Friday, November 20, 2015

Paris, or a Calendar Other Than Your Own (UPDATED 11.20)

The deadly machinations of the spiderweb of Deep States claim more victims, again in Paris, the City of Lights.

The day before it was Beirut, not-coicidentally known as the Paris of the Middle East, which suffered atrocities at the hands of murderers who are like a never-ending replay of the parable of the frog and the scorpion. 

It was the Russians who took it in the neck not so long ago, ostensible payback for being the first country to fight a serious war on terror, not the ridiculous charade the US and its allies were engaged in as cover for their war on Syrian President Assad and his people. 

The story is murky and prone to confabulation but there's agreement on all sides that Daesh or the Islamic Caliphate ("ISIS" is an imaginary name created by the Western media), is in part NATO's Frankenstein monster. What version of the story you believe is up to you. What is certain is that NATO has been farming its dirty work out to some very bad actors and now the blowback is about to begin.

Of course you'll hear the usual talk about "false flags," but as is so often the case I doubt we'll see anything dramatic in response to this outrage, just the usual marches and vows to heal and unite and so on. I can't remember the last time you actually saw anything of any real significance follow in the wake of one of these alleged "false flag" incidents. 

I'm not saying false flag actions don't exist- I most certainly believe they do. But unless you see some major mobilization or crackdown or some other kind of disproportionate action in response to a terrorist act, it's probably a safe bet it's not one. And even then the burden is on the individual making the accusation to present a cogent, exhaustive case, not just cobble together a handful of rumors and reporting errors. 

And funny how no one is screaming "false flag" over Beirut or any of the other horrors that take place in the Middle East, Asia and Africa on a nearly daily basis. No, terrorism is real and much, much worse than our Western media would have you believe. 

So far the meat of the false flag argument is that one of the terrorists was found with a (false) Syrian passport. This shows how ignorant most of these people are- false documents are the currency of bad actors, whether you're talking about spies or terrorists.
A British reporter was able to buy a Syrian passport and other paperwork being sold to ISIS fighters sneaking into Europe, raising concerns about the 10,000 refugees President Barack Obama is promising to take in. 
The reporter paid $2,000 for a passport, ID card and driver's license of a man killed in the conflict.  Former FBI agent Jim Conway of Globel Intel Strategies, says he's not surprised ISIS fighters are able to get a hold of such paperwork. 
“Terrorist cells are always looking for explosives, they're looking for weaponry, they're looking for cloned telephones, they're looking for vehicles, but their most sought after commodity is good, false documents...” 
Then we heard talk about Friday the 13th and how this must be those Luciferian (sic) Templars again, making human sacrifices to their Luciferian (sic) god, Lucifer (sic). 

I mean, that nails it, right?

Well, never mind it's the WRONG FRIGGIN' MONTH (the Templar suppression took place in October), did it ever occur to anyone that November 13th might have a significant meaning to a group calling itself THE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE? 

Like maybe it was the date of the FALL OF THE LAST ISLAMIC CALIPHATE? At the hands of the FRENCH, no less?
The Occupation of Constantinople (present day Istanbul) was the occupation of the capital of the Ottoman Empire, following the Armistice of Mudros by the Triple Entente of World War I. The first French troops entered the city on November 12, 1918, followed by British troops the next day. The occupation had two stages: the de facto stage from November 13, 1918 to March 20, 1920, and the de jure stage from March 20, 1920 to the days following the Treaty of Lausanne. The last Allied troops departed from the city on September 23, 1923.
Gee, you think that might be a black letter day for a radical or two?

And what about the last attack on Paris, the Charlie Hebdo massacre? That took place on January 7th. What is it about that date? There were two other recent massacres on it:
 2010– Muslim gunmen in Egypt open fire on a crowd of Coptic Christians  killing eight of them and one Muslim bystander. 
2015 – A car bomb explodes outside a police college in the Yemeni capital Sana'a with at least 38 people reported dead and more than 63 injured.
There were the usual accusations of false flag but the only reaction to the massacre of note was Charlie Hebdo giving in to the terrorists' demands. Unless I missed something.

I don't know what the significance of this is exactly, but January 7th was the day a major figure in Turkish history died, a major player in the Ottoman Caliphate:
Koca Mustafa Reşid Pasha (literally Great Mustafa Reşid Pasha; 13 March 1800 – 7 January 1858) was an Ottoman statesman and diplomat , known best as the chief architect behind the Ottoman government reforms known as Tanzimat. 
Why is Turkey significant? Because a bombing of a Kurdish peace rally the Turkish government blamed on Daesh but Turkish Kurds blamed on the Islamist Edrogan government took place on this past October 10. 

In this case, the government could be right since the Kurds have been at the forefront of the war on Daesh (recently liberating the Yazidi city of Sinjar) and acting in concert with Russian and NATO troops, both of whom Daesh see as "Crusaders."

What's the significance of October 10? 

Well, that takes us back to France again and the decisive Battle of Tours where French national hero Charles Martel defeated the Moors and turned the tide against the Islamic occupation of Europe. Tours remains an eternal wound for the pride of many Islamic extremists.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

What about the downing of the Russian airliner over the Sinai? Surely that must be the work of Zio-Luciferian (sic) witches celebrating their high holy day (sic) of Halloween, right?

Well, believe it or not other people have calendars and days of observance. October 31 was the day of the (first) Siege of Mecca, when the Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam, was burnt to the ground. This was during the Second Islamic Civil War, and many argue that the conflict in Iraq and Syria is  a continuation of that ancient struggle. 

The Siege of Mecca would replay itself in 1979, giving rise to the radicalism that some believe led to the formation of the groups that we face today.
(B)loody 1979 takeover of Islam's holiest shrine, the Grand Mosque in Mecca, by hundreds of armed gunmen led by Saudi preacher Juhayman al Uteybi, who believed the Saudi royal family had become a servant of American infidels; the assault that knocked out the insurgents; and the repercussions of the event in terms of the rise of violent, extremist Islam around the world.
October 31 was also the day the UK and France (remember, a Crusader is a Crusader to Daesh) began a bombing campaign in order to force Egypt to open the Suez Canal. Russia- or the USSR, more accurately- was on Egypt's side but are now siding with the Shi'a, surely an unforgiveable act of treachery. 

So, humor me; you think October 31st may have some significance to a group of militants based in the Sinai? Maybe just a little?

There's a strange kind of ethnocentrism at work in this conspiracy thinking, denying emotion and agency to people not like yourself, thinking they are all just puppets of CIA fratboys. It reminds of the kind of patronizing paternalism you see among liberals when you talk about Islamic radicalism. I think at its root is a kind of dehumanizing thinking.

There is no doubt that there are all kinds of machinations at work on the part of our government and our intelligence services. But pretending that other people don't have their own rituals and observances when it comes to these actions is not only myopic, it's dangerous.

UPDATE 11/20: The Islamic Calendar begins on July 16, 622

The debate is over.

UPDATE: Reader MH reminds us how important September 11th is in all of this, being the date of the decisive Battle of Vienna, when the Ottomans were defeated by the Holy Roman Empire. More and more we see the shadow of the longtime grandmasters of Deep State machinations in all of this...

UPDATE: Kurdish Peshmerga discover Yazidi mass graves in Sinjar, victims of Daesh. Maybe we should ask the Yazidi what they think of these "false flag" theories. Or the Kurds.  Or the Assyrians. Or the Ethiopians. Or the...

UPDATE: Webster Tarpley analyzes the situation and sees this as a clumsy, crude desperation move on Daesh's move, totally devoid of tactical sophistication.

UPDATE: What about the London bombings on 7/7? That too is a critical date in the calendar of conflict between Islam and the West- it's the day the Kingdom of Tyre fell to the Crusaders.

After a first failed siege in 1111, it was captured by the Crusaders in 1124, becoming one of the most important cities of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was part of the royal domain, although there were also autonomous trading colonies there for the Italian merchant cities. The city was the site of the archbishop of Tyre, a suffragan of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem; its archbishops often acceded to the Patriarchate. The most notable of the Latin archbishops was the historian William of Tyre.
What about 3/11, the date of the Madrid bombings? That is yet ANOTHER crucial anniversary, that of the Fall of Baghdad in 1917 to a combined Anglo-Indian force (this ultimately led to the infamous Sykes-Picot treaty that many blame for the terrible state the Midde East is in now). The Madrid bombings did what most of these terrorist events did- gave the terrorists what they wanted. The Spanish pulled their troops out of Iraq (read: Baghdad) in response. 

Seeing the connections here?

What about the 7/13 bomb attacks in Mumbai? Those took place on July 13th, the snniversary of the infamous Siege of Jersualem. Note that one of the targets of the bombings was a Western-linked high school bus stop.

I've generally avoided writing about these kinds of horror shows but given the backlash-inducing nonsense I'm seeing in the I thought it was important to take a serious look at this event and its antecedents.

UPDATE: I keep seeing links to this RT interview with this "Geroid O'Colmain" agent provocateur character, an obscure blogger for what look to be astroturf sites I'd never heard of prior to this event. Nearly all the hits that come up for this guy link in some way to the RT piece. To me it just looks as if the Russians are gaslighting the French with a guy whose Twitter handle is "BradfordSoviet". Well, that's war for you. I recommend you stick with Webster Tarpley.

UPDATE: And what about the Boston Marathon bombings? They took place on another EXTREMELY important anniversary- the first day of the Arab Uprising in British Palestine:

The 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine was a nationalist uprising by Palestinian Arabs in Mandatory Palestine against British colonial rule, as a demand for independence. The dissent was directly influenced by the Qassamite rebellion, following the killing of Sheikh Izz ad-Din al-Qassam in 1935, as well as the declaration by Hajj Mohammad Amin al-Husayni of 16 May 1930 as 'Palestine Day' and calling for a General Strike. The revolt was branded by many in the Jewish Yishuv as "immoral and terroristic", often comparing it to the fascism and nazism.
UPDATE: The Fort Hood massacre on November 5, 2009 was committed by a Palestinian-born terrorist, on the very same date in 1990 when another Palestinian assassinated extreme-right Israeli politician Meir Kahane, an act that was widely celebrated in American leftist circles. 

In keeping with the eternal grievance calendar November 5 is the date that Libya was put under Italian control, taken from the Ottoman Empire (there they are, again).

How many more examples do we really need?

UPDATE: The great Paul Weston weighs in with this comment: 

A good test of this material is whether we can get predictive with it. I've already stated elsewhere that I believe that the centenary of the Sykes Picot agreement (whereby British and French bureaucrats with zero forethought created all of the current Middle Eastern national boundaries) next May represents a likely date for some unpleasant activity. 
Well, we've already seen that.  The 2003 Casablanca (in formerly French-held Morocco) bombings, in which many Western sites were targeted, took place on the anniversary of the Sykes-Picot signing. Thanks to Paul for bring that up. There was also a bombing in Nairobi in 2014 blamed on al-Shabaab.

BAMAKO (Reuters) - Malian commandos stormed a luxury hotel in Bamako on Friday after Islamist gunmen took 170 people including many foreigners hostage in the capital of the former French colony, which has been battling rebels allied to al Qaeda for several years. 
Dozens of people were reported to have escaped or been freed, but at least three were dead. A security source said the gunmen had dug in on the seventh floor of the hotel as special forces advanced on them. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. 
State television showed footage of troops in camouflage fatigues wielding AK47s in the lobby of the Radisson Blu, one of Bamako's smartest hotels. In the background, a body lay under a brown blanket at the bottom of a flight of stairs. 
Minister of Internal Security Colonel Salif Traoré said three people had been killed and two wounded by the gunmen, who burst through security at the hotel entrance at 7 a.m (0700 GMT), spraying the area with gunfire and shouting "Allahu Akbar", or "God is great" in Arabic.
What else happened on November 20? In 1979:
The Grand Mosque seizure occurred during November and December 1979 when extremist insurgents calling for the overthrow of the House of Saud took over Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The insurgents declared that the Mahdi (the "redeemer of Islam") had arrived in the form of one of their leaders – Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani – and called on Muslims to obey him. 
The seizure of Islam's holiest site, the taking of hostages from among the worshipers, and the deaths of hundreds of militants, security forces and hostages caught in crossfire in the ensuing battles for control of the site, all shocked the Islamic world.
In 2003:
ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- Powerful explosions ripped through the British Consulate and a London-based bank near a popular shopping area Thursday in Istanbul, killing at least 27 people and wounding more than 450 others, Turkish officials said. 
Seventeen people were killed at the consulate and 10 in the shopping area in the neighborhood of Levent, the Turkish Interior Ministry said.

What may have happened on November 20th that may cause such consternation? Egyptian President Anwar Sadat addressed the Israeli Knesset on that date in 1977. Sadat was later assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

NOTE: Yelling "false flag" before the bodies are even cold is one of the primary reasons alternative research communities have become so universally scorned outside their own little bubbles.  Cui bono?

The point is that we won't know for sure until there are real investigations done. It used to be that parapolitics researchers would actually wait and study an event before they announced to the world it was a false flag or not. No longer.


  1. Hey Chris,

    Excellent points, my friend. Never underestimate a radical fundamentalist, or anyone willing to spill blood in the name of their god. I think what escapes most people's conscious attention is how stygian and pitch-black nightmarish our world is, has been, and will continue to be for a while yet. We forget how brutal, ugly and hardcore war really is. We forget how militant real fundamentalism is.

    This can give us an insight though, into Gnosticism at its core. What really controls us? Ideology, sinister mental software, designer neural programming on every level. We become dehumanized and dehumanising. We become mercenaries and zealots capable of every kind of violence against our 'enemy'. We give away our responsibility and thus our true spirit.

    I'm keeping away from news recently so I cant say what intricacies were involved with the Paris tragedy. But it might surprise people to know that real false flags are often not huge orchestrations. They're often genuine terrorist operations that are slightly nudged, or traded or bartered with by various interests - sometimes very elite interests. This happens more often than anyone realizes. That's just how real intelligence field-work operates. Read a memoir from anyone with a military-intel background. If you really look at who funded who in WW2 for example, you quickly realize that it's a crazy web of federal, private and semi-private interests. There are certain lines and flows of control when attempts are made to weaponize a terrorist group and influence things indirectly. But even the puppeteers are puppets when they have to be, or are forced to be.

    So when we think of false flags we need to deepen our understanding. A false flag might be something as subtle as withholding a piece of critical intel at just the right moment. Real intelligence work is conducted in real-time - with all the clashing cultures, complexities, personalities and blurred lines this implies. To assume passivity or a lack of agency for anyone - especially radicalized terrorists that glorify death - is indeed dangerous.


  2. "... never-ending replay of the parable of the frog and the scorpion." A robust analysis Chris. How much of the 21st century is going to be a bloody reminder that there are other actors in the world beside technocratic, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants?

    1. Indeed- the Turks were at this long before anyone heard of Martin Luther. And that's just one team on the field.

  3. This anthropologist is giving you a standing ovation! Two thumbs up and my personal gratitude. Nice to hear from a voice of reason in the midst of this wargasm hysteria. Lack of understanding via ethnocentric thinking, of the complexities of this Islamic other has been the over-arching problem from the start, regardless of where we historically plant that goalpost! IMO.

    1. Yes, war is like treating a tumor with a sledgehammer when a scapel and a skilled hand is called for. Preferably a skilled Russian hand and a Kurdish surgical team. What's been done to Syria is unconscionable- this nonsensical war hysteria will do nothing and go nowhere.

  4. Very well said. I often wonder who or what is really pulling the strings when all is said and done. That's a William Bramley conversation perhaps. But I should add that it's not only WW2 but the Cold War and every other war it seems where you find very strange bedfellows. Another thing I might add too is how relevant Gnosticism is to this discussion in a more tangible way, with groups like the Yazidi, Druze, Alawites and Mandaeans caught up in this buzzsaw. For some reason they don't seem to count to anyone but the Yazidi aren't taking things lying down- they're forming militias and giving Daesh a kick in the teeth. When you talk about these murky alliances it seems that Daesh was a paper tiger who came to power because no one stood up to them. The Sunni majority seemed to roll over because they were more afraid of the Shi'a but it appears they came to regret that. And now we have this apparent- or should I say alleged- effort on the part of the US and NATO to take them out only because the Russians were peeling the lid off the scam. So yes, there is deception and false alliance in war, no doubt. But there is also betrayal and blowback.

    1. Absolutely. Very astute observations, Chris.

  5. Hello All. It's been awhile. To be honest, I stopped posting almost anywhere on the 'net because the 'net is mostly a place of hate and abuse anymore, and I'm weary of arguing with people of whatever stripe that believe whatever group they belong to - Christian, Atheist, or whatnot - is a license to dehumanize others.

    But this is a superb analysis, Chris. Of course the groups rising out of Islamic cultures will have their own symbols, their own agendas, their own needs. I think that this idea of some cabal of rich, Straight, white men actually running everything is comforting to a certain mindset, but it's racist and stupid to believe in it.

    I wonder too, why people don't see that the West's chickens are coming home to roost? I had friends who cheered W. Bush, with his talk of 'Crusades' and how Jesus Christ was his model of political action, whilst bombing any brown people that got in his way. These Good Christians that see 'Muslims' rising everywhere never seem to think that the people of the Middle East have good reason to hate and fear the USA.

    I don't see "false flags" or "Illuminati" here. I see the result of short-sighted, might-makes-right actions taken by generations of profit seeking businessmen that see us *all* as mere tools to be used, discarded, or slaughtered in service of money and power. And I think we have a future of unending war.

    1. Yeah, I hear you, Anna. Everything is falling apart to shit and the Net is where everyone takes out their frustrations. It's a mess. But I think false flag theorizing is a kind of denial too- a way of denying just how fucked we are in the face of a worldview that is apocalyptic and genocidal and on the march in their millions everywhere. Daesh, Boko Haram, the Taliban and the rest don't need any help burning witches, wiping out religious minorities, reducing women to chattel and all the rest of it. Thinking Westerners are the puppeteers behind it all is just a kind of wishful thinking.

    2. I totally agree, Chris.

      I guess it all comes down to, if we see others *as* others, Them. Not human, not as valuable as "Us", then it's so easy to knock over a country, to shoot children with drones, to use bombs and guns to murder innocent people, to bash LGBTs, to threaten women with rape, to do all of these hideous things because not enough people will look at what we all have in common instead of the differences.

  6. Well said. Especially regarding the disregard of the false flag mongerers of acts committed on non-NATO continents, which parallels, as you know, the concern about selective sympathy and solidarity.

    In that vein, I would caution against the lack of disproportion in response argument. When you consider the disproportion that fuels this crap, it is difficult to judge what is disproportionate after the fact. And hearing Francois the Socialist Syria Bombing Hollande's graphic promise of what was to come, combined with the fact that renewed weapons and increased bombing have already followed in a matter of hours, those who fall victim might have something else to say about what's disproportionate.

    Frankly, I think we need to have different terminology for the combined result of blowback and the using of it to get what one wants. If I am engaging in activities that have proved a tried & true guarantor of blowback, and I know I am going to use it to redouble efforts on my foreign policy, it is as close to a false flag as one can get without it actually being one. Especially when you provide the training – by proxy or otherwise.

    It's like I have long thought regarding the argument that the US is "better than the terrorists" because they don't deliberately target civilians: if you know they'll be killed... you get my point. The US is most certainly better than the terrorists. At killing and keeping it off the front pages for too long. That goes for her allies, as well. Bet how many people didn't know (or still don't know) that France has been bombing SyrIrak for quite a while now.

    1. Well, look at it this way- if this happened in Moscow entire cities would be wiped off the map this morning. I always hear false flag this and false flag that and never see anything happen after any of these events but more of the same old same old. That being said, the Syria situation is unforgivable and if some of NATO's rabid dogs are turning on their masters then maybe they'll reconsider their approach next time they want to destroy a country that was doing no one any harm.

    2. Sure, more of the same. Weapon's manufacturers stock prices are soaring since the weekend and France and the US are doubling down on an unwinnable war that, among the dead in the middle east, scores of Parisans just had to pay the price for.

      As for Moscow wiping cities off the map. They just had more people killed in a matter of seconds than in Paris and Beruit combined, and they have wiped far fewer cities off the map than the US has in the last year, decade, or century.

  7. actually Chris, the issue with the passport is not that it had false info, but rather that a passport survived the holder blowing himself to bits, similar to the one that just happened to appear in New York that morning. Here is the question I am asking, Where are the phone video's?Particularly those at the concert. Over a 1000 people, no video's. That in and of its self is enough for me to say, we are not getting the story. All I know right now, is that I am hearing the word Syria come off too many of the wrong peoples lips as if that country is somehow responsible for the event.the only folks who would suggest that are driven by agenda. good piece sir

  8. There were a lot of videos up. Some might have been taken down on orders of the security forces. There was a video of the start of the attacks at the Bataclan up at a news site.

  9. “…a never-ending replay of the parable of the frog and the scorpion. “

    “More and more we see the shadow of the longtime grandmasters of Deep State machinations in all of this...”

    Watching “Eden of the East” just yesterday and there is in the opening of the anime a pastiche of different images and included is a quote from Julius Caesar:

    “Th' abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power.”

    Now it appears as part of Brutus’ speech and he talks about Caesar’s shortcomings and how the more power he is given the more likely the abuse and because none of this

    "Will bear no color for the thing he is” he should be considered “as a serpents egg” and “Which, hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous- And kill him in the shell.” Shades of Minority Report...

    This is the frog and scorpion again… would the scorpion- if that was his way- have warned the frog: You should kill me now! Or it will be too late… so would these killers in the Paris massacre have said this to us? You should already have made an example of us! This is your reward… it is an ancient pattern yet getting one’s mind around the details is a hard lesson.

    Do all of us indeed have souls..? Indeed everyone cannot be bought and the mask of sanity may have revealed more than one thinks…

    Last but not least … “ "ISIS" is an imaginary name created by the Western media.” Well it seems there is a deeper truth to this…

    “But the claim that ISIS is a creation of the Obama administration has gained wide traction here. From the Iranian viewpoint, shaped by their spotty exposure to Western culture, analysts say, creating a terrorist organization opposed to Iranian interests is the obvious thing for a superpower to do. “


    Your post is quite intelligent and thought-provoking and I will leave with Raj's comment:

    "I think what escapes most people's conscious attention is how stygian and pitch-black nightmarish our world is, has been, and will continue to be for a while yet." A while yet... hmmm... indeed.

  10. A good test of this material is whether we can get predictive with it. I've already stated elsewhere that I believe that the centenary of the Sykes Picot agreement (whereby British and French bureaucrats with zero forethought created all of the current Middle Eastern national boundaries) next May represents a likely date for some unpleasant activity. Let's see.

    1. Paul, we don't have to. The Sykes-Picot were "observed" by the 2003 Casablanca bombings.

    2. November 2nd, and in particular in 2017, for the Balfour Declaration is another worth watching.

    3. Nov 27, 1095. Pope Urban II declares the First Crusade. The 27th being this year's Black Friday. Lots of crowds. The 2009 Nevsky Express bombing may or may not have filled that spot on the Islamic bombing bingo card

  11. Just as a counterpoint, what critical Christian-Muslim event happened on Dec 7, the day of Pearl Harbor?

    1. How exactly is that a counterpoint? What is that counterpoint to? Why are you trying to divert the conversation in this manner?

    2. Uh... no ulterior motive, honest. I'm just pointing out that in the globe-spanning thousand years of conflict between these two civilizations, it's probable that every date on the calendar has a major pivot point between the two groups. We shouldn't automatically assume that terrorist groups like Daesh are playing out of a date book, rather than striking when and where opportunities present themselves.

    3. Well, that's why you focus on dates of extreme importance and urgency. Like today being the anniversary of an Arab leader speaking before the Knesset. He got himself assassinated for that and there have been several major terrorist actions on this date. We're talking a small handful of significant dates that extremists look at as humiliations, not just some random confrontation or conflict.

  12. Perhaps the differences of human cultures and deep states could be understood by the calendars.

    I mean, relatively benign cyclic stuff is just times for planting and harvest, and baseball, and the fish are biting.

    Then there is that whole high strangeness ritual sacrifice and history repeating by rhyming in blood.

    These things are entangled and nested. That Toltec calendar is a real meat grinder.

    Probably best to play baseball, or go fishing, or tend a garden. Probably best not to let the other stuff demand satisfaction.

  13. As the outgoing archons wrestle for control with the new emergent reality the world is going to get scarier. The emergent reality is much better, but it's going to take a while yet. As things crumble we need to understand that, yes, we're going to see more corruption and conspiracy, but also more street-level chaos, more actual militant terrorism conducted by some pretty tweaked and scary people. There are many like ISIL, with similar ideologies to satisfy their appetites. Things are fragmenting right now, transforming. On more than one level of reality. But there's no point in being afraid. Educate yourself, do the research, discover the nuance and context. Take as much edge off the terror as you can. And know that we are all something much greater than this fear. We're something magical. Your Innermost remembers what I'm talking about.

    1. What's even scarier is when your neighbors become your executioners as we saw happen to the Yazidi. The Druze are looking to get out of Syria now since they don't know what the future holds for them. Look at Lebanon during the civil war. Look at Rwanda or Ukraine. That's the really terrifying thing.

  14. @Raj - thank you. :) The fearporn is mainstream now, and especially alive in Congress. I'm weary of dealing with and listening to cowards.

    Could it be that a lot of middle aged and old white folks are realizing that their chickens *are* coming home to roost? And living in fear and hate are just so much easier than taking some fucking responsibility for the world, and working to make things betters, Amirite?

    1. No, I think it's the same Cointelpro kind of manipulation so we saw back in the Nixon days. And it will probably work out the same way too.

    2. Sadly, I think you're absolutely right.

    3. Unfortunately, I think Chris is right about cointelpro tactics. I think there are members of various elites running scared right now, but for far more esoteric reasons. ISIL, Boko Haram and others like them are psychotic rapists, killers and death cultists attempting to recruit confused kids and broken men. They're quite happy if the entire world turns against Islam because in their warped ideology it would justify their own pathetic jihad. No extremist on Earth, regardless of religion, wants to coexist. History proves it time and again.

    4. Raj, I think you're right about that as well.

      This all reminds me of a line from a song by Bobby Darin - "A Simple Song of Freedom"
      ~Lets all Build Them Shelves
      ~Where they can Fight Amongst Themselves
      ~And leave the People here
      ~That want to Sing

  15. You have brought up the possible Daesh-Obama Administration connection which I believe is one way or another more than likely. I see another parallel (or connection). As Daesh was likely incubated by several intelligence services so has Right Sector (and other Nazi-like groups) been created by NATO. These are very disturbing tactics that eat at the collective soul of Western culture. Perhaps using Daesh as a proxy by the Saudis against the Persians might have been a good idea at one time but the Jinn got out of the bottle, so to speak. No such extenuating possibilities for NATO in Ukraine. NATO has been co-opted by OSI and other NGO's as a tin soldier army for the Globalists. Yet at the end of the day the people fighting against the rebels in the Donbass and Daesh are the same zombies.

  16. It appears that "Paris" is doing pretty well, with Germany pledging not only reconnaissance jets but also 1200 troops on the ground. The opposition from die Linke and factions among the Greens are paltry against the dominant attitude of solidarity via war-making. So if the blue/white/red phony flagging facespace were not enough a display of the mindless effect sympathy — with the land who might be the central colonialist role model for "united we stand" — has wrought, then the burgeoning bottom line of war-administrating collective's clientel could certainly be a testament to a false flag on autopilot. Indeed, every victim of a NATO bomb might make the same claim: "Daesh did it." At this point the whole shebang is a false flag, notwithstanding the sought symbolic ceremony of it all.

  17. I just tweeted this to you, but I don't know how often you check that, and I thought you needed to see this:

    "On August 24 1516, Ottoman Sultan Selim invaded Northern Syria, defeated the Mamluk Sultanate and continued to capture Damascus, Syria and conquer the whole Middle East."

    "Pictures of Turkish tanks invading Northern Syria on August 24, 2016, exactly 500 years to the day that Sultan Selim invaded the exact same area"

  18. Nice catch andrewbigdoor. Did anyone else watch Kerry grovel to the Ottomans? LOL now Russia has a seat at the next NATO coven meeting.