Monday, September 03, 2012

Sync Log: The Moon Goes Out

Timing is everything. Shortly after I was writing and talking about the Evangelical movement, real mind control and the CIA, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon- perhaps the most important figure in the entire story- passes from this world and takes his rightful place in the next. I think you can probably guess where I believe that is.

The Reverend Moon was an impossibly wealthy and powerful man, with business holdings all across the world. His organization has a huge stake in the sushi and ginseng markets, so bear that in mind next time you go shopping. He was deeply embedded in the Dominionist Right, which just goes to prove that politics makes for strange bedfellows.

When the first stage of the Evangelical program- the television rock star Evangelist stage- ran aground thanks to the Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker scandals (not to mention some untoward scams from preachers like Oral "God will call me home" Roberts and others), it was the Reverend Moon's deep pockets that saved the day, and allowed the program to be phased out without too much damage done to the larger agenda. Moon later bailed Falwell's Liberty University out of its financial black hole as well.

The Reverend Moon also was key to in helping to create what is now a massive and highly lucrative hard right-wing media infrastructure when he created The Washington Times in 1982 and bought out the UPI wire service in 2000.

The Times never has overshadowed its crosstown rival The Post and has been plagued by links to extremist groups, but it set an example for networks like Fox News and the countless right-wing talk show hosts on the radio, all of whom not only rake in a lot more cash than their liberal competition, but have dominated the public political agenda in Washington since the 1994 Congressional Elections.

The fact that so many major Neoconfederate racists and Dominionist nutjobs in the Religious Right were so willing to kiss Moon's ring is astonishing, given that he saw himself as the messiah, declared Jesus' ministry to be a failure, held bizarre coronation rituals for himself, wanted crucifixes removed from churches and held mass race-mixing marriage ceremonies over the years.

Or maybe not. Moon's pockets were seemingly bottomless and his Unification Church was/is an incredibly useful laboratory for the brainwashing techniques that are being perfected in Evangelical and Pentecostal churches across the world. Techniques that bypass the rational mind, manipulate the atavistic brain functions and develop powerful neural addictions among hard-core believers.

And it's all being used to steer the believer to accepting Republican Party tenets as gospel truth. In fact, many churches spend the majority of their time indoctrinating their followers into a purely political agenda, throwing in scattered Bible verses to lend it all an air of authority. And Reverend Moon was one of the key figures in this new form of worship.

I was thinking the other day about when exactly the American worker's death warrant was signed and I realized it was when Nixon made his famous trip to China. It was all sold as a great mission of peace, but it was really about creating a new labor force for American corporations. It's no accident that the Religious Right program was unrolled under Nixon, and perhaps it all would have been a lot worse without Watergate.

A story which was broken by Moon's hated Washington Post.

UPDATE: Former Moonie on the Church:

'Moonies don't believe in democracy'

"We tried to investigate the Moonies," he said. "They don't believe in democracy. It's a Hitler-esque kind of organisation which wants to take over the world.

"After the Jonestown tragedy [in which 913 members of the Peoples Temple, a religious organisation led by radical preacher Jim Jones, died in 1978] I started to study psychological influence techniques, methods of persuasion, mind control and indoctrination to develop new exit counselling methods."

He became professionally interested in the field of social psychology, studying techniques cults use "to take away free will from people".

In his 1988 book "Combating Cult Mind Control," Hassan came up with a model of mind control or brainwashing, known as the BITE model.

According to him, the four components of mind control are Behaviour, Information, Thought and Emotional control. Cults forcibly recruit members using an extensive range of techniques, including "systematic deception, behaviour modification, withholding of information and emotionally intense persuasion techniques".


  1. Talking about dark sides of the moon.
    Andras Jones,star of
    "Nightmare on Elm Street 4" has synced "the Who"'s Lifehouse songs to the Matrix film,to rival
    "Dark Side of the Rainbow" in all it's weirdness.

    Click on
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    and they should all play one after the other.

  2. I never had made that connection between Nixon going to China and the ultimate crushing of labor, but it's eerily obvious in hindsight.

  3. Turmarion, I totally agree with you- I had never thought of that but when I read Chris's statement about Nixon and China it seemed so obvious that the die was cast way back then. The sale was made and we watched them shake on the deal and never knew what that handshake was really about.

  4. Bush Sr (the master criminal) saw a fellow like mind in Moon. If you're prepared to dig around a bit in Robert Parry's archives (the guy who broke the Iran Contra scandal) you can see Bush and Moon were in the drug business together with Moon referring to their building of air strips in south America and even submarine ports. Moon is quoted as saying these are good for avoiding the coastguard.

    It's just straightforward crime dynasties. No need to get distracted by Pentecostal velvet cloaks and gold crowns, These are just the accoutrements of a religious ruse (another lucrative business). It's just a cover. A dissimulation if you will.

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