here. And of course the obvious connections of Schreck and family.

  8. "It was all part of the Project, all part of the Overarching Agenda."

    Interesting, but would you care to elaborate on this? The agenda to do what exactly?

  9. Oh yeah, I remember those days. As soon as Reagan became Governor all hell broke loose in California- Zodiac, Tate-La Bianca, SLA, Zebra, etc. As soon as his term was over things quited down somehow.
    "Remember, MK early, Mk often"

  10. One looks into the gravity hole, the black iron prison. Loving kindness is key. Do no harm. Shine forth brave souls.87

    1. PKD.
      An experiment of a ritual working designed to sway the masses?
      "Holly Wood"?
      Sway public opinion; direct public opinion?
      These "GODS" are MAD!
      To base strength upon weakness is END "GAME".

  11. Roman and Charlie should have been cell mates and they could fill the the block with the rest of scum in Hollywood. Charlie is just another patsy in a a long line of which I suspect Stephen Paddock is the latest.


    Marilyn Manson mistakenly mourned in twitter following announcement of Charles Mason’s death. Publicity or synchronicity? Or both.

    1. The cybernetic 'Millennial generation's' Memory Hole is huge.

    2. Actually that not simply a mistaken identity but a weird sync; because it's public record that the shock-rocker Marilyn Manson took his name from cult leader Charles Manson and Hollywood screen legend Marilyn Monroe.

      In other words simply blaming Millennials isn't seeing the proverbial forest through the trees. That serial killers spiritual DNA or thought-form if you prefer is programed into Marilyn Manson's band name.

      Now that so many minds is thinking the lead singer is dead it will be curious to see what psychic blow back it has on him. I think they gonna finally regret choosing that moniker for their band.

  13. It bears mentioning as well, that Manson is the product of many things, severe child abuse being one of them.

    Also, reposting the Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers article is relevant in light if the revelations that have come, and are coming out of, Hollywood and the entertainment industry of late.

  14. Note the date on the cover? 23th.
    I always found the Sanders creepy. Maxine never replied to my email.

  15. Whoops, it was Janet Farrar who never replied to my email. Sorry, I'm half asleep at the moment. It's been a busy week and it's only Tuesday morning.

  16. Manson is an american archetype. The charismatic career criminal. To the outside world he is a character straight out of some crime drama. I bet in prison they didnt care. He was in the hospital for "intestinal bleeding".....hmmmm

    The Manson character has always been an icon to edgy kids, goths, punks, metal heads. There is a whole underground scene of people who are obsessed with serial killers, murders, true crime, like people are obsessed with celebrities.

    The manson case is more fascinating than the rest, a cult leader, hippie assholes, the beach boys, hollywood, weird government connections.
    The manson case was also one of the big moments were the whole love and peace hippie flower power started to die.

    Mansons true danger was his fast talking charisma, you see all those edgy kids hearing his rants and thinking thats cool. If manson ever had left prison he probably could have convinced a lot more dumb kids to kill for him

    1. Kind of reminds me of Paddock's father.

    2. I have seen people wearing Charles Manson T shirts. A good way of letting others know they are to be avoided. And just yesterday I saw a guy wearing an Altamont t shirt. I bet he does not even know what that means.

  17. Buddhafields- documentary about one of these creatures of the Hollywood sixties that was drawn into the community of sex and power draped in a veneer of free love and almost certainly learned something about the psychodynamics of control and used it to create his own private exploitation culture. There's a link here to the Manson power complex, and it's in the eyes.

    Michel, arch-controller of the roving entity that is the Buddhafield, came from nowhere and tried multiple trades before settling on spiritual guru in the early eighties, including dancer, actor and porn star. He built a narrative about empowerment through beautification, selected attractive people, wrapped them up in jubilant group play and his own brand of enlightenment that feels distilled from something you'd learn from the wrong people.

    Watching this doc, the sense creeps in that this Michel has bottled something and is selling it to confused, vulnerable, pretty white kids. There is no way this cat actually believed or believes himself a guru or the least bit enlightened. Instead like a trained methodology of control. Not to mention that everything at Buddhafield is structured around the peculiar sensibilities of a reclusive actor and dancer from somewhere in South America. Everyone must exercise. And dance. And occasionally get plastic surgery. And abort their pregnancies. And produce long-form dance projects. And submit to sordid molestation and rape. And dance. Dancing is God!

    Michel was a gay stag film performer, talented dancer and cold-blooded bitch of a man who learned something from these same people that the supposed architect of Helter Skelter must have, in my estimation. A lo-fi enchantment that bridged the uncanny valley for his acolytes. Manson would probably perform campfire miracles in much the same settings that you see this Michel do for his followers in this documentary, only his had a hairy lethality, if those weaponized young women who wrote jeering graffiti in the blood of their victims are any indication.

    Both men sought to exact their private agendas upon the world. Manson superimposed himself upon other people. Michel used subtle conditioning to control people for his own sick benefit under the guise of enlightenment-seeking, and still does to this day. In Hawaii, I believe.

    You're watching Rosemary's Baby. It's good like you didn't remember it, the character exchanges crisp and crackling, somehow very much of its time but feeling like it was performed produced with the energy of a modern cast and crew. The action is ramping up to the end that you remember and you can't wait for the brilliantly denied Big Reveal- it is, after all, the very feeling of dreadful certainty that makes this movie timeless, above its stark post-modernity. Mia Farrow is pushing through the crowd and in a moment of strange stillness which is just long enough to make you question why you're staring at the backs of several heads, one of them turns and a strong face emerges, gazing at you with a darkly smoldering look that belies the vacancy within- Michel, in his one role. I think that this is Roman Polanski referencing himself, looking back through a mirror at his own initiation into one of these god damned sexfest soirees circles.

    As to the genius of the Manson complex- if indeed the manipulative cheat and son of a whore had to complete a hit, gather the resources for that hit through sabotage and more murder, all the while furnish his delusional flower child Manchurian soldiers with a motive for killing some Hollywood hedonists that fit into his race war narrative while staving off enemies in the criminal underworld, then the man was peaking before his whole program collapsed on itself. It was without a demonstrable endgame. Like all egomaniacal little men with a need for an audience, he spun and got lucky by achieving lift because the cut of his jib caught the attention of some hacks and the real villains who came to their pool parties. Perhaps in the end the departed little Charles flew too close to the sun.

  18. Yeah, a charismatic hustler is a pretty apt description of Manson. Now he's part of American mythology. Ugh. As a student of the Gothic I get people's artistic fascination with all things dark, but Manson was low-life scum. Dodgy cult leaders tend to be. People aren't mourning for that freak, surely? Their mourning for whatever Gothic fairy dust they sprinkled over him in their imaginations. We damn and silence our heroes and turn monsters into gods. Kinda makes you wonder about the spiritual nature of the things ruling over us, right?

    1. For the longest time, long as I've been alive, the zeitgeist was that Roman spectacle that Knowles talks about in the modern context, our intellectual decadence period. Manson is the Christian-killing lion between the bread and circuses. The press created this creature, as did the multiple incarnations on big and small screens. Vincent Bugliosi is precisely as culpable by being the first to isolate  Manson as a criminal with delusions of grandeur, taking advantage of a public outcry to crush the evil hippie hustler and his converts, Manchurian fembots from suburbia.

      Now take a look at the comment by Anon10:06. Exemplia gratia of the anti-intellectual cynicism that rejects all as conspiracy out of frustration with a world that seems built entirely on skullduggery. Terse, derisive and passive aggressive, awkwardly pithy with another NewSpeak invention: 'ZionIntel idiots'.

      Really read this comment and see the death of analytical thought, where dissent is bombed off the tracks before it can reach the station. 'Everybody... in this article are CIA assets, hoaxes, farces...' Then the cruelly insulting stab at 'synchronicity', which misses the mark, but the sting remains.

      You see my friend, no one can become a household villain again or even be paid homage by a smartass arthouse hack like Brian Warner for the sake of shock value, because the public has given up on even getting onboard with the sense of outrage in the whirlpool vortex of cultural detritus and blood. Beloved entertainers and titans of industry flushed down to the abyss in a blur. You have a cursor and scroll function to police your input and you can always close the window to the false gnostic virtuality when your widdle eyes get tired.

      We damn ourselves for our own humanity in the process of designing ourselves in the panopticon and force-feed the children of today with neo-liberal social control and post-humanist ideals. The purge is already underway.

      That, gnostic friend, is the spiritless Thing which will rule us after the Hegelian pendulum finally finishes its arc in traditionalism and swings back, smashing through everything recognizable, leaving a vacuum for liberal authoritarianism. Then you'd better stick to Google-censored television and Tinder, unless you want to be accused of thinking the wrong thing or chancing a kiss from the pretty girl whose feminist studies professor has turned her into a pod person that sees gender as a choice and 'microagressions' as sexual harassment.

  19. Basically everybody and everything mentioned in this article are CIA assets, hoaxes, farces, actors, scripts.

    Suddenly, 'synchronicity' simply becomes a another word for juvenile ZionIntel games. Idiots pissing against the wind.


    1. Nothing changes CIA puppet show everyday online,movie theater,TV,radio and newspaper. "All roads lead to Langley"

  20. I remember reading somewhere that the Beatles themselves were asked to testify in the trial... which sounds a bit odd, to put it mildly. Can somebody say anything more about that?

  21. if you want to bend your mind a little more, try to find a copy or showing of this:!_Die_Freaky!

  22. Manson had a swastika tat between his eyes; the area of the "third eye". Then, on the day of his death, there is this, "a giant swastika unearthed in Germany."

    Ritual coincidence has a way of pulling more coincidence into its fractal pattern, especially civic ritual.


  23. Vallee has been coming up a lot for me. In fact, I finally got around to reading "Passport to Magonia," which I began reading on Nov. 16th (coincidentally the 40th anniversary of the release date of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") and finished just last night. And tomorrow will be the 49th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' "White Album," while also the 54th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Number 9, number 9, number 9 ...

    1. Funny that you mention "number 9" Andrew, because
      Quentin Tarantino was scheduled to make a film about the Manson murders for The Weinstein Company, but when news broke out about the sexual assault allegations against co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, Tarantino has since severed ties with The Weinstein Company and has been essentially summoning studio executives to his agent's office to read copies of his Manson script.
      The working title for the film is #9, being Quentin Tarantino's ninth feature film.
      Margot Robbie is in talks to play Sharon Tate.
      Robbie is currently filming her role as Queen Elizabeth the First, so if I was Robbie I wouldn't touch the Sharon Tate role with a barge pole.

  24. There's a lot to recommend this article from the Atlantic:
    in terms of what you've written about here. Although Gilbert leaves out the parapolitical background that you're focused on here, where she takes the "cultural significance" of Manson is made even more interesting by reading your background.

    Two quotes in the article that I very much appreciate. Martin Amis, reviewing Joan Didion's collection of essays entitled *The White Album,* wrote "All of us are excited by what we most deplore." Second, a quote from the title piece of Didion's collection, which was about her memories of the day people started to find out about the Tate murders: "Early reports were frenzied, shocking, lurid, and incorrect. 'I remember all of the day’s misinformation very clearly,' Didion writes, 'and I also remember this, and wish I did not: I remember that no one was surprised.'"

    ...I find your original "Secret Sorcerers" post more persuasive on re-read than the first time 'round.

    1. & what was "all of the day's misinformation"?

    2. I don't know;I would have to read the entire essay. But it's my guess she was referring to the phenomenon that when a story "like this" hits, a lot of the initial reaction is chatter and has the informational value of a round of "telephone game."

      I don't think it's a risk to argue that Los Angeles at the time was one of the top 3, if not the top 2 most influential media markets in the U.S., so there would be tons of notebooks/cameras/microphones "on the ground" pretty instantaneously, scooping up whatever their eyes, ears, cameras, and mikes land upon -- peoples' reactions, which are invariably "chaotic".

      For very natural reasons, it takes a while for the story to "settle." It's an open question to me (and it seems to me this is one of the basic sub-texts of CLK's ongoing discussions/meditations on "just how do we decipher all this?") just how much conscious spinning and manipulating of this is by "powers that be," but it seems incontrovertible to me that there is *some*.

      What do *you* think?

    3. I read The White Album in 1990 and what impressed me the most was how a bleak place California must had been in the late sixties, early seventies. Listening to Steely Dan also gives that vibe. The better off people are the more depressed they get. Or so it seems. We live all our lives believing that making money will make us happy, most of us never become rich do we just keep chasing money mindlessly until one day we just drop dead. So what happens when the few who actually strike it rich, especially at a young age, and suddenly realize they are not any happier than they were before? Some may get into some seriously sick things in order to get their kicks, getting sicker and sicker until either getting caught or dying. The game is rigged, the house always wins. Not playing is the only way to win.

    4. CA needed to be bleak, if McGowanis to be believed. And indeed, a band apparently designed to arise after the 60s Laurel Canyon scene to soothe and numb everyone (and make them forget those crazy peaceniks and women's libbers) arose: The Eagles. One of their hits, Hotel California pretty much summed it up, along with Segar's Hollywood Nights. Talk about revelation of method.

      Catch Iggy (bonus Bowie tie!) in the Jarmusch documentary about the Stooges. Even then he only hinted at the dark forces taking over "country rock" back then.

    5. Another look at the bleak CA scene after the 60s:

      The rocker with the dirty laundry?

  25. Manson was a pawn who thought he was a king. But despite the madness, he occasionally had his moments of lucidity. Have you seen this before? Worth a watch.

    Charles Manson on Scientology, the Process and the Occult:

    The Monkees would have been a whole lot more interesting if he'd passed that audition though...

    1. Charles Manson was a pawn who realized that playing out his role meant that he could get to the 8th rank and king-up. He probably understood that that meant that piece could almost immediately be taken, but was uncdeterred.

  26. On New Year's Eve 2016, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich wheeled out Paul McCartney to sing at his private island in the Caribbean. The song?

    Helter Skelter.

    No big deal, I guess, but it did herald the year that Nazis and the Klan are resurgent, and that Charlie buys the farm...

    And, of course, Russia has fingers in a lot of pies lately.

    1. The Klan doesn't exist anymore, it's 198 FBI agents and 2 drunks. If you don't know your enemy and you don't know yourself, you'll be imperiled in every battle.

    2. Will you please quit misdirecting about white supremacists. I got your number dude!

    3. It may be the other way around, there are supposedly many FBI agents who are Klansmen too. And more than a few G men are drunks too.

  27. Curious Novak was up for 'Eye of The Devil', if she'd not jinxed herself the part would have been a third prominent witchy role after 'Vertigo' & 'Bell, Book and Candle' (which like 'Vertigo' also stars James Stewart smitten bewitchingly by Novak once again.)

    That 'MERMAID' Perrie Edwards, co-singer of 'Black Magic', looks brewed from the same clone batch as Tate, & so many of the women in 'Ritual of Evil' resemble Tate - the beach corpse most obviously (dead in the water, a song to the siren) but also the photographer & some of the other satanic house guests.

    & curious that Manson 'never killed' anyone as nor did his oft-mentioned in the same twinning sentence Adolf Hitler.

    & even though 'The Beach Boys' changed some of the words of 'Cease to Exist' lyrically 'Never Learn Not to Love' still sounds like the work of the uncredited Manson.

    What will ripple on from his passing? It sure takes any lingering public heat off pedowood, no one involved in tinseltown is a cult member or leader are they!

    1. Saying that Hitler never killed anyone is like saying Henry Ford never sold any cars.

    2. Anon 11:14 - is that the same as Henry Ford never killed anyone by selling cars to help finance Hitler?

    3. Maybe not, in night of the long knives (June 30, 1934) I once came across a reference to Hitler having shot the gay man who was in bed with Ernst Rohm. Sorry I cannot recall where I read that, but it's plausible, also Hitler was a decorated WWI vet. Despite what others have written I find it very unlikely that he never fired at the enemy.

  28. Manson was a monster who murdered ten people and died in jail. Other monsters murder millions of people and go free. Life goes on.

    1. No, Manson didn't murder 10 people. That's part of the intrigue of the story.

  29. Paul Watkins' book is fascinating, I didn't know about the Paul Crockett character until I read it. Crockett seems to have engaged Manson , he challenged his psychic powers in a kind of wizard battle and enticed a few of his family members away from him. Manson was unraveling and was soon arrested.

  30. I was curious about what happened to the Process Church, and it looks like after a few transformations they are now the "Best Friends Save Them All" animal rescue organization!? WTF?

    Also interesting, the logo for this "Best Friends" is orange...and a thinly veiled vesica piscis...

    1. Hmmm. Seems more like Borromean Rings.

      On the subject of seeming, it seems to me that the Vesica Piscis signifies the overlapping ways of Sun & Secret Sun - anyone else concur?

    2. I get the strong sense that there may have been two Processes.

      One was just a wacked out hippie cult that probably involved a lot of sex and drugs and whathaveyou. The other seems to have been something actually sinister and was likely involved in drug running, contract hits, and maybe other much darker things depending on how much you believe of the various theories that are around.

      The outer larger group could have served as cover for the smaller darker inner group. Or alternately the darker inner group could have been kind of a "spin-off" or something else entirely that moved in and took up residence within the Process to use it. One advantage of moving into and cloaking oneself in something like the Process would be a ready source of nutty hippie and pseudo-Satanist types to throw to the wolves as patsies.

      It very much reminds me of biker gangs where most members are just bikers who like to get drunk and high and ride around on their hogs but a few are using the gang as a framework for an actual criminal organization. Also reminds me of the intelligence concept of a "cut-out." Some cut-outs are manufactured whole cloth while others are appropriated.

  31. Manson is gone now but there are now thousands of people as deranged as him out there all over the world doing their masters bidding without even being aware of it. Just look at all those kook religious cults around, sometimes it seems that every town has a resident cuckoo ready to explode at any minute. How convenient. I guess they exist as one of many safety features of the control system along with regular religion, organized sports, videogames, Peak TV, facebook and countless others distractions. Bread and circuits.

    1. How true. I was going to comment but this is my thought exactly. It's a system, pure and simple at some level, but never entirely written down. Like an AI program on a distributed computing network. Mansons are like fruiting bodies on a virtual mycelium.

    2. An articles about those "fruiting bodies" no doubt timed for Manson's death despite serial killers being down in 2016. Still some interesting background and estimates that may be an indicator of the success or failure of various MK projects:

  32. The Secret Sun illumines as usual, though unfortunately these idols will probably continue to receive adulation within Hollywood Babalon. Misc thoughts:

    Getty's son was expelled from boarding school after "Manson's Helter Skelter" inspired him to repaint the walls. He was later kidnapped and had his ear cut off.

    I recall that Hopper said he really was Frank Booth and found the role immediately appealing. As for his story about Cielo Drive:

    "What the world needs is a good whipping" - Lavey. Perhaps Manson and Polanski ("Venus in Furs", 2013) would agree.

    The Solar Lodge had probably been reading Crowley's "Liber Jugorum", which describes behaviour-conditioning practices utilizing a razor (which isn't at all necessary), as well as the cultivation of alternate personalities.

  33. For some reason Manson always reminded me of Jack Ruby. Two men who appeared to know a lot more than they ever admitted but dropped plenty of hints along the way. Decoys, misdirection. Also Rudolph Hess, rotting away in Spandau as the real killers lived in luxury in South America and the US.

  34. Anyone seen the the Neil Edwards "Sympathy for the Devil" documentary on The Process Church? Really good article about it here:


    "Cults like the Process and the Source, that have a multi-media approach that includes a look, music and other forms of sophisticated communications seem to captivate the public's imagination long after they disintegrate. In this way, The Process left us a lot behind to mull over and yet it’s all still so damn mysterious. Can you comment about how that effected you?

    What is left behind is mysterious. It is wonderfully exotic. It is seductive. I still often am surprised and find it hard to put my finger on what they were doing. I think what their materials evidence is a group on a journey. They are growing, developing, changing, modifying as they go.

    It was also an era of rapid change. From ‘love me do’ to ‘helter skelter’ in 6 years. So, The Process left behind an amorphous body of materials and I don’t think can be looked at and understood without understanding their history. Hopefully the film goes some way towards doing that."

    Also watch Neil Edwards interview here, at MonsterFest 2016 in Melbourne:

    The whole documentary is also on Youtube, but can only be played with Movie Partner:

  35. I always wondered what had caused brian wilson to go insane in the 70s. Maybe being near Manson pushed him over the edge.

    1. He claims he took lsd and a week later started hearing voices in his head

  36. Abother 'Perrie', Katy of The Hudson referred to her then husband Russell Brand as being a mix of 'Jesus', 'Charles Manson' & 'Elvis', & that standing next to him made her 'smarter' (& Perry wants to purchase the convent next door to the 'Healter Skelter' murders site).

    (In 1994, Jeff Franklin, 'creator of the television series Full House, as well as other sitcoms, such as the spin-off Fuller House', 'bought 10050 Cielo Drive, site of the Tate murders' ... 'the owner demolished the house and built a replacement home called Villa Bella, with a new street address of 10066 Cielo Drive.' ... 'Altobelli moved into the house just three weeks after the murders and resided there for the next 20 years. During an interview on ABC's show 20/20, he said that while living there, he felt "safe, secure, loved and beauty."' ('20/20' also being the title of The Beach Boys album featuring their reworking of Meanson's 'Cease To Exist'.)


    'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius'

    No. 66 on 'on Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time"'

    '"Medley: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)" (commonly called "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In", "The Age of Aquarius" or "Let the Sunshine In")'

    'Flesh Failures' just don't got that happy flower power hippy vibe, no wonder it was left out of polite discussion, maybe this omission is what made 'nobody' push the button on 'Helter Skelter'.

    The sickest sync of all though may be 'smelly cat' as heard on 'friends' is a direct melodic ripoff of Manson's 'Garbage Dump' (Lisa Kudrow said in Larry King Now that the writers of Friends penned the lyrics to Smelly Cat, but she came up with the tune for it and all of her character’s song.)

    1. 'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius'.

      A bit of a revelation to those who gathered Aquarius was only a twelfth of a year in duration.

      Further, that it is a twelfth of a great year, and such a period is an age or aeon, and 2,000 years in duration.

      And where does a great year of a dozen aeons come from? Another sun - a secret sun?

  37. Interesting that Process spent time down in Mexico, which is a weird sandwich and has been for a long time. Most Americans know nothing about this stuff.

    1. That stuff is common in other parts of central and South America too:

      Makes me wonder if the Process's revolutionary aesthetic and black/white syncretism just came from cultural appropriation. That stuff seems to be a part of folk magic down South. Wouldn't be the first time something revolutionary here in America was just an unlabeled import.

      If there is a direct MKOFTEN angle here maybe they just strip mined Mexican and South American folk magic for propaganda and other uses.

  38. Many have said C. Manson was a Christ
    like figure. Lets see... Manson = Man+Son derives into Son of Man.

  39. This post would make a great movie script as it shows the hidden hand behind 1960's American Pop Culture and Politics is the same old Intel Agencies / Secret Society.Doubtful anyone in Hollywood would ever show us the true story on film.

  40. No they could not make such a movie, just consider what a hack job they made of Zodiac, a movie that seems designed to make its subject completely irrelevant.

  41. "1990s letter from Kerry Thornley to Adam Gorightly on the Process Church.

    Page 1 of Kerry’s reply letter recounts a brush he had with the Process Church in New Orleans in 1967 when he’d returned there to appear before Jim Garrison’s Grand Jury looking into the JFK assassination. Weirdly enough, the person who took Kerry by the Process Church headquarters was none other than Slim Brooks, the same shadowy character who he suspected had lured him unwittingly into a JFK assassination conspiracy.

    On Page 2, Kerry connects Robert Anton Wilson with The Process, referring to an incident that occurred in 1975 at a place called the Celestial Mansion where Kerry believed that Wilson and a group of clandestine intelligence agents/secret society adepts met with him as part of some sort of debriefing regarding the JFK assassination."

  42. Hi, great to find this blog, I stumbled in by way of image searching relating to the war in heaven/John Walson images and luck or fate spiraled in bringing me here. Thanks for writing: Also impressed by an intelligent readership and their comments.

    Pedophilia as a control paradigm is only slightly recognized: That the primary purpose behind these cloaked supposed satanic rituals was to capture, if you will, these subjects for use; to expose them and to incorporate them while twisting others to become members of a supposedly exclusive club through sex parties where they could be documented under a guise of official investigation.

    I think that if a person digs they will find that pedophiles have a very ancient cult which appears to have ruled for a long time. Evidently Stanley Kubrick believe this and ultimately it seems that this is a conclusion reached by other thinkers, though they do not specifically finger out pedophiles.

    I think that an aware observer will see the ancient origins of this cult is show repeatedly in films.

  43. Wow. I know this is a kind of old blog now but this is my first time really digging into Charles Manson and I gotta say, Sharon Tate reminds me a hell of a lot of Laura Palmer. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  44. > But another explanation would surface following the slayings: Hippie Commune Ruled By ‘Black Magic’

    Consider what that accomplished: mandatory socialism does not work, because when you take away the freedom of choice, those who are charged with redistributing the wealth will begin abusing their power. This single act of "false flag terrorism" damaged the reputation of hippies to such an extent that no experiments with voluntary socialism would be able to succeed.

    > Ritual of Evil aired in February of 1970. Think about that for a moment. What does this mean? Given the time it takes to write, prepare and produce even a made-for-TV move, it means it must have been written before Charles Manson and the rest of his family had been arrested for the Tate-LaBianca murders. It may have been written before the murders themselves.

    Given the time that it normally takes for the congress to write and refine an evil tome like the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, it must have been written before 9/11, so it could be passed in the dead of night without any debate or news coverage.

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