Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Strangest Feeling (That I've Been Here Before)

Past Life regression was big back in the 1980s. You had a lot of hypnotists and self-declared mediums exploiting the fad, telling their clients that they were Caesar or Cleopatra or Shakespeare in a past life. The whole fad did what these things usually do and made the topic of reincarnation a target for ridicule.

And so it goes with the degradations of consumer culture- never mind that any number of very ancient religions practiced by vast amounts of people believe in the concept, all it took was a few hucksters on Oprah to sully the belief. 

Or did it? It's one of those things that you'll find a lot of people believing in quietly, almost automatically. It always made more sense to me than an eternity spent in some cosmic realm. And it's one of those things I began to seriously wonder about when I looked back on my childhood.

I was a weird kid in elementary school. I was fixated on things from the 1930s and 1940s. I loved the old radio shows, which you could get cheaply on LP at the local discount store. I was obsessed with the heroes of the Golden Age of Comics and the pulps. Certainly a lot of those characters were being revived at the time, but the audience was most certainly not grade school kids, in fact most of those revivals tanked pretty quickly. 

I was so fixated on that Depression- World War Two era that I'd make my mother buy anything that had imagery from the period. I even made her buy Moxie (a soft drink from the period) when it was reissued. 

It goes without saying that I was fixated on the Little Rascals and Three Stooges, nothing unusual for a kid at the time, but I doubt many kids were fixated on Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and George Burns and Gracie Allen. 

I moved on to other obsessions eventually and didn't give it much mind until I remembered a recurring dream I had, even after I outgrew my weird 30s/40s fixation (though you certainly see the vestiges of it in Our Gods Wear Spandex, no doubt about that, and would've seen a lot more if I had my way).

 In this dream- and there were minor variations on it- I was carrying a rifle and walking through a snowy forest. Out of nowhere a man in dark clothing and a helmet charges at me with a rifle. That's usually how it ends. In some versions his rifle has a bayonet.

This could be an artifact of the war movies I used to watch, but why that one motif? I've read theories by proponents of reincarnation that people who died violent deaths were more likely to remember their past lives in their next incarnation, and that children would often suffer various psychological and physiological problems as a result of their past life trauma.

I often wondered if this was one of the reasons I obsessed on the movie Jacob's Ladder, and watched it incessantly back in VHS days (like, unhealthily). That film has the main character attacked in a very similar fashion to my recurring dream, although that takes place in Viet Nam, not in some snowy pine forest.

I remember having the dream take place in a forest behind a house I later had a rather involved (and unrelated) dream about transmigration (don't ask),  a dream I had before I began to consider all of this in the context of reincarnation. I don't know what the link is exactly but I find the connection fascinating nonetheless.

I think this belief in reincarnation, which although it has never been especially studious on my part, brought me out of the Church. I couldn't wrap my mind around Heaven and Hell. I may not have studied all that much on reincarnation but for some reason it was a conviction. I'm still not entirely sure why.

Of course, all of this is extremely unfashionable at the moment, just like everything else of real interest or value. But reincarnation was held as truth by millions long before the current vogue for nihilism and will endure long after it is gone (which is to say by century's end, judging by demographic trends). 

As with so many things trying to find a mechanism for reincarnation might require us to look beyond the realm of the senses and the limited worldview instilled by our conscious attention. To look at the world and the Universe as living organisms, not just dead voids inhabited by meat robots and bacteria. Fractal thinking- whatever happened to that?

I often wonder if the Sun plays a role in all this. I was thinking how heat was the difference between a living and dead mammal (to name an example), and how heat rises. Is our spirit a form of radiation, of heat, that rises back towards the Sun upon death and is reincarnated through solar radiation?

It sounds absurd until you actually sit down and think about it. You die, you go cold, the heat in you rises and somewhere confronts the energy of the Sun. Is that radiation a carrier wave for consciousness? Is the Sun more than a nuclear furnace, is it a broadcaster of souls? Is every living organism a harbinger of that greater consciousness in some way?

I think one day a new kind of science will emerge that will move beyond materialism and nihilism and all the other kneejerk adolescent behaviorisms so prevalent today. I think concepts like reincarnation may one day be truly understood. I hope I come around again to see it.


  1. Now there's a concept--"broadcaster of souls". Excellent.

    --Johnny Walsh

  2. You may be on to something, with that sun thing. I never thought of it that way, but I remember listening to Material's "Seven Souls" which is of course, a musical setting to William S. Burroughs reading from his work, "The Western Lands," and I was quite high.

    When Burroughs came to this part: " Can any soul survive the searing fireball of an atomic blast? If human and animal souls are seen as electromagnetic force fields, such fields could e totally disrupted by a nuclear explosion. The mummy’s nightmare: disintegration of souls, and this is precisely the ultrasecret and supersensitive function of the atom bomb: a Soul Killer, to alleviate an escalating soul glut," a shiver went up my spine and I had a flash of illumination.

    You know how the "aliens" and even apparitions of the Virgin Mary will go on and on about how awful nuclear war is? And how Keel and Vallee both postulated that the aliens/BVM/Faeries/Daemon/Ultraterrestrials were actually beings who existed as a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum?

    I wondered then, if they, too, could, like souls, be disrupted by the EMP and/or blast from a nuclear warhead. It would then make sense why they keep giving the people they talk to visions of nuclear destruction and death and get it into their heads that we need to stop that crap. It's survival not only for us, but for them as well. (Then, of course, I wondered, what if these spirit beings are human souls awaiting reincarnation and so are essentially ours spiritual elves talking to our incarnated selves telling us to knock that shit off because it's going to kill everybody, living or dead.....(Yeah, I think weirder shit than usual when high.)

    Okay, so if you are right, and our heat energy floats up and rejoins the sun, then what happens? What if the sun is a conscious entity itself and it guides the recycling of our soul into another body in a controlled, sensible fashion?

    Sort of like, oh, a God, perhaps?

    So, what is the sun, physically--it's a controlled nuclear furnace.

    So, what is a nuclear weapon--it's an uncontrolled, smaller nuclear furnace.

    What if it doesn't disrupt souls or destroy them, but instead reincarnates them wrongly? In a chaotic, not evolutionary fashion?

    Oooh. Kind of makes everything even stranger.....

    1. I once read that a nuclear explosion was the only possible way for a soul to cease existing. In 1945, the bombs were only "allowed" to go off because thousands of spirits were on deck to make sure the souls of those affected by the impact were safe, and we wouldn't be convinced to shun nuclear weapons unless we saw what one actually did. Still, I don't think it's ever going to be a problem, now that everybody has access to nukes. Who wants to be king of a nuclear wasteland?

    2. I think you need to write a science fiction novel based on that idea. Jeez!

    3. Well, that's certainly a powerful concept. There was actually an X-Files tie-in novel that worked in some of those ideas, centering on a test at an atoll in the Marshall Islands. And yes, it is very interesting to note that the "Golden Age" of UFOlogy ties directly in with the threat of nuclear holocaust. It certainly activated something, whether real or imagined. I became a skeptic of nuclear war sometime in the early 80s for some reason, I forget exactly why. It seemed to me that it went against something in our nature. Maybe that's it.

    4. Barbara, those are some insanely intriguing thoughts. I'm not a huge William S. person, but I like the cut of that gib either way.

    5. great comment Barbara; really enjoyed hearing your Voice.lol. ;-)

  3. In my view, there is a metaphysical realm, where time and space are sort of inverted, which is "where" our consciousness goes both when we are asleep and after we die. In this sense, it's useless to think of what goes on between incarnations in terms of causality. Time is a steady stream for our bodies, not our consciousness.

    I like to think of things in terms of the four elements which we are all made up of: Earth is the body, Air is the mind, Fire is the spirit or consciousness, and Water is the soul, the outside-of-time "sea" that connects the other three. In that perspective, the connections between light/heat and consciousness are pretty straightforward. One of the basic features of all religions is beings who "ascend" and become pure light - higher states of consciousness.

    Reincarnation, though, I pretty much take for granted. Nothing else makes sense in a cosmic context. "Heaven" and "hell" are constructs designed to scare people into accepting oppression and subjugation. Slavery requires consent, and what better way to get someone's consent than to convince them that this is their one shot at getting it right?

    1. Heaven and Hell did seem to rise with the practice of priestcraft and not fully take root until the Roman era, when you had those vast frontiers to police. Funny how many people do take reincarnation for granted...

  4. Check out the work of Ian Stevenson. He travelled the world and catalogued countless cases of reincarnation. It's mind blowing, and one of the most fascinating things you'll ever encounter.


  5. Dr. Leo Sprinkle did his first studies of UFO witnesses back in 1960. He has been using the same set of questions now for over 50 years. He is a professor of psychiatry and he wanted to see how these experiences impacted these people. One thing that came up in his research of these people was a near 100% belief in reincarnation. This differs from the overall population, which has a lower (but still rather high) belief in the reality of reincarnation.

    I am doing this from memory, but I feel this is accurate.

    His findings, after 50 years, imply that --- Simply SEEING A UFO makes the individual believe in reincarnation.

    1. That's the topic for a whole other post- the strange UFO reincarnation link. Look no further than Unarius, which is called a UFO cult but is more accurately called a reincarnation cult. Very strange connection....

  6. Some years ago. My mind was wondering as it often does. It was evening and the sun was going down. I was the passanger in someones car an just kind of admiring the sky towards he sun and all of a sudden the idea "The sun is god" like shot into my brain from out of nowhere. I don't recall even thinking about things like that at that moment. I wasn't relly thinking anything. I was totally open and BAM! It made so much sense! Not that the sun is the creator of everything obviously but our god; the god of humanity, here on earth. I started searching around the internet and of course found that there are many people who believe that the sun is indeed conscious. This includes the inventor of the garden burger veggie patty -Gregory Sams whom is also a fractal artist. Anyway, I want to say I appreciate your work Chris, glad that your back filling the void of the internet with meaningful thoughts!

    1. Suns as sentient beings/gods is an interesting idea that I've had before also. What then are black holes (black suns?) in this cosmology? And what is the metaphysical significance of the fact that the stars of every galaxy are thought to orbit around a supermassive black hole at their centers, or that the end state of the larger stars is black holes? A highly Gnostic and disturbing line of thought, if you ask me!

    2. A similar experience: On a two hour drive through a lot of farm country, all I could see for large parts of it were barren fields, lots and lots of dirt, I realized out of nowhere that the earth knows everything, all the secrets and knowledge are kept by the earth. Hard to convey how profound and immediate was the perception of this in that moment. Of course the earth knows all, this is where everything has happened in all of human history, derr :)

    3. I had a weird mystical revelation about the Sun and the Earth as dance partners, and how the Earth was like some mythological siren, responding to the Sun with this ever-expanding pallette of flora and fauna. It seemed to me Creation was a kind of song or symphony, with all these different instruments and the Sun was the audience. It was one of those strange moments of clarity. Interesting to note all the studies that cast doubt on our ability to survive outside of the Sun's influence, the effects of being outside the atmosphere, for instance.

    4. The singing is the "Music of the Spheres." Our planets actually do make sounds that sound somewhat like music. Well, actually the Earth makes radio waves that when translated into soundwaves turn into what sounds like high pitched whale song. Other planets sing, too.


  7. You reminded me of a piece in Plutarch's Moralia on the connection of the soul and spirit to moon and sun. It goes something like this. At death the soul (or maybe only certain souls who know what needs doing - initiated souls I suppose) waits around in Hades somewhere until a lunar eclipse comes around, and then it is able to journey to the moon. There the spirit (nous) is separated from soul (psyche). A judgement of some sorts is made and there are two outcomes. Either the spirit is clothed in another soul and sent back to earth to reincarnate, or the spirit is able to return to the sun where is emanates from.

    The sun wasn't the only place thought to be where souls come from. In the Timaus Plato had it that individual souls were from the stars. The soul would continue to reincarnate on earth until it was able to assimilate it's own movement to the movement of the world soul, and then it would be enabled to return to its own star. Plato was possibly influenced by Pythagorean/Orphic ideas: "I am a child of earth and starry heaven, but my race is of heaven alone." I gather that the Egyptians also had ideas about souls (or one of several) going to the stars.

    I rather favour the doctrine of Plotinus that says all souls are one soul. Fractal shards (to borrow from Tim Booth) of the cosmic soul (itself an emanation of the eternal and unchanging Nous). I've also more recently wondered about the link between the soul and the heavens - it feels like there is some profound connection, which the ancient myths were reaching towards, between the origin and destiny of the soul and the stars, our sun included. Exactly what though I don't know. My astrognosis is incomplete.

    Not sure about heat. I've recently read ideas about electomagnetism being the carrier field for consciousness, which is interesting but I wouldn't want to get dogmatic about it.

    1. Well, heat is a kind of energy or radiation and electromagnetism will do just as nicely. I was just struck by the simplicity of my model. How direct and uncluttered it was, and how heat is the indicator of life.

  8. I can understand why reincarnation brought you out of the Church, but I'm involved with a number of Christians (many of them priests or retired priests of the Church of England) who are involved in various traditionally shunned areas of psychical activity. I'm pretty sure some of them believe in reincarnation, or at least are open to the possibility of reincarnation. The doctrine also seems to have been prevalent among the early Christian Gnostics.

    1. Well, this was the 90s, when the Religious Right were on the rampage. History will show them as the authors of their own demise, I think.

  9. Oooh, I love these comments! It's another super busy day so I'll try to check back once I get in front of things. Because I want to dig into these for sure...

  10. This post is beautiful. The question: "Is every living organism a harbinger of that greater consciousness in some way?" is the core of mystical experience through many traditions. Usually the answer is "yes", but due to the stratification of material powers (Civilization) that knowledge has remained hidden in the light of the Sun.

    1. Funny that the mystic traditions always have a tinge of the outlaw about them.

  11. Nice Chris,you are on to it with the Sun, being the Portal, human understanding swears that it cannot be possible, but wisdom of the Spirit trumps human understanding all week long, no matter the day or it's circumstances, peaace bro

    1. I think it's fascinating that everyone really latched on to the issue of the Sun. That was almost an aside really but seems to have struck a real chord. Very interesting...

  12. These posts always stir up such spectacular speculation. Immediately, I thought of Terence McKenna's ideas of an 'ecology of souls'. The stuff about the sun made me think of the doctrine of the Black Sun (this quote that wikipedia helpfully included might be especially germane to the conversation: "The black sun is used to illuminate the dissolution of the body, a blackening of matter, or putrefaction in Splendor Solis, and Johann Daniel Mylius’s Philosophia Reformata."

    Then naturally I think of the Nazi associations of the Black Sun and the "Bell" project which may have been part of some super bomb project - you could go Full Wolfenstein and postulate that Hitler (Adolf is a derivation of 'wolf') was inspired by the mythic spirit of Fenris, the monstrous wolf who devours the sun at Ragnarok, ending this 'dispensation' so to speak. I'll just shut up now before I sound like a total lunatic...

    1. Well, that's the eclipse and the mythology that sprung up around it. It has its own potency in the esoteric realm. So you don't sound like a lunatic at all.

  13. Hey Chris,

    All I can say is 'Dude'. DUDE. This post is succinct but timely, and synchronous. I've mentioned here before about my childhood visions/dreams of a midnight sun, and of black-clad pale entities that can alter space and time, echoing very strongly the themes of Dark City before it was ever made. Also, these ideas you mention in this post are things I've pondered myself many times. Hell, Amid Night Suns is about as on-the-nose as you can get. Even my name - Raj, Rai, Ray, Rei - can mean King or Heaven or the Sun, in a number of different languages and dialects. I've always been followed by the Sun.

    Symbolically speaking, it's easy to envisage the divine essence as a spark or a flame, and it's a useful symbol for me. I call God - or the creative force - the Innermost Light, or the Innermost Sun. In my blog videos I often conflate this Innermost Sun, the Infinite Essence, with the actual physical sun. But if subject/object, or inner/outer, or imaginary/literal are fused on some fundamental level - as our experiences tend to suggest - then it's not just conflation, right? It's just an attempt at describing an interconnectivity that human language can only ever partially illuminate. I see solar imagery in the Abrahamic faiths. I see metaphysics and mysticism were other people might see only science or psychology.

    When I was a very young kid I was haunted by the notion that I didn't belong here, and that I'd only come to this world for some important mission that I'd forgotten. I knew this mission had something to do with freedom, creativity and the unseen realms. This was just fact for me, even at that age, before I was socialized into all the mainstream paradigms. Chief among those paradigms beings, "I know this is all powerful and profound and important, but is it really REAL or all just in my head?" This was an inherited notion, an artefact of spiritual colonization, not a native belief. My native belief had always been that imagination and actuality were intimately connected and both real, just existing on different registers of reality. This split, this notion that mechanics were more real than resonances, was placed within me by societal forces.

    Apparently when I was three or four I told my mother that I'd tried to be born once before but didn't make it. Only my mother and father knew about her miscarriage a year and a half before I was born. Also, I have two younger brothers who are identical twins. When one of them was three years old he told me and my mother about how before he was born he had crashed his motorcycle and died. So, yeah, I also believe in reincarnation. I believe it's a choice and not some natural mechanic of the universe. It just makes more sense to me. I mean, even if you'd lived a truly horrific life, what kind of imagining sentience wouldn't chose to reincarnate eventually, even just out of curiosity, especially considering it has eternity to play with?

    1. Raj, have you studied Walter Russell's The Universal One or The Secret of Light? They are staggering works of genius and touch on many aspects of the discussions here.

  14. (continued...)

    I'd even go out on a limb and wager that the true alchemical furnace, and the Throne of God, and the heart of love and creativity and mystery, are all one and the same thing. The thing that generates fractal-thinking, the thing that allows cognition and manifestation. Even from a purely scientific viewpoint, our notion of the sun is kind of arbitrary, or else visually based. The sun doesn't end anywhere. It has an energy field, a heat field, an informational or consciousness field without discreet boundaries. This field is interacting intimately with everything contained within it, including our bodies and neurochemistry. Even the iron micro-filaments in our blood and bones are magnetized to solar radiation. The sun enchants us, or sings to us, and we reciprocate. That solar field of radiation and energy doesn't end or dissipate, it just goes through finer and subtler gradations until they become unobservable. All energy fields are like this, all interacting until they no longer APPEAR to interact at the most subtle 'edges' of the spectrum. It's how chaos theory operates, it's what makes quantum theory's wave/particle paradox possible...and it's what allows the miracle of existence, in my humble and admittedly weird opinion.

    Thanks for this, Chris. Cheered me right up.


    1. Well, I'm glad. And as always I'm honored to get these great downloads- the term "comments" doesn't do them justice. That's some heavy shit about your family and the history there, really makes you wonder. There's some history like that on my father's side of the family which really makes me wonder. And what you also reminded me of is how little these guys know of our own solar system while they run around expounding about stars trillions of miles away. It's almost as if there's a taboo against "self-knowledge" and the points you raise in your second post make me wonder if there are things they don't WANT us to know....

  15. Here's the thing. Memory Engrams fall into gravity wells, and sleep. Sometimes stuff hits this place, and gets settled into the troposphere. Some stuff goes elsewhere.
    Everyone is a singular case. Pretty much all over.

    Now that is not speculation when one has been around for awhile. Of course, humans are in three spatial dimensions and barely sense time. Not very balanced.

    And if time is waking up, and learning thermodynamics, then that is going to be very hard to remember.

  16. This post made me think of Baudelaire- I think he was onto the sun way back when-

    The Sun
    In this old district, where the shabby houses hide
    Behind drawn shutters many a furtive lust inside,
    In the fierce rays of noon, which mercilessly beat
    On town and country, on the roofs and on the wheat,
    I walk alone, absorbed in my fantastic play, —
    Fencing with rhymes, which, parrying nimbly, back away;
    Tripping on words, as on rough paving in the street,
    Or bumping into verses I long had dreamed to meet.

    The sun, our nourishing father, anemia's deadly foe,
    Makes poems, as if poems were roses, bud and grow;
    Burns through the anxious mists of every mind alive,
    And fills with honey the celled brain as the celled hive.
    ‘Tis he who makes the man on crutches stump along
    As gay as a young girl, humming as sweet a song;
    Calls to the human spirit to climb and ripen still —
    Which would bloom on forever, could it have its will.

    He goes into the city, where, like the poet, his light
    Ennobles and gives purpose to the least thing in sight;
    Or, quietly, unattended, like a king, he calls
    At every palace, and visits all the hospitals.
    — Edna St. Vincent Millay, Flowers of Evil (NY: Harper and Brothers, 1936)

    One of my favorites:
    A Former Life
    aeons I dwelt beneath vast porticoes
    stained by the sun and sea with fiery dye,
    whose lordly pillars, stark against the sky,
    like caverned cliffs in evening's gold arose.

    the rolling surges and their mirror skies
    blent in a grave mysterious organ-air
    the chords all-powerful of their music rare
    with sunset's colours in my glowing eyes.

    'twas there I lived before, 'mid azure waves,
    blue skies and splendours, in voluptuous calm,
    while, steeped in every fragrance, naked slaves

    made cool my brow with waving fronds of palm:
    — their only care to drive the secret dart
    of my dull sorrow, deeper in my heart.
    — Lewis Piaget Shanks, Flowers of Evil (New York: Ives Washburn, 1931)

    1. Mr. Shanks seems to have been on the case back in the 30s. Interesting....

  17. You were/are everyBody even the Sun, and disembodied thing even the worm, matter condensed and subtle. You are every cattle that gets a bolt in its brain. Every fly on dung, and maggot on carcass. I am you and You are me. We are every limited and unlimited thing. Our only capacity for good, to consume something holy and be consumed in such a way to bring about something wholy, a new body. I haved described what is a soul. May the terrible consumer comprise your body.

  18. Reincarnation is something I also more or less believe, if not to be 100% true, then something
    that would at least be in accordance with how the natural world works, everything being recycled and
    returned in some form. If pressed, I would say I think it's a feasible concept that could
    well be true, but I can't just cross that line into saying, and thinking, yes this is what I
    100% believe to be true. I suppose it makes enough sense that I keep it in that file that
    should have the title of "Yeah, there is something to this".

    As much thought as I have given the subject over time, I have never come up with anything
    like what you discussed regarding the sun, very cool concept.

    This reminded me of a long ago experience....Walking down one of the main aisles in a large
    grocery store, I was looking down every one of the side aisles, trying to find my gf at the time.
    I locked eyes with an old man looking down the aisle toward me, obviously, and I immediately
    thought "We were in the war together", and felt very strange in that moment. I could tell
    the old man was affected in some way as well, and bam, it was over. Except for me continuing to
    have my WTF moment.

    Now why would I be thinking that at all? It was NOT my thought, I have never been in any of armed forces, nevermind a war. I could have
    reminded this man of someone he had fought with, and it would not be the first or last time that
    being an empath seemed to cross over into being something else. It would not have surprised me
    at all to learn he was thinking that exact thing, and I heard it, so to say. And I also gave some
    thought to the possibility that we recognized each other on another level, that we HAD fought
    together, in another life for me. Damned odd experience no matter what actually happened.

    By the time I recovered and thought to go looking for him to see if he said anything or again reacted
    to me, of course I could not find him in the store again. Lame end to story and experience.

    I predict these truly sad, just plain childishly mean spirited skepdicks and nuatheists and the assorted
    hangers-on of related materialists and reductionists will fade out of their current vogue long, long before
    the century passes by, Ive seen it covered quite well, someplace close by, how ultimately untenable
    and unsustainable such a view of life and death is. The few that I've dealt with up close reminded me of
    children every time, doing something similar to sticking fingers in ears and saying lalalala over and over.

    1. They're already spending all of their time cannibalizing each other. But you raise an interesting point- that of the efficiency of Nature and how everything is recycled and reused, how matter is neither created nor destroyed but transformed. I think it was basic physical science that really got me thinking rationally about reincarnation and how much sense it makes if you do think of those basic physical laws. You simply need to shift them over to the metaphysical.

      OK, back to the grindstone. OUTSTANDING comments, my friends.

    2. I pretty much have to re-read the posts here, too much too really take in with one reading, so here I am again reminded of another experience....Somebody drank a bit too much of an extract that will remain unnamed, this is not stuff to be fooling with....anyway, while struggling to cope with this experiential ordeal, I kept visualizing things from the perspective of people who had just died in various settings and times, like the consciousness of an individual that realizes they have just died, perhaps the last bit of fading awareness before being truly physically dead, the field of awareness separating from the physical. Some very weird stuff to be seeing, at the time I wondered if it was me recalling the various endings to past incarnations, later on I thought perhaps I was dipping into "The Chamber of Guf" aka Treasury of Souls in some Jewish mystical concepts. There wasn't a lot of detail, one I can recall was somebody floating to the bottom of the sea after being fatally wounded somehow while on a ship, another was someone that had been shot, all came with the awareness that death had just occurred. Odd little puzzle pieces indeed.

  19. Just discovered Ground Zero not long ago, as I did Rune Soup, thanks to TSS again.....was just looking up the host and found this on his wiki page...... "Lewis was investigated by the FBI after his remark during the broadcast on March 25, 1997, a night marked by a full moon, that “This would be a great night for some cult to commit suicide.”[citation needed] That same night, 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult committed suicide at Rancho Santa Fe in California. Lewis had no connection with the cult; his remark had been a grisly coincidence."

    usual caveats apply, of course, and that sounds to me like someone repeating a story they heard.

  20. You really did hit a chord with the Sun as spiritual source. Wonderful comments.

    For my part, what I can contribute is related to reincarnation research. I found the writing of Robert A. Monroe, his book "Far Journeys"(http://www.amazon.ca/Far-Journeys-Robert-Monroe/dp/0385231822) in particular, transformative in the clarity of my thinking about reincarnation. Monroe developed techniques for inducing out of body experiences and trans-states where he and others could access information normally obscured from conscious awareness.

    The way that he wrote about life outside of this physical system of reality was like coming home for me, and his description of the often destructive process of a soul descending further and further into this physical system was an externalization of feelings I had since childhood.

    Of note to your interest in the intersection of high strangeness with the intelligence community, Monroe and his institute went on the run courses for remote viewing that were heavily patronized by the CIA, if I recall correctly.

  21. A definitive answer on reincarnation was given in waking visions to Emanuel Swedenborg - he was shown that in the spiritual world, memories can become "shared" among similar spirits, to such a point where a spirit will think a person's memory is its own, and the other way around it becomes a "deja vu" experience. It will typically be a spirit of a similar personality. Lower order spirits will typically believe in reincarnation, but the higher level angels recognize it as shared memory of a collective "group soul." It was more well known in the ancient world as their higher minds were not shut off as ours are now. Studied reincarnation for quite a bit until I came across Swedenborg. See Christianity, Reincarnation and Emanuel Swedenborg

  22. My personal experience of paranormal consciousness phenomena is that it exhibits QM characteristics like non-locality. Nor does normal casaulaity seem to be a restriction.

    For those reasons I've been leaning toward opinion that the consciousness substrate may be nothing like electro-magnetism. That would make sense if the cosmos is actually just a kind of virtual reality construct sustained in the consciousness substrate. In which case electro-magnetism would then not actually be a truly fundamental force but a manifestation of the VM.

  23. Would your solar reincarnation thesis then confine our existence to earth and the life of the sun forever? When I think of reincarnation, I often wonder if other galaxies and higher and possibly lower dimensions are involved, as well as different physical and non physical states. A spiral upward either forever or to some kind of Godhead Omega point, which would of course compromise the eternal return concept, although ending the cycle may be the goal. Then again we know that goals give life purpose and meaning and generally lead to healthier lives. Why are we so quick to want to do away with them? Eternity and infinity seem to point in that direction, although what either means is debatable and continues to be debated.

  24. Autobiographic tale of my twenty years in the Korean unifying movement of the self-styled reverend Sun Myung Moon: the Unification Church. The moonies environment! A recognition in the language denoted of plagiarism and self plagiarism, that characterize the interpersonal transaction in the mystical micro-cults. Strategies “no profit” to recycle a remarkable massive amount of money, deriving by philanthropic fundraising, in normal activities “full profit”. The secrets of the fundraising and sales “door to door”. Entirely transposed by my time in the more articulate, picturesque mystical enterprise of the history: the Moon’s sect!

  25. I wonder if the phenomenon of Déjà vu has to do with reincarnation. I don't have specific past life memories, but I do commonly experience something like strong Déjà vu.

  26. On an intuitive level, Reincarnation has always made sense to me. One of my earliest memories has to do with a dream about being on the wings of a biplane that was falling, thanks for the connection between body heat at the sun, interesting.

  27. Random thoughts:

    Memory fails me at this crucial moment, but I seem to recall Kipling writing a poem where he says reincarnation is a fact because God would not waste. If anyone finds it, please post!

    Once again your post reminds me of Star Trek. There are the comments above where Anonymous posts, "The sun is God", with additional discussion. This recalls the ST:TOS episode "Bread and Circuses", where at the end it is Uhura who points out the confusion between the Sun God and the Son Of God, between physical and spiritual illumination.

    Also, there was an episode of ST:TNG where the crew of the Enterprise is caught in a time loop and must relive their destruction over and over until they "get it right" and escape.

    Cyclical actions are inherent in our world. The seasons, the tides, the currents are all cyclical paths. Even the passage of the planets are (roughly) circular paths, which now remind me of the Music Of The Spheres. Have we lost the music? Are we, by being aware of ourselves as individuals and not a part of the greater cosmos, in our very natures compelled to count from the outside instead of merely knowing the immersive experience? A broken circle of cord (chord?) lays flat as a line, with a start and an end. I prefer to think of it as a Mobius strip, one where the strip has been cut and the ends flipped so that we no longer travel its entirety but are stuck on the outer (or inner) edge, missing not only half the experience but also the completeness of it.

    The sun as an engine, or a pump - a filter? A repair system, taking the tired souls and refurbishing them before reuse? Got to avoid too many mechanistic parallels, it cheapens the tone of it all. A biosphere, perhaps, where recycling is more akin to revitalization.

    I also have a notion that there is some kind of hack in play, a brute force attack on the combination lock keeping this universe separate from God. Infinite combinations are being tried - Hey, there's that IDIC thing from Trek! - but really, the right combination of minds/souls to figure out...something, I dunno. If I did, we wouldn't need all that, would we?

    Moxie - Man, I give that to new arrivals in Boston as a test. If you can survive a glass of this, you'll do okay!

  28. Wow! This post really resonated with me. I have had several Mystical Spiritual experiences in my life and have been pondering them much of late due to the sudden death of our 13 year old son last July. (he passed away in his sleep of an Asymptomatic Heart ailment) Two of these profound experiences happened during a long day floating a river in the Eastern Oregon Desert. I have often wondered whether the Sun had some special relationship with Human Consciousness. (There is a long History of Spiritual Experiences and Desert and Mountain extreme sunlight environments) You should watch this video regarding Magnetic/Solar anomalies and human events- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPo8zNPll5s

  29. This is off topic but since you mentioned Edgar Bergen are you aware of this fascinating anecdote from Jean Houston?

    "When I was eight years old I had another huge opening. My dad was writing the Edgar Bergen and Charlie MaCarthy show. We went to deliver the script and Edgar Bergen was sitting with his back towards us and talking to Charlie, his dummy. There was nothing unusual about that, I was used to seeing ventriloquists rehearsing with their dummies.

    But as we listened my father said, "I didn't write this." Edgar was asking Charlie ultimate questions. What is the nature of life? What does it mean to truly love? Where is the mind? Where is the soul? And this little block of wood with clacking jaws and head full of sawdust was answering with the wisdom of the finest thinkers of all the millennia. Edgar himself was listening and you could see part of his mouth moving, but his eyes were in complete astonishment.

    Finally my father, the agnostic Baptist, couldn't stand any more and he coughed loudly. Edgar turned around and his face went beet red. He said, "hello Jack, hi Jean, you caught us." My dad said, "what in the world are you doing?" Edgar replied, "I sometimes talk to Charlie, he's the wisest person I know." My father was saying, "hey Ed, that's you, that's your voice, You've just read a lot." Edgar replied, "yes, I suppose ultimately it is, but you know, when I ask him these questions and he answers, I have no idea what he's going to say, and what he says is so much more than I know."

  30. Michelle Gibson5:59 AM, May 02, 2015

    I look at reincarnation a little differently to how some other people do: that is, I think the individual human personalities that are manifested in any one life experience will always exist - ergo, 'Michelle Gibson' will always exist, will not reincarnate - but I think we have another side to ourselves existing simultaneously in this incarnation, what some people might call the 'Higher Self'. I think at the time of physical death, the personality created in this life separates from the Higher Self and continues to live/develop/experience in whatever world we go to, and that it is the Higher Self that reincarnates. I got this view from the Seth Material, which I've always found to be absolutely stellar stuff.

  31. The human body clock both internal and external is interesting when it comes to how we co-ordinate with the sun, moon and space in general as well as our health - Circadian Rhythms - Environmental and Biological Rhythms.

  32. Wow. Amazing responses here. I'm a bit taken aback really. I didn't expect this at all. It's overwhelming. Well, I think this topic needs to be revisited. Working on a new post....

  33. Synchronocities abound at Secret Sun - certainly for me, anyway.

    Chris posted recently that until an individual experiences the supernatural, the belief in it is always in doubt. I commented on that thread that this tallied exactly with my experiences.

    And now this post, regarding reincarnation.

    This will probably be an overlong post - please forgive me, as the words to describe my experience are hard to find and may not readily make sense.

    One of my first memories (at about 4 yrs old, I guess) is that I knew what it was like to be killed by a head injury. It's very, very loud. It's one of those things that is so intrinsic to my being that I assumed everyone else had similar 'attachments' in their lives. I never told anyone about it because I assumed it was normal. It has one bad side effect - I get startled and angry at any loud noises that instantly trigger the 'feeling' of being killed by a head injury. This has been with me all my life.


    About 10 years ago I was walking into a local shopping precinct when I was suddenly, instantaneously standing in a field of lush low grass, the wind rustling the hair on my legs and I was breathing in air that tasted sweet. I was amongst brothers and sisters of my clan and we were preparing to defend our homes from savages that had one intent - to kill us. The electricity generated by fear and intent crackled between us all. I heard the sound of a sword being drawn from it's scabbard and it was the most perfect note of noise I have ever heard. I began to weep for the love of my brave, compassionate and kind people that surrounded me on our battlefield where I knew I would die.

    I was instantly back at the shopping precinct and burst into tears. My wife took me home.


    Three years ago, my wife noticed something on the back of my head. Completely hidden by my hair, I have an ugly purple birthmark about the size of an orange.


    Reality is constantly trying to educate us to infinite possibilities, but the majority are too disinterested, busy or plain sceptical to listen. I finally learned how to listen and it completely changed my view about everything. Reincarnation is real. I know this because I have experienced it.

  34. "Jacob´s Ladder" is one of my all time favourites, too.
    Just hits a certain note.
    Interesting you were so engulfed by it.

    Reincarnation, however it works, is a real thing.
    I´m not sure it makes things easier but nevertheless.

    This site is worth taking a look at:

    Also, I had an experience with the sun as portal under hypnosis. The next day I happened on it in a book
    I was reading. Hadn´t heard about before, as I recall.

    1. Jacob´s Ladder is pretty disturbing

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  36. All this talk about ufos, reincarnation and heat has had me looking at videos on tube of ufos (a first for me) and geothermal energy. I can't believe people are brave enough to see volcanoes as potential power stations. I find science both fascinating and terrifying; I just hope they know what they're doing.

  37. Hello Christopher.

    I'm not really anonymous, but I couldn't make sense of the sign-in thing. My name is Andrew Farquharson. Greetings from Katoomba in eastern Australia.

    And thank you for all your work in putting this blog together.

    A few thoughts.

    Body heat is simply a product of metabolism, and is only a vibrational state, so wouldn't it be reasonable to see "where the heat goes" as the body simply cooling as metabolic processes end? Something more interesting for you might be the loss in body weight noted at death. I've got something on that on file at home, so I'll look it up.

    Have you look into Near Death Experiences (NDEs)? There's actually a peer-reviewed (for what that's worth) publication called the Journal of Near Death Experiences. People having NDEs report all kinds of odd and interesting stuff from the after-death realm.

    I've got a background in History and hypnotherapy, and had some sort-of OK-ish training in past life therapy. I no longer do it, but a lot of clients do approach it with too many more or less extravagant expectations, and quite a few would be seeking ego inflation by having been Kleopatra or whoever.

    However, the fact that you have that recurring dream seems possibly significant. Recurring dreams usually point to something really worth looking into.

    Anyway, thank you again.

    Best wishes to you.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    1. Thanks, Andrew. Yes, NDEs are an interesting field and I've definitely looked into some of the cases. It's become such a political football in the culture wars, sadly. As to body weight upon death I remember reading something about some measurable change in body weight upon death that some speculated was the loss of the soul. It makes you wonder. Thanks for checking in.