Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour: Paul Weston and Sacred Landscapes

Well, with Mercury in Retrograde (and letting us all know it) I thought it would be a good time to go back in time and invite our old friend Paul Weston onto The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour.

Strap yourself in for a tour de force journey through a range of esoteric topics, with the idea of sacred landscapes as the starting point. From there Paul brings his encyclopedia of a brain to bear on topics as wide-ranging as Glastonbury, the Aztecs, the Maya, the Toltecs, Quetzalcoatl, leylines, the Cygnus Mystery, UFO abductions, David Icke, William Blake, Jeffrey Russell, Stonehenge, the Arthurian mythos, John Michell, crop circles, Phoenicians, Venice, Syria, the Druids, stone chambers, pre-Columbian colonies in America, the Sinclair family and Roslyn Chapel, the Giza necropolis, and much, much more.

Believe me, this is one that you're going to want to listen to a few times and take notes.

I'd also like to put out a call to musicians working in the ambient/trance/drone genres: I'd really like future installments of the Mystery Hour to have a musical backdrop (I included a bit of an old improvisation at the beginning to set the mood) so if you'd like to contribute music to the cause, please let me know. I'd prefer music without beats or vocals, so as to not compete with the discussion.