Saturday, February 18, 2012

You Don't Need Their Permission Anymore, Part 2

"Truth" is a political construction. At the end of the day, what people accept as truth will depend on their politics, which will depend on their identity, or their perception of such.

There are those who will never question the official version of the JFK assassination, 9/11, the Apollo moon landings, Gulf War Syndrome, UFOs or any other topic you can name. No matter how compelling your evidence, no matter how shoddy or makeshift the official version of events. Certain people-- maybe most people-- simply won't go there.

Which is not to say that alternative views are necessarily correct; there's a whole host of alternative views I find every bit as shoddy and weak as arguments you might hear on Fox News or read in The New York Times. I may end up agreeing with the so-called "Skeptics" on certain issues more often than not, though that's usually a function of their tendency to shoot at strawmen to soften their audiences up for thornier and more troublesome targets. That's a technique straight out of stage magic, by the way: the art of intentional deception which most skeptics rely upon to manipulate mainstream audiences and the media gatekeepers who are the shills in the "Skeptic" shellgame.

But I'm not here to sell you used views from the mainstream or alternative media; I'm here to encourage you to find your own truth. The mainstream and the alternative media have failed equally in my view, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating of the shit that the world is force-fed every day. Everyone sees a political system that is engineered to serve only the rich and the powerful; everyone realizes that the rest of us are being left to fend for ourselves.

Running for CEO of Amerocon®, Incorporated

Everyone realizes that the free market system (so-called) exists only to serve the executive class; that the "hidden hand" of the so-called free market is actually the funny handshake of collusion, price fixing and monopoly capitalism. We're not here to argue any of that. What I'm here to tell you is that in this environment there is no longer any reason to worry about the opinions or beliefs of a professional class and knowledge-based elite that doesn't care about you at all.

The New York Times
and Fox News and the rest of the corporate media have been caught lying and covering up the misdeeds of the rich and powerful so many times that they have no credibility outside the professional class whose interests they serve.

Similarly, the scientific establishment is not some Olympian overclass of aloof, disinterested monk-scholars, they are all bought-and-paid-for vassals of the corporate state. The so-called "peer review system" is doomed from the start when not a single scientist will ever dare to step outside the bounds of orthodoxy for fear of ending their careers literally overnight.

By the same token, any serious observer of the quote-unquote "alternative" media sees how much of it is simply an extension of the gun-show/survivalist wing of the American religious right, and how much of it exists to sell you gold and silver of dubious provenance and equally questionable vitamin elixirs and "survival" kits.

It's the same exact technique as the mainstream media; "scare and sell." Ramp up the anxiety with constant bad news stories to soften up the rubes to buy the palliative products of the sponsors. The only difference are the products; most so-called alt-news sources simply cut and paste the same stories you see in the mainstream media nowadays.

In the end, you are on your own. The people out there trying to influence your thinking just want your money, after all is said and done.

So take this unique opportunity to throw off the shackles of other people's expectations and pursue your own calling. Pursue it not with "skepticism" (an invitation to self-sabotage and reductionism) but with rigor and discernment. Question your methods and your conclusions but have faith in your instincts and keep your goals in your sights at all times. But at the same time be prepared for new goals to arise. Always be ready to be surprised. Surprise is the very currency of Synchronicity and esotericism.

You might have heard terms like "confirmation bias" or phrases like "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Who's to say what "extraordinary evidence" entails? This is all just bullshit; it's about skeptics moving the goalposts until they get their required result. Even if they don't, they just declare victory and disappear. Without fail.

Randi, up to his old tricks

If you want to use the skeptics to keep yourself honest, go for it. But if not, that's fine too. Either way, never make the mistake of looking at them as anything but a kind of hive-mind paradigm. Always remember how screwed up these guys usually are (a fact which will burned into your brain if you ever spend any time among them) and if you like, do some digging on the dark underbelly of the movement. That in particular can be quite liberating.

Always demand evidence, but never dismiss evidence simply because it may not fit into someone else's reality paradigm. Be honest with yourself and your results, not to please some socially inept malcontent who spends all of his time attacking people on the Internet, but because those honest results may take you somewhere you never expected, somewhere new and wondrous.

You might notice I'm not endorsing or recommending any particular modality or discipline. That's up to you. I would recommend that you do the requisite research and make sure that people you respect take your pursuit seriously, but I think most of my readers don't need to be reminded of that. What you might need is some encouragement, and some help with understanding that one of the great advantages of living in a world in which you've been cut loose is that you no longer have to live up to someone else's expectations.

But there's one other thing I'd recommend: a dose of warrior spirit. Too many people interested in alternative pursuits are too reticent to fight for what they believe. I'm not talking about the poseurs and the phonies, who are always obnoxious, I'm talking about the scholars, the students, the seekers. There are people who want to take everything that's important to you away from you, just for a cheap thrill. Just for a momentary ego boost. Are you going to let them?

I'm not talking about going out and picking fights, I'm talking about being unshakable. About having the confidence in your work that comes with work-- very long, very hard hours of work. Having the confidence in work based in a tradition; that you aren't reinventing the wheel but are building on those who've come before you.

When I took martial arts I could always tell who the most dangerous students were-- they were the ones who were the calmest, the most centered, the most steadfast. The bluffers and the blusterers-- the ones who acted like the idiots you see on the Internet-- were the ones who didn't do the work, who didn't know the art. It was the quiet ones who'd take your breath away when they'd go up to spar.

As with the martial arts, the Hermetic arts have been around a lot longer than all of the fads and the innovations. And esotericism has captured the attention of some of the greatest minds in history while the reductionist, materialist point of view continues to contract, continues to create a culture in a state of constant collapse and leads to a class of corporate vassals working in tedious specialties so soul-destroying they immerse themselves in esoterica the same way Republicans immerse themselves in gay sex-- by attacking and denigrating that which they are most drawn to, because of the guilt and the gaping void left by their empty worldviews.

You don't need their permission. You need only your own, which is a lot easier said than done. But we've seen where reductionism and materialism and hyper-specialization has led us; it's led us to a dead, cold, empty world.

You have centuries-- millennia-- of esoteric thought and practice on your side. They have Bill Nye and James Randi, the Amazing Atheist and a host of other freaks, sickos and malcontents on theirs. They also have a lot of cowards and poseurs, who don't have the balls to navigate the stormy seas of true esotericism and become "born-again skeptics" too. To hell with all of them.

Work, study, question, develop your warrior spirit and your killer instincts. Be honest, be steadfast, be unmovable. Authoritarian Religion has failed, Corporate Science wants to turn you into a robot. There is definitely a better way.


  1. My happy medium today... 'Decoded' Brad is a comic book writer and a close friend of Bush.... IDK most day's I personally boil myself down to 'The Everyman Statue'. We all serve a purpose is my thing. Some days it's harder then others to understand someones purpose...

    Spent some time "Training My Dragon" the other day... that is what I call it when I comfort my mother when I feel she needs it..... It payed off (We were not that close as she put me in the mental ward etc... two yeas ago)... Anyways Magick is stronger then anything, you can take that to the bank.... She started telling me shit I hadn't herd her mention in years... Keep in mind my mother thinks she has an Alien implant in her leg... (And I go to the mental ward for feeling the reverse effects of Mercury THE PLANET)... Anyways she has experienced Ghost, Aliens and other "strange" phenomenon... I remembered a dream i had forgotten about where an "Alien" visited me in my house i grew up in, very vivid.... My mom had just got done meeting this guy at the local Erol's video store (Insert X-Files conspiracy here)... She told me it was Brad Steiger... I looked him up and seemed interesting enough.... All those doors are opened back up for her... it was nice to hear that, tough I doubt her and i will talk about it much... In real life just like on the Internet, people don't want to hear what i have to say 99.9 times out of 100, including my Mom...

    The world is RIPE for change right now, and we need to grab it by the balls... least in this mans opinion.

    Anyways that ep of Decoded was pretty interesting if you haven't seen it Chris... My mom was heavy into the Bermuda Triangle and this one they trace that, Giza Pyramids, This Alaskan Triangle and some other places and call it the Devils Graveyard..... I never heard of it... Also there is some talk of Vortexes and even some interesting device that unless they are using camera tricks, it was pretty "cool".

    'The Decoded Ep'

    My point is to add to what Chris said in my own way... People let you down and will put their foot on your back everywhere you go... it's only you who lets them.... Go wherever you find is YOUR TRUTH... not someone else's...

    Speaking of Martial Arts and Philosophy... disciplining etc..

    'Master Peter Ralston: Ontology (WHAT IS?)'

  2. >>"The scientific establishment is not some Olympian overclass of aloof, disinterested monk-scholars, they are all bought-and-paid-for vassals of the corporate state. The so-called peer review system is doomed from the start when not a single scientist will ever dare to step outside the bounds of orthodoxy for fear of ending their careers literally overnight."

    Well said, and it can't be repeated often enough. Try and engage a scientist in conversation and the first thing he will ask you is:

    are you a christian/religious?

    then if you say no, the second question will be:

    what is your background in science?

    meaning, are you financially and professionally invested in the lie, and if not, I don't want to talk to you. Its generally not worth talking to such people, but it is worth pointing out that the beauty of the scientific method is its simplicity and the fact that ANYONE can use it. Overspecialization has led to a class of "experts" who dont know jack about anything outside their field and are completely disinclined to question the other "experts", outside of the accepted dialogue of the moment that is.

  3. Chris, good man of letters. Your speil today, hope filled and necessary. The book,"Omens of Millennium" The Gnosis of Angels,Dreams, and Resurrection, by Harold Bloom is much in tune with todays sermon. Us brain stems need Gnosis to be relevant and true to ourselves. What is more important than the self? What can inspire our inherent brilliance? Knowing we can find the truth. Shineforth brave souls! Dennis

  4. @C.K. ordered myself a "Golden Votex" check it out there is a 17 in the 1st picture on the site.

    PS To T0X Science was born out of religion... The first churches were observatories etc... Alchemy, it's all Alchemy. What it boils down to for me is some people like to do shit behind closed doors, some like to do things out in the open. Some like to lie and tell secrets, some don't and you know what.... In my opinion it might not even matter as the Multiverse may be self organizing itself...

  5. in a nice bit of synchronicity, this appeared in my rss feed reader just 3 spots below your article -

  6. Chris, be careful in not extolling humility too much. Ultimately it's a false value and becomes self-limiting.

    The most dangerous students may be the most quiet, but who are the most dangerous masters? Look at any field and you'll probably find someone cocky at the top. At some level the pressure of the crowd and game isn't enough so the best need to increase the stakes.

    Michael Jordan's "Welcome to the NBA":

    Muhammed Ali is commonly thought the greatest shit talker of all time. Mike Tyson has a good quote halfway through this interview:

    Profiling some more cocky stars:

  7. @BMW, I agree... it reminds me of that whole Matrix bit about the guy in the suit when it may be a bum on the streets using Magick doing more to "troll" the system...

    ''Illuminatus!' Saturn's Day at the DIRT-MALL (Flea Market)'

  8. Funny, I didn't use the word "humility" once in the entire piece. I said this: "When I took martial arts I could always tell who the most dangerous students were-- they were the ones who were the calmest, the most centered, the most steadfast."

    They also never let you forget their rank. Which is the whole point of an initiatory system like the martial arts.

    Always read carefully.

  9. RE the Zaputa clip in the Bill Hicks video, in the spirit of the blog piece, just a few quick thoghts.

    It looks to me as though there are two shots. One seems to come just after the car ciomes into view from behind some kind of barrier - it looks like Kennedy and the old guy sitting in front of him both react at the same time to some sort of pain, as if perhaps a shot has gone through Kennedy into the other guy too. From behind!

    A second shot then seems at first to come from the right -- but the explosive force directed out of the front right side of Kennedy's head implies an exit wound from the back left...

    So both shots appear to me to have been fired from somewhere rear to the the car. I'm certainly no expert, but I don't think the zaputa film necessarily shows what Bill or for that matter Oliver Stone (as referenced) might like to see.

    That said -- with Sirhan Sirhan in mind, there's no need to necessarily discount Oswald as the trigger-puller for this to have been some sort of CIA plot.

    Interesting video here from a UK Channel 4 series where an acclaimed TV 'mentalist' investigates mind control techniques such as those allegedly used as part of MKULTRA:

    Great blog, adios for now!

  10. quark, you're right, which makes the religious attitudes of many scientists towards science and their lack of skepticism towards anything handed down from "authority" all the more ironic.

    as far as people who like to do things behind closed doors, I dont have much use for them. That also goes for a lot of "mystery school" types, who, like the scientists, have allowed false authorities to define the universe for them instead of making their own observations. I dont want to get into finger pointing because we all have some culpability, but hierarchy as an organizational model is deeply flawed and a huge part of the problem IMO.

  11. BMW says "Chris, be careful in not extolling humility too much. Ultimately it's a false value and becomes self-limiting."

    * * * * * * *

    Humility, like virtually every other abstract noun, holds different meaning for different individuals.

    The most common impression of the word appears to be something like shoe-gazing, silently, hat in hand. Timid. Weak. Awaiting further instruction.

    This is not what I'm reading here, as it does not fit the context of the rest of the essay.

    I didn't see the term humility in this excellent essay, but if I had, the inference would most likely have been one of equilibrium; i.e. having enough sense not to be seduced and blinded by self-importance, yet courageous enough not to relinquish independent thought to authoritarian constructs.

    Humility is what allows us to acknowledge errors in judgment or logic. This is presented to The Collective as reflective of moral and/or intellectual failure; a lesson on the need to stay in line.

    The dirty little secret is that our increasingly hyper-authoritarian gotcha! culture is extremely averse to valuable information with corrective potential. The greater the potential for demolishing the prevailing paradigm, the greater the likelihood - and consequence - of filtering out information; or, worse, synthesizing it in a way that bends exclusively to personal and collective bias.

    It's amazing humanity has made it this far. I believe our "luck" - in that regard, at least - is about to run out. It is likely true humans have always had this Achilles heel (I tend to think we are a version of humanity more than an "evolving species"), but we can't outrun the consequence of hubris indefinitely... if, for no other reason, than it lurks behind everything killing the very planet that gives us life.

    * * * * * * *

    Today, I apply the lesson by saying I was very wrong about you, Chris. I'm usually quite adept at identifying kindred spirits, and listening to those I may not perceive as such. In your case, on both counts, I tripped over my own weariness and wariness, and fell flat on my face. My lack of consideration warrants a heartfelt apology: I apologize.

    Carry on. :•)

  12. I read this post as a powerful and heartfelt awareness of the requirement for all of us to recognize that we have a responsibility to be fearless in perilous times. To recognize that we are our own living laboratories from whence our truth may emerge.
    No alchemist may birth our symbols. Those which are of nature have a universality to the degree we may communicate with one another. Those symbols of the world change with man-made times as man has built this construct from his science coupled with belief and undifferentiated emotion. Those symbols of heaven point neither skyward or earthward but to both-- potential relationship/union to those who are beyond we humans. We may aspire to first be truly human--not conditioned or mechanical. We may awake as sleepers do.
    We may find ourselves in undreamed of territories and live with the fearless knowing that that which is beyond us
    is by all means-- consumately benevolent.
    Love to you Christopher.


  13. CK,
    What do you make of all this media talk about Prince Harry in the danger zone?

    Do you think they are setting him up to become a martyr for their dirty middle eastern wars,to rally the people's fury behind the emotion of a dead prince?

    It is a highly speculative rumour (with some justification) that Harry was Diana's BODYGUARD's son,anyway.
    So,it would make his sacrifice in a PR war all that more sweeter for the powers pulling the royal strings,if he was to get killed in the Empire's war.Wouldn't it?

    It would be like killing two birds with one stone...eliminating the not so blue blood from the throne and creating massive resentment and hatred in the public arena.

  14. Brizdaz-- a Royal shed his blood? You must be joking. That went out several hundred years ago. I can assure you Harry is never anywhere near any real danger. It's fun and games for them-- a bit of sport. The elite don't sacrifice their own-- the sacrifice the rest of us.

  15. @Anonymous

    "a Royal shed his blood? You must be joking. That went out several hundred years ago"
    Silly me.I forgot Diana's death was just an "accident".

    "The elite don't sacrifice their own"
    My point is that Harry may not be their own...if he was an offspring of Diana and her bodyguard.
    In which he would be a perfect sacrifice for the cause.

  16. Hey Chris,

    Great stuff. Rock on, brother. Great to see the Bill Hicks vid linked in the post. Hicks has always been one of my favourite truth-teller/comedians; I must've seen all his material countless times.

    Watching Hicks do his thing gives me a similar feeling to reading this blog - it removes some of the crushing drudgery and psychic deadweight. It leaves me feeling fresher and leaner, definitely more centred and steadfast. The Secret Sun is like martial arts for the dreaming mind!

    Is it just me, or have others noticed that martial artists and other highly-trained, skilled individuals tend to have a very sharp yet playful sense of humour? For example, Bruce Lee was an incredibly quick-witted guy. Maybe that lack of bluster and bravado enhances things on multiple levels.

    What I find interesting is that most of the artists whose work I really appreciate tend to have quite a dark side, but they attempt to channel that into their work and turn it into a net positive. It's something I try to do in my own artwork. Bruce Lee, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, etc, - they were all battling personal demons. But their work is a testament to the fact that people can be brave and face and transform their darkness into a form of guidance that others can follow.

    It lets me know that This Archonic Earth cannot take EVERY piece of us. Part of us exists in a fictional space that doesn't heed any rules or chronologies or limitations. And I think at our best this is exactly what we are - dynamic works of fiction directly connected to the Womb of Mysteries. I like to imagine that this fact still scares the shit out of certain nefarious influences.

    "As Watchers watch us punch holes through the sides of the box; I think it shocks, that we slaves still have a heartbeat. Dear Monster, I think I'll keep going if there's a chance that we might meet."


  17. These are two amazing and beautiful posts.
    Permission to be ourselves will never be granted and cannot be granted except by our own selves.
    I'm sure many of us are here because our skins were never really able to fit into the scenario we were born into and we gave ourselves a quiet (or not so quiet) permission to be true to something in ourselves that was the important part. We have lived to see that important part become less and less expressed in the daily freak show.

    A very small example for me is that I was always more comfortable learning something in a setting of co-operative success, like getting a garden planted. And that got a little lip service but the prizes that got a great deal of back slapping who ha were always competitive in nature with a clear winner, in a physically gifted arena. Now I didn't start out gifted and I never even wanted to try because I knew I was a drag to a team I didn't want to be on. And for me as well, much later, martial art practice and yoga proved I could reach a place of competence. Life felt much "righter' in a cooperative atmosphere. I had to know it inside and express it outside in spite of prevailing attitudes.

    Thank you Chris again for expressing a true and beautiful way to see a path ahead, our own paths. Delorus

  18. Powerful post, some of it reminded me of John Keel's quote...

    Intellectual cowardice is only one of the problems of the scientific community. Fort rubbed their noses in the swill generated by their gibberish and illiteracy. It was no secret then and now that academic publications are designed to protect the inept and to conceal ignorance. People with nothing to say, who even lack the ability to say nothing, can hide behind the academic method for a lifetime.

  19. I think it all comes down to this:

    "When we are doing the will of our true Self, we are inevitably doing the will of the Universe. In Magic these are seen as indistinguishable:. that every Human Soul is in fact one Human Soul. It is the Soul of the Universe itself. And as long as you are doing the will of the Universe, then it is impossible to do anything wrong."
    Alan Moore

    Whether you're a martial artist, a paranormal/consciousness researcher/writer, a monk, a street protester or an artist, if you're centered and you trust yourself you'll be ok no matter what. Be fearless. Take the risk, it's worth it.

  20. Dude, your bit on Whitney Houston was epic satire at its finest.
    I loved the way you poked gaping holes in American pop culture by raising Whitney, a staple of bland mall music & white suburban soccer moms trying to get in touch with their inner blackness, up to a level of something that "once made Americans proud and unique."

    Which is so true. The mass of America loves blandness & always has. It drips off of us in gooey, ooze like chunks. It's in our politics, it's in our music & our television shows & our movies.

    Could our blandness be any more apparent in the way that every American seems to need to pay fake tribute to a celebrity they know only from 3 minute songs & videos, or maybe a 10 minute stint on Letterman, as if such emptiness isn't an amoral obscenity and an insult to the celebrity of the day's soon to be decaying corpse.

    But then again Celebrities R' U.S. They are more real than that strange guy down the hall who we never talk to or that old woman at Wal-Mart with the unfashionably mismatched shoes & blue hair. We ignore the folk around us who consistently live decent lives, allowing them to die in obscurity, while we weep swimming pools full of crocodile tears over vapidly useless celebrities who fritter their fortunes away on drugs & excess.

    I also loved how you turned your adolescent desire to insert your penis into Whitney into some quasi-mystical experience slathered with synchronicity & conspiratorial mumbo jumbo thereby exposing the stunted adolescence at the heart of the "hidden meaning in everything" crowd that dapple the Internet like teenage acne.

    You may have equaled, if not surpassed your past "Jack Kirby-Comic Book Prophet" laughfest.

    One thing though, I think satire like this:

    "I see yet another point put up on the Archons' scoreboard. I see an artist who people across the world could all agree was something special taken away from us. The only hope is that the work will live on, and that that signal continues to be broadcast until enough receivers get switched on."

    & this:

    "I mean, it's perfect. The System destroyed a goddess and then partied atop her corpse."

    could only realistically be presented in a typed format because I doubt that anyone could say something so gut bustingly hilarious while maintaining a straight face, thereby ruining the intended effect.

    My God man, by raising Whitney's generic caterwauling up to the level of consciousness raising signal to the Gods, and then capping that by making her into an effing Goddess, you have completely skewered the soft underbelly of America's corporate culture & its cheesy entertainment offerings.

    You simultaneously do a bang up job lampooning some of Rick Santorum's recent America-centric statements that have Satan declaring war on America because the U.S. is the last bastion of goody-two-shoe-ness in the world by mirroring it with the silliness of "the Archons" devolving us by whacking Whitney storyline.

    Pure genius man.
    I am truly in awe.

  21. Wow, so not only are you such a chickenshit keyboard commando that you'll write this nonsense that you'd never say to my face (or anyone else's, for that matter), you're too chickenshit to sign your name to it. That's cowardice of a wait, you're just another anonymous internet troll.

    You're also hallucinating this lampoon of Rick Santorum you're claiming I wrote.

    Now run along and hide under your bed until it's time to launch your next salvo.

  22. By the way, Troll, I did make mention of the fact that Whitney's pop music didn't interest me so much as her talent, which only an dime-a-dozen internet troll could fail to recognize.

    When you sit around all day masturbating to torture porn and writing chickenshit attacks in comments section you don't get the opportunity to learn much of anything, so you don't understand the mechanics of singing, and how natural talent can only get you so far. To get to where Whitney got- to where everyone who actually understood music and physiology of the human voice recognized her as one of the most accomplished singers of our time- you have to train endlessly. One of the primary challenges is to learn how to breathe properly and how to avoid shredding your vocal cords, something that an untrained singer can very easily do very quickly. The artistry was instinctual.

    The tragedy of her own self-destruction will be made clear in the days to come. It's no mystery what place all the "good riddance to the crack ho" comments your fellow trolls are writing are coming from.

    So thank you for demonstrating not only your own total ignorance but the ignorance, bitterness and pettiness of an entire class of Internet trolls. I was tempted to put your comment in the trash where it belongs, but I saw it as one of those teachable moments we hear so much about these days.

  23. Anons serve their purpose I assume (Thanks Alan Moore, cause now they have a Mask) the Masks that create tension and put pressure on the system cause they took out a loan from a bank for an education (to borrow one from 'Good Will Hunting' that they coulda got at the library for $1.50 in late charges)....

    Some people need a mask, most days I feel like Rorschach where as my face is my MASK.

    I just wanted to just in here with my 2 cents. This is Chris' house so I mean no disrespect, but Whitney wouldn't piss on any of us if we were on fire, less we had some crack for her to smoke. My father once got hooked on crack and we almost lost our house etc... When you have a family, you should have a responsibility.

    An Individualist (the kind) like myself doesn't care what you do to your body your family etc.... That is your world, not mine. But let me get off track here a bit... and use my father as an example of redemption and bring my point full circle. These celebrities get paid ridiculous amounts of money and get so much attention (some want it and others don't). The world is so out of balance when it comes to the talent pool it should sicken anyone with even 12% of their brain firing... My father is 60 something and has been working hard everyday for going on 13 years after a 7 time bi-pass (I am sure the Crack he smoked helped bring that on and he eats like a pig)... my point is he barley has two nickels to rub together, while the cast of the Twilight series is rolling in the money. Not to mention that when you are a celebrity people GIVE YOU STUFF FOR FREE!

    Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed, scored music, played the violin at concert level, piano, best clown ever (IMO)... amoung like a million other talents... WE GET Shia LaBeouf! THANKS HOLLYWOOD!

    The independent movie scene isn't much better (least they don't get millions for popin these turds out), and Hollywood does make a few good movies IMo every year.

    Ok I think I got way off track... I think what Chris is trying to say is you have to have charisma (Besides all the windPIPE stuff that really just plays into LIVE performances (this is why some lip-sing LIVE)... kinda ironic that Bobby Brown was the complete opposite in concert. I personally like his music, but he is not a stage performer, he scream/talks his songs on stage, he really kinda started that back in the late 80's) but yeah I think what Chris was kinda saying was Charisma?
    1. Theology . a divinely conferred gift or power.
    2. a spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people.
    3. the special virtue of an office, function, position, etc., that confers or is thought to confer on the person holding it an unusual ability for leadership, worthiness of veneration, or the like.

    Charisma (CHA):

    Charisma is the measure of the character's combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. A generally non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to strong measures of the other two aspects of charisma. Charisma influences how many spells spontaneous arcane spellcasters (like sorcerers and bards) can cast per day, and the effectiveness of said spells. It also affects Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, and Use Magic Device checks, how often and how effectively clerics and paladins can turn undead, the wild empathy of druids and rangers, and a paladin's lay on hands ability.

    Seal - Crazy (Video)
    PS He didn't get to be with Heidi Klum for 7 years cause of his looks....

  24. You got to be shitting me! I was going through my videos, cause i am working on one last post to put on my Mercury's Messenger blog explaining why I didn't go to the NY event and clearing some other things up, encase someone gets the book and thinks I am "The Devil"... or any of those Archetypes they may want to throw on me (Mercury, Hermes, Orion, The Man on the Moon etc..) Anyways I found this video of mine of M.T.

    'Stereotypes Represent Archetypes either Consciously or Unconsciously'

    OH MY! 'The Solor Queen dies in Bathtub!' END OF STORY!

    Anyways it got me thinking about people judging other people.... What is it we are? Stereotypes or representations either subconsciously or consciously Archetypes?

    PS If I am gonna be Stereotyped I want to be Black Bolt from the Marvel Comics universe.

  25. Brizdaz,

    You may be right about Diana being killed, but Diana wasn't Royalty-- she was ex-royalty. And the idea that Harry isn't Chuckie's son is too speculative for me to comment on.

  26. RE:"And the idea that Harry isn't Chuckie's son is too speculative for me to comment on".

    Well,I'll throw a few bucks on it.-)

  27. i cant figure out the whole jones/hicks "conspiracy" myself, but is it just me or does anybody feel that bill hicks would roll over in his grave if he could hear one of alex jones' rants. i feel a sense of humor should never be undervalued, and its potentially dangerous to underestimate those cursed/blessed with such.

    "I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit."