Saturday, October 15, 2011


Back in the 90s the big story in Fundamentalist circles were the
Left Behind books, written by the arch-Dominionist Tim LaHaye and some other guy who actually wrote them. They were big sellers and a couple quickie movies were made, the DVDs of which always seem to turn up in dollar stores and clearance bins.

Since Christian Fundamentalism as we know it today was in fact created by the Unocal oil monopoly* in order to battle unionism and other social trends that irritated the plutocracy (it later did the same in Afghanistan) it's no surprise that the movement is nothing but a political insurgency in religious garb. You can test this by striking up a conversation with any Fundamentalist-- soon you'll end up discussing politics and politics only.

Why would a man of the cloth worry about temporal politics?
Money, power and social control is all they care about.
Dominionists have fallen for ALL of Satan's temptations from Luke 4: 1-13

The Left Behind books were filled with cheap shots against LaHaye's countless enemies and pimped the ridiculous "one world new age religion" claptrap dreamed up by Texe Marrs and Pat Robertson (speaking of one world religions, the two largest publishers of Bibles in the world are Rupert Murdoch and Communist China). The antichrist was some snooty furiner type with a fancy-pants name, and there was some blindingly-obvious Hillary Clinton analog in there somewhere. Bla bla bla, give them your money and hate already.

Anyhow, all of the Left Behind-mania inspired this story, which I drew a million years ago for a mini-comic. I wince at the art today, which is probably a good thing. But I threw a bit of color on the pages to hide the drawing mistakes. But I shouldn't badmouth it too much, since that minicomic got me the X-Presidents gig, since I was going through this big Silver Age obsession at the time.

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* Read more on Unocal's corporate practices here.

UPDATE: Derek and Sharon discuss the oil politics of the Dominionist powerbrokers known as The Family on PID Radio. Click here.