Friday, November 13, 2015

The Secret Sun on THC

Thanks to the behind the scenes wizardry of our friend Gordon I got myself an appearance on Greg Carlwood's podcast The Higherside Chats. Greg is an extraordinarily gregarious and accomodating host and we covered a whole laundry list of topics, both blog-related and otherwise.

Click here for the first hour.

Greg also sent me this note, extending a courtesy to Secret Sun readers who'd like to hear the second hour. 
"And I also went ahead and... made a link to a 7 day trail of THC+ if any of your readers want to sign up, listen to the full show, and cancel.  
Here's that page:"
You could cancel but you could also join up and get the benefit of The Higherside Chats Plus and their slate of wonderful guests. Greg is a wonderful interviewer who's more interested in what his guests have to say than he is in listening to the sound of his own voice. I don't think I have to tell you what a rare and valuable thing that is these days.


  1. It was an excellent interview, Chris. I caught it last night. It really helped to bring some things I wasn't sure about into much clearer focus.
    I subscribe to THC. Will probably require a second listen.
    Good to connect a voice to the writing.

  2. Best appearance of yours I can remember on a podcast! I'd love to hear you talking to the "Always Record" guys on the syncbook podcast someday.

    1. Yeah, it's been a while since I've done one. Greg's an easy guy to talk to.

  3. Fantastic interview. Loved it. Getting tired oh the flat earth beleber/non-beleber, I've got to say....'sigh'

    Mr Synchronicity moves to the Pre-Cog camp?!? Huge Scoop.....or it would have been if Greg hadn't layed the show over for a month :)

    I have been giving that idea some breathing space since you started to float the idea. I must admit, I was always kind of in the precog camp before I learned the word synchronicity, but my thoughts have been more about "The Grand Game", and how time is a major player in it.

    So, if you wanted the 'wheels of time' to turn to your advantage, the cogs that you would want to gain control over would surly be the pre-cogs.....

    So if killing the most sensitive people that are not on your team,(witch hunts) becomes very unpopular, perhaps you could allow them do do their thing, but try to subvert the messages they were getting....
    I am thinking here about, Golden Dawn, The OTO( and friends...) and the 'New Age' movement, especially after Allan Watts dies, and then Ram Das stepped away from the 'mainstream'.

    Muddying, or flat out polluting the waters is and age old trick. Imagine if you worked out how to do it on a pre-frequency level with some degree of success......

    1. Scroll back a bit, we've been peeling back layers on Synchronicity quite a bit. Click on the Synchronicity tag and check it out.

  4. Great interview. Based on some of the principles of collective thought surely there's a chance the flat earth theory could manifest, if enough people believed it. I don't think it's a theory that would catch on to that extent for us to need to worry though. It's a theory that gets you thinking though.