Monday, June 18, 2012

Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: No New York

I've spoken quite a bit in the past as to the origin of the term "Secret Sun," most recently in this post about my childhood nightmares. What I didn't tell you is where these Secret Sun dreams usually take place...

I believe the first time I explained the origin of the term "Secret Sun" was four years ago this month, in a post called "Their (Green) Sun is Different." I had been trying to decode the solar symbolism which was especially prominent that year and had come to the conclusion that what was being worshiped was not our Sun, but something else altogether.

It was around this time that a scholar had revealed that the famous Egyptian sun god Ra-- who returned to the stars and left Earth in the care of his charge Horus, was actually identified in the ancient texts with a green sun. Which was ringed. And traveled through the sky from West to East.

Yeah, exactly.

But I opened the piece with this:
"Secret Sun" goes back to my childhood. It refers to a recurring dream I've had since I was very young in which the Sun comes out in the middle of the night, but only a select few know about it.
Now one of the great joys of doing this kind of work is when a certain word or phrase catches your ear and in doing so unlocks new doors or puts long-missing pieces of the puzzle into place. I thought of the phrase "only a select few know about" the Secret Sun when reading Jacques Vallee discuss his theories of the other-dimensional realm he believes UFOs and other manifestations of the paranormal spring from.
A second —and equally widespread — theory, is that Elfland constitutes a sort of parallel universe, which coexists with our own. It is made visible and tangible only to selected people, and the ‘doors’ that lead through it are tangential points, known only to the elves.
And there it was: "tangible only to selected people." Different phrasing, but the same idea.

The Magonia that Vallee refers too comes from one of history's most interesting UFO flaps, this one from the reign of Charlemagne in the 10th Century CE. Just as today Medieval France had bitter, acid-tongued skeptics, decrying the rural bumpkins for their ignorance and credulity.

Only the skeptic in question was an Archbishop named Agobard, whose language here is essentially identical to something Randi or Robert Sheaffer might unleash on those goddamned "UFO nuts":
But we have seen and heard of many people overcome with so much foolishness, made crazy by so much stupidity, that they believe and say that there is a certain region, which is called Magonia, from which ships come in the clouds. In these ships the crops that fell because of hail and were lost in storms are carried back into that region; evidently these aerial sailors make a payment to the storm-makers [Tempestariis], and take the grain and other crops.

Among those so blinded with profound stupidity that they believe these things could happen we have seen many people in a kind of meeting, exhibiting four captives, three men and one woman, as if they had fallen from these very ships.
Now just as Ra's sun belongs to another world not our own, so too does the secret sun. These dreams-- and bear in mind that I'm not claiming they're anything but dreams-- usually take place in another Manhattan, unlike our own, filled with vast, seemingly endless suburban neighborhoods encircling the great skyscrapers.

In the marshes.

But there are other clues to this Not New York- I often enter on foot through marshlands and leave through grand, sun-drenched highways with names of probable numerological portent. This is another world with another Sun.

I only remember one person from the real world appearing in these dreams. Back in February of 2006 I wrote to her about it:
"We took a shortcut through a marsh, and you made me carry you through the puddly parts. I explained to you that I still believed in chivalry.

"Anyway, we got lost and ended up in New York. Then it was 1:30. I asked you if the sun was always out in New York at 1:30 in the morning. You said yeah, and it was getting on your nerves. That's the origin of "Secret Sun". It's a dream I've had since I was a kid, where the sun is out in the middle of the night, but only certain people know about it. You're the first real person I remember to appear in a Secret Sun dream, so you should feel highly honored."
And strangely enough, I had another marsh dream which I wrote to Joltin' Joe Linsner about the following month:
"I was walking with my father to his house and we got lost in a church basement that opened into a marsh. Then we went upstairs and found ourselves on the deck of the Next Generation Enterprise. Data was reporting on the bird flu crisis. All I wanted was to do was get to my father's house. So we left the deck and were back in the swamp.

Data and some female officer came with us. I said "Data, I hope to hell you can drive, because we just want to get to my dad's house." I turned around and he was holding a gun to my father's head. I asked what he was doing. He responded, "You are when it's going to happen."
Now bear in mind this was all pre-Esalen, when I was more concerned with secret societies and conspiracies than anything UFOlogical. So I wasn't processing Jacques Vallee, since at that point I hadn't read much of his work at all.

The first dream was important because my friend was in the midst of a cancer scare and since my unconscious mind associated hospitals with mortal danger (which you can also see in the Snow treatment), the dream was a protective wish-fulfillment. In fact, she appeared in another Secret Sun dream not long after.

But what struck me is that, with this Star Trek dream and the recurring Secret Sun dream, the marsh is a gateway, a door to another world. What exactly I'm processing there I'm not sure. But it did remind me of that remarkable Jack Kirby story, where the Human Torch enters into a Magonia-like dimension through a swamp. Wetlands also feature prominently in the Mothman flap of 1966 and another pivotal narrative in the world of Weird also features a marsh:
(Horus) was conceived magically after the death of Osiris and brought up by Isis on a floating island in the marshes of Buto. The child was weak and in constant danger from the scheming of his wicked uncle Seth, who sent serpents and monsters to attack him. But his mother, Isis was great in the magical arts and she warded off this evil by using a spell against creatures biting with their mouths and stinging with their tails, and the young Horus survived and grew.
And then there's Swamp Thing, launching pad for the careers of Alan Moore and Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick Ass). Swampy started his life as a man transformed into a monster following a chemical explosion but Moore retconned the Muckman as an Elemental, able to travel through all kinds of dimensions. But in his first incarnation he underwent a classic abduction (by an alien named Solus, no less), which was maybe a bit too influenced by 'The Menagerie' aka 'The Cage.'

Reading all of this Vallee and Keel I can't help but think about 'The Cage', maybe more than I usually do. Aside from the obvious (Susan Oliver) and the less obvious (Vina) I just can't shake the archetypicality of it all- how it plays like the kinds of alien abduction narratives no one was talking about when it was shot.
In modern fairy-lore this divine branch or wand is the magic wand of fairies; or where messengers like old men guide mortals to an underworld it is a staff or cane with which they strike the rock hiding the secret entrance.- The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries
You had your Contactees and their rides to Venus, sure, but from what I can tell these kinds of stories didn't really come into vogue until 1966. Sure, our modern Agobards can find some comic strip or pulp illustration that probably only a tiny handful of fanboys ever saw, never mind remembered. But it's the fact that all of it is so much older, that Greys and abduction stories predate the printing press only no one thought of them as Venusians or Reticulans that really sticks in my head.

They were from another dimension, not entirely like ours but not entirely unlike it either. And there are those details, like the wand and the doorway and the telepathy and all the rest of it that a hard-drinking flyboy like Roddenberry had no business writing about, just like he had no business drawing from rediscovered Gnostic texts that hadn't been published yet.

Vallee is fine; Vallee you can deal with. Keel is another story. He's the guy who goes all in on every hand. To Keel, the Ultraterrestrials are the answer to all questions, the key to all mysteries. The great prophets, the fairy folk, poltergeists, the old pagan gods, the ancient astronauts? Yep, just more personas from the bottomless steamer trunk of Ultraterrestrial disguises. The problem is that it gets to be contagious.

I'm thinking of another anomalous Trek episode, 'Return to Tomorrow', one of the countless Walk-In stories in Trek's long history. Here we see the old Set-Osiris passion play acted out through the shameless scenery-chewing of Bill Shatner and the somewhat more subdued Leonard Nimoy.

But you start to wonder-- what if there is something to this?

What if the Annunaki made homo sapiens sapiens not merely as gold miners but as hosts for their vital energies?

When trying to puzzle the utter improbability of human evolution you can't rely strictly on biology. You have to start looking at the stories that resonate most strongly over the years. Walk-Ins-- in one form or other-- are one of those narratives that persist but in strange ways. There's demon possession but there's also Pentecost. We seem to be deeply ambivalent about the whole thing.

Obligatory Susan Oliver jpg

And now our friend, Hollywood It Girl Saoirse Ronan (Hanna, Lovely Bones), is set to star in the adaptation of The Host, Stephenie Myers' other million dollar franchise, spraying all kinds of resonance all over the multiplex, Secret Solar and otherwise.

We just can't get away from those Walk-Ins. They always sneak up on you...


  1. Have you seen the movie Broadway Danny Rose.

    There is a scene where Woody Allen gets lost in the weird marshland in New Jersey. THere is a really funny out-of-place gag in there - I won't spoil it for you. But (please know) this joke is VERY appropriate for the Secret Sun.

    Also - I have had a life time of dreams where the sun doesn't go down. These are uphoria dreams.

    I lived these dreams for a decade when I went up to alaska each summer.

  2. Thanks for the Obligatory Susan Oliver jpeg. I was waiting for it, and when it came it just about made my morning!


  3. Hey Chris,

    Rockin' post that resonates with me very strongly. It seems bizarre to me that I had my own kind of Secret Sun vision as a kid, and then years later wrote a 'Dark City' style short story before the movie Dark City was made. Maybe 'a select few' others have their own interactions with an otherworldly Night-time sun?

    Your notice of marshlands is also very fascinating. In my research I've noticed that marshlands, swamps, etc often seem to directly suggest or imply a gateway to the Underworld, or a way out of it.

    This would kind of make poetic, artistic sense considering a marshland is half solid, half liquid. It's an intermediate place, a place of transition or crossing. It's easy to imagine a swamp as a way from one dimension to another, in this context.

    You've set the bar incredibly high with this powerful blog, Chris. Strength to strength, my friend.


  4. Your dreams are compelling and interest me a great deal. I've had some which are similar; a couple of them are documented within my blog.

    You've gone in a different direction with yours than I have, but the Egyptian symbolism is still there, especially relating to the Sun God Ra in one of His forms or another. Kephri is very prominent for me, as is a ringed Sun, and Horus.

    One experience came to mind while reading this entry, however. I once attended a "Psychic Fair" with a friend as a way to get out and meet people shortly after moving back to my hometown. There were many individuals providing free things such as readings, etc, but one woman stood out. She created "energy" drawings for free as an introduction to her main work which is "energy" paintings; drawings and paintings created while she "reads" the energy she either "sees" or "feels" from you... I can't recall which now.

    I stood in line waiting my turn because I was entranced with the work she did. It was beautiful work and even though the drawings were free, they were lovely. I didn't care if she was really "reading" my energy or not. I thought it would be interesting. When it was my turn, I sat down and she immediately chose blue, then switched to lavender and purple crayons (the medium she was using). What struck me about the drawing was that it looked exactly like what I "see" when I close my eyes...

    A dark circle with a bright ring around it.

    And she continued to work. She kept me there longer than the others before me; she kept looking at me in a very strange way which began to make me feel uncomfortable. Then she finally asked me the most unusual question... "Have you ever had an encounter with extraterrestrials?"

    I was taken aback by that and didn't know how to answer it. "You mean like being abducted?"

    She said, "Any contact at all", as she continued to draw this image which just pinged me because I knew it.

    I told her, "Not to my knowledge." She gave me her card and told me to call her because she wanted to work with me in a longer session.

    I never did call her. I became far too busy and then forgot, but I still have that drawing with her name on it; I stumbled upon her card not long ago while cleaning out an old purse and put it in my card holder.

    Now I'm wondering if I should call and see if she's still around here and still in business.

  5. Ah, dreams. There is a certain archetypal symbology of dreams that doesn't get discussed much compared to the more bizarre and quirky stuff but which seems to be transpersonal and also weaves in and out of myth and fantasy.

    For example, there are what I think of as "looming" dreams, which can involve anything from a Great Wave rushing in and ready to break overhead to skyscrapers toppling and falling in an earthquake.

    There are the unique dream creatures, like the ones that haunted my nightmares when I was about four and were like a cross between black panthers and large black dogs, but with featureless faces. I've often thought that whatever they were, they're of the same species as the mystery black dogs and cats of Fortean lore.

    There are things seen in the sky. I've never had your nighttime sun dream, but for many years as a child I had dreams where I would go outside and the planets would be huge, looking the way they did in my children's encyclopedia but visible that way to the naked eye.

    And what you said about marshes also struck me -- not as something from my dreams, but because when I was about 12 or 13 I once became mesmerized by a painting I saw in an art gallery. It was of marsh birds that were all looking in the same direction (perhaps towards the rising sun?) and seemed to be waiting for something miraculous to happen. For some reason, it reminded me of Tolkien, even though there's nothing at all like it in The Lord of the Rings, and I found it hard to pull myself away from it.

    But then, there are strange things involving sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset in general. Whether it's the way the sun or moon hangs huge on the horizon, looking close enough to reach out and touch, or the quality of late afternoon light that can seem to be streaming through from another world, they always arouse memories of things unknown.

  6. Chris Knowles wrote:

    " for their vital energies?"

    I've been dealing with the somewhat unnerverving thought - for some time now - that we as a species are simply a somewhat sentient media, that we carry some sort of message, or messages; and that we are played, recorded, and written to that to then end. Of which the end is unknown, and maybe even, unknowable.
    We are even worn by actors from such other places you describe, Chris.

    My other suspicion is that the sentience written into or DNA programme may have created problems for the code writers of organic software/hardware.

    Reading David Eagleman's "Sum: Forty Tales From The Afterlives," one story in particular really chimed with the tick-tock pendulum of fate vibe this idea gives me.

    That book is worth a read.

    Nice post, Chris.

    After my deep immersion in the deep paranoia web of conspiracy lore, and subsequent discovery of esoteric topics (and ditching much of the former(, yours is one of the very few blogs I keep returning to.

    Let's keep possibilities and the vitality of imagination alive, as you seem to be doing; whereas in stark contrast on much of the web dire warnings of doom and pseudo-scientific radical reductionist paradigms hold sway.

    Hope is precariously poised on the precipice right now. Such feeling of the heart and soul may only be succored by true creative, and dangerous, thinking.

    Keep up the sterling work, and as Stan Lee always signed off;


  7. Chris -- Are you familiar with the "Saturn Myth" ? You might want to check this out. It made sense of some of my childhood dreams, or so it seems.

  8. don't forget Moses, the changeling babe in the reeds......steph

  9. Sometimes during meditative altered states of consciousness, a light will manifest in my head. As if there was a little sun shining from behind my eyes, shining throughout my brain.

  10. A marsh is a liminal place--it is between earth and water--it is -of- both elements, and as such, is a place that is considered a gateway.

    The Good Folk, or if you wish to call them the Fairies, or the elves or the Ultraterrestrials, are always associated with liminal times and places. They are seen at dusk and at dawn. They travel on the quarter and cross-quarter days--those being the eight great Sabbats of the northern European pagans--and those days that are between seasons. They are often said to live underground, where there is light but it isn't our sun--it is an inner sun, and it is dimmer--more like twilight than noon.

    They are associated with wastelands or liminal places. Cave entrances, marshes, moorlands. Between desert and mountain, for the djinn.

    Your dreams have great symbolic content and they do seem to have meaning that relate to the Good Folk. (I prefer their old names.)

    As for Vallee and Keel--I read them both when so young, I suspect that their thoughts helped shape my own, and probably colored some of my odd experiences. Which is alright, but maybe it is better that you came to them, especially Keel, later in life.

    Both of them have very Gnostic leanings in their philosophies, though I suspect you know what. Interestingly, before I ever read either of them, I had come to a very Gnostic view of Christianity on my own, without realizing what it was. I was very young. About 12 or 13.

    I read both authors soon after that, and their writings became influential in my theorizing on the oddities that seemed to surround us, and of which I was aware, even when others weren't.

  11. Can't get enough on the topic of the/your Secret Sun, Chris.

    Seem to remember that in Zelazny's great "Chronicles of Amber", Amber itself, a parallel world to Earth, was surrounded by vast swamplands. The author used the liminal aspect of marshlands (seashores, etc.) to good effect, as whenever the characters in the book wished to return to their beloved Amber (from other worlds), they were charged with pressing on at all cost, using whatever vehicle was close at hand, making as if they were travelling in a linear manner, while in fact summoning massive amounts of psychic energy in order to subtley hold and direct themselves toward a non-material goal (Amber being situated on various wavelengths depending on which direction you were arriving 'from'..). Diverse states of mind had to be held side by side, in other words, as a necessary prerequiste to gaining ingress into even the outermost part of the beloved city of Amber, those marshy hinterlands we speak of here...

    Entering 'Elfland' appears to demand that we somehow hold this perspective of 'no-time', while in the same instant maintaining one foot on some old map we have always taken for granted. The map is never able to show us where we're really going, but as we hold onto this crazy dichotomy (& not to tightly!), we somehow come to *know* that when we reach the hinterlands (never marked..), we will be very close to actually being 'there' (in that place which is no-where, every-where..).

    C.S. Lewis used the marshland location too, somehwere in the 'Narnia Chronicles'. Thinking now it was in "The Boy and His Horse" or maybe "Prince Caspian"? Anyway, there were beings who lived in the swamp, I think they were called Marsh Puddle Ducks or something like that. At any rate, the hero recuperates and is on the receiving end of some very watery wisdom teachings while living in the marshlands for a brief time.

    Aspects of healing, learned patience, surrender? Maybe one moves through the proverbial marshlands first in order to be divested of all pretence? Does the Secret Sun actually preside over the OTHER side of knowledge (consciousness), thus metaphorically shining it's inner light all night long?

    It's an alchemic prize, the hidden, the inner Sun. One can 'gain' it (eventually) by entering into 'the work', as they say. It is always 'given', never 'taken', can be seen in meditation, as was mentionned in the comments above, directly in the third eye area.

    It's a trip alright..

    Great, great, great, Chris.. thanks as ever..

  12. I'm reminded by your nighttime sun of George Michanowsky's The Once and Future Star, which argues that a supernova in the constellation of Vela had a formative influence on the development of Sumerian civilization.

    The book is in some ways more frustrating than enlightening. It claims too much on a scientific level (since the dating of the supernova isn't precisely known, or at least wasn't when it was written in the 1970s.) And it often comes across as more reductionist than mystical. But setting those quibbles aside, it includes some very interesting speculations.

    One is that "this mighty star gave rise to a tradition of a benevolent giant, who was perceived in the southern sky, dispensing the healing waters of life."

    Another is that this same tradition was the basis of the tale recounted in Hellenistic times by Berossus about "Oannes, a creature half man and half fish, described as having emerged from the Persian Gulf to teach the early inhabitants of Mesopotamia the arts of civilization." Michanowsky also notes that "the Oannes myth, especially the solemn handing over to man of a sacred book of wisdom, could very well have been the origin of gnostic tendencies that have asserted themselves in the western religions, with great emphasis on occult teachings, hermetic sciences, or emanation doctrines such as the Cabala."

    He associates this further with "mysterious fires and lights that were somehow perceived in association with water." And he suggests that the god Ea of the southern sky, the tale of Berossus, and accounts of fire from heaven also underlie the Greek story of Prometheus, which may have been borrowed from Mesopotamia.

    And then he strays at least momentarily into even stranger territory, writing, "For ages there has been an esoteric tradition in the northern hemisphere that a star has moved beyond the edge of the southern horizon where, invisible from northern lands, it now rules the entire sky. An inexplicable urge of people to migrate south in search of this star has been given as the true reason for many southward voyages of exploration and discovery."

    And again, "The legend of the might star in Vela, which once had appeared and then was no loner seen, may very well have been the origin of esoteric traditions in various lands about a vitally important, currently invisible star, which some day will reveal itself again to humanity. A variant of this theme is a belief that there are actually two suns in the sky and that one of them is normally invisible but can be seen at extraordinary moments in history."

    Now, I have no idea whether Michanowsky was correct in his supernova theory -- and my own tendency would be to suggest that a supernova would have merely provided a concrete manifestation of existing occult traditions of a midnight sun and its association with wisdom. But he definitely managed to bring together a large number of diverse mythological, occult, and Fortean themes and make a plausible case that they ultimately all point to the same thing.

    (And that's not even getting into the nature of that strange fish-man Oannes, or suggestions I've seen that the name Johannes is merely a variant of Oannes, whose cult can therefore be seen as underlying that of John the Baptist.)

  13. Hi Chris, the zen teacher Richard Rose who claimed to be enlightened and for which there was some evidence for that claim (he often knew what a person was thinking) thought that humans were part of the food chain and were preyed upon by higher entities who could even implant thoughts in peoples heads. He considered unenlightened humans to be little more than puppets that continuously reacted to their environment. His views often seemed nihilistic in nature and he didn't seem to believe in right and wrong or the idea that god helped humans. He would ask questions such as "Do animals sin when they eat another animal or does god forgive them for keeping ecology in balance", "If a man steals in order to feed his kids, who's to blame, the man or his kids for driving him to it", "If a man rapes a woman, who's to blame, the man, the woman for tempting him or that which created his dna". He did however consider that there was what he called a "blueprint" and that all of the natural world including humans was under a form of coercion, ie. the coercion of existence.

    It's also reputed that the enlightened person sees an inner "dark light" that extends throughout creation and this is often referred to as the "dark sun" or the "black sun". This is the sun that occultists are referring to.

  14. Your secret sun dream triggered a memory for me that I also have dreamt about the sun being out at night, only a few times and with no details. Also, I have had a reoccurring dream since childhood that I think I will start to investigate. Thank you, great post.

  15. Luke Skywalker went to a marshy planet to hang out and learn with Yoda. Just sayin.

  16. Amazing stuff. I too have had the "sun in the middle of the night" dream but I've always wondered if it might not be a dream but something else, I know not what. I journal my dreams and I have several that involve bright light in the night sky. I also dream of an alternate "Manhattan" except it seems more like Victorian London to me, as portrayed in old Sherlock Holmes films from the 1930s. I go there again and again in my dreams. As for marshes and "another New York" I strongly recommend you read "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin. Talk about synchronicity.

  17. Corey, the son of an occulted nature is the John tale, did he baptize by the river,yes. Much occulted history concerns the fish like beings. The comments concerning Chris's dream state is truly enlighting for my minds eye. Shineforth! Dennis

  18. Hey again, Chris

    I was wondering if phenomena like weird marsh-lights, orbs and luminous fog that is often seen around marshes/swamps is somehow connected to the similar stories of luminous, electrified greenish fog that we see in the the Philadelphia Experiment mythology. Not because I believe the bulk of that mythos is true, but as some kind of weird artistic indicator. I can't help but think of the green sun.

    I've noticed that luminous fog, often green, or something similar to marsh-lights is often reported in various other time-slip cases too, as well as some 'ghost' sightings. In fact, you could probably find correlations between this luminous fog/marsh-lights phenomena and a whole slew of various paranormal incidents.

    It brings to mind the goddess Hecate; the goddess of crossings, gateways, witches and strange lights - especially her epithet as Phosphorus, meaning 'light bringer'; the Morning Star.


  19. What if the Anunnaki did not make homo sapiens in the way Sitchin proposed? I believe there is another thought that there was a precursor human race formed by a much more advanced multidimensional entity that seeded all life on earth long before the Anunnaki would have arrived. This race was actually more advanced than either humans or Anunnaki and was degenerated into homo sapiens to serve the invader Space Gods while it was originally meant to house the spirit of the original creator(s) in much the way you describe.

    The idea being that all the spaghetti code in our DNA is actually deactivated "original humanity" (Adamkind) that the Anunnaki turned off to create servants rather than Avatars, and, of course, many of the prophets and demigods of history are actually those who could reactivate this divine original self or connection to it, while false prophets and "monsters" were those with the corrupted invader DNA combined with their deformed homo sapiens genome.

  20. As "K" stated, The Magicians Nephew, By CS Lewis, has an in-between world consisting of puddles which are portals to different realities/creations. The singing into creation of the world by the lion Aslan, with certain aspects of creation fleeing His presence, mirrors Lurian Kaballah where the three highest Sephira as the only ones who can stand the true presence of God.
    The short Sci-Fi story “Turing's Apples” also comes to mind here in relation to all this. I'm quoting another person’s paraphrase here:
    “[Turing’s Apples is a]Story about a far-away civilization transmitting a complex message in all directions, containing a software program (“Turing machine”) which ends up creating von Neumann machines with one specific purpose: encoding all the civilization’s knowledge in the form of folded space-time entities. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the universe is not able to erase all that conscious thought has learnt and invented in spite of the accelerated expansion of the universe which is bound to rip apart all its constituents in time (“The universe has no memory”). Along the way, the story delves briefly into Shannon’s information entropy."
    The Turing machines turn the moon into a point of light outside-of-time(a second sun,perhaps?) In other words, the primary purpose of a sentient being is to be a recording device. (Similar concept to Justin R’s awesome reply)
    This concept is also mentioned in the book “The Path” by “Esmerelda Arana.” I might be jumbling the theory, but perhaps there is more to the idea of the “magical history/recording idea” which is a part of both Crowley’s and Castaneda’s philosophy. Crowley states making a magical diary is a key to remembering past lives, thus (awareness of your own) immortality.
    PS: I can’t help but mention the only other Sun that I didn’t notice in these excellent comments: the “soft shining” sun of the hollow earth theory.

  21. Eva,

    Brilliant. I must read that story. Sounds an astounding concept.


  22. Chris,

    I give up… well I can’t find your email address… maybe it is here somewhere on your site… and maybe you don’t want just anybody out there sending you stuff… I can relate… so I am just gonna tack this on as a comment to this post.

    It is curious we are both re-reading Operation Trojan Horse… but I guess I was more struck with its continuing relevance than you were… maybe not. You lifted a long quote from it…

    It is one of those books I find myself returning to… Magonia too... why was I re-reading Operation? You know the book is on my phone… I downloaded a copy from the net and have been going back to it off and on… well so is Moby Dick…

    Keel and Vallee are a peculiar combination. Sometimes it seems to me Keel is the real pioneer… he has hacked thru the jungle and Vallee has followed him… not really quite like that. But without a doubt the Trojan horse metaphor has resonance on many levels. Magonia too…

    I have been flirting with the edges of the Hill adventure… I have about 5 posts on Tormance… and it was one of reasons I was re-reading Keel… I had a vision when I was in high school… I don’t know if it relates to any of my obsession with this field at all but probably the thing that stands out more than anything is that I remember it after all these years. Almost like it was yesterday… and I find myself thinking of it too often. And the green sphere I saw… and I have had so many dreams I have lost count of them… but some of them have become reference points for me too… for some reason all this is a lot more in mind than usual…

    This post of yours, not unlike many of your posts, but this one strikes me as especially personal… the secret sun motif is quite… hmm I was searching for the word… striking I guess.

    You know how I wound up at this Secret Sun post… I was doing a Google search using the Chrome browser on INDEPENDENT-INTERNATIONAL PICTURES WINS OLDEST KNOWN UFO PHOTO… more background re the Hill adventure… supposedly this oldest UFO pix was from the skies over New Hampshire…

    New Hampshire like all of New England really has a lot of weird stuff going on besides the Hill thing… anyway this post was at the top of the search list… pretty weird. It intersects all of this in a lot of different ways… I didn’t notice the Magritte at first…the Surrealists have a place here.

    Because Brent Raynes had the only info I could find on the net re Betty Hill and her ghost Hannah (originally from UFO Dynamics by Dr. Schwartz…) in his Altered Perceptions mag… I had emailed him about a witch named Hannah that was supposedly responsible for some weird goings-on in Portsmouth back in the 1600’s during all that witch business in New England… one of those curious ‘synchronicities’.

  23. More from James-he asked me to edit and repost:

    He also mentioned meeting Admiral Knowles (well I mentioned your Secret Sun post about Crowley etc…) and his wife and the interesting tales they had… maybe you could drop that if you decide to put this comment in… and drop my email address from my comment as well if you publish… it’s a small world.

    Last but not least … Lightning. Brent had mentioned lightning when talking about the Wednesday phenomenon because Keel had an interest in lightning… it also figures in my vision long ago… anyway Florida has more strikes and more people killed than any other state… and you guessed it… Wednesday is the worst.

    You can find the record online… lightning led me to the Symbols in an Alien Sky video… a fascinating hypotheses that the sky in ancient times was filled with a grand conjunction of planets-Venus, Mars, and Saturn- involving plasma and lightning on a cosmic scale… that it dominated the sky like a ‘second’ sun… except the form was so incredible and outlandish… our real sun took second place to its appearance.


    "You had your Contactees and their rides to Venus, sure, but from what I can tell these kinds of stories didn't really come into vogue until 1966. Sure, our modern Agobards can find some comic strip or pulp illustration that probably only a tiny handful of fanboys ever saw, never mind remembered. But it's the fact that all of it is so much older, that Greys and abduction stories predate the printing press only no one thought of them as Venusians or Reticulans that really sticks in my head."

    Of course Vallee came out with his Wonders in the Sky not too long ago… as if to remind us of this

    very point… and I remember you mentioning something about the Betty Hill abduction that you thought changed the mind of Vallee… something about a wand … the only thing I know about a wand and Betty Hill was the ‘needle’ they used on her abdomen…

    Anyway Secret Sun is one of those places I return to as well… I can see you are haunted by your childhood… I could phrase that differently but I think I will leave it at that.

    And after all that stuff about Fatima in Operation I found myself reading up on Malachi Martin and the inner sanctum of the Vatican… Thanks!

  24. Guys- my email is on my profile. You just have to get out the old decoder ring.

    This round of comments has been mind-blowing- I've been bragging about them on the FB group. I'll definitely be back to comment later.

  25. Chris,

    You mention meditation techniques and exercises. Any guidance and or pointers as to what you do would be greatly appreciated.

    Be well


    p.s. with Dan Mitchell back on the scene, Eva's comments and your postings lately. It is making it difficult for me to take it all in. Frustrating, so much fogotten and much buried under one's burden of life.

  26. The Narnia book that K is thinking of is The Silver Chair, in which Jill and Eustace have as their guide the marsh-wiggle Puddleglum (who for whatever it's worth was played by Tom Baker in the BBC adaptation of the book.)

    This volume of the series is one of the places where Lewis's gnostic tendencies came through most strongly. At the climax, the characters rescue a kidnapped prince from the deep underground lair of an evil witch, who tries to convince them that their memories of the outside world are an illusion and that there are no such things as stars, no sun or moon, just an eternity of darkness and winding tunnels. As I recall, Puddleglum breaks the spell of her words by sticking his (damp, frog-like) foot in the fire and declaring that even if she's right, he'd rather live with the illusion of light than with her eternal darkness.

    That scene clearly did a number on my head as a 9-10 year old. I started getting interest in Fortean phenomena at just about the same time as I was reading and reading the Narnia books, and I'm sure there was a connection.

  27. Chris,

    I've read Secret Sun for years, and somehow missed until now that it as a nighttime sun. I have long had llight at night dreams as a kid, and they always had a quality to them different from others. I always thought the origin of the dream was a New Years Eve when I was pretty young, when we went outside at midnight to see the New Year come in. I think I expected the sun to come out. It was an interesting night, because the son of the party's host, a few years older than me, was a sci fi fan, particularly 2001, which I wouldn't see for a few years yet. The sun at night has always been a special dream to me, and your parallel world description resonates with me. My light at night dreams were often associated with alternate reality versions of the neighborhood I grew up in--everything seems normal, but around a turn are new streets, new houses, new people. I've also had night sun dreams that involve me showing up at work and discovering strange new people working in our office. Fairy folk perhaps?