Thursday, December 08, 2011

Looking Forward: The Readers Speak Out!

Judging by the feedback, it seems people are as excited about the idea of a podcast and/or interview regimen for The Secret Sun in 2012 as I am.

There are a lot of people who I'm interested in talking to and the readers had a lot of their own suggestions both her and on Facebook. Readers also seem to be excited about exposing some of far-right infiltration of the alt-research community, as well as rooting out some of the destructive assumptions that have crept into the counterculture.

For my part I believe there's a time to talk and a time to listen. And since I spend so much time in relative isolation I have to find alternative ways of seeking out interesting people to listen to. For those of you out there who are passionate about issues that you don't feel are being addressed, take it upon yourself to do the research and share your findings with us. Maybe there is a calling for you to fill a void that only you can.

Think about it.

In the meantime, here's a sampling of the feedback left on the best comments section on the Internet on the previous post.
Anadae suggested: I think that your having dredged up the Hollow Earth conundrum yesternight in facebookland as it dovetails with the Elusive Companion Theory merits more attention. Go hog wild. Here's Theo Paijmans' Mundus Subterraneus blog, which sought to chronicle all HE lit, whether fictional or alleged actual, ever committed to the printed page.
The ECH is definitely something I want to explore further, particularly in context of the HE lore.
Anonymous said: Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing the follow-up to the ever-so-intriguing Introduction to the Secret Language post from 5/25/10.

Huh- I could've sworn I did post a follow-up, since I think I had one written. Must have gotten distracted. As usual.

Laurence writes: Look into Branford Keeney and his large collection of shamans / rites from around the world.

Will do. Maybe a series on shamanism and contact narratives.

Idiot Savant wrote: whatever comes i earnestly look forward to.

I'm humbled. Cheers.
Kandinsky writes: Your mention of the 'Fascist and/or Fundamentalist assumptions under-girding so much of Conspiratainment' will ensure I keep reading the blog. These guys deserve attention as many are adepts at seeding negative, paranoiac memes into the sub-culture of ufology, conspiracy and who knows what else?
Indeed. Fear is the ultimate weapon and the ultimate means of control. I do think that people will be paying less attention to the paranoia pimps as things get worse in the real world.

Justin suggests I look up Erik Davis, Joscelyn Godwin, Joseph Farrell,
Alan Moore, Michio Kaku, Professor Brian Cox and Jacques Vallee.

Some of these are certainly possible, but Jacques is always busy and Michio might be too big for The Sun.
Cindy writes: I wish you could do a pod cast with the pope, I'm still wondering if he's a warlock or a wizard. I guess there's little chance of that though.
How about a serial enabler of crimes against humanity? That probably wouldn't fly either.

Anonymous recommended James Power and Tristan wants to hear some more Hollow Earth stuff. Ted wants to hear from Gnostic scholar John Lamb Lash, who I'd love to ask about Gnostic themes in Star Trek.
Anonymous writes: I would love a well researched piece investigating links between various "conspiracy researchers" of the right wing patriot militia variety (such as alex jones g. edward griffin etc.) and the john birch society and cnp. Would also like your take on David Icke and Michael Tsarion who I believe pose as somewhat "New Age" but essentially promote the same line. Also continue the Secret War Against the New Age series.
As would I. If you know anyone who's researched this please let me know. It's long past time the hidden agendas at play are brought to light. I just want to hear from someone who's put some serious time into it.
Raksha is interested in the Gnostic themes explored here and writes: But I'm still interested, still very curious about new developments and rediscovered old ones, and endlessly fascinated with new ways of connecting the dots.
I think John Lamb Lash would fit Raksha's bill.
Venus writes: However, it alarmed me to hear that you are siding with the SRA hoax disinfo that the CIA-funded False Memory Syndrome promoted because, with all due respect for someone whose research I admire greatly, you are out of your depth here.
I think Venus might want to abstain from dictating what is and is not out of my depth, since I've been researching this for a very long time now. It's my belief that the MONARCH hoax is textbook disinfo (as did the late Jim Kieth and many other MK researchers) and the SRA hoax was created to bolster the credibility of skeptic groups like the FMSF (which someone once referred to as the "Pedophile Mutual Aid Society"), since SRA was vigorously promoted by media sleazeballs like Geraldo Rivera and then largely fell apart once actual investigations were done.

"False Memory Syndrome" is indeed a lie and a hoax (the Massachussetts Supreme Court recently tossed it out as a defense), but there are other lies and hoaxes that muddy the waters and do real victims no favors.

SRA also helps obscure the clear, documented and unambiguous reality that the overwhelming majority of the documented non-family abuse cases take place under the aegis of the established mainstream religions (and their various cults). As well as the fact that this problem is far more widespread than the mainstream media would have you believe.

For instance, the media might cover some of the more egregious cases with Catholic priests (and in some instances the Orthodox Jewish communities) but completely ignore the problem in the Protestant and Evangelical denominations.

Why would they possibly do that?

I recommend the SNAP website as well as the Religion News Service site, which is run by a Dutch Christian group who are serious about exposing evil within the churches (ie., the plank in their own eyes).

Jason recommends Michael Tsarion, Lash, John Greer (whose latest book I blurbed), Brian Bates, Jan Irvin (who interviewed me a while back) and Gary Lachman, who I talked to when I did the Lucifer Rising piece. Of these, Lachman is first on my list. He's done some excellent research that I think a lot of you would dig.

Anonymous is quite a prolific commenter and weighs in with these nuggets:
I often wonder if much of the modern conspiracy movement is funded by intelligence services or big business as a way of diluting possible political rebellion. While there's certainly conspiracy researchers of all political hues out there, the famous ones seem to be in peculiar agreement on a number of issues that coincide with the big business & religious fundie agenda.
Absolutely- look no further than Ron Paul and his extensive connections to the fascistic Christian Reconstructionist movement, whose "Libertarianism" (sic) is the brand Paul is actually peddling. Continuing...
Also by contending that the control systems of the planet are led by a supernatural New World Order this makes it seem that ordinary citizens have no hope against corrupt politicians other than by immersing themselves in a theological belief system.
Agreed. Which is why you never see these guys at protests. In fact they will twist themselves into pretzels explaining how OWS or the Greek uprising is all orchestrated by the Globalists, a claim strongly debunked by the police response thereto. More:
However looking at the conspiracy scene they're fixated on encouraging their followers to arm themselves to the teeth way beyond what one would expect for self-defence. The justification being they can fight against the New World Order. But what if its the other way around? Arm different political factions so they never get together and end up in a balance of power where nothing changes or simply fight against each other leaving big business & religion alone?
Or as we saw in South and Central America in the 70s and 80s, these radical right factions make nice ready-made death squads to do away with people who the plantation and factory owners saw as threats to their bottom lines.
The same ultra-right political ideas emerged in the UFO underground occasionally, especially in the 1980s and it effectively destroyed any serious interest in the topic. One of the top 'whistleblowers' at the time was William Cooper - who is now seen as a martyred conspiracy god by believers.
I think you mean "lifelong Naval Intelligence asset William Cooper." Yes, there are many reasons not to mourn the passing of an organized UFO underground. If you know of any researchers- or if you want to go out and do the research yourself- let me know.

Dayzero asks when an Incal film is coming out to which I say "hopefully never." Dennis recommends Jack Sarfatti, who at least judging from his Facebook page has become a bit of a angry, hectoring neoconservative. How about Russell Targ or Ed May? I met those guys at Esalen and they were very cool.

Venus checks in again with some very saliant responses to Anonymous' suspicions about the corporate self-help movements and Libertarianism. To which I say, "why don't you two get together and do some research on this and then come talk to me about it here?"

Laurence recommends something on British scifi soundtracks. Justin R recommends some old-school conspiracy researhcers like Jonathan Sellers, Justin Boland and Terry Melanson. Terry used to be a regular commenter here but the last I checked hadn't updated his site in a while. He's done some good work on the Bavarian Illuminati which is a nice corrective to the silly Illuminati mythology you see pimped by the YouTards. Doug Rushkoff and Chris Hedges are good ideas as well.

Raj checked in but kept his suggestions to the FB thread. Raj, if you want to repost here, feel free. Greg T suggests "Bill Deagle, Michael Hoffman, Tom Horn, David Flynn, Dan Burisch, Benjamin Fulford, Andrew D. Basiago, Sorcha, Monarch And Bluebeam proponents." I doubt most of those people would want to talk to me but if they're ever in the mood for a knock-down, drag-out donnybrook they know where to look.

Winding down Nick Redfern asks if he saw me on the VH1 series Metal Evolution, specifically the early US and early UK metal scene episodes. To which I plead guilty. Check the series out- it's an amazing bit of history with some awesome footage.

Venus checks in again, writing:
Where we may part ways is with my belief that the mystery religions, most formally preserved through the upper echelons of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, have been involved in refining predatory mind control techniques as well, and that ultimately there may be many connections between the two opposing camps (Vatican/P2 masonic lodge money laundering scandal, anyone?). Of course, "satanism" is a modern invention so the idea that some ancient brotherhood has been practicing it for centuries is absurd.
To which I reply, "Why not stop looking for hidden scapegoats and cabals and put the blame squarely where it belongs- on the abusers and the hierarchies that shelter them?" I realize it goes against our cultural conditioning and hence the need to disbelieve the unassailable historical fact that the clergy have never believed that the law applies to them too, but isn't breaking out of cultural conditioning what we're all about?

The founder of modern Fundamentalism Billy James Hargis didn't talk about Adam Kadmon when he was seducing choirboys- he cited David's relationship with Jonathan as Biblical precedent, which I'm sure is pretty common with the Abrahamic abuser crowd.

Finally, Chuck suggests Goro Adachi, who's also popped in around these parts in the past. Goro, if you're out there, drop me a line.

All in all great stuff, both here and on the Facebook page. I feel like you lot are putting the wind in my sails and I am already laying the groundwork for this new adventure. Thanks to everyone who pitched in.