Friday, May 20, 2011

More than Meets the Eye (UPDATES)

If you're like me, you'll periodically check out the countless YouTube videos screaming "ZOMG!!UFOZ!!!!." And if you're like me, 99 times out of 100 your reaction will be "get a frickin' life already."

Then there's this video.

The story is that there was a massive blowout of transformers in Fort Worth, Texas following a nasty thunderstorm. This video was shot from the 34th floor of the Tower Apartments in the downtown area. The explosions are shocking (no pun intended)- a seeming chain reaction lighting up the night sky. But there's also a whole lot of anomalous to look at here.

Or listen to- anyone who's witnessed a transformer explosion will tell you they're loud as hell. We get them around here during storms and they rattle the windows. However, you don't hear a single peep here. Well, you do hear peeps -- of birds. Which in itself is a trifle odd for the common flocks you get in urban areas. Then there's the spectrum of colors- from time to time there's a kind of rainbow effect. Maybe it's the residual moisture in the air, maybe not.

Then there are the hovering lights. They seem to coincide with the explosions. They're certainly not ball lightning. Some think they're lens flares (reasonable, though if you look closely they appear to be behind the flashes and are obscured by them), some think they're helicopters. The guy who shot the video says they're neither:
"Still working on that. Originally thought traffic helicopters were getting close for a look, but they all say not in a thunderstorm and nobody has come forward with any videos from above the area."
Now, as I've said many times in the past, lights in the sky are just lights until proven otherwise. But in light of the anomalous situation we're looking at here (you feel its strangeness too), I'm starting to lean towards otherwise. What exactly is beyond my ken.

But it is worth noting that there's been a string of these transformer explosions across the country. The most recent was in Hoboken. A case of the nerves? Maybe. But there's also been a lot of weird in the air lately.

Bonus Sync: Oh, I forgot to mention. This building where this video was shot? It's two blocks away from "The Flying Saucer."

UPDATE: Speaking of Fort Worth. Can't say what this is either, but it's definitely not lens flares.

UPDATE: Good gravy- there's been a raging epidemic of transformer explosions. Thanks to Greg.

UPDATE: Camerman disputes lens flare theory: "This video looks just like it did to us watching it in person. Amazing. I have 7 more videos with 3 lenses I will put up next week." Let's see what turns up.