Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Knowing the Knowers: A Round Table on Gnosis

This is a really intense and info-rich conversation I had with two gentlemen who are a lot smarter than I will ever be, Gordon White of Rune Soup and Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte. The topic was are we living in a Gnostic Age and what exactly does that mean? Who are the Anti-Gnostic Hypergnostics? What does all this portend as we witness the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the birth of Big Brother 3.0.1?

I do want to get into Twin Peaks: The Return and all the arcane energy bursts it has spread all over the collective un/conscious (did anyone notice the "curtain call" sync?) like seed-packets and I most definitely want to dig into the comments on the previous post. So take this as a stop-gap for now and we'll get real down and dirty with it soon.

Also, very hearty thanks for the donations. I promise I will respond to all y'all this weekend.