Sunday, August 31, 2014

The New Sleepwalkers

2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, hastening a lot of observers to mark the parallels between the world of the Sleepwalkers of the early 20th Century and this strange fugue state the world finds itself in today.

1914 saw a world of fading empires-- Austria- Hungary, Britain, the Ottomans, Czarist Russia-- locked in struggle with rising powers such as the United States and the new Germany. 2014 sees the rise of a new power bloc, the so-called BRICS; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, all massive, resource-rich, (mostly) population-dense powers tired of living under the boot of the NATO alliance of North America and Western Europe. 

Whereas the powers of 1914 were interlocked through a Byzantine series of military alliances, the entire world is operating today under a number of post-Cold War trade agreements, all of which were written to benefit the rich countries at the expense of the poor.

Another reality is a major population boom in the post-WWII era, thanks in large part to advances in medical technology (antibiotics, specifically) and food production technology (irrigation and fertilizers). Systems were put in place to manage the flow of capital, resources, commodities and labor. The assumption has been that as long as relative peace was kept and no major disruptions happened within the food supply, the world could basically run on autopilot. 

The next order of business was Alexander's old dream: a single world order, in which the world went along its business sharing (roughly) a one world government (we started hearing the term the "International Community" as if it applied to a specific body on news outlets such as NPR, as in "The International Community believes that the Iraq situation is…." , though who comprised this community was never made clear), and if not a globalized, then harmonized systems of culture, sport, finance, etc. It is interesting to note how many countries have parliamentary systems, have football as the national sport, do business in English or Spanish, frequent the same fast food restaurants, etc.

Periodically, shocks erupted, to the financial system, the job market, various regional conflagrations. Those were all manageable to a certain extent, or at least theoretically manageable. But then the Bush II Administration came along, deciding the pace wasn't moving swiftly enough for the keyboard commandos and desk jockeys that promised Bush the Lesser dreams of a new American Imperium, starting with Alexander's old stomping grounds Afghanistan and moving onto his father's arch-enemy Saddam Hussein in Babylon. 

The pretext was that in the wake of 9/11, mustache-twirling Hussein couldn't wait to unleash waves of jihadis on the US, armed with WMDs and nuclear suitcases and all the rest of it.

Of course, the fact of the matter was that Hussein hated the jihadists and they hated him. He didn't have any WMDs. His strong arm rule kept the jihadists on a leash, and gave the various religious minorities of Iraq relative sanctuary. So now the jihadists are running across Iraq like the maniacs they are, slaughtering the few Mandaeans, Yezidis, and Assyrians they haven't driven out of the country. 

A lot of these minorities have sought sanctuary in Kurdistan but also in Syria, led by another strongman whose country is getting a dose of Freedom® and Democracy®. It looks as if the dogs may get called off there though, since someone in Washington seems to have figured out that Islamic State really are insane. 

Bush and his neocon lunatics are to blame for this but equally so is Obama, since he let a two-bit thug dictate the terms of US withdrawal. But that just leads us to wonder what the real agenda is behind ISIS, or ISIL, or Islamic State or the Caliphate or whatever the fuck they're called this week. 

Again, an entire blog couldn't unravel that mess. I won't even try here.

Obama seems to be sleepwalking himself, drifting from one elite golf course to another while Iraq burns and and a civil conflagration unfolded on US soil. If the entire news media weren't in his pocket I'd say Ferguson was his Katrina moment, and 2014 does feel a lot like 2005.  

Black Americans have been getting squeezed like no time in my memory under Obama, driven from their neighborhoods by runaway gentrification and dealing with heavy competition in the labor market by immigrant workers. I don't think Ferguson was all about a police shooting and I don't think it's the last eruption we'll see.

Which only goes to prove my maxim that when they put your guy in the White House, look out. Going back to at least LBJ, it means they're about to stick the knife in.

But there's another problem, one that people seem to be sleepwalking through. As people continue to pour into California and the Southwest, the water continues to pour out. We're now starting to hear that this drought may not be the usual two or three year endurance test, that California experienced two-hundred year long droughts in the past. 

Now California is talking about forcibly moving people out of state- some counties are so dry people can't do their laundry. 

What does this mean to the rest of us? Been paying attention to your grocery bill lately?

While America is focused on Iraq and problems at home, Russia is carving out chunks of Ukraine for itself and all the toothless old men of Europe can do is wave sanctions at Putin. They seem to be forgetting that whole BRICS thing, that a new power bloc is emerging in resistance to the Globalist powers of the EU. What's more, it seems that Germany is interested in cutting its own deals with Putin, perhaps a signal it has no confidence in its own EU project.

Back to the Sleepwalkers, Webster Tarpley ties all of this back to the Masonic intrigues of King Edward and the entente powers of Britain, France and Czarist Russia, even tying the activities of our old friends Madam's Blavatsky and Bailey into mix, citing them as Edward's agents. 

Blavatsky, I have trouble with, given her work with the Indian Nationalists, but Alice Bailey is a gimme. She and her apostles such as David Spangler and Benjamin Creme were all tied up in the United Nations, for reasons never made clear, but they did score at least one top ranking UN official at one point, Robert Muller.

My guess is that the Alice Bailey organization was a dry run for what would bear fruit in California, with the Presidio Russia project, IONS and CIIS and the Zen Center. The Baileys were too weird and too crazy (Bailey said the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were "the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the the human kingdom appeared") but as we saw in the Secret Star Trek series there was obviously an interest in some kind of syncretic spiritual movement that could take the place of the churches (most of which had become anti-Communist during the Cold War) for diplomatic purposes.

All of which plays a major role in the story we're trying to wrap our heads around today, since it was that axis of Rockefeller-funded New Age centers that first brought Boris Yeltsin to the US, thanks to the efforts of Rockefeller hand, the Rev. Jim Garrison. And it would be Yeltsin's kleptocracy that gave rise to Putin and by extension this new power bloc that is threatening to go off the dollar and adopt the Yuan as the new reserve currency.

Was Crimea the new assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Are we all sleepwalking towards some kind of global conflagration? Will we see another global pandemic, similar to the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918? Already we're hearing scientists warn of the end of antibiotics. Let's all pray that doesn't come to pass.

Are countries like Britain- already tinderboxes- sleepwalking towards serious civil unrest, especially if some shocking (and highly probable) revelation of high-level complicity in the Muslim* grooming gangs emerges from within the Labour Party or the BBC? I grew up at a time when riots were a regular occurrence in England. There's a lot of people over there who've been swallowing a lot of rage for a long time (as I told Gordon of Rune Soup, the agenda of the past decade in the UK seems to have been "let the agents provocateur run wild"). 

If there's a major terror event there, all bets are off.

And so it is in America. Obama has presided over the greatest movement of wealth upward this country has ever seen, and millions have left the workforce entirely for lives on public assistance. Most jobs created during his presidency have been low-paying service jobs and most of those have gone to immigrants. 

The Democrats dreamed of dethroning the Republicans only to realize that the GOP was never running anything, except errands for the Globalists. 

 Meanwhile, onetime liberal bastions like San Francisco, New York and Boston are like open air laboratories in the study of rampant economic inequality. Class struggle in the Bay Area has gotten to a point that the vandalism and intimidation are sending Silicon Valley dollars to the Republicans (not so shocking if you get past the mythology of founding fathers like Steve Jobs or the actual business practices of these companies). And futurists are all warning Americans that automation could eliminate the very idea of employment itself for most Americans. 

The economy seems to be growing, but for whom?

Cellphones and social media seem to distract most people from all these problems but what happens when the first major whole breaks open in the dam and everyone starts to take on water? What won't happen is what you saw in previous depressions when Americans had a sense of common identity and purpose.  

Americans may be sleepwalking but it's not a particularly restful sleep.

 It's because of all this that I think study of deeper truths is more important than ever. Perhaps even changing the very way we think, the way we use our minds. The way we perceive the "real." It may be all you're left with.

A hundred years ago, people believed they lived within a constellation of fixed realities, only to see them all blown apart to shit, along with everything around them. 

The Old World died forever on the killing fields of the First World War and I'm not sure we've yet recovered from those shocks. I think we've been entertaining ourselves as a way of avoiding the questions that war raised, and a lot of the answers we let people give us were, at best,  risible. 

I can't begin to imagine what a Third World War would look like, I can only imagine I never want such a thing to come to pass. But I certainly don't want the robot world of the futurists, and I think the Transhumanist pipedream will stay locked in the pages of bad science fiction novels, for my lifetime at least.

For now, we have to work with what we've been given. A good first step is waking up from the media-induced hypnosis so many of us live under.  

 *Not "Asian" as the BBC and Guardian call them; Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other Asian groups are horrified by these pedophile rapists and greatly resent the association.

Notes: Interesting to note that the campus "multiculturalists" have ignored Muslim persecution and mass murder of Arab Christians in Egypt, Syria and Iraq and paid only minor lip service against the wanton slaughter of the Yezidis et al. Why is that, you think?

Alice Bailey's worship of the bomb is making me wonder if her organization was being parodied in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. The Lucis Trust were headquartered in New York like the mutants, and the female mutant was named Albina, or should I say "Al Bina." The original writer of Beneath is Paul Dehn, who came straight out of British Military Intelligence, so he'd be familiar with that world, certainly.


  1. We always, as a culture, tend to view World War II, or the Cold War, as pivotal; but the grand unifying explanation of everything in the modern world really goes back to World War I. Bertrand Russell said that no one who hadn't been alive before WW I could ever really know what it was like to be truly happy. Some days I'm afraid he was right.

    1. That's an incredibly sobering assessment, especially from a cold hearted skeptic like Russell. Childhood's end, indeed.

  2. Hey Chris,

    A fantastic and timely post. I really admire your lucidity, you know, coupled with you willingness to go where others fear to tread. Speaking of sleepwalking, I tend to see the trash pseudo-culture of the last ten-to-twenty years as a kind of legislated spell or act of social magick held together by the power-mad intentions of its architects. People are being used to enact the very incantation designed to put them to sleep, while thresholds blur, alliances shift and the world is being carved up. Energy-resources of all kinds are being coveted, not just exoteric fossil fuels but the subtler dimensions of human psychological energy. The rise of reality-television is emblematic of this Sleepwalking; a culture hooked on the celebration of absence and negation. The vacuous are worshiped as celebrities, creating more vacant souls desperate for their brief flicker in the starlight, not realizing the plasticized immortality they crave is a mirage. The Master of Ceremonies them, "No, you're not a moth, and this is not a flame. It's divinity."

    It all feels like a preamble to me, and for some reason reminds me of the scene in 'Heart of Darkness' when Marlow meets the harlequin on the riverbank, a trickster archetype guarding the gates to Kurtz' own private little hell. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat, as they say.

    I've said words to this effect on my own blog countless times but I'll say it again here: If people don't at least attempt to reclaim their own minds, as you suggest Chris, then the psychological avatars of these elites will step in and continue ghost-writing the most intimate moments of our lives. And all this chic negation, distraction and apathy can turn very mean in a split-second, especially when we've given over storytelling duties to ghostwriters who worship virulent pathology as the highest art. It doesn't bode well. That's not fear-mongering on my part, I don't think. It's a fair assessment of where we are right now collectively. Acuity, lucidity and pattern-recognition are all the more important at this juncture, I feel. Collectively the human psyche is pretty fucking tweaked right now, and we are being lead down a very dark path whilst twitching and trying to find our next fix, and trying to ignore the growing sound of drums off in the distance. Question everything. Great work, bro.


    1. Well, all I can add to this is that where we are is remarkably like where many people found themselves during the second and third centuries in the Roman Empire. My main concern is that the divide and rule tactics seem honed to perfection these days. I guess retracing the steps of those who walked this road before us is the first thing we can do.

  3. Wow, you nailed it again Chris. This time definitely has the feel of masses of zombies sleepwalking over an abyss.

    The main crisis, it seems to me, is a crisis of imagination. It seems that no one can imagine a plausible future that sane people would want to live in. You know things are dire when a group like ISIS is putting out some of the slickest propaganda around, has a more powerful, mythic vision than our own empty-suit leaders, and is attracting thousands of people from the comfort of the West to go fight its hellish wars. These guys are like violent hippies on bad psychedelics – a kind of counter-culture from hell, but very much in the spirit of the times. Just as in the 1930s, when the dominant narratives fail, people will turn to just about anything to feed their hunger for a powerful myth.

    The problem is, just about all of our civilization's powerful myths these days are either failing, dystopian or uninspiring. Clearly Star Trek isn't happening. The global neoliberal "end of history" utopia that was almost believable in the 1990s is itself history. Who finds the neo-Soviet Progressive vision inspiring? Who wants to live in a world where machines have made humans obsolete? Who wants to live in a Matrix of endless pseudo-realities and techno-distractions? Who wants to live in a world where men have been emasculated and reduced to playing hyper-violent and -sexual video games to feed their primal need for such things? Who wants to live in a mundane scientistic regime that lacks all magic, all art, all spirituality? Who wants to live on a prison planet with no frontiers, no way out, no place to escape the eyes and drones of the Empire?

    Anyway, it's very easy to be critical and negative in times like these. The question is, who has a new vision and how can it be implemented in this increasingly oppressive environment? Maybe a great war and a dark age are the only way out at this point. Maybe, like late Rome, only the collapse of the Empire will allow us to find a way out of this "Black Iron Prison". Or maybe a Muad'dib or a Luke Skywalker will appear who can led the Rebellion. If not, we're left with the likes of Caliph Ibrahim and his dark army, and certain doom.

    1. Well, again- I think back on that period when Rome had crushed Greece, had crushed Egypt, had crushed Israel- how did people cope? This is the medium in which the Mysteries and Gnostics arose. Times in which people put their faith in "treasures in heaven." But my fear is that our own kind of ISIS will rise from the Babel and blather of our digital malaise- that something that will make the old Fundamentalists seem liberal by comparison will cut through all the chatter and self-obsession and become very, very attractive to men with guns, both inside the government and out. All it takes is another serious economic shock. Who will stand against them- the special snowflakes of the Millennial generation? The bankers, who've already given notice that they'd flee the country at any sign of trouble? The puppets in Washington? Nature abhors a vacuum but societies also abhor chaos. "It" can happen here. Let's pray it never does.

    2. Chris - I see some scary signs out there. I worry that some new kind of Fascism will rise, to purge everything that is "different". Everything is so divided now, so much us-vs.-them. I'm trying to stay hopeful, but it's not easy.

  4. Another excellent and thought-provoking post! I wonder if part of the "daze" we're in isn't this: I don't think *anyone* really believes that America is a Good Guy anymore. Oh, people claim it, in loud and shrill voices, but their volume alone tells how hollow the words are. It seems too, that the Empire is ending, the Barbarians are at the gates, and Obama is golfing while Rome burns. "Sleepwalking" is a very good word for what this feels like.

    1. Well, America being the government as a foreign policy tool for the Globalists, certainly not. And yes, Obama started out as Tut and is ending up as Nero. Will wonders never cease?

  5. Raj comments above:

    "Speaking of sleepwalking, I tend to see the trash pseudo-culture of the last ten-to-twenty years as a kind of legislated spell or act of social magick held together by the power-mad intentions of its architects."

    I could not agree more. As another example, venturing out to the average shopping mall (which has replaced the concept of the town center in America so completely that no one bothers to consider the related loss of social communion) one is immersed in an audio drone of generic "techno" music emerging from the chain-store fashion boutiques that creates a kind of carrier wave, a nonsense signal akin to that used on shortwave stations to hold the frequency between broadcasts, preventing use by others. Not a great amount of critical thinking and discourse would happen in the aisles of Target or Structure, I suppose, but it certainly removes the possibility.

    And to Sean's comment about a lack of imagination, I'll also add a lack of humor. The recent movie _A Million Ways To Die In The West_ was a disappointment that had most viewers I spoke with say some variant of, "It wasn't _Blazing Saddles_." Too true, for that classic had a razor wit built on outrage, a knowledge that one has to wax poetic about the elephant in the room and never pull one's punches. Most people today are cowed by a misguided sense of political correctness that creates a fear of even potential offense, and as we know "fear is the mind-killer". I suppose it also takes a deft hand and genius wit such as Brooks to pull it off - certainly McFarlane showed his limits. But, enough of that. I'll end by reminding us all that William S. Burroughs said one key to identifying the enemy, those who would Control, is their complete lack of a sense of humor.

    1. Well, it isn't a misguided sense because there are incredible penalties for violating the ever-shifting, never-fully-defined rules of political correctness. For now at least. We've been here before. This could be just the setup of the Big Sting, and the PC comissars will have found they've only been given the rope to hang themselves. There are signs- particularly in Europe- that such a sting may be going down. Me, I prefer manners, basic respect and human decency to this soft-boiled Khmer Rouge stuff.

  6. Hi Chris,

    In recent years I have become greatly fatigued and disinterested in End Times EschatologyTM. Your post though is a thoughtful reminder that there are a number of developments that are actively competing for the title of this century's Ms. Sarajevo.

    Some possible additional ingredients for your stew (that none of us want to eat):

    - A candid look back on the 20th Century has shown destructive U.S. involvement in the affairs of other governments, i.e. The Shah of Iran, Indonesia and the toppling of Sukarno and the trashing of Latin America just to name a few. While we today take it as 'given' that Anglo-American intelligence and corporate entities actively try to shape the world for personal gain, we all seem to neglect the possibility that governments from other countries may now be looking at the U.S. and try to foment dissent from within the sole superpower's borders. It seems like the time may be ripe for such a move.

    - The recent news story of a Chinese fighter jet that conducted a "dangerous intercept" of a U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft. The photo of the jet fighter that accompanied the story brought home to me that China does not preside over a fleet of rusted, Soviet-era MIGS but has its own array of sleek, modern weaponry.

    - NATO is not releasing vague images of dilapidated buildings housing imagined WMD caches (like the Coalition of the Willing did with Saddam) but images of Russian tanks crossing into Ukraine. The western response has been "Ahh, more sanctions anyone?". Where is the fierce saber-rattling from the current Rockefeller Republican in the Whitehouse? At least Bush II and his handlers knew how to get their John Wayne speechifying on.

    - Russia seems to be a warning about imbuing symbols with too much power. When the Hammer and Sickle fell, a lot of western intellectuals waxed lyrical about "The End of History" and the ultimate triumph of our "free-market", "neo-liberal" (Orwellian double-speak) ideology. It seems that the region that both Napoleon and Hitler tried to have a crack at may have been more than just a scary, competing political ideology.

    - On the personal level, Winter has just come to an end here in Australia. What I thought was my bullet-proof immune system was attacked numerous times by the worst flu-like virus / bug I have encountered. Antibiotics have helped our population increase, but if they have lost their efficacy and are indeed contributing to the mutating of these other life-forms what part will they play in our future?

  7. Well, Tim- it's like my grandpappy used to say- you may not be interested in Armageddon, but Armageddon is interested in you. And by you, I mean us. And you just very lucidly explained why.

  8. This post just really touches me in a way that I can't articulate because each comment of each person seems to be mirroring exactly what I feel.

    @Raj mentioned people who seem to be sleepwalking through this life. I have 2 teenagers and trying to fight against the programming they receive everyday is tough. I want them to be aware, to actually look and see what is happening around them, because it is more interesting and more frightening than anything they could conjure up on their smartphone.

    @Sean Strange
    You asked some questions that I have asked myself everyday. Who wants to live in a world like the one that is being created for us before our very eyes? A world devoid of any the slightest bit of meaning and wonder. I can't imagine that any sane person would want to. I was enjoying a particularly lazy day this past Monday and all I could think about was work the next day. That line of thinking led me to asking a question that I have been asking quite a bit: Is this all there is? Is this it? Work, bills, tedium, with the odd bit of contentment thrown in. Is there nothing else? It's a sobering thought.

    I recently read The Stand by Stephen King and I am struck by how many times I see something on TV and am reminded of it. We seem to be headed to a place where the reset button must be pushed in order to shake us out of the bullshit fugue state that we are in. I pray that it doesn't happen but I don't see how it can't, not at the rate we are going.

    Chris you have the smartest fucking readers (and commentors) of any blog I have ever read. I often feel like I'm out of my league here, in terms of sheer knowledge and intellectual acumen, but I find it exhilerating. Thanks for the great post, as usual.

    1. First of all, welcome back! Second of all, I think you hold your old quite well, so please don't think any differently. And third of all, The Stand was a book I read cover to cover in 1980 when the Cold War was heating up- now I'm reading that the US is holding war games in Ukraine and Russia is answering by having nuclear exercises. Plus ca change...