Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Return of the Irrational on The Solar Satellite

Continuing the exploration of classic occult cinema and the deeper societal and symbolic strains therein, "The Delicious Subversion of Burn, Witch Burn!" looks at the return of the Irrational at the very moment when it seemed that the Enlightenment's triumph was complete.

Because the 60s Counterculture acts as a kind of distorting lens, we tend to overlook at how rationalist materialism was by far the dominant point of view of the Western establishment in the post-War years. We forget that even such human impulses as passion and enthusiasm were seen as dangerously subversive, never mind such domains of the irrational such as witchcraft or UFOlogy, both of which were essentially invisible outside the realm of the drive-in movie.

Fly over to the Solar Satellite for an in-depth review of a must-see film, as well as a streaming embed of the film itself.

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