Thursday, December 01, 2011

2011 Overview: The Elusive Companion Hypothesis

The work of Stanley Kubrick continues to spark debate and inspire interpretation, particularly when it comes to films like 2001:A Space Odyssey. For my part, I've long felt that all of the symbolic and allegorical interpretations pale to the actual plot of the film, which hits you with some pretty straightforward AAT, depicts an elaborate government coverup of proof of alien contact, and most importantly taps into the weird narratives of "alien abduction" recorded in very obscure UFO journals in the Fifties and early Sixties.

This all ties into a theory I'd been kicking around dealing with the Elusive Companions- those strange creatures who've had contact with humanity since the dawn of history, using a series of culture-appropriate disguises.

The dumbed-down modern depiction of fairies, sprites and genies tends to overshadow the darker and more compelling contact narratives recorded in folklore from all over the world. As well as obscuring the remarkable consistency among them and the stunning similarity to "alien abduction" accounts.

The blueprints for the Pyramids of Giza, revealed at last
in Doctor Who: The City of Death (1979)

In many ways, the ECH is similar to the Ultraterrestrials that John Keel talked about or Mac Tonnies' Cryptoterrestrials but the ECH is tied directly into AAT and the idea of the Watchers, or the fabled stay-behind race/class of monitors keeping an eye on the project for the ancient bioengineers.

All of which seeks to explain why remarkably similar accounts of strange encounters and "abductions" have been recorded all over the world and all throughout history, some of which formed the backbone of powerful religious traditions in the ancient world.

Mike Clelland and I mulled it all over in a freewheeling discussion (included above) which touched on details like the oddly-lit white room, the Roswellian aspects of "The Dawn of Man" in 2001 and the distinctly non-physical character of abduction accounts throughout histroy that were explored in detail in the following posts:

These are some of my favorite posts of the past year and a lot of readers grokked them as well. All worth a re-read.

In related news, Tim Binnall has Bruce Rux back on Binnall of America for a talk on ancient Egypt and ancient astronauts and much more. Rux tells tales out of school about Zechariah Sitchin and reveals strange taste in sci-fi comedy. Highly recommended.

BONUS: A lecture on Jungian views of the UFO phenomenon.


  1. Heh heh - I'm actually working on a 2001 video inspired by your ECH and Kubrick posts. Synch-tastic. Will post it on FB as soon as I'm done editing. Awesome work, Chris. Standard!

  2. Chris, what fun it is to look back at your amazing output of the Sun of an occulted nature. The mindscape you present to your readers/fans is succint and relevant. Can this be taken to another level of unity and re-search? The minds eye will enjoy the ergot of the rye and the possibilities of no more mote in our eyes. To see/sea we go. I apoligize for the hornets nest I stirred up in recent posts. To fashion one's future one must consider every-thing. Shine forth! Dennis

  3. If anybody who's not not Facebook wants to check out a '2001: A Space Odyssey'-themed video I made, inspired by Chris' Elusive Companion Hypothesis, they can find it here:


  4. The Watchers in the Book of Enoch - Grigori - were portrayed as in violation of Jehovah's commands rather than acting as stewards of some sort of divine plan for the human race.

    Essentially, Genesis and other Books of that time present a very flesh and blood idea of God and Angels and the Garden of Eden and Heaven seem to be specific geographic places. There is no indication that any of this is metaphorical, supernatural or spiritual. Abraham sits down and eats a meal with God and two of his angels when they are on their way to destroy Sodom and Gamorrah.

    The Watchers' big mistake was to mate with women and other earthly creatures which seems to imply that possibly there was some sort of promethean conflict over the control of the human genome with the very power Jehovah coming out on top. The Watchers children were the Nephilim and even though the flood was intended to wipe away all the Watchers' half-breeds, it seems some survived. Also, in the apocryphal Book of Noah, Noah as a child appeared to be a Nephilim even though Enoch later assures his grandson, Noah's father, that his wife did not sleep with an angel and Noah is destined for greatness.

    If you read the Old Testament with the idea that it is about a non-human or advanced hominid driven conflict over the direction of the human genome and vast opposing breeding programs, it kinda makes sense.

    FYI - Darren Aronofsky is trying to get his "post apocalyptic" version of Noah (Noe) turned into a film. Currently, it's going to be released as a graphic novel like the Fountain was, and it looks a bit like THOR meets THE BOOK OF ELI.

    John H

  5. Interesting video on this topic:

    What if the reptillians/ultraterrestrials/igigi/grigori/cryptoterrestrials/watchers don't want to be here? What if they were placed here to "serve" us?

  6. If you meet a Reptilian in the street, knock him down.

  7. I completely understand choosing to focus on a straightforward reading of 2001. It is relevant to our current state of events, especially when considering the possibility of full-disclosure from governmental bodies across the world.

    What I'm fascinated by is what does 2001 mean to us when this disclosure happens. Does it still retain substance if we know the whole truth about governmental conspiracy, AAT, and ECH? Will the film carry less weight?

  8. Great point. I wonder if, like Arabic and Middle Eastern culture before Islam, the new reality will wash away all the old culture like a metaphorical Deluge.

    Still, honestly, there is no solid evidence that Kubrick or Clarke intended to present 2001 as the truth or even a valid theory of the truth. People like Weidner make good points, but at the same time, everything could also be explained as the same sort of connections and relationships authors make to come up with a fictional story.

    Even though he's not mentioned much, were it true that 2001 was based on any secret or factual information controlled by a governmental conspiracy and/or secret society, Douglas Trumbull, the effects supervisor for films like 2001 and Blade Runner would have to be well entrenched in it.

    Speaking of Blade Runner - often cited for it's many Masonic based images (The Owl that is not really an owl, The Tyrell corporation's headqaurters is a massive pyramid with the top sheared off like on our dollar bill, etc.) Ridley Scott will return to science fiction with next year's PROMETHEUS. Something of a prequel to ALIEN, Scott has said that he will be exploring AAT theories in the film and specifically mentions Erich Von Daniken.

  9. I'm glad John here brought up blade runner. This has been a really strange year for me where the question of fate and creation come up again and again. If we were to take hidden companions seriously and assume there could be forces unseen to us doing all sorts of things who's to say we really even know who or even what we really are?

  10. Interesting, however I'm pretty certain that Kubrick would disagree with the notion that there is one "correct" interpretation of the film. In fact I think he's on record saying that he wanted the audience to come to the own conclusions about the meaning of the film.

    Kubrick's films-- all of them-- work on about 14 different levels at once. That's why he was a genius.

  11. Just wanted to drop in and say hi to Mr Knowles...and wish him the best for the new year 2012. Good to see you're still going strong and find 2001 ASO a source of continued interest and much discussion. You still have my utmost respect for your 'Stairway to Sirius' series that propelled my own research so much further.

  12. Re:2001 ASO...I have found that A C Clarke is just as relevent if not more relevent than Kubrick within these 'alien' type discussions. His work Childhood's End, Rendezvous with Rama and not forgetting bear closer examination in this regard, at least imo. However...I would expect that many of you already know that.

  13. Just finished the Doctor Who series 6 with 2 Part Beggining "The Impossible Astronaut"...

    Fits perfectly with what I am reading right now and frighteningly enough with Outer Limits image you posted! Put on some Black suits and there are THE SILENCE