Friday, July 20, 2012

Fool Me Twice (UPDATED)

I guess if you live long enough you see reruns of everything. And these days that's not much of a feat, since the nostalgia cycles have gotten shorter and shorter. This summer is giving me major 2008 flashbacks- the Olympics, the Elections and new Dark Knight film, all loaded not so much with bad mojo, but with bummer mojo.

This blog has changed a lot since 2008 and it's changed because I chose to follow my research where it led me, not the other way around. I really don't care much what "they" are doing anymore because I really don't believe in the Christian Fundamentalist myth of a worldwide occult elite that so many non-fundamentalists seem to have internalized in place of the authoritarian deity they no longer really believe in.

That's not to say I don't see the elites as black magicians, but they're black magicians of a more mundane type, steeped in the grimoires of Bernays, Strauss, Rhodes and Hegel, using the occult tools of currency and market manipulation, media mindfucking, brute force, and when all else fails, fundamentalist religion.

I'm actually more of a "conspiracy theorist" than ever before, but not the hyperventilating/hysteric/working-on-my-first-coronary-event Alex Jones type of theorist, but more along the lines of a prosecuting attorney, who in the real world files charges of conspiracy every day. To me, there's nothing arcane or magical about conspiracy, it's just plain old corruption. And then I start to wonder if all of the nonsense with the occultism is Barnumism, meaning it's all part of the shill.

It goes something like this: lift someone's wallet and you're just a common creep. Rattle some chicken bones and scatter some boneyard dust while you're at it and you're a juju man, a dark mystery to be solved.

Stage magicians- simple deceivers- are really nothing but experts at the arts of distraction. If those no-hopers- with their bad comb-overs and stained teeth- can figure it out, who's to say an army of MBAs and corporate lawyers can't adapt those same principles to their own Vaudeville acts?

I must say it's gratifying to finally hear people acknowledge that yes, we do have elites and yes, these elites serve their own interests first. It seems that four years ago people would look at you like you just farted if you pointed out that there was a permanent ruling class. But this has all happened despite the fearporn pimps, not because of them.

In other words, all of this "Illuminati" bedwetting didn't diminish the esteem of the ruling class, it burnished it by painting them as invincible wizards and not simply corruptible workaholics.

All of that is why I'm more than a bit hesitant to spend any time trying to "decode" the Dark Knight, the Election or the Olympics this time around. I've no doubt there are all kinds of sulfurous easter eggs to be found, but are they worth sticking my head in someone else's psychopathy to find them? Because at the end of the day, all of the crap you see planted out there, all of the so-called "Illuminati "(sic) symbolism is nothing but a waste of your time.

Maybe some of the phony conspiracy sites out there--which are bankrolled to the hilt by the same exact people they pretend to "expose"-- gave the game away, or maybe people caught on to the fact that this shit is a distraction, that it never gets you anywhere.

Because it's all designed to steal your attention. It's like any provocation; the point is to focus your attention on the provocateur, who underneath whatever ideological drivel they paint over it all, are just exhibitionists and narcissists, using other human beings as mirrors.

From what I've seen and read about the Dark Knight, it seems as if the fascism has been cranked up to 11 and shoved in your face in three dimensions, but we're all so hungry for spectacle that even the most cloying liberals are giving it a pass. I wonder if it will be the same as the first two; hypnotizing spectacles that fade from memory like the DTs.

It's gotten so extreme that fanboys are actually sending death-threats to critics who aren't fawning over the movie, which is especially disturbing to me since I'm convinced that these same fanboys probably won't be able to tell you a single plot point in the film come Halloween.

We're also having an (alleged) Election here in the US, which is starting to feel less like a 2008 rerun and more like a remake of the 2004 Election, with Mitt Romney in the John Kerry out-of-touch zillionaire patsy role
. It seems less like a race than one of those dance marathons from the previous Depression, where entrants danced 'til they dropped. No one is excited about these two shills, no one believes either can undo the damage the aforementioned elite ruling classes have done to the economy.

Then there's the Olympics, which I can't quite put my finger on. It's almost like there was some strange agenda planned but it's all gone pear-shaped. Again, there's that weird belief/wish that "They" are infallible (ever notice how only evil is infallible to some people?), but something seems off. Like something is going very wrong.

The fact that England is getting hammered by torrential rains may have a lot to do with it (I'm sure London is lovely, but it never seemed a good fit for the Olympics for this very reason), but there's something else going on that seems a bit on the infallible side as well. I know I'll get my Super Illuminati-Fighter secret decoder ring repossessed for saying so, but right now I don't see anything happening in London but dreary, obsolete sporting events and sogginess.

But at the same time, I must say that I've always had my own agenda when looking at these events, one that's usually a lot different than the paranoia pimps. But at the same time even that got to the point where I felt like an accomplice, like I was dragooned into some secret crowdsourcing ritual. And that's pretty much why The Secret Sun 2012 is a lot different than The Secret Sun 2008.

But the good news is that there are a lot more of you reading now than then, so I'm obviously not alone.

Bateman, The Dark Knight.

UPDATE: From death threats to mass murd
er. I had a bad feeling - Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight workings have unleashed a host of bummer vibes, increasingly becoming more fascist, brutal and dehumanizing. Even the mainstream media was starting to notice it. The problem with those kind of signals broadcast over so many wavebands is that once in a while they reach the wrong target...

We've been talking a lot about this on the group recently (the films are semi-officially known as the "Dark Knight Workings" in Sunese) but everyone was shocked by the shootings in Aurora, CO, apparently by a nutcase dressed as Bane. As per usual there will be the usual baseless theorizing, because we live in a culture where absolutely no one can ever -must never- be held accountable for their own actions anymore (I wish I could convey how deeply that infuriates me).

But by the same token, Nolan has been playing with fire for some time now.
His films--not just his Batman films-- are slick, decadent celebrations of dehumanization, sadomasochism and totalitarian control. This week started with death threats on his behalf and now this. Maybe some other factors will be at play- undoubtedly they will.

In the meantime, read this piece from 2009, where I talked about the strange, hypnotic spell Nolan conjured with The Dark Knight, and how the audience's reaction was remarkably like a post-hypnotic trance (the aforementioned "media mindfucking"). Interesting given his breakthrough film was about a guy who can't form memories....

I posted James Howard Kunstler's review of The Dark Knight on The Solar Satellite. Excerpt:
The rich symbolism in this spectacle represents the tenor of contemporary America as something a few notches worse than whatever the Nazis were heading toward around 1933. We like nothing better than to see people suffer and watch things get broken. The more slowly people are tortured (including the movie audience) the more exquisite the pleasure derived from the act. Civilization offers no consolation. In fact, its a mug's game. Thus, civilization is composed only of torturers and their mug victims.