Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sci-Fi and Paganism: The Secret History

I touched ever so briefly on this connection in Our Gods Wear Spandex, drawing on a quote from Lucky Mojo owner and former Eclipse Comics editor Cat Yronwode, who credited sci-fi fandom for the rise of modern paganism. Here Secret Sun ally Cat Vincent (ah, those cats) explores the topic in depth, unearthing a fascinating secret history that really cuts straight to the occult-culture matrix that this blog cut its teeth on.

Paganism and Wicca were only recently seen as spent mindfuel.  But neopaganism is not even close to dead, but is on the rise again, flying under the radar of the psy-cops and other Obsidian Orders of the endless Kardashian occupation.

Neopaganism and its tributaries are very much not my cup of camomile personally, but any resistance to the deadening and death-making mechanistic mindset of the oligarchy is a chip in the edifice- however small- of the robotic rationalists and their anthrocide agenda.

This talk covers all the bases and covers some ground that even seasoned wayfarers of the Wyrd may not have traveled and as such comes with the highest possible recommendation. This may not be for purists or puritans of the Pagan variety, but will certainly feed the brains of regular readers of The Secret Sol.