Monday, April 18, 2011

Missing Time

Some of you might be wondering what's been going on around here, since the updates have been few and far inbetween. Well, I've been on assignment and have been working crazy hours. However, even if things have been a bit quiet here they've been hopping at The Secret Sun Facebook page, so I hope you'll come join us.

Working long hours alone gives me a lot of time to think, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about many of the issues we've discussed here. When I get back to a normal schedule, I'm going to be sharing a lot of what's been on my mind, most of which revolves around the applications stage of all of this knowledge. I see tremendous opportunity for alternative thinking in the days to come, and for alternative thinkers. The opposition is always a scattered, disjointed thing but I see a lot of basic and profound commonalities emerging among the chaos.

One of these commonalities is a conviction that there's nothing in the past to return to, everything has been tried and found wanting. The only way forward is forward, and all of the present political, religious, economic and philosophical modes of thinking at work in the world are stupid, small, worthless things, all of which will wither like cotton candy under the blowtorch of the coming changes that are being forced upon us all.

In the meantime, please check out this interview video from The Stench of Truth with yours truly.


  1. "One of these commonalities is a conviction that there's nothing in the past to return to, everything has been tried and found wanting. The only way forward is forward..."

    I have believed this all my life, with increasing conviction as I've gotten older and more experienced.

    It's funny... there's this old idea that I've found floating around that you're supposed to become more "conservative" as you get older. I've found myself becoming, in a kind of quiet way, more liberal. Not necessarily liberal in the left-right American political sense (though I do tend to lean a bit that way), but in a more global sense.

    I have become increasingly skeptical of various myths of past golden ages, whether it's conservative myths of a golden age of tradition or even green/luddite myths of some kind of pre-industrial golden age.

    Take your pick and look. The good old days weren't. There is nothing to go back to, at least nothing that would be a real improvement.

    I have also come to regard anyone who opposes forward progress in the name of conserving the status-quo or returning to some mystical past golden age to be one or more of: insane, stupid, fatalistic, oblivious, delusional, or evil.

    So I guess I've become a radical.

    But this has also been tempered by wisdom. I have become increasingly radical, but I have also become increasingly wary of recklessness. I think it is possible to be radical without being reckless or foolish. The key is patience.

    I think that the radicals of the future should be "conservative, patient, and prudent in method, radical in goal."

    I *love* your work Chris. Do not stop. I consider you to be the most interesting cultural thinker of the present day.

  2. Great to hear from you Chris.Looking foward/foward! to your words in hyper space. Shineforth brave soul. Dennis

  3. I'm just listening to the interview, and I have a comment:

    You say that science has, in a sense, stripped nature bare and removed all its mystery. This is a common belief, I think, and it's one area where I don't think I agree.

    I don't see how explaining the mechanism of something strips it of anything. I guess it's just not the way I look at the world.

    I do think that modern science has major problems though, and I really don't like the direction it's gone... especially since the 1970s after all that interesting space program, consciousness movement, etc. stuff got shut down.

    The problem is that science (and the undercurrent that it represents) is engaged in what is really a millennia-old battle against dogmatism and religious fundamentalism.

    ... and the problem with that is: you tend to become that which you fight. You can see this in geopolitics... when America fought Nazi Germany, it took on many of the trappings of fascism. When it fought the USSR, it became considerably more Soviet. As it postured to fight Islamism during the Bush era, it embraced a religious fundamentalism that is almost indistinguishable from Islamism.

    You might say that war is the sincerest form of flattery. When you war with something, you dance with it.

    As a result, science tends to itself become fundamentalist. I think we've seen this happen quite a bit in the last 30 years.

    What science really needs is the courage to just ignore the fundamentalists and press forward fearlessly. If it did that, I think it would have the courage to open a lot of doors that it presently leaves closed... doors that it leaves closed because it's afraid that opening them might lead in directions that soften its "posture" with respect to religion.

    There is something else too though... there has been a general slamming-shut of the western mind since the 70s. You can see it in science and also in religion.

  4. Like I told you on facebook this rocked. I was jotting things down on paper I wanted to remember. I even had a friend that work tell me he listened to it and thought it was some great shit here to.

    I always find it funny cause in a lot of ways I am personally different (views etc) then you, but I always learn shit from your reality tunnel.

    The whole "pop occult culture" thing had me besides myself. Great stuff, you need to do one of these again soon.

    Peace C aka Mercury's Messenger

  5. I wish I could provide a link to it, and I think someone else coined the phrase, but Terrence McKenna used to call it "The Forward Escape"
    Basically can't go back, left, or right. Must go forward and face whatever you are fighting in order get through it and escape.

    Of course he said it in his certain way, much better than I could type it.

  6. I believe it will be a matter of discarding not accumulating. Like Bruce Lee philosophy, "absorb what is useful"( and discard what isnt). No need to abandon everything, but keep the perspective of what has transpired and what has been gleaned. In essence a fusion of all that has transpired, multi-contextual perspective without the trappings of "belief" or "faith" and "dogma" into something truly novel....A forward escape indeed. Keep up the great more than ever.

  7. hello mr. knowles. how about an anlysis of the 90s series Nikita, the one starring peta wilson and roy dupuis? a forgotten cult. cheers.

  8. Can't wait to listen to the interview. Also stoked to here all is well. Richard Tarnas' intro in Cosmos and Psyche comments on the Myth of the Golden Past and the Myth of the Perfected Future as stumbling blocks to true vision. Found that useful and that (under)current seems to be growing. Looking forward to your new mindbombs!

  9. Is it possible to escape a universe of one's own design?

  10. Hey Christopher, great to see you're still updating here, because I'm not up to joining Facebook (yet), in all honesty. Nonetheless, I'm glad to hear the 2nd half of The Stench of Truth podcast as I've only listened to the 1st back in Feb. Many thanks to you and Tenebrous T for a very interesting show!

    Before I share a sync with you, I myself have been shifting between the mainstream world and my own circle, but lately it feels like I'm passing the world by, if it isn't passing me by. It's not a matter of shutting it out, but trying to find that uncommon mutual plane between people of "open/alternative mind" and people toeing the "mainstream" line. For sure this matter of opposites exists in at least one realm of our lives, but how often do we see such mental polarities getting along in the greater society, if not in our own circles?

    Maybe this feeling of separation is my symptom in going forward to meaningful change, especially in a time like now. Or, maybe we need more X-Files couples. :) People will be people of course, but such perspectives have long since brought about divisions, unfortunately. It's a roll of the dice as to what kind of a world would emerge after that pending upheaval would hit us all, and I wouldn't dare say which consequence would be worse. Maybe this is what bothers me.

    Now the sync: I just listened to "No Stranger" by 80's band Saga (in case any of you haven't heard of them), before checking out your blog. The song is from their album, "Worlds Apart". Given the air of your post I think it's proper to share the live version with everyone:

    @Anonymous above me: I say it's theoretically possible. What if the escape starts within oneself? :)

  11. Yes Nikita! that's how I cooked up my web name Kirkita- Kirk and Nikita- 2 impulsive head bangers. That is another series that I didn't watch as closely toward the end, and I would like very much to own the complete seasons set now. Micheal- he was the chair of the Department, the middle manager, the sitter on the hottest of seats. Situation impossible....

    Delorus aka Kirkita

  12. Katy Perry has a song out at the moment called E.T. She sung it on Idol on the results show just gone. She was an Alien and so too were the other dancers around her.

    I still remember when 911 happened and I pondered what could possibly be next. I concluded the only way forward was Aliens coming to earth.

    Let's see what happens.