Sunday, September 16, 2012

Faith Collapsing

Despite all of the talk and theorizing you may be hearing in the media about American interventionism, the riots in Arab countries over an amateur hoax film trailer represent a profound, existential crisis in one of the most powerful religions in the world. We are seeing one of those epochal moments in history when a religious movement reaches the end of its road, the point of no return.

We're talking about a religion with world-conquering ambitions and a totalitarian ethos. A religion that has caused nothing but violence and disruption since it first reared its ugly head on the world stage. A religion that wants to crush human individuality and cultural uniqueness, all in pursuit of a mad, utopian vision of worldwide uniformity.

It's been the cause of war and sectarian violence all across the planet and shows no sign of quenching its taste for human blood. And yet its contradictions are so immense and its foundations so faulty, it can't but implode when faced with the reality of 21st Century life.

Yes, the religion of Globalism is collapsing. The question is how many of us will it take with it?

I remember quite clearly when Globalism became the religion of the corporate Elite. It was a few years following the end of the Cold War when American industry faced its own existential crisis. Other markets were expanding and formerly Communist and Socialist economies were liberalizing, creating a gold rush that threatened to leave the onetime masters of the Universe behind.

We soon saw a number of treaties- NAFTA, GATT, MAI-- that have done untold damage to the American middle and working classes at the same time it's turned the rich into the super-rich and the super-rich into veritable gods.

The Elites envisioned a borderless, nationless world where workers, resources and capital flowed without tariffs or taxes, where mass immigration and outsourcing drove wages down to the lowest possible levels. A world where American brands and franchises were established in every village and city.

Surgical warfare would remove any religious or nationalist-based resistance abroad and American workers would be distracted into impotence with pseudo-religious movements such as the Megachurch and the Prosperity Gospel movements (which a traditionalist Christian friend of mine says was "spawned from the pits of Hell"). Any resistance to the Global agenda would be diverted by conspirashills and hucksters crying wolf with ridiculous Apocalyptic fantasies that only the most gullible people could take seriously.

It's been only too successful. But the people who were supposed to lie down and die are refusing to do so. Chinese workers are increasingly restless, tired of bearing the brunt of the world's manufacturing burden for near-starvation wages. The politics of austerity are bringing people into the streets in Europe and threatening the Neoliberal ruling class and its pet project, the European currency.

And the animus that Fundamentalist Islam feels for the rest of the world is creating chaos everywhere, no matter how hard the ruling class and its pliant media try to paper over the cracks with a vicious, deceptive and punitive form of political correctness.

Certainly the rioters over the past week have no shortage of legitimate grievances with the West (and vice versa) but somehow they chose to riot over a dopey YouTube video that absolutely no one would have paid attention to otherwise. This is no small thing, no matter how much the apologists might try to spin it.

The video is an abomination, the same kind of thing you see Farrah Fawcett Rense and his kind post about Jews several times a week. The same kind of thing that Arab governments produce about Jews and Christians and other infidels and show to schoolchildren.

But if the high priests of Globalism weren't trying to squeeze us all together into a flavorless paste it probably wouldn't be an issue.

We've already seen the West's response- Obama cracked the whip on Egyptian PM Morsi, who dutifully broke up the demonstrations and NATO "accidentally" bombed some Afghan women, which probably had nothing at all to do with Taliban attacks on US Marines in response to the video.

It may all die down, but I don't know- rising populations in Arab and Muslim countries along with massive structural unemployment and rising global food prices are not going to ease tensions. And a determined push in America towards energy independence certainly seems to point towards a increased possibility for confrontation in the future.

One thing for sure, though, is the high priests of Globalism will cling to their illusions until the bitter end. That religion was born out of a host of short-term conditions- the end of the Cold War, the collapse of oil prices, the tech boom, the 90s stock market boom- that everyone would like to relive but probably won't repeat themselves in our lifetimes.

But people's salaries and reputations are now invested in Globalist fantasies, so it's likely that many of them will double down rather than admit that the World is Not One. And of course, there's also the dream of endless profit, of planting your brand in hostile territory and having the folks back home pick up the tab if there's any trouble. Since the super-rich have become un-moored from any sense of proportion or reality, don't expect that dream to fade, either.


  1. Nice takedown of perhaps the most insidious ideology ever invented. I’ve seen globalism from both sides; in the late nineties I was a dot-com entrepreneur who jetted around the planet and enjoyed my little fantasy of a world turned into an American shopping mall. Then reality set in, and I struggled to maintain a middle class existence and find some deeper meaning in my life than materialism.

    It may be partially sour grapes, but what disgusts me about globalism now is its utter lack of deep beliefs. Globalism seeks to turn humanity into some kind of mindless, soulless, consumerist “sheeple”, with no sense of religion, history or deeply rooted culture. In fact, to me globalism looks more like an attempt to turn all of humanity into secular Jews as megachurch Christians, so I don’t know why you always pick on them. Globalism cheapens, degrades and reduces humanity to the lowest common denominator; it creates disposable cultures which history will soon dispose of.

    This is also why fundamentalist Islam is such a threat to the globalists; what ideology could be more hostile to them than an anti-capitalist, anti-modernity, 7th century desert warrior religion? This would explain why militant Islam’s growth has closely paralleled the growth of globalism: because it’s the strongest ideological antidote to globalism around.

    But now things seem to be falling apart for both globalism and militant Islam; they’ve begun their death spirals. I’m not sure what will replace them, but my guess is there will be a return to a more conservative, nationalist global order and more moderate religion. Globalism was the last of the grandiose 20th century utopian ideologies, and hopefully both it and militant Islam will quietly fade away without taking the world down with them.

  2. Excellent post. I just hope that when it all comes crashing down it doesn't take too many of us with it, and that there's something left of society.

  3. Chris, you are spot on. To have market share in the military industrial complex is to profit from the underclass/peons. To understand pax Americana is to profit. 50 cents on the dollar! What must come forth is a co-operative mindset. Sustainable/organic/loving the earth. Ego centric anything is doomed. The sun of an occulted nature will examine the good and educated peoples and shine forth in it's beauty. To shine is divine. Dennis

  4. Re:
    " me globalism looks more like an attempt to turn all of humanity into secular Jews as megachurch Christians, so I don’t know why you always pick on them."

    Well,I guess it's too late for me then,because I am a secular Jew.
    But,I'll give you a hint on how to beat globalism through voting.
    You vote with your dollar.
    If you didn't support globalism with your dollar by shopping at globalist stores like WallMart,IKEA,Costco and eating at McDonald's,Pizza Hut,KFC and drinking Pepsi and Coke,etc,and supported Mom and Pop local businesses and local farmer's,then globalism couldn't survive.
    It's because people think they are getting a cheap bargain shopping at WalMart or buying a slave made bookcase from IKEA,instead of paying a few extra bucks to shop local and save the future jobs of the next generations to come that all this is happening.
    Without the support of our dollar and our greed for a cheap bargain,these places could not survive.It is Joe Citizen that is selling the farm from right underneath his own feet,dollar by dollar.
    Every time we buy something from these multinationals we are as much to blame as anyone else.
    The dollar is their lifeline,as it is to local businesses.
    The buck stops with us,literally.

  5. Sean, I pick on them because they took something that was important to me and ruined it. There was an opportunity to reinvent the faith in a more symbolic and metaphoric- and to my thinking, more powerful and lasting- fashion in the 90s and they took control of the Church and drove it off a cliff. I will never forgive them for that.

  6. So many great lines in one post. Loved it and agree totally.

  7. I agree that a way we can help is to vote with our dollars locally. That said, sometimes that is hard when you don't have many dollars. Yesterday I bought a bag of really delicious local apples- 9 in a 1/2 peck bag- and they were 11.00$. We had a spring frost that wiped out a lot of the fruit so the farmers are suffering. Still 11.00$ is out of many people's reach, especially the local farm workers this year. What a trick and a trap....what to do?

    Chris, you were really fortunate to have a local church that didn't come off as control freak bullshit from the moment that you were old enough to be frightened by the images of what would happen to you if you didn't follow the rules. Lose my own spirit or run for it was the way I saw my choice. The insiders like my Mom didn't see it that way of course. I was a Lutheran in a small church of mostly Swedish immigrants. Heard about Hellfire and my poor Mom was sure I was headed there. Even now it is hard to ignore the "in the head fear nagging" when I think about certain subjects like using those new tarot cards to evaluate my present state of mind.

    This total control experiment is a big stinker in my opinion.

  8. I forgot to say how much I also agree with everything in this excellent evaluation of the present world situation.

    Thank you Chris.

  9. Great stuff, Chris. Spot on.

  10. Brizdaz - I agree, shopping local is best. However, where I live in the UK there are only the big 4 supermarkets locally to buy from - Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys. Long gone are the local greengrocers and there are no Farmers Markets. I needed a new bed, no one locally could provide me with a bed. Off to Ikea I went. I have British friends who live in Brisbane and are amazed at the quality of beautiful local produce and crafts. I wondered, I have seen some of these attacks on the news here in the UK and notice they mostly seem to be aimed at food outlets.

  11. @Luxx
    I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty with my comment about buying local.I'm as guilty as anyone here...I worked for those Swedish Globalists for the last 24 years driving forklifts until given a redundancy so they could cull some more full-time employees from their payroll.So,I know first hand the image these company's paint to the public about being Eco-friendly while they go around getting Chinese,Vietnamese or any other low paid slaves to make their flat-packed particle-board crap.Read where is made on the box.
    We're all guilty by degrees,but to take back our jobs and prop up the local economy the only solution we have is to hit back through our dollar and support the local manufacturers and food companies where we can.It won't be the easy road,but it will be the best road in the end,for us and the planet.

  12. I saw this news on t.v. I don't know the name of this film if someone know please suggest me name. I think it has something occurred scene or story in this film that's why all disturbance started in many of countries. I hope i would be fine one day.

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  13. @Evion
    You can watch it here -

    It is a pile of doo-doo.
    Whoever made this crap was obviously out to stir up trouble.

  14. yes I agree with "voting w/our dollars" and also that it is a challenge - but baby steps lead to bigger ones... still climbing out of the muck myself but it is getting easier bit by bit. Lots of shedding what isn't necessary has been helping.

    And also... well... "Farrah Fawcett Rense" ... LOL !! Chris ;)