Friday, July 28, 2017

You Are Being Initiated: The OA Revisited

That's not actually an A, is it?

I wrote about the extraordinary Netflix series The OA over the winter but something about it kept nagging at me. I was so focused on the externals of the storyline that it didn't occur to me that what we're actually seeing here is a classic Mystery religion narrative, complete with a journey to the Underworld. 

The OA has all the usual secret society tropes like death and rebirth, piercing the veil between dimensions, revelation within a cavern,  an elite vanguard separated from society, super powers, transcendence through ordeal and a lord of the Underworld kidnapping a virtuous maiden. 

All the bullet points are there. And this "OA" seems to be a symbol unto itself- it seems to be popping up in other contexts.

OA in Westworld logo

But there's a lot more to it as well.  Oh so much, much more.

Brit Marling isn't your typical Hollywood airhead of the week. She was class valedictorian at the elite's elite Georgetown University and an intern at Goldman Sachs (who later offered her a full-time position). This is an extremely intelligent woman plugged into the very upper reaches of imperial power. 

It shouldn't surprise us then that she is involved with Sir Ridley Scott, who produced her feature film The East (co-written with collobarator Zal Batmangilj) in which she plays an intelligence agent sent to infiltrate a ecoterrorist group. She also played an American enlisted to head Scotland Yard's PR department in the British miniseries Babylon (created by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle).

OA in detail from Georgetown crest

Add in her supermodel looks and you start to wonder if Brit Marling wasn't in fact grown in some CIA lab somewhere. Especially when you factor in the ever-present themes of secret societies, cutting edge science and espionage in her work. 

OA yet again. Twice actually.

And particularly when you consider that her work seems to be initiating its viewers into the esoteric world of Co-Masonry. We looked briefly at this movement in the context of Co-Mason Dion Fortune and her influence on Twin Peaks. Co-Masonry is essentially a system that allows women to become Masons but has historically followed a more mystical path than regular Freemasonry. It was particularly popular in the Victorian Era and had a lot of crossover with the Theosophical movement.

The OA is in fact an irreducibly (Co-)Masonic show, just as the new Star Trek series seems to be. I know; that sounds absolutely ridiculous. Or at least it does until you begin to break down the symbolism and place the series in the greater context of the writing team's catalog. 

And then you realize- oh wait, this really is what I'm seeing here.


The OA tells the story of Prairie Johnson, a girl born to a Russian oligarch who dies when her school bus falls into a river and is sent back to the physical world by a mysterious spirit, who is for intents and purposes a goddess. However the goddess also takes Prairie's sight away. 

Prairie is then sent to America and adopted by an elderly ouple, played by Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) and Alice Krige (who played the Borg Queen in the ultra-Masonic Star Trek: First Contact).

OA in Star Trek: Discovery promo

After going missing for several years, Prairie reappears, traumatized but now able to see. She then assembles a small group of troubled high school kids- and an even more troubled high school teacher- promising a life-changing revelation. 

Then we see classic secret society symbolism emerge, such as when she tells the boys that they should leave their front doors open as a signal they will be joining her new lodge.

That (Royal) Arch again

The rest of the series is essentially a series of flashbacks (meaning the "reverse time" motif we've often looked at) recounting Prairie's ordeal as prisoner of a mad scientist (Jason Issacs) who is obsessed with defeating death. He has kidnapped three other NDE survivors and keeps them prisoner in his basement (ie., the Underworld), which is in fact built into a cavern.

The misfits Prairie collects are progressively transformed by her stories. In their long years of imprisonment the NDE survivors learn how to cross into other dimensions, cure terminal disease and even raise the dead through a ritual dance (called the Five Movements) which has been compared to Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity exercises.

OA symbolism- the A here is a pyramid

The symbolism is very subtle in The OA but persistent. 

Prairie travels to New York believing that she will reunite with her father there. She travels to Liberty Island, sight of the (Masonic) Statue of Liberty (who, like one of Prairie's brethren is actually transgendered). She then proceeds to Grand Central Station (essentially a Hermetic temple with a zodiac ceiling) where she meets Hap, the mad scientist. The two then dine under an illuminated arch in the stations famous Oyster Bar.

There's also the fact that "The OA" was heretofore best known as the nickname of the ultra-Masonic Order of the Arrow, who are coincidentally the same age range as Prairie's little secret society. Think hard on that fact while you digest all of this symbolism here.

The OA's lodge also meet on the second floor, or the Upper Chambers, the traditional meeting place for Freemasons. 

The Five Movements Prairie's secret society enact more than faintly resembles a recital of Masonic Degree signals, performed in sequence. More on that particular connection shortly.

We also see the recurring use of purple in The OA, which many reviewers have commented on. By some inexplicable fluke in the time-space continuum purple is also the identifying color of The Local Council of  Royal and Select Masters, also known as Cryptic Masonry, whose logo also incorporates and O and an A. 

I mean, what are the odds, right? Kooky.

There's also this scene, where the four young followers of the OA are framed in front of an Applebee's Grill and Bar. Why is this important?
Officially, the Grand Lodge of England was founded in London on St. John the Baptist's day, 24 June 1717, when four existing Lodges gathered at the Goose and Gridiron Ale-house in St. Paul's Church-yard in London and constituted themselves a Grand Lodge. The four lodges had previously met together in 1716 at the Apple-Tree Tavern, "and having put into the Chair the oldest Master Mason (now the Master of a Lodge), they constituted themselves a Grand Lodge pro Tempore in due form."
That's a lot of coincidences there. Note also the framing of bees, another significant Masonic symbol, as well as the plot point centering on Saturn.

The OA is in many ways an expansion on Marlin and Batmangilj's previous explicit secret society narrative, The Sound of My Voice, whose movie poster depicts Marlin as Isis Unveiled.  

This film is similarly rife with Masonic symbolism.  The Anchor, an important Masonic symbol, is called "the sign of a Traveler." As we've seen, "traveler" is a common Masonic codeword. 

There's also the initiation ritual in which petitioners are blindfolded (or "hoodwinked") and dressed in white pajamas, exactly as Masonic applicants are. Remember that Prairie herself was blind before she was initiated into the mysteries of death and rebirth in the cavern.

What's more the entire plotline of The Sound of My Voice hinges on an elaborate secret handshake that this particular secret society uses as a form of recognition. Sound familiar?

As you see here the secret handshake is remarkably similar to the OA's Five Movements.

Note also that Marlin and Batmanglij's previous feature film is not without OA symbolism either.

That in and of itself isn't really surprising. But why are we seeing this OA symbol pop up in other places? Aside from Stargate and Westworld, the new promo poster for Freemasons in Space Star Trek: Discovery (which also co-stars Jason Issacs) has two, both in the design of the new ship and in the background elements.

Of course all three franchises are classic examples of predictive programming as well.

Then we have Chris Cornell's final solo album, Higher Truth. Maybe this will give us a clue what this symbolism actually means. Note the O and the A formed by the sun (note it has 13 rays) and the mountain. The minute I saw that artwork I flashed back to a familiar image...

Remember that compasses are designed solely to draw circles and that the "A" type shape can be created by the traditional square. Now let's conjoin the images and see what we get. 

Well, how about that?

I didn't really want to but I'd be remiss if I didn't point mention that Masonic applicants are not only blindfolded, a noose is hung around their necks, as in this Co-Masonic ritual here.

Given Marlin and Batmanglij's elite pedigree and the pervasive secret society themes in their screenplays I'd say that this "OA" symbolism is something we need to keep our eyes out for. If any of you have a definitive answer what it represents, please let me know in the comments.

As well as for the Siren, of course. This series is being produced by Disney for their basic cable channel Freeform. Note also that Starbucks just announced they are expanding further into the Chinese market.


  1. To add to the long list of "OA" symbols, we have the Aerospace Corporation--a non-profit FFRDC supporting NASA and the US Air Force. It's the west Coast version of Mitre Corporation (whom I briefly worked alongside with 2005-2009).


  2. " start to wonder if Brit Marling wasn't in fact grown in some CIA lab somewhere."

    Don't forget the time this Charming, Intelligent Actress spent in Cuba making a documentary:

    Fascinating character.

    1. Oh my, indeed. Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

  3. Bonjour.

    Reversing the terms: "I am the Omega and the Alpha, the End and the Beginning"

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach2:35 PM, July 29, 2017

      This. Along with the Aleister Crowley quotes

      “Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”
      ― Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice

      “The Way of Mastery is to break all the rules—but you have to know them perfectly before you can do this; otherwise you are not in a position to transcend them.”
      ― Aleister Crowley, Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law

      They are taking everything and turning it upside down.

    2. It could well be. But I also think this has a specifically Masonic meaning.

    3. Yes, Chris, but is not Masonic meaning a Christian Masonic meaning? And JP makes reference to Revelation 22:13

      I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

      In the context of the chapter, it's all about Jesus coming back. Look at the next verse

      Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

      And this passage is only 7 verses from the very end of the Bible: Revelation as the Omega book and Genesis 1 as the Alpha book.

    4. All religions and cults, included secret societies, draw their myths and rituals from a reservoir of images and istincts which are part of the human psyche. Jung spoked of archetypes of the collective unconscious, contemporary cognitive science interprets this images as mental models, shared by all individuals and based on fundamental processes of brain-world interaction.

    5. Cinimod_ofCarthach1:33 PM, July 30, 2017

      I see little difference between thelemites and freemasons nowadays. They have all sold out to chaos. It surrounds everything.

    6. Cinimod_ofCarthach1:34 PM, July 30, 2017

      "and you're angry and you should be it's not fair

      just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there" we should not forget these words

  4. I watched the 30 year-old movie 'Overboard' for the first time today, always thinking that it would be a stinker (which it was), but it was full of Masonic symbolism and it had the siren/drowning theme in it, too.
    There was one part in the movie where Kurt Russell's character is telling Goldie Hawn's mind controlled sex/slave partner's character about the legend of the lovers who both drowned in the river swimming to each other, while Elvis'song 'Fools Rush In' plays in the background.
    I see also the Kurt and Goldie got a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this year in May to celebrate their 30 year romance, the same year Kurt comes out on British TV saying he recalls seeing a UFO during the Phoenix lights flap of 1997.
    There's all those years ending in 7 again, 1987, 1997 and 2017.
    The movie also starred Roddy (Planet of the Apes) McDowell, who was also the movie's producer.

    1. Kurt Russell seems to be a very important figure in Hollywood. He's worth looking into further.

    2. I'll be looking forward to reading your post on Kurt Russell sometime in the future then Chris. ;-)

  5. Brizdaz, yes I was blown away by Kurt Russell saying he reported the Phoenix lights, as a pilot. My response was simply - WTF?

    I have sat up and taken notice of this Marling character, was impressed by her performance in The East, when it came out. Her beauty didn't hurt in getting me to remember her. And I have been intrigued by her film choices and collaborations.

    1. She's a very fascinating individual. The OA really is a ritual drama of the highest order. It's more a working, really.

  6. What happened to the Hidden God article you promised?

    1. Gah! It's coming, it's coming! It just keeps growing and growing. Plus, I had to do the Twin Peaks and Chester stuff. And the Hidden God stuff is looming behind those pieces as well.

  7. Browsing through Powell's Books in Portland OR back in 2015, I found a small book by Daniel Quinn entitled Beyond Civilization, which I acquired due to an interest in environmental sustainability. Here's the publisher's description:
    Examining ancient civilizations such as the Maya and the Olmec, as well as modern-day microcosms of alternative living like circus societies, Quinn guides us on a quest for a new model for society, one that is forward-thinking and encourages diversity instead of suppressing it. Beyond Civilization is not about a "New World Order" but a "New Personal World Order" that would allow people to assert control over their own destiny and grant them the freedom to create their own way of life right now — not in some distant utopian future.

    The cover of this book, which I found very useful, has a graphic of a triangle pointed downward with a pattern of bees inside (you can see this at the link). I don't know what to think of this, except that when you described masonry, pyramids, bees, etc., that book's cover immediately flashed in my memory. There's even a centrally-placed "O" (in Beyond) and "A" (in the word Civilization on the next line) in the title.

    In the book, Quinn argues for smaller, tribe-based social structures as a route for maintaining civilization after capitalism collapses (I'm simplifying here, *a lot*). One quote I underlined, without noting why:
    "When you see a culture make its appearance and spread outward in all directions until it takes over the entire world, you should think, 'Vision is at work here.' "

    Just food for thought. Love the site and the discussions here!

    1. I definitely agree with Quinn but unfortunately the Great Architects don't seem to be down with that program. There's been another plan in the works since the Sumerian times that seems to be falling into place rather quickly. But of course that doesn't mean it's inevitable. Visions like that are important.

    2. I haven't actually watched a lot of tensegrity stuff. I've read lots of Castenada, and some Casteneda-group history, and my immediate reaction is that all their movement=oriented stuff is derivative of other stuff, including Chinese martial arts. Maybe, when I watch both *The OA* and the tensegrity videos, I will have to say "oh yeah they got that very directly from there," but before that, I'd say it's more likely that "The five movements" are more likely connected to any of the dozens and dozens and dozens of tai chi exercises (and probably hsing-yi and ba=gua) that might loosely be grouped as "five element" exercises. If you had 75 minutes, I could walk you through at least four right now.

    3. I've heard Tensegrity compared to Gurdjieff's movements as well. I'm a Castaneda fan. It doesn't trouble me one bit if those books are fiction. In fact it makes them all the more magical.

  8. I have to admit that I was never a Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn fan when it came to their "star" acting roles in films.
    There is only a handful of Kurt Russell films where he had major starring role in the movie that I liked, 'Used Cars', 'The Thing', 'Tombstone', that's about it.
    And with Goldie, 'Death Becomes Her' is about it for me, which is why I've never watched 'Overboard' until yesterday, only out of curiosity as to why it was a Box Office success in 1987 (one of those key years ending in 7 that Chris wrote about in earlier posts).
    Don't get me wrong though, as I like them as people and some of Kurt's bit parts in movies, especially later in his career have been good, I just don't like most of their movies where they were in a major starring role.
    As for Brit Heyworth Marling, I think she is real talented, but I watched the first three shows of 'The OA' and gave up...I just couldn't get into it.
    I haven't seen any of her other stuff, apart from a few trailers.
    And I have nothing against Freemasonry, my grandfather was a Master Mason, though he died before I was born, so I have always been intrigued as to what it's all about.
    There is a lot of disinfo about it on the net, especially by Fundamental Christians who ironically are some of the most brainwashed people on the planet.
    God help them I say:-)
    And as for Kurt Russell coming out this year about his Phoenix lights sighting, I'm WTFing about it too.
    And now you have Yaphet Kotto from the movie 'Alien' (ironically enough) and 'Live and Let Die' coming out this year saying that he has been having UFO encounters since he was nine.
    More WTFs from me on that one, too.
    We certainly are living in strange times...if time really exists at all that is. ;-)

    I don't know if my first comment went through, so just eliminate this one if it did.
    Cheers Chris

    1. Oh, I have nothing against Freemasonry per se. I have friends who are Masons. I come from a long line of them. But ultimately that's the Jaycee Masons. Or if you want to be unkind the LARP Masons. I've said since I started this blog that I believe the power structure at its very highest levels is Masonic. I definitely don't mean the guys down at your local lodge, I mean the Masonic system. I mean the elite royal cult we can trace back to Sumer and perhaps even more importantly, Babylon. I mean think about it- Joe the Plumber and Jim the Accountant aren't planting Masonic symbolism all over the world.

      Sargon established Babylon but it became the astonishing world capital it was with the rise of the Amorites who were said to be the descendants of the Nephilim. They built the wonders of the world and created the libraries that scholars from all the known world came to study. When Cyrus defeated the Chaldean rulers of Babylon he declared himself to be the heir of the Sumerian Lugals, who were also said to be giants. He's called the Messiah in Isaiah.

      One thing never changed in Mesopotamia- the religion. From the PreDynastic Sumerian era to Akkad to Babylon to Cyrus to the Greek Seleucid era everyone honored the Sumerian gods. This lasted from pre-history to the Islamic conquest in the 8th Century. Sumero-Babylonian myths and rituals lie at the core of the so-called Abrahamic Faiths (named after a Sumerian, incidentally). Does anyone really think that the original model really went away?

    2. Not that I need to remind anyone but the Sumerian gods are also known as the Annunaki.

    3. Hi Chris, just wondering if you can recommend any good books or resources where i can read more about the stuff you mentioned about the Amorite/Nephilim connection and Babylon and everything else. I tried a google search but as you can probably guess it just turned up a lot of trash..

    4. Chris do you see 'Babylon' as a 'new' version of 'Atlantis', and if so, would that civilization ultimately stem from off-world; 'Nibiru' or more accurately the 'Nemesis' system? Would you agree that the 'Anunnaki' stem from there and have been the true 'rulers' of our 'realm/reality'? TPTB obviously claim 'bloodline' heritage to these 'fallen angels' yes? The pathetic claim that they 'created' us humans is covering up the fact that they actually repressed us genetically.

  9. Many of those OA symbols also feature a T or a cross. And many of those As are actually a Greek lambda.

  10. theres a nice OA on the backs of dollar bills


    1. There is indeed. Well done, Anony.

    2. I was actually surprised this one wasn't mention as the A represented by the unfinished pyramid is not yet a full A...yet what we are seeing is a full A so is the work completed or nearly finished?

  11. In DC's comic oa is planet of green lantern .

    1. Yes, the Green Freemason of the Freemason Lantern Corps. Of course. Bonus Roswell-Bell Labs reveal with that one.

  12. I think that dc's comics often have an huge amount of knowdledge more others

    1. So they do. We'll be looking at Wonder Woman soon.

    2. I'm still think about her androgynus look , it's would be the root of some big.
      It's an androgynus beauty like emma watson - hermione in harry potter .
      Incidentally the name hermione seems to derive from hermes, mercury, apollo.
      P.S. English is not my native language.

  13. Chris,

    The poster for Star Trek: Discovery immediately reminded me of the IDIC symbol, which in turn I am now seeing in the OA symbolism of various sources. Is it possible the IDIC symbol had a deeper meaning than Roddenberry claimed, and was more than a cheap trinket?

    1. Yeah. Whoever Roddenberry was actually shilling for seemed to know what was what. Cheers.

  14. Surely, someone else has already mentioned it, but the symbolism also showed up long ago in the poster for the David Bowie film 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'?
    [ ]

    Mark Edward Hendricks

    1. Hmm, I'd say that's more an OV form. But thanks for the link- awesome poster.

  15. Dear all, regarding the OA manifesto at the beginning of this post, there is much more of the Masonic symbolism of the letters O and A. In fact, in my opinion, the key to the symbolism of the manifesto lies in the photo of the Milky Way . Among the many cultures and civilizations, from the Egyptians to the Maya, from the Finns to the Aborigines of Australia, the Milky Way is imagined as a river in the sky and is called the "Great Sky River". This river is considered the way of souls descending on Earth at birth, as well as the way through which souls return to the great home in the sky at the time of death. Consistent with this, the letter A in the poster is facing upwards in the direction of the Milky Way.
    In the center of the poster there are five birds. The first reference here is to the five OA's companions-- the boys in the city where Prairie lives as well as the prisoners in the "cave". However, it is also noteworthy that among Estonians and related peoples, the Milky Way is called "The Path of the Birds". The bird is a symbol of the soul in nearly every shamanic culture in the world. As a last note, the road along which the prairie walk is shaped like an S, which represents the soul, but also the notion that the road to the sky is a tortuos one, full of ordeals and dangers.

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach2:26 PM, July 30, 2017

      But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be?

    2. Interesting, Franco. Do you have links or jpgs we could look at along these lines?

  16. The popular symbol for the Anarchist movement is a capital A inside a circle; & several early prominent anarchists, notably Mikhail Bakunin among them, were also involved in freemasonry:

    The article attempts to downplay the role freemasonry played in anarchist activity (& vice/versa), but the fact remains, these individuals were active at some point as freemasons.

    1. David, I looked at that and the Avengers A but the A is the dominant form in those sigils. That could be classified in the Alpha Omega category. This seems to be something different.

      Stay tuned.

  17. From 'The Hidden God' by Kenneth Grant:

    "The Heart of the Sigil of Nodens is identical with the Mark of the Beast: (X), the fusion of O and X which produces the lightning flash. Nodens is the God of the Great Deep or Abyss, microcosmically identical with subconsciousness. He reigns over the Abyss and controls and harnesses its lightnings."

    If we think about looking down over the top of a pyramid, what we would see is an X. Hope that helps.

    1. Not so much. The OX thing seems to be entirely separate. But thank you anyway.

  18. Hey Chris,

    So do you think the initiatory angle of The OA is helpful, or insidious?

    Back in February, I signed up for Netflix after reading your first run-down of The OA, and binge-watched it immediately. To this day I'd rate it as the most intriguing TV show I've ever seen (with a tie for second being Deadwood and Twin Peaks). In light of your recent analysis of the dueling secret societies exemplified in the Twin Peaks ethos (Masons v. Illuminati), do you consider The OA to be a part of the Hollywood mind-control propaganda department, or perhaps a subtle manifesto against it?

    Prairie Johnson's grand-master plan through the series ultimately leads to self-sacrifice on behalf of innocents; since there is so much anti-Masonic stuff on the Net these days, and so many blogs linking Masons with the Illuminati, I'm curious as to whether or not you perceive the two organizations as adversaries or collaborators.

    1. I think the Illuminati is basically a meme. I think High Masons might refer to themselves as illuminated since it's all about "seeking light" but I don't think any significant order calls itself the Illuminati. The Illuminati were essentially a rationalist sect.

      Prairie Johnson doesn't interest me such much as Brit Marlin does, given her pedigree and accomplishments. Did you watch Twin Peaks last night when Albert told Tammy they'd been watching her since high school?


      And as it stands we still don't know where all this is going so I don't know what they're actually trying to ulitmately say.

    2. I tend to agree with you, Chris, about the Illuminati. I think we see much of this information appearing in stories of all kinds, whether they are novels, television shows, movies, etc. If there is a central programming center for all of this Masonic related material being siphoned into the various meme streams, I can't understand the impetus. Other than a weird fascination with secret orders and fraternal organizations that just makes for good story telling. As people point out, it does seem to crop up a lot.

      You wrote that Freemasonry, in general, is fine for the most part being composed of well intended people with probable ignorance of any hierarchical power elite above their usual degrees and orders. Being a Freemason myself, I can probably warm to that notion, as well. The things I have seen in over 16 years in the Blue Lodge and as a Masonic Knight Templar in the York Rite and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason have ever led me to believe that all this paranoia about anyone in these organizations plotting to take over the world or impose some demonic order is just nothing short of ridiculous. Maybe Masonic principles in terms of ritual practice and organization do, in fact, exist at some level where all this crazy does manifest like we read about and discuss. In fact, I'm pretty sure it does and weaving in and out of our lives and perceptions there probably are people that are grooming adepts like Brit Marling and high school whizzes like Special Agent Tammy Preston of Twin Peaks. Its creepy as hell and definitely interesting to try to follow these threads.

  19. Christopher, there is no (regularly constituted) use of a noose in blue lodge ritual. As I recall, neither do the penalties in the cryptic and capitular degrees involve hanging. That pic, if real, is co-masonic ritual exclusively. Perhaps the noose is used to eliminate the need to bare the breasts in the first three degrees?

    1. It's a traditional practice. Perhaps your lodge calls it a cable tow?

  20. One of the most commonly reported UFOs of the last twenty years, the Belgian Triangle and all its delta wing cousins, is a trio of OA's.

    That is to say one it's of the most common modern visionary experiences, no matter what the
    observer believes about what they're seeing.

  21. synch as all get out b/c my memory of trigonometry class from 10th grade popped up yesterday discussing spatial geometry with a friend - i got a 99% in that class whilst barely passing college algebra whilst getting a mid 90's in calculus...spatial geometry seems to be a nack of let me share my two pennies of thought on this, immensely deep topic...

    The reason the A and O are so prominent in/at the mystery schools is b/c there are really only two shapes to the vaccuum - both feedback loops - one is created by nature, the circle aka sphere aka bound chaos and the other is created by bound order - cosmic humor being what is is, one is the inverse of the other and the symbols, ie language, inverses - so we have Order symbolized by an A or intended direction ie a vector...

    ask your inner being to see creation in/at the beginning as far as it knows would need access to one's higher self for this to bear fruit - otherwise consider a blank canvas, a point, a point finds itself in another point who align a line which can only join with like attracting like forming the only single inorganic shape, the to feel into the "great" pyramid once more?

    i dont buy into platos shapes/solids - the triangle is all there is seen occupying a spherical unseen field...

    btw i believe the fibonacci ratio is missing the roots of how we get the 1,1, 2, 3 etc...i believe i have the answer but it violates an axiom of ancient math :) can't be true then can it? :)

    1. lol - i forgot to give the second shape though i alluded to it re trigonometry...the tri-angle is the only shape seen against the unseen sphere/circle...A and O...

  22. Synchronicity at its finest! Did you ever watch LOST Chris? I just started the second watching since I haven't after the show ended. On the 3rd season now. Great show...

    What was the name of the Airliner company that crashed on the mysterious Island?
    Oh yeAh...Oceanic Airlines

  23. Gosh. I feel like a kid in a candy store once, make that Halloween. In the course of my own researches this morning I stumbled on this -- combining the Siren and Alpha-Omega. Here she is, in all New Age glory:

    Recalling Leonard Cohen's 'Light as the Breeze', note that the Delta can be added by tracing three equidistant tangents to the Alpha-Omega. Just to, uh, drive the archetypal point home, as 'twere.

  24. Pompeiian mosaic AO!


  25. Dear, identify the element OA also in the indruduçõa of the chapters in the series Twin Peaks, soon at the beginning after showtime appears THE LOGO producer RANCHO ROSA that also makes reference to OA ... to see and comment.


  27. A bit late to jump on this post but I thought I'd comment...

    I think the Gurdjieff school was more of an influence on the show than Freemasonry as a whole... Any Masonic references seemed to be more like Easter eggs that didn't really work together in a holistic way (in my opinion).

    The 'movements' in the OA immediately reminded me of the book Zealator by David Ovason, where the author recounts his experiences in a Gurdjieff school...

    I was excited about the show but the writing was a real let down...

    Great post Chris!


    1. Weird, I was literally just thinking about that book about 30 seconds before i read your comment. My cat puked on it a bit earlier today. Anyway i need to finish reading it. BTW did you know that David Ovason is a pseudonym and that the real name of the author is Fred Gettings who has written a number of other books on esoteric subjects.

  28. Very sad how Gettings passed given the events in the book are meant to be loosely based on his life... Not the best epilogue...


  29. I hope it helps
    Keep up the great work!