Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Interview on Always Record

It's been a while since I've been on The Sync Book's Always Record so we had a lot to discuss. We used the recent X-Files revival as a launching point for several different topics. From the show notes:
Christopher Knowles returns to Always Record for a conversation that circles the satellite topics in orbit around the Secret Sun. Such nodes include the Stairway to Sirius, David Bowie, Meta Filmmaking, Quatermass and the Pit, Twin Peaks, Richard Kelly's The Box, Syria and ISIS, Hollywood Babylon, Serpent Cults, and the Oscars. All of these tangential spokes eternally return to an ongoing look at the recent X-Files relaunch.

There are two parts to this interview, both well over an hour long.

Go to the AR site here and download away. 


  1. I will listen to this at some point. I felt it my duty to report this to you for no other reason than it helps me to practice my typing AND my razor wit.

    It better be good.

  2. It's good, especially considering how little talking I actually do during the day. Alan is an excellent host. Only caveat is that my voice sounds a bit odd because of weird digital distortion. I'm still having Skype issues with my Wifi. But it's much clearer than my appearance on Rune Soup which is due for a do-over.

  3. You're not kidding. You sound, I assume, much more like you, on Rune Soup; on AR you almost give off a slight --> vibration.

    As a New Englander, that's a reference I expect you to be familiar with.

  4. You're so right about the commercials these days, I've noticed too. A lot of whistling! So much chipper whistling as the background music, very infantile tunes, some sound almost exactly like the Sesame Street theme song. It really first struck me when that guy performed his song "Happy" on the oscars a couple years ago. It was just sooo saccharine, sterilized. It could have easily been the 1950s. It must be an attempt to numb us all, kind of like when they play classical music in the subways, crime and graffiti lessens.

    1. Happy was also for a children's movie

  5. Hey Chris, I finally got to listen to this today, I greatly enjoyed it.

    Does anyone else get the sense anymore. RE: daily events, like not only how sad and scary they are, but how unreal, like this was a 3rd-rate 'X-Files' knockoff rather than "real" life?

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  7. Sorry I can't comment on that Anna, I switched off to most TV a long time ago although The X-Files is a door I've had my eye on.

    Wise words Chris, a great interview. I went through a phase of watching black and white films years ago and I still think they have a lot of magic to them; like odder music can.

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