Friday, November 13, 2015

The Secret Sun on THC

Thanks to the behind the scenes wizardry of our friend Gordon I got myself an appearance on Greg Carlwood's podcast The Higherside Chats. Greg is an extraordinarily gregarious and accomodating host and we covered a whole laundry list of topics, both blog-related and otherwise.

Click here for the first hour.

Greg also sent me this note, extending a courtesy to Secret Sun readers who'd like to hear the second hour. 
"And I also went ahead and... made a link to a 7 day trail of THC+ if any of your readers want to sign up, listen to the full show, and cancel.  
Here's that page:"
You could cancel but you could also join up and get the benefit of The Higherside Chats Plus and their slate of wonderful guests. Greg is a wonderful interviewer who's more interested in what his guests have to say than he is in listening to the sound of his own voice. I don't think I have to tell you what a rare and valuable thing that is these days.