Thursday, June 18, 2015

Programming Note

Production of new X-Files series in British Columbia

In the few moments of spare time I've had in the past week I've been wrestling with a major post that keeps growing and morphing. I've been doing a lot of research on related topics as well, playing various videos and podcasts while I'm busy with the day (and night) job. 

This next post is important and will probably be the first of many variations on a theme. I just haven't had the time to hammer it out properly yet (I forced a first draft that failed to  thrive), and probably won't until sometime next week. Once I clear my plate I will be back to full strength and plan to be very active over the summer.

Stay tuned. More to come....


  1. Thank you for the update, Chris. This one sounds worth waiting for, and I'm excited for a Summer of Secret Sun. :)

  2. I'm excited too. This blog is a lifeline.

  3. I agree with all the comments Chris. Really excited to see what's up!

  4. Well, thank you all. I should say I've been wrestling with this piece because it's very grim in its implications and I've been trying to resist going down that path. It gets hard, especially with this atrocity in Charleston (does it seem like these shooters are coming from some kind of factory or something?) which is especially upsetting given that I was raised to believe a church was a sanctuary. No it seems there is none. The implications for that, not to mention the larger implications overall, didn't exactly keep me on course. I still believe there is hope, but I'm seeing so many people struggle these days, it's just hard to reconcile. I don't want to give in to despair but I also don't want to gloss over the truth. I always want to give people something to look forward to, some measure of optimism. Which is getting hard these days, as a lot of you certainly must realize.

  5. Note: My internet access is going to be sporadic (at best) over the weekend, so you might want to hold off commenting until Sunday night.


  6. I join the others in expressing my anticipation of what your research will reveal this summer, though I do so knowing its revelations may be unnerving, as truth often is.

    As for the horror at Charleston, some solace exists in the belief that those who lose their lives in the active search for God, such as while at prayer, are in a state of grace and so find their way into His arms. Let us hope this brings some comfort to all who have been touched by this madness.

    >does it seem like these shooters are coming from some kind of factory or something?

    I'd say there seems a template, but who wields it and why is beyond me. As always, we ask, Who Profits?

    The church as sanctuary immediately brought to mind the assassination of Thomas à Becket in 1170, that of Archbishop Óscar Romero in 1980 and a disturbingly large list of clergy in between, many of whom met their deaths during mass or other religious functions on holy ground. A lowly thief might certainly keep his fingers were he to touch the altar cloth and cry out for sanctuary, but that cloth is all too often a bishop's death shroud. Doubtless these killings serve to keep many others in line, or at least silent. These, of course, are merely a portion of such violations and ignore those inflicted on Jewish, Moslem and other faiths.

  7. The most offensive thing to me is the political hay & focus on the murderer rather than the victims. A white man murdered 9 black people, and the propagandists are focused on the murderer, and making hay for pet causes.