Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rune Soup Sees the Suns

Well, the Singularity may never arrive but the Secret Sun Singularity approaches: Gordon White and Raj Sisodia, two of the Sun's closest allies, meet on the Rune Soup podcast. Listen here or there or download for devices. From the show description:
Raj and I have a good ol’ chat about narrative, psychology, spirit contact, London, the role of art and plenty move. Plus I got to nerd out about the X-Files with someone far more knowledgeable than me. 
It was coincidental timing that we recorded the morning after a lengthy Rune Soup post about the whole art/consciousness/magic continuum, so the conversation was good and sprightly.
Longtime readers will know Raj's work well, but if not check out his blog Amid Night Suns. Check out Raj's X-Files Secret Sun jams here, here and here

This is an AMAZING conversation that will really light up your neurons. My goal in life is now to get these two to produce a magical documentary of London. I have utter and complete confidence that it could be definitive. There's also a deep exploration of the creative process and magic that will resonate with those use art in their workings...