Monday, July 16, 2012

Please Stand By

The Secret Sun's been on summer hours while I try to keep a roof over my head. I've been working morning, noon and night but soaking in all kinds of information while I do so, thanks to the modern miracles of podcasts and YouTube.

Summer also seems to be the time of year when I cast my neural net as far as it can go, and this year's no exception.

I've been mulling over a big pile of contradictions, looking for the common denominators. I've been taking UFOs more seriously at a time when growing numbers of people are not, precisely because I've dispensed with the extraterrestrial hypothesis entirely (so to speak, you always want to keep that trapdoor open). As someone a lot smarter than me once said: "We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us."

It's exactly that symbiotic relationship that seems to me to be the common denominator. And then there is also the question of light- starlight, particularly- and why that was such a all-consuming fixation to so many ancient peoples. How this might tie into the endlessly deceptive goings-on at CERN and Fermi has been bouncing around my brain as well.

When I can, I've been reading thought criminals like Vallee, Keel, Hansen, and now Andrew Collins' new book. It's gotten me to go back and look at UFO videos I once dismissed out of hand with new eyes. Paradigm shifts tend to give you those.

This all really started-- even before I wrote Our Gods Wear Spandex-- as a conundrum; what did all of these ancient secret societies really believe? It certainly got lost somewhere down the line (though recent advances in physics may well have put their descendants back on the scent) but somehow it was connected to the OOPARTS and the megaliths (geology itself seems to be of central importance in all of this) and the rest of it.

hint, hint, hint

I won't give too much away but the work done with the shafts and the stellar alignments in the Great Pyramid was the first and final key to this mystery, I just didn't realize it until I had the other pieces of the puzzle in hand.

I could write some insubstantial posts to keep the counts up but I hope most of you are least looking at the Facebook group. I've been using it as a microblog, dropping in links and minirants during my breaks. As to the next post here- please stand by. I hope to have it up this week, but it's still a work in progress. I want to make sure it crushes skulls before it goes up.


  1. I'm a regular reader, but first time commenter here.
    Look forward to your return.
    All the best.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  2. I was eating a sandwich the other day, and on the wall of the establishment was a photo of "The World's Largest Beef Sandwich", a grotesque monstrosity that served no obvious purpose other than to attract publicity and increase sales. I thought of The World's Largest Pyramid, and started to think that the most of the world can only perceive it in the same way that they perceive that big beef sandwich: the World's Largest. Simply a display of power, designed to visually impress. Something that is understood simply by its size.

    Don't get me wrong, there might have been some ritualistic significance behind the specific time and date that giant beef sandwich was unveiled to the world, and maybe the architectonics of engineering that beef reveals some incredible advance in sandwich making--maybe some day I'll get around to investigating.

    Anyways, that Great Pyramid of Stone is obviously so much more than it appears. I've heard many theories, and many conclusions. Looking forward to your thoughts here...

  3. first thing that came to mind lookin at that Star Track picture was sirius, red giant/blue star orbiting a sun?

  4. Crush their skulls, Christopher! I love the preamble for sure...holding my breath for the next installment!

  5. Somehow every time I read your blog I end up with Joni Mitchell running through my head: "We are stardust, we are golden, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden."

    That along with images from the ads the Weather Channel used to run a few years back, where people would be going about their everyday business, oblivious to the fact that there were patterns out of weather maps superimposed on the sky above their heads, forming mysterious networks and lines of force.

    Plus a description in Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore's story "Mimsy Were the Borogoves" of a doll from the future that comes apart to show its internal workings and is anatomically correct except for being different from present-day humans in some minor details and one major one: "I can't figure out what this luminous network of stuff is. It goes all through the body, like nerves."

    Oh -- add in the year that a half-dozen pairs of Canada geese moved in on the farm where we were living, divided it up into nesting territories, and would interact with us only by chasing us off when we got too near their nests. Like those Weather Channel images, it gave me an eerie sense of living within a space that somebody else was also using for their own purposes and configuring in their own ways.

    I don't think any of this is exactly what you're getting at, Chris -- but it's what keeps haunting me when I read your stuff: The idea that we are part of a luminous network that is similar to but more rarefied than electromagnetic fields, that is larger than we are and has its own goals and reasons for being, but that also runs through every cell of our bodies.

  6. As a trivial thought-experiment, try and put yourself in the footsteps of one of our distant ancestors. Egyptian, Sumerian…it doesn’t matter too much. If you’re in the mood and have your imagination fully charged, go back even further to a point when ‘civilisation’ was the next stage. In that time, people lived in smaller communities and their minds could only express thoughts within the limits of their vocabulary and explored gestating concepts we take for granted.

    When I try this, it’s like a muffled silence. Rather than the thousands of words we have, they might have had hundreds. When they listened to the world, it was only weather and nature that broke the silence; their own voices too. This is before the decimal point was conceptualised and math was aspiring to infancy.

    In these uncluttered minds lay the urgency of curiosity and the motivation to know and understand their world. Same as we do today.

    Did some see the stars as representations of infinite depth and space? Or did they interpret them as light points that were just out of reach?

    I’m not suggesting a tabula rasa in its purest form…not quite. Rather, I wonder if a mind geared to being attentive and vigilant of its surroundings wouldn’t naturally find itself being fascinated by the subtle movements of the stars? Especially so as within those shifting patterns of light could be seen the planets, the moon and the sun.

  7. The quote from McKenna sticks with me since I first read it.. a profound left handed comment that seems like a signpost in the right direction...

    I was getting ready to listen to David Flynn... I was not very familiar with his site but quite familiar with the material... so longitude/latitude = pi = roswell = contact... I am brooding with that. That there are pyramids on Mars I think is beyond doubt. What are they doing there?

    Come back and tell us what has been going on in your head.

    Cory's comments about the geese are intriguing and Kandinsky's suggestion to time travel thought provoking as well.

  8. You want to see some convincing video? check out "whotookmymojo" on youtube...pretty crazy stuff.