Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AstroGnostic: Who Do You Think You Are?

This episode of The New Outer Limits came a bit late in the series' run and a bit too late for the abduction/hybrid mania that was gripping the UFO Underground, but is a nicely written bit of AstroGnosticism nonetheless.

Nora Dunn is surprisingly effective in a dramatic role (especially given her scenery-chewing turn in The X-Files' Area 51 farce "Dreamland") and the proceedings are very dark and intimate. Lots of familiar faces from various Ten Thirteen and Alliance Atlantis productions show up, as well as a fresh-faced Katherine Isabelle.

Still, I feel as if I'd like to see a different ending here. I'll refrain from spoilers, but there's a kind of pessimistic normality bias-- a kind of anti-Gnosis, really-- that crept into this kind of storytelling in the 90s that you didn't see in the 80s. I wonder if that's why people have much fonder attachments to those cheesy old 80s films than anything that came after. There's a huge lesson to be learned there, aspiring screenwriters...

Whoever wrote this certainly did their homework; anyone who's read up on abduction literature/lore will recognize all kinds of bases being tagged. The second series certainly lacks the original's iconic power, and there's all kinds of dross in its seven seasons but there's also some pretty fine science fiction to be found as well.

This should be everywhere so if the video doesn't show up for non-US readers, just do a search for Outer Limits Dark Child.


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