Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Stranger Things: Montauk Timeslip

Stranger Things has tapped into a very deep vein in the American psyche, especially for people of my generation who are seeing a strange reflection of our lives and our culture play out on the screen. 

It's struck a very deep chord with younger generations as well, who sense that they missed something, that something passed them by.

It's had a entirely different effect on me.

I've talked about some of the connections I've been making to this series but I don't think I've put them in the proper context. My first impression on my first run-through of the series was that someone involved had been reading this blog and picked up on the piece I did on Wavelength, the very obscure 1983 film.

But this isn't any big revelation. Spotting the "tributes" in Stranger Things has become a major internet sport. The producers have admitted they raided the popcult vault for this series, which is kind of part of its genius. 

But there are other things that I've noticed as well. And since this is a blog dealing with synchronicity and pop culture it would be a matter of professional misconduct if I didn't bring them to light.

You see, the more I look at this series the more of a Philip K. Dick effect it seems to have, a kind of "Montauk Timeslip", if you will. 

And I don't know if I have any connection at all to anyone involved with Stranger Things, but as it turns out I have a very deep, direct and verifiable connection to the real-life program it was based on.

That was a surprise, believe me.



My antennae first went up when I recognized parallel elements from my 1999 treatment for Snow appear in this series, a treatment which I had published online in 2012. 

The treatment for Snow also dealt with a super-powered girl, who escapes from an underground facility after being subjected to mind-control experiments and is taken in by a group of nerds. 

Kind of a specific theme there.† The ages are different but it's the same essential idea.

The Snow treatment also has these little details in common with Stranger Things:

Snow opens with a distressed girl in an upright isolation tank. She's fitted with all kinds of equipment. We see this same exact visual throughout Stranger Things.  

Eleven lapses into memories and alternate realities throughout the series. The same motif repeats in the Snow treatment.

• Less significant but interesting: Snow's nerds escape in a beat-up old Winnebago while being pursued by her captors. We see El and her nerds hole up in a beat-up old school bus while El's handlers pursue her.  

Now, I'm not calling my lawyer over any of this. It's nothing like the Hanna situation. 

It's just kind of interesting


Yeah. This whole Clash thing.

It may not mean anything to you, but I should remind those of you who don't know that my first book was on The Clash, collecting writings from my old Clash website. The Clash were a long-running OCD thing for me, burning up an enormous amount of time, money and energy.

But there's a reason for that. And it's a reason that ties directly to our Stranger Things discussion. In ways that will become apparent to longtime readers of the blog.

You see, I was a lot like Will Byers at his age and a lot like Jonathan Byers at his age. Though not nearly as alienated, because I was lucky enough to fall in with a large crowd of people who shared my interests in alt.rock (The Clash, particularly) and comics. 

That made a huge difference.

But that scene with Will sitting at the kitchen table drawing scenes of wizards shooting green fireballs could have been me at any point up until the middle of 1979. 

In fact, I can remember spending hours drawing out this whole fantasy world of wizards and the rest of it, complete with maps and diagrams of weapons and the whole hand-me-down Tolkien thing (my grandparents had just taken me to see Bakshi's Lord of the Rings adaption in East Milton and I was on an absolute tear). 

I called my fantasy world "Rhye", based on the Queen songIn fact, I was dubbed with the unfortunate nickname "Queenie", because of my love for the band.

Queen was
not a band it was OK to like in Braintree.

But I actually started to grow disenchanted with Queen after the risible Jazz album and their general move away from the hard rock and fantasy-oriented lyricism of their early albums. All of the bands I loved in sixth grade were starting to suck (Love Beach, anyone?) or go soft by eighth grade and starting around 1978 I spent a lot of time listening to "New Wave Radio", a DJ-less music feed at the end of the FM dial.

For some reason they played a lot of Tom Petty.

From Clash City Showdown

A strange confluence of events entered my life at the same time as The Clash: my (divorced) mother was teaching at a public school and befriended a Wiccan art teacher, my first exposure to this lifestyle.  

Then I got sick. Really, really sick.  Some kind of bacterial infection. I was running 105/106ยบ fevers for more than a week, couldn't move from the couch and I'm not exactly sure how I didn't die.

And then as longtime Secret Sun readers may remember, my own living room became a doorway to another dimension. 

And I had a...visitor.

I didn't realize it but there was also a UFO flap going on in the area at the time. I'd only find that out in the past couple years.

Now, I was painfully thin, which was like chum in the water for bullies, which seemed to grow like barnacles in Braintree (to this day I blame the lead in the gasoline- there was a major gas depot in the area).

To make matters worse, I broke my arm that summer. The day Skylab fell, to be precise. I wrote "I broke my arm the day Skylab fell" on the equipment locker at the park where the accident happened.

So after my cast came off I made a decision to put the comic books and the fantasy away (that didn't last long, but still), hit the weights and make The Clash my new avatars. A few months later I'd have a genuine out-of-body experience at a Clash concert at The Orpheum Theatre. 

I was 13. 

So looking back that encounter in my living room looks more and more like a portent, a signal everything was about to change. 

Ironically, The Clash soon became Queen

So watching the whole Clash thing mixed in with a living room turned into an inter-dimensional doorway on Stranger Things? 

That was... interesting.


And that big moment, when we see the veil pierced...

From the 2011 Secret Sun post, "My Favorite Nightmares". 
...the lightning is flashing in her room, and she screams at me when I tell her there's someone in my room. I can't hear her over the sound of the storm. Suddenly a hand comes out of the hole in the wall...


Last year I told readers about a project I've been working on, a fiction project that's been delayed because of other commitments but still very much alive. 

After talking about the realities of publishing I talked about the kind of subject matter the book was dealing with:
What's it about? Probably what you might expect. I'm a big believer in the concept of "dance with the one what brung ya." I've spent the last 8 years blogging about the topics that most interest me so you can expect to see a lot of them in the book.
In the post I talk about what inspired the project: 
So what brought this all on? Appropriately enough, a VALIS reread. Somehow it hit me at the right time, the idea that Dick chose to tell this magical story, that was only barely fictionalized and so ripe with power.  
And then I went and said this:
My story is entirely fictional, there's nothing of a kind like VALIS in it. 
Whoa, hold your horses, son.

In VALIS, Philip K. Dick talks about the disorienting experience of seeing The Man Who Fell to Earth, which dealt with a lot of the themes he had been exploring and may have more closely mirrored an early version of his manuscript (a thinly-disguised Bowie becomes a major character in VALIS). 

Dick felt as if his still-unpublished story- or important parts of it- had played out on the screen in front of him.

I know the feeling.

Like Stranger Things, my unfinished (and uncirculated) story opens and centers around the investigation of person who goes missing concurrent with a paranormal event:

"Well, there was a bright flash, we're still trying to trace the source of it. Didn't seem to come from that light."
"All kinds of equipment around here."
"What I'm thinking. We're not putting in a lot of OT on this one, if you get my drift."
"The singer's missing?"
"Well, not officially. It hasn't been 72 hours yet. There was a lot of confusion here last night. The general consensus is that he split when he saw the shooter and holed up somewhere, probably with a girl."
"Reasonable assumption."
"What we're thinking. Lot of girls followed this bunch around."

Like Stranger Things, the central mystery in my story is the discovery of a MK Ultra program that experimented specifically on children:

"Rainbow People School. Now there is a name I haven't heard in a long time." 

"You know it?" 

"Of course. Everyone in the business did. It was one of those unique institutions that arose out of the 1970s." 

"What was it exactly?" 

"It was an attempt to engineer young minds."

"To do what?" 

"ESP, telekinesis, precognition, you name it. There was a standard curriculum, if you can call it that, but its real purpose was pushing the envelope."

OK, law of averages, right? Plowing the same fields, etc etc? 

Read on.

Like Stranger Things I have a scene with a young female remote viewer and communication via electronics.

Or I should be more precise- a remote viewing session with a young girl, a speaker system and a surprising outcome.

"OK, Angie, we're going to start with something simple. I have six cards laid out in front of me. Read the cards, from my point of view, from left to right. OK?"

Angela closed her eyes and lowered her chin to her chest. "From your vantage point, Two of Swords, Ace of Wands, Three of Wands, Nine of Coins, Four of Cups and…I can't. I can't see the sixth card."

"Keep trying, Angie."

"It's not clear." 

"Keep looking."

"Umm…ahh, it's the Fool."

"Very good." There was the muffled sound of applause coming from the speaker. There was obviously an audience on the other end as well.

"What was the problem, Angela?"

"I had my hand over it, Bob."

Like Stranger Things, there's an encounter with a shaven-headed supersoldier (and part of the MK Ultra program) in the rain...

Porter gingerly put down his mug and turned to the back porch. He fumbled with the lock to the sliding glass door for a moment and then finally got out onto the deck, which was slick with drizzle. It was cold enough that Porter could see his breath, which made Kevin's nakedness all the more unsettling. Where were his clothes? Where had he come from? How had he made it to his mother's house without the neighbors noticing a naked, bald, stick-figure of a man running through their yards? 

The surgery scars on his bald head looked red and inflamed with infection. The entry points of the staples were swollen and purplish, with a sickly pus oozing from several of them.

And then there's a super-specific plot point in my story that shows up in Stranger Things: the fake corpse of the missing person fished out of the water and found out by an identifying mark on the arm. 

Note here the similarities in names- Will's mother is Stranger Things is named "Joyce" and my character's stepmother is named "Grace."

"It's not him."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that's not Gary."
"How do you know?"
"About a year ago there was a fight onstage at a show in Hartford. Gary got buried underneath a bunch of guys. Only there was a broken beer bottle underneath his left arm. He needed 32 stitches- they were more like staples- to close the wound. It was the most disgusting thing I'd even seen. He needed a transfusion to replace all the blood he lost. It's why he always wore those long gloves- he was embarrassed by the scar."
"Did you know about this, Grace?"
"His mother paid for it all," the Screamer said, with palpable disdain.
Grace winced slightly.
"And there are records of it?"
"I can show you photos of it."

Not exactly a trope there.

Now bear in mind we're still just talking weird PKD timeslip stuff here, but even at the very extreme end of possibility no one is reading anyone's mind here. We're dealing with material that's either been published or otherwise recorded on my hard drive.

Well, that takes us into PKD territory too.

Just in a different way.

Where's Waldo?


The death in the quarry ties back to my own 1983 as well: the deaths at the Quincy quarries were so notorious they made The New York Times. More than once. So we're talking national news here.

The death of a kid in 1983 finally convinced local authorities to drain the lake at Quincy, where mobsters used to dump their victims. (The quarry there was called "Swingle's"- the quarry in Stranger Things is called "Satler's"). 

But a kid from my high school died there the next year anyway when he fell hundreds of feet and landed on an old car while running from the cops. He tied his shirt around his middle to keep his broken ribs together and died dragging himself across the lake bed. 

Horrible story.

Now, if you were a researcher for a TV show and were asked to do a search for "quarry" and "1983", Swingle's would come up pretty high on your list. Bet on it.

Just to make it totally surreal I live within a short walking distance of another quarry and lake today. And I was talking at length about Swingle's with an old Quintree homeboy three days before Stranger Things premiered.

Yeah, I know how PKD felt, believe me. 

But we're still not done yet.


A lot of you are aware that Stranger Things is based in large part on the Montauk…what? Theories? Mythos? Legends? I don't know what to call it. 

But the theories are in fact based on actual working projects, even if they've been wildly embellished by some authors.
Stranger Things’ original title was Montauk, named after the sleepy fishing village on Long Island’s easternmost tip. Among so many tales, local lore tells of young boys being abducted and forced to participate in an assortment of psychological and paranormal experiments on a nearby secret military base, including time travel, telekinesis, teleportation and mind-control (the 1992 book The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time documents some of these studies, as does its independent film adaptation, 2014’s Montauk Chronicles).
For those of you who can't sort through all the Montauk literature, here's a napkin sketch of the basis of the conspiracy theory for you:
Key to the Montauk Project allegations, the SAGE radar worked on a frequency of 400 MHz – 425 MHz, providing access to the range of 410 MHz – 420 MHz signals said by theory proponents to influence the human mind. 
During the course of the project, the researchers acquired ‘the chair’ which was allegedly recovered from a crashed alien spacecraft by the US military (possibly even from the Roswell Incident).
The chair was reportedly used to tune in to and amplify the alien’s own thought patterns in order to pilot the craft. 
At Montauk, the chair was connected to the SAGE antenna and the thought patterns of the occupant of the chair could be amplified and transmitted at the 410-420 MHz range in order to influence the minds of anyone within range of the transmission.
Again, this is not all manufactured out of whole cloth. The SAGE program was a real project and a major piece of the Cold War defense posture puzzle.
During 1958 Montauk AFS joined the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) system, feeding data to DC-01 at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. After joining, the squadron was redesignated as the 773d Radar Squadron (SAGE) on 1 October 1958. It was also a major part of the NORAD defense system, so security was very tight. Montauk AFS was state of the art and many new systems were developed or tested there including magnetic memory for storage, light pens, keyboards, WANs (Wide area networks) and modular circuit packaging.
Under the leadership of C. W. Halligan, MITRE was formed in 1958 to provide overall direction to the companies and workers involved in the US Air Force SAGE project. Most of the early employees were transferred to MITRE from the Lincoln Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where SAGE was being developed. In April 1959, a site was purchased in Bedford, Massachusetts near Hanscom Air Force Base, to develop a new MITRE laboratory, which MITRE occupied in September 1959. 
And here another bell may go off for longtime readers of this blog. My grandfather worked at MITRE. I talked about that on one of the very first posts on this blog. I just never knew exactly what it is he did.

I did always wonder why Ronald Reagan wrote my grandmother a condolence letter after he passed away though.

Well, as it happens my grandfather not only worked at MITRE, he was part of the group that came over from Lincoln Labs (he actually graduated from Harvard), meaning he was working on the SAGE program.

Meaning my grandfather- who I probably saw more than I saw my own father*- was working on the Montauk Project. 

The real-life Montauk Project.

Can someone work out the odds of probability on all these coincidences here?

But it goes deeper. I've talked about this before but one of my uncles- who would know, believe me-  found out that my grandfather worked black projects for MITRE.

We always knew he couldn't talk about his work at home but it turns out he couldn't even talk about his work with senior management outside his group. 

When they had staff meetings to review each group's progress a member of his group would stand and say "present" and sit down. So not only was he linked to the SAGE project and its maker he was doing black budget work for them to boot. 

God knows what it was.

So, as you can see, I have a direct, documented, familial connection to the Montauk Project- the thing on which Stranger Things was based- whatever in fact it may have been. 

I always dismissed the Montauk stuff out of hand but I'm seriously starting to wonder now. 

So. How's your rewatch going? 

†A member of the Secret Sun FB group offered that they were really borrowing from the Japanese comic book Mai the Psychic Girl, but there are substantial differences here. Mai doesn't escape from anything, and she's not being subjected to experiments before she's taken in by a group of party-hearty college students who are distinctly un-nerdy.

* My father also worked for a defense/NASA contractor.


  1. Re: "I did always wonder why Ronald Reagan wrote my grandmother a condolence letter after he passed away though."

    I see,"John Hinckley Jr, who injured former US president Ronald Reagan and three other people in a 1981 assassination attempt, is to be freed after 35 years to live with his mother, a federal judge has ruled.
    US District Judge Paul Friedman said Hinckley no longer posed a danger to himself or others and could be released from a government psychiatric hospital in Washington.
    Hinckley, 61, "is permitted to reside full-time in Williamsburg, Virginia, on convalescent leave, which shall begin no sooner than August 5, 2016," Judge Friedman said in a 14-page order.
    Hinckley's mother lives in Williamsburg, about 210 kilometres south of Washington."


    1. Hmm, interesting timing. That whole situation was...well, you probably know what it was.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Stories are powerful, huh? Sometimes so powerful that the line between fiction and reality isn’t so easily discernible, or even existent. Sometimes the things we dismiss as nonsensical fantasy might deserve a reappraisal. At least, this is what my own life has taught me.

    As I’ve stated here before, I’ve been interested in the Montauk mythology for a long time. Specifically I’ve been interested in occult and metaphysical applications of radio frequencies, radar signals and other forms of electromagnetic energy. This fascination is what originally inspired my experimentation with the ITC field. Using electronic devices of all kinds in various combinations to connect with unseen intelligences. I’ve had some very strange experiences in this regard. Electronic Voice Phenomena is just scratching the surface of this very deep subject.

    At certain times during this research I’ve experienced what I refer to as a kind of ‘alignment’ – where intuition, synchronicity and physical reality all seem to align and intermingle, creating a momentary breach or gate into the Veil of Shadows, or the Upside down, or somewhere else entirely.

    I wish I could successfully evoke such moments through writing, but it’s hard. But those who’ve experienced it know exactly what I’m talking about. The very quality of the air changes. In those moments this world shares space and time with other worlds. Things become enchanted, quite literally.

    As to how much reality there actually is to the labyrinthine, convoluted mythology regarding the Montauk Project and SAGE, who can say? But it’s my belief that the contacting of unseen intelligences and the weaponization of human consciousness are intimately twinned within the murky world of Special Access Programs, black projects and illegal human testing, within MK Ultra and elsewhere further afield. I believe these interconnections – that include PSI effects and ritual or folk magick – constitute the as yet largely untold story of the twentieth century.

    Just my two cents. Keep up the great work, Chris. Don’t let the responsibility of it all pull you down. I know how that can feel, my friend. We are, all of us, in the Alchemical Furnace right now. We must try to stay focused, lean and lucid, sensitive to those moments when the air changes and things align in the strangest ways.


    1. The funny thing is that I wasn't interested in Montauk mythology at all. I tried reading the books and couldn't make heads or tails of them. Too much hand-me-down Blavatskyism. But then it lands on my doorstep, the real Montauk Project. And I wonder what the stuff we hear about is covering for, is distracting people away from? A whole can of worms I'd rather have stayed closed has opened this year and I'm not that thrilled about it.

    2. I hear that, my friend.

    3. Any door remaining closed but already opened is just a layer of deception over an event that already effects the moment. How long have we lived a world where a buried body remained the end of a story?

      Pardon my indiscretions, I'm not looking to survive the wave. Do what we must, we must.

    4. Montauk is clearly a disinfo campaign and probably some kind of op, but I'd wager the comprehension of the intricacies of Space and Time, and its potential to be manipulated or weaponized, is of great interest to our military intelligence elites. If regular people are capable of non-local communication (and they are) you can bet there are black projects working on similar things. What interests me is the nature of that disinfo. Much of the Montauk mythology seems to have a touch of Victoriana to it, a touch of theosophy. Metaphysically speaking it feels a little naive, a little forced and colonial. Which suggests to me the presence of an agenda, and a riffing on an incomplete body of theories/knowledge. Just my take on this.

  3. CLK your article is serving as a syncstorm for me. Finished final six episodes today; This post now being something that I can allow myself to read, same day here this is posted, you have your childhood picture juxtaposed left right with ST stillshot. I took a picture of my childhood photo juxtaposed left right with Mike today. Spitting image off by a few years. I was created the time this season ends (born 9/84). My card in the tarot for that day is two of swords (first card of six - first moments of life for me) the final card (she fooled her by ccoveringwith hand) is le mat... The card I drew today... The most recent time in my life, to-day, now, the cycle still happening yet from an A/O... A complete cycle.

    There is more but this doth suffice for now. WBV

    1. If you can give us a link- always interested in adding more to the data pool. Thanks, OF.

    2. If we both follow one another on the tweets I can message you my picture but otherwise I don't know what data you're interested in. I'm more than interested in helping. And if I'm the only one who felt a distinct 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' vibe -specifically- in the first scene then I think I should move to another planet.

    3. I'm glad to email it too. Haven't forgotten you've asked for some sort of data. Whatever you're open to as far as getting it to you. Oh. If you're not in to Todd Rundgren, just saying, you really gotta check out Utopia (74), A Capella (84*), and No World Order (93). It's way up the Secret Sun alley. So if you let me know what data you're looking to add, I'll have it to you - I assume there's some sort of secret sun email you use but I'm ready willing and as mentioned eager to contribute.

      It would be great if you made a few more movie reccomendation posts. You obviously have great film taste, or at least, that means from my pov that I align with your preferred tastes. I outright dismissed The Box when it came out just ... off the cuff, thought it seems contrived or whatever- but you opened my mind to watching it, and it's added vastly to my innerstanding of this reality - same with Stranger Things, though Gordon fucking nails that in his Stranger Jaques in some proportion I would not have thought of but totally works, yet, and I know he didn't say the show wasn't -good- just not -gutsy- as far as Secret Sun material goes - but it's so so so good.

      Sometime I would love to relay the crazy X-Files syncs I've been having. But suffice to say 'It all began in Oregon' and 7/22 being Pi ain't small potatoes ;3

    4. I should make some more recommendations. But let me just put Beyond the Black Rainbow at the top of the list.

      The Box is a heavy film- I think too heavy for its own good in some ways. But that rang like a bell for me. Especially since it was filmed up near some of my old haunts.

    5. BTBR is one of the best films I've ever seen. Through A Glass Darkly is up there, along with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and of course Twin Peaks- Fire: Walk With Me (which I will be watching this August the 28)... Cheers Chris. Reading your latest article now. Your words go great with Aphex Twin. And all music. Ooh. Occult Fan. HaHA!!! :3

  4. "During the course of the project, the researchers acquired ‘the chair’ which was allegedly recovered from a crashed alien spacecraft by the US military (possibly even from the Roswell Incident).
    The chair was reportedly used to tune in to and amplify the alien’s own thought patterns in order to pilot the craft. "

    That's crazy. I was trying to get published something not too long ago, and that chair was a central point of the story, but I'd never heard of Montauk until your first Stranger Things post.

    Also a little jealous of your paranormal experiences. I've been seeking my whole life for something like that, and the closest I've come are interesting dreams and some hypnagogic states, but nothing that I can point to and confidently say, "I didn't do that."

    1. Don't be jealous. There's nothing to be jealous of. Be happy as an observer. That's the best of both worlds.

    2. September wasn't very happy... (joking!)

  5. This reminded me of an experience I had. I had a dream that left a very serious impression on me, so much so that i made a to scale model of the "spider". It was about replicatinf mechanical spiders from space. Some years,later my dream was basically played out in a couple episodes of stargate sg1. Details straight out of my dream,were rignt there on,the screen.

    1. Which is appropriate given there's a remake of Stephen King's IT in the works...

  6. Where to start?
    Thanks for a great site. I've never had experiences as weird as yours, though I did once see a huge green meteor, which apparently just about qualifies as Forteana. I wasn't going to comment until suddenly the words 'the day Skylab fell' set off a memory cascade. It's a shaggy dog story but there is truth in it... 'where were you the day Skylab fell'? It goes like this:
    Me and a friend, we had a superball. They'd only just been invented and we wanted to see what it could do.
    After bouncing it over the house a few times (I jest not, I remember this as clear as day), my friend found a cricket bat.
    I bowled and he hit it as hard as he could.
    We never saw it go.
    There was just an almighty 'crack' and the thing vanished instantly, and that was the end of that. It was the most incredible thing we'd ever seen.
    And the next thing I know, I hear on the news that Skylab has fallen out of orbit.
    What's important is that I still feel guilty about it...
    Yeah, like I say, a tall tale.
    I think I might have to watch this series. Montauk I'd not heard of but the frequency sounds about right if you wanted to resonate someone's head. Philadelphia I've suspected was an experiment to make things look like they're miles away from where they really are /on radar/ - something which is still considered secret even today. And those early Navy radars had crazy stuff in them, like steam-driven mechanical 100MHz generators. Witnesses all those years ago would have seen some pretty mind-melting things even if they weren't strictly supernatural.

    1. Radar is the key to so many doors in the house of weird. It's believed by some that radar is how they knocked the saucers out of the sky. And then you get into ELF and all the rest of it--I mean, who the hell knows what's going on with that. It's sorcery.

  7. I'm re-watching the series backwards for some reason, starting with the last episode going back. I've only re-viewed the final episode and here's what I've got thus far.

    The demi-gorgon is summoned by blood - a staple of many magick rituals. When Eleven kills the the spooks at the high school, we see blood everywhere on a floor with blue and white checkered patterns. Then the demi-gorgon emerges from a wall with a giant blue paw print painted on it. I've used the blue paw print image in a zine I published a few years ago about my weird experiences related to Sirius. Sirius, corresponding to Da'ath on the Tree of Life, is in the Abyss, aka the Under-Side. You'll note the dark and watery nature of the realm when Eleven ventures there and also the fact that she needed a "bath" to help her get there. There's watery and purification elements present here - purification/ego-dissolution being a prerequisite to crossing the Abyss. All of this could be summed up by the idea of star-gate ritual. Sirius is "only" a gate/lens or boost of sorts to the top of the Tree of Life.

    Eleven is the magickal number of this aeon. It is also a reference to the Pillars of Severity and Mercy - 11. Eleven, the character, stands in the middle, representing the human potential when we balance the extreme polarities within ourselves. Her androgynous appearance is another subtle clue to this. The poster for the series echoes the 1st degree Masonic tracing board which has the Sun on the left and Moon in the right and a ladder in the middle going up to a star. Star-way/stair-way to the heavens...

    1. Greetings Ultima, what was the name of Zine? Just curious, is there a blog? I have only started ST(stranger Things) my first impression was Goonies. What I'm hearing from The Sun of an occulted nature and commenters like you, I had better put my thinking cap on. Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

    2. It's called Astronomicon. I don't have a blog, but if you give me your address, I'd be more than happy to send you a copy. Not sure if my e-mail is visible here, so here it is: ultimafule@gmail.com

    3. Thanks for the info and the contact, Ultima. I encourage readers to check it out. And yes, the whole Sirius thing resonates on so many levels.

  8. Honestly I think the show writers most likely lifted the psychic girl/kids stuff from the TV show, "Fringe", and "Fringe" most likely lifted the idea from "Akira" -- around and around we go...

    1. The question is what didn't they lift from? That would be a much shorter list.

  9. Being a lifelong (mostly) resident of Quincy, I remember the Swingle's Quarry death because I was up there that day with friends, trying out a new camera. We left about a half hour before the accident. It and the equally large Granite Rail quarry adjacent to it - many thought they were one big quarry - were the sight of much misery over the decades. Lots of accidents and deaths from persons who didn't understand the dangers of diving or swimming there. It was also a popular place for local criminals to dump stolen cars - and dead bodies. Those quarries are all filled in now with dirt and gravel from the Big Dig, and are popular recreational spots. One wonders if the people rock climbing above know of the many, many unrecovered bodies that still lie below, including that fella from the '83 incident. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd advise overnight campers to pick another spot.

    1. Yeah, like I said they probably scouted the location, saw the quarry and went looking for stories. Found the Swingle's stuff online, which was national news. Well, that's one explanation at least. I never jumped those damn things. I went out there and felt the waves of death hit you like a forcefield. I watched guys jump and admired their cojones but was never even mildly tempted.

    2. And I remember the day of the 83 death- I remember friends of mine had been there and come back and were talking about it in the kitchen of Gang Green's drummer. It was a big deal because there had been a rumor it was one of our circle who had bought it at first.

  10. In my early twenties when I was in a terribly stressful marriage, I began to see a very small man ride my elevator to work. He was under five feet, but dressed in the most beautiful handmade suits I'd ever seen. It was obvious from his size that even his gorgeous Italian shoes were made to fit. His briefcase was expensive and he was a very nice looking man. In short, he caught my every day for several months.

    One day, it worked out that all the passengers in that elevator exited leaving just the two of us, this man of small but beautiful stature and myself. As the doors opened to his floor, he said I had the most beautiful hair he'd ever seen. Before I could utter a thank you, he stepped around from behind me and literally ran out of the elevator and beyond my vision.

    Prior to that event, no one on my elevator had ever spoken during our trips. Although I never felt time or space shifting, for me, those trips were a time of distressing from the horror of my marriage, a special quiet time and often interesting in that I could see this perfect looking man and his outrageously beautiful attire. After that day though, I never saw him again.

    Roughly forty years later I was feeling even more stress at a child's illness. I was told to read a book on it so my husband and I were in a local bookstore. I decided to try to find some good escape reading material but realized I was too stressed to get interested.

    A very small man walked down the aisle I occupied and I stepped closer to the books so that he could pass behind me. As he came around to my side he said, "I have to tell you I like your hair." That's when time seemed to stand still and the air was different in a way I can't describe. I smiled, knowing this situation was contrived (by whom? Me?) but I decided to go with it. I looked at him and told him it was a kind thing to say and thanked him. He just stared at me and I realized he was dressed outrageously in shorts, a shirt and a wide brimmed hat, all black with red piping around each piece, but with dirtied white, children's tennis shoes.

    We continued eye contact when I realized he had turquoise irises with no striations of color running through them as all other eyes have. I felt my eyes moves closer to his when I hadn't changed my stance at all. About three weeks prior to this event I'd had this thought I should lose my dislike of fake turquoise because of the lack of veining in it; the color was beautiful anyway and suddenly I was facing a being with impossible color, a man under five feet tall arriving in another time of great stress.

    He finally turned to walk away and I just knew I wasn't to watch him leave. As he disappeared from my periphery, the world of the bookstore became normal and dull by comparison. But the distraction he provided was magical just as that tiny man from my past. I chalked it up at the time as an hallucination just as the first tiny man might have been, but it helped me put my child's illness into better perspective. I may or may not have created releases from hellish "real" world sadness and angst, but I was damned thankful for those guys. I still can't fully embrace they were hallucinations. Have had too many instances of intervention when I was in danger or when I suddenly found myself lost in contemplation with intelligence greater than mine. I've had downloads of info after epiphanies and all experiences had the effect of timelessness or impossible shifts in reality. I'm old now and these things don't take place with any frequency, but I'm thankful for all regardless of their source.

    Chris, your experiences only echo mine though they are different in color, I guess. The turquoise sync was too blatant to be ignored, but may have served as an excuse for my having hoped I was hallucinating because the experience was too baffling. All the time I was engaged with this man, my (new) husband was nearby and never saw him.

    1. I've heard stories like this from people who aren't given to fantasy or hyperbole. So your story resonates on a very deep level. The eyes seem to be the tell. There's even an Outer Limits episode about the eye thing. Maybe this is why we're constantly being bombarded with distraction, and now with this Pokemon crap and augmented reality- so we won't notice things like this.

    2. I've always wondered if that were true myself. I'm not alone in having felt these experiences weren't meant to give s pause amidst chaos. Have also felt a "hurry up" feeling after them, as if I were supposed to get something, realize potential, make my own magic, understand motivation instinctually ... something ellusiv

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbX08oGcKt4

  12. Thoughts, that you could be the author of the manuscript that this show is based on, but in a parallel and currently merging timeline where you remember your Montauk experiences; i.e., a Mandela Effect.

    1. That's a very interesting PKD kind of theory. Very appropriate for this post.

  13. I'm 32 and i'm from Chile, so my childhood somehow difers from you and the ones who comment. I haven't seen this series, nor the X files (apart from some random episodes when i was a teenager) But since i am a child i'm able to see and sense things. I've seen "space ships" twice, and once was together with my grandmother (her father was a prominent member of the first mason lodge in the nort of Chile, and she was an extreme protestant, she "talked tongues" and was "possesed" by the "holy spirit" and perfomed "cleansing of peoples" at our house when i was a child) I began with vivid dreams and strange experiences at my 13's, even sharing triggers like sensing earthquakes with my mom or bothers while sleeping, looking at ourselves in the doors having waking up at the same time from the same "earthquake", which never really happened.... Why i'm telling you this? Because family links should not be disregarded. If your Grandfather was in those kinds of black ops, it means something. Don't forget that we share a DNA link with them, some things happens to connect at that primary level, by passing them knowledge to our sons and then being able to share some kind of "virtual comunication" with them. I hope your experiences as a child are mere coincidences, because it's known that military families often program or apply some things in their family. Same with religious indoctrination. Maybe you need to address your family ties and your grandfather more. What we block is always important. Sorry for my poor english and i wish you well, thanks for writing this blog. (I don't see this kind of series, nor war movies or terror films because i'm extremely sensitive to this kind of things, and i avoid them, but since my early childhood i read and research for the occult...)

    1. Yeah, there's a lot I need to sort through. A lot of stuff in my history and such. This series has landed smack dab in the middle of a major process of self-examination and trying to solve some mysteries that are causing me problems in the here and now. The timing couldn't be more appropriate.

  14. I thought Jazz was an ok album.

    1. The production is awful- I don't know what they were recording the guitars with. It has a few good cuts but so much filler.

  15. I was actually captured with the piece of resources you have got here. big thumbs up for making such wonderful blog spot. I like and recommend it very much.

  16. I've been lead to wonder if great ideas we have but don't use somehow get put to use. It can be as though 'something know' and passes the great idea or ideas on. I had a very random 'splitting frequencies' thought today, which I'm hoping went unnoticed or came from somewhere else. I'm sure your father and grandfather would of been a credit to their field, whatever it was.

    1. I'm not exactly sure what you mean, Cindy. Can you clarify?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. If I'm right and the shifting about of unused great ideas is part and parcel of the natural mechanics of life it's likely to be facing some stiff competition these days with advanced in technology. Just a daft metaphysical thought.

  17. Daath is the "eleventh".sephira on the tree of life. Daath is the upside/down. Universe b.

  18. Chris a rather random question but do you think ghost detectors that you can download online really work? My son has downloaded one and he tells me he can see one following me around the house, I wouldn't be surprised if there was/is. Yesterday I had the local radio station on in my car airing some football match which I wasn't paying any attention to, then I switched the engine off (and the radio) just as they randomly said splitting frequencies. It got me thinking about splitting frequencies, not long before thinking I wonder what's going on at the sun.

    1. I would say no. I think you need proper equipment for that kind of job. Just my two cents.

    2. Mmm, or maybe something like a CCD plasma camera or inferred googles.

  19. Chris, since we are the same age, I got many miles out of my birthday having three sixes and s thirteen, I love these blogs! I have yet to watch Stranger Things, it could have been my life story at some points. Anyway tryimg to find a connection with Montauk/Hero and the TNT Igloos/Mothman. Been to Point Pleasant three trips this year, lovely town and people. Also, that crazy birth year of ours spawned Peck,Charles Whitman and Robert Smith. First new rays of MK Ultra perhaps? One day you should interview Roky Ericson as well as the tragic timeline of the 13th Floor Elevators.