Saturday, April 25, 2015

The X-Egesis Returns

The day job has been especially demanding and I have a number of new posts in the oven that I just don't have the time to attend to right now. One of the issues I've been mulling over is this weird phenomenon where science headlines blare out claims that the body copy either doesn't back up or actually contradicts- what's up with that? The other is looking at the passages of the so-called "Three World Wars" letters attributed to Albert Pike, meaning the few passages that aren't obvious forgeries, and how they seem oddly familiar...

So it's time to reach back into the archives and find some classic Secret Sun for all y'all to dive into.

Well, since The X-Files is in the news again (for some reason, all eyes were on Gillian Anderson's daughter a couple weeks back- Gillian brought her to the Olivier Awards and it became a major news story. A foreshadowing?) I thought I'd repost a link to my epic X-Files X-Egesis.

I can't think of another mythological allegory in pop culture that's as exhaustively detailed as the one I cover in the X-Egesis (if you can, please let me know). Of course, the first X-Files movie allegorized Orpheus and Eurydice and the second film allegorized a number of different Mystery narratives, but the way they meticulously weaved all the main plot points of the Delta Cycle of Ancient Egypt into a story about ancient astronauts, a coming cataclysm and alien hybrid saviors is something else entirely.


  1. Synchroverse Report: Yesterday afternoon I saw a bumper sticker touting Obama as a prophet of peace while on a walk with a friend(it had to be from 2008) which I reacted to by going on a small rant about how Obama's meddling in Libya and Syria helped fund and arm ISIS while providing the instability and chaos required for them to grow and become an effective power player in the region. Later that night at work Pink Floyd the Wall was playing on the radio and I started talking about the original Pink Floyd and specifically Syd Barrett. After work I went to this site and was pleasantly surprised.

  2. Synchroverse report -- got a big one (big, and outside the internet, the only ones I consider significant) with Black Panther #2 and "Hatch-22" ... u diggin' that?

    1. Not really. Could you go into greater detail? I looked it up on the internet so I know they're both Marvel characters. I'd like to add whether you read it in print or on the internet, the only fundamental difference between the two is which medium you read it on. I think it's the info that makes it significant, not where and how you read it.

  3. Headline: NASA May Have Invented Warp Drive... "the EmDrive is producing a warp field or bubble."