Sunday, November 06, 2016

Election 2016: You May Not Be Interested in Parapolitics...

So this is what it's like when the wheels start to come off, when the cancer consumes the host. 

I had a nightmare a long time ago, that there was a Presidential election and the candidates were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Well, that's not actually true. Not even in my most fevered, delirious states could I have imagined such a national tragedy.

And the tragedy is just warming up, out there in the driveway.

Of course, what may actually be happening is that the grown-ups may well have tired of all the freaks and sickos who are constantly fucking everything up and may well be in the process of taking the matches away from these political pyromaniacs. 

It may well turn out that whoever wins on Tuesday will be nothing but a figurehead, and will  be brought to heel by cooler heads behind the scenes.

We can only hope.


The leaks we've been seeing have been blamed on a number of players-- the Russians, Trumpkins, UFO hackers-- but the smart money is on the Deep State. And the bookmakers would almost certainly bet the house that what we've seen is just the tip of the iceberg, the shot across the bow. 

And although the media-- and by media I mean the Democratic Party house organs and information agents who make up what passes for a national mainstream media in this country†-- have kept the lid on the powderkeg, I very much get the feeling that both candidates (yes, I said both) are rattled. Why?

Because I think someone else has taken control of the wheel and has let the ostensible top dogs know it. And let them know that none of their secrets are safe anymore.


One thing I will say for this farce of an election is how it has exposed how corrupt and complicit the so-called two-party system is, how fatuous and empty the Republican platform is, how it endlessly screws the hardworking people who keep that dead horse propped up.

There's no question now that the establishment media is just a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party (sic), which itself is nothing else but the old Rockefeller Republican Party with a politically correct facelift. There's no question that the fixes are all in, that the power structure is one big happy club that despises those they rule over. 

We always suspected it. Now we know it.

Well, that's the conventional wisdom. But this is SecretSun '16, so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention all the high weirdness that's kicked up recently as well. So let's go...

When I was a kid there was a line about Richard Nixon, Hillary Clinton's spiritual antecedent. Everyone seemed to think that Nixon didn't do anything everyone else in Washington wasn't doing, he simply had the misfortune to get caught.

 It's amazing how common this opinion was, from adults down to teenagers, maybe even younger kids as well (getting caught being an ever-pressing concern for kids, of course). The question became why he was caught.

I've heard the media complain that Hillary is the victim of a "witchhunt". This seems to be the default explanation for why all this damaging information is coming to light. Funny, I don't recall them using that term during Watergate or Iran-Contra. 

But what if there's some truth to this? 

What if Hillary has been targeted? Is it because she's a "strong woman?" Is it because she actually is a witch, with a documented history in the occult?  Or it simply because she's a  longtime ethics offender? Or is it because of something else, something that the Deep State doesn't want nosey Washington hacks getting involved with? 

Remember this story?
Hillary Clinton Gives U.F.O.Buffs Hope She Will Open the X-Files

“Hillary has embraced this issue with an absolutely unprecedented level ofinterest in American politics,” said Joseph G. Buchman, who has spentdecades calling for government transparency about extraterrestrials.
Mrs. Clinton, a cautious candidate who often bemoans being the subjectof Republican conspiracy theories, has shown surprising ease plunging intothe discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial beings.
She has said in recent interviews that as president she would releaseinformation about Area 51, the remote Air Force base in Nevada believed bysome to be a secret hub where the government stores classified informationabout aliens and U.F.O.s.
In a radio interview last month, she said, “I want to open the files as muchas we can.” Asked if she believed in U.F.O.s, Mrs. Clinton said: “I don’t know. Iwant to see what the information shows.” But she added, “There’s enoughstories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchenmaking them up.”
Oh, I can just feel your eyes rolling. But bear with me here a moment. There's a very real and tangible issue here at work.

Watergate lawyer Douglas Caddy claims that E.Howard Hunt (the real-life model for the Cigarette-Smoking Man of The X-Files) told him that JFK was assassinated because he wanted to open the secret files on UFO technology.

Sounds crazy, right? Only there's a memo written by JFK ordering such a thing written less than two weeks before his death.

President Gerald Ford made a lot of noise about UFOs when he was Speaker of the House, and instigated actions that led to the formation of the Condon Committee (which of course turned out to be a whitewash). Ford remained active on the issue, in large part due to pressure from constituents.

But when he became President he fell silent on the issue. But it was during his Presidency that many of the documents that made UFOlogy such a focal point for conspiracy culture were prepared for declassification. 

It was also during his Presidency that the MK ULTRA program was revealed to the public. And wouldn't you just know it, Ford was the victim of two assassination attempts. 

One was by ol' Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, late of the Manson Family/Process Church axis, speaking of MK ULTRA (and more importantly, MK OFTEN). The other was by Sara Jane Moore, who was fixated on Patty Hearst and the "Symbionese Liberation Army", created by another MK OFTEN graduate, former Vacaville inmate Donald DeFreeze.

Gee, interesting "coincidences" there.

His successor, Jimmy Carter, was even more activist on the UFO issue, promising that,  "If  I ever become President I"ll make every piece of information this country has about UFOs sightings available to the public, and the scientists."

Carter expanded the powers of the FOIA program in 1978, freeing up reams of previously classified documents, proving the long involvement of the US Government in the UFO issue.

Not long after there was an Islamic Revolution in US client state Iran and the US Embassy was seized and its occupants held hostage for months. Carter ordered a rescue mission but it ended in disaster.*

That and the extended siege at the embassy crippled Carter's Presidency, and the later Iran-Contra scandal revealed that elements within the Reagan campaign worked with the hostage takers in an arms-for-ransom arrangement in order to prevent Carter's "October Surprise", the release of the Americans before the national elections.

That's three Presidents with interest in UFOs, three unfortunate outcomes, for those of you keeping score at home.

Ronald Reagan was another one, having had his own sightings. After his re-election he'd begin talking up the issue, claiming that alien threats would act as a uniting force in a world divided by politics and religion. Then he lost the Senate. Then Iran-Contra happened. 

Undeterred apparently, Reagan continued discussing the issue, even raising it at the United Nations.

George Bush the Elder, higher up the food chain than his predecessors, largely avoided the issue. His successor, Bill Clinton, stuck his hand into the hornet's nest and ordered an investigation into the Roswell event. When he was unhappy with the results he ordered another. He had one of his lieutenants search the archives for information on the UFO issue and on Area 51.

Then he was impeached.

At the same time, New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff attempted to open an investigation into the Roswell issue by subpoenaing the base's financial records. He contracted an aggressive form of cancer and died at the age of 51.**

Clinton's successor, George W. Bush, was in office during the largest expansion of the National Security State this country had seen since 1947 (shortly after Roswell, in case you wondering), effectively starving the UFO Conspiracy community of oxygen for good.

Bush's successor, Barack Obama, made some vague noises about looking into the issue while campaigning. But as he did with nearly everything else to do with national security, followed in his predecessor's footsteps. And then some.

Obama has enjoyed a largely scandal-free, two-term Presidency.

Hillary Clinton made it a point to announce her attention to look into UFOs -- and more importantly, Area 51-- and her campaign is being run by Washington power player's power player John Podesta, who has also expressed interest in UFOs.

And I believe you know the rest.

You see, you don't have to believe in ET or anything like that at all for all of this to work. 

What we're really looking at are the elected officials of the US Government and their allies sticking their noses into the business of the real government, black projects, black ops and the secret space program and all the rest of it. 

We're seeing the elected government going up against the actual government and getting its ass kicked.


For added high weirdness, there's also the mysterious "pinging" the Canadian Navy has reported under the Arctic Ocean. From The Guardian
In a statement, Department of National Defence spokeswoman Ashley Lemire said: “The Canadian armed forces are aware of allegations of unusual sounds emanating from the seabed in the Fury and Hecla Strait in Nunavut. The air crew performed various multi-sensor searches in the area, including an acoustic search for 1.5 hours, without detecting any acoustic anomalies. 

This may be purely coincidental but there's also the fact that Secretary of State John Kerry is taking an official trip to the Antarctic after the election, along with the usual marching-order receiving trips to our Gulf State paymasters.

 Are the Old Ones stirring, at long last?

Note blood-soaked statue of child

Before you answer, don't forget the whole Spirit Cooking thing.

I won't go into "cheese pizza" and all the rest of it because it looks some of that is being walked back (believe it or not, walnut sauce is an actual recipe for pasta). That's not to say there is not a whole lot of pedo-fire behind the smoke (like Anthony Weiner's sexting and Bill Clinton's trips to Lolita Island) but there's a strong possibility there may be some water-muddying and misinfo-seeding going on in an attempt to discredit some of the more tangible revelations.

There's also the issue of the Seth Rich murder, who some have claimed was the sources for the now-forgotten "DNC eMails". His parents are opening an investigation into his murder, as are other interested parties. Interesting. Something seems to have changed their minds since Julian Assange raised the issue a few months ago.  

Yes, if Hillary wins, it's going to be Scandalpalooza 'round the clock. Count on it.

And then there's "Spirit Cooking."

Alex Jones and company are all over this, wringing a lot of mileage over what seems to be an invitation that was never RSVP'd. But it's one of those moments when the veil drops and we get a look inside the moral sickness of the ruling cabals.

Marina Abramovic is a hardcore occultist who presents her work as performance art. Her work reminds us of nothing less than the "art ritual murder" of David Bowie's Clinton-era comeback album, 1.Outside (note "Ramona A. Stone" with Baphomet goat). But a male artist could never get away with the hideous desecration of women and children evident in her work.

Abramovic's CV is filled with the tedious conceptual nonsense that the art world endlessly pimped in the wake of the CIA-spawned abstract expressionist movement. Just reading descriptions of her work is tiresome.

But along the way Abramovic discovered the occult, specifically some black magic strain that we haven't heard about, probably practiced by some rich psychotics in some castle in Europe somewhere. During a Reddit chat she let it be known she takes the occult aspect of her work seriously. 
Q: "What place do you see the occult having within contemporary art; can magick be made (not simply appropriated/ performed)?"  
A: "Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not."
Spirit Cooking seems to borrow from the Thelemic concept of the "cake of light", itself a borrowing of certain fringe Gnostic sects in the early Christian era. But there's plenty of good old-fashioned Satanism in evidence as well.

We saw the ostensible fingerprints of MK-OFTEN all over the work of filmmakers like Roman Polanski, William Friedkin and Kenneth Anger and we've seen the connections of MK-ULTRA legates to the Satanic Temple. Is MK OFTEN's successor program behind promoting the work of Abramovic?

What is perhaps less disturbing than the Spirit Cooking revelation is this despicable installation (it's too disgusting to post here), all-too reminiscent of the work of the Chicago Ripper Crew, the Satanic serial killers who abducted, tortured and cannibalized women in the late 1970s (and are linked to John Wayne Gacy, himself a player in Democratic Party circles before his arrest).

This "performance" not only degrades women and glorifies murder and cannibalism, it also desensitizes all these chi-chi people to partaking in ritual murder.  This is gratuitous provocation and an invitation to escalation for those inclined to investigate the thrills of ritual murder in a more private setting. 

Now again, this is just an invitation that Podesta didn't seem to respond to. But that doesn't matter.

The consensus -- where this stuff is kept a very safe distance away from our public culture-- is ripped open once again, like Reagan's astrologer, like the Bush family's involvement in the very weird rituals of Skull and Bones, the weird sacrifice rituals at Bohemian Grove (based on a 19th Century equivalent of Burning Man), Bill and Hillary's voodoo and seance activity and on and on it goes. 

We're looking at the new Franklin Scandal unfolding before our eyes, an umbrella outrage that will fuel others, real and/or imagined, and continue to metastasize for years to come. If Trump does indeed lose his embittered supporters have reams of frankly appalling evidence of crimes, misdemeanors and sins to stoke their resentments with.

Revolutions have started with far, far less.

UFOs and occultism all seem like trifles to so many people, especially apparently-skeptical Millennials. But the problem is that once you get past the lower levels of society and start climbing the ladder you soon find out that people don't think the way you do and have what you might regard as weird beliefs. Beliefs that shape how all of our lives are lived, unfortunately.

It's like my grandmother always used to tell me, "You may not be interested in parapolitics, but parapolitics are interested in you."º

POSTSCRIPT: The FBI announced tonight it will let its earlier decision not to pursue charges in the Clinton email scandal stand, despite having received the evidence only recently. I'm not at all surprised- as I told a friend earlier I believe the powers-that-be want a Clinton victory for a number of tactical reasons.

The email issue is not going away, I'd guess it's now  almost guaranteed the Congress will launch their own investigation into the matter, which will certainly aggravate the bitter partisan rancor we're going to be swamped with in the next four years. 

Donald Trump is outraged, 
actually claiming rightfully that there was no way a proper investigation could have done in the period of time since the emails were discovered. And of course there wasn't. I think this too is part of the calculus, to ratchet up division and resentment and render the country essentially ungovernable.

It's been my opinion all along that whoever wins Tuesday will come to wish they didn't.  

POST-POSTSCRIPT: Politico demonstrates the Establishment is still clearly in panic mode, by unleashing all sorts of hollow threats and invective on FBI Director James Comey on Hillary's behalf. Why? Here's why:

While Comey's Sunday letter may have lessened the political impact of his earlier disclosure about new evidence in the Clinton email case, the FBI chief did not say the investigation was being shut down. He ruled out prosecution only of Clinton and did not offer the same assurance about Abedin or any other officials whose conduct was examined in the first round of the FBI probe.
Yeah, I doubt there's much celebration on the Clinton campaign plane. 

POSTPOSTPOSTSCRIPT: Oh yes, I do believe Mr. Podesta pissed off the wrong people.

† The mainstream media, which any thinking person knows is nothing but an amen corner for the ruling elite, doesn't realize it's a dead man walking, in much the same way the Catholic hierarchy didn't when the abuse scandals began to break. It's in a lot more trouble than people realize, as it audiences and readerships are walking away in droves. 

 And we now have the smoking guns, the emails soliciting favorable rewrites and approvals from politicians, and there's certainly more to come. It may take a while for the reality to sink into that 30% of the populace who still takes the media at face value, but once push comes to shove- and it will- all but the most ardent "Comrade Napoleon is always right" types will wake up and smell the coffee. 

In much the same way that all the big accounts will realize that they've been throwing their money away advertising online.

* And of course, Canadian diplomats and CIA agents absconded some artwork created by UFO/Ancient Astronaut obsessive Jack Kirby for an unproduced Roger Zelzany adaption called Lord of Light and used it as cover to smuggle some of the hostages out of Teheran.

** Schiff died of what I call a nasty case of UFOlogy.

º She never actually said that. I just made it up.