Friday, February 11, 2011

Talkin' Trek Tonight (from Seven to Nine)

Here's one you don't want to miss- I'll be talking about Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek, AstroGnosticism, The Nine, Barackobamun and the Project Blue Beam hoax tonight at 7 PM EST with Ted Torbich. Here's the spiel:

Happy to have as my guest Christopher Knowles of the "Secret Sun" blog. Chris has done amazing work in delving into the maelstrom of pop culture and modern mythology and finding connections and gems of insight that other have failed to notice. We will be discussing these themes. In particular we will be discussing Gene Roddenberry, his connection with "The Nine", Star Trek, and project Blue Beam. Also much more! Symbolism in movies, ancient myths that re-emerge in new venues, (like Mystery Religions and their connection to rock music) aliens, UFO's, secret societies, and synchronicities.
Be there or be unprepared!

UPDATE: Show available for download here.


  1. Wow,it's Saturday morning,about 10.20am,here in Australia,as I'm writing this.
    I got up had some breakfast,started reading Robert Perry's book "Signs"
    (had quite a few syncs just reading the 2nd chapter of that alone,but that's another story),then I decided to boot the computer up,and had the feeling that something at your blog may have been put up overnight,that would be of interest to me.
    Then I see the "Talking Trek Tonight" headline of your latest post and clicked the link to hear you talking.I thought it must have been recorded,but then I looked at the world time clock and found out 10 am here is 7pm I only missed the first 3 minutes.
    I'm having syncs galore this morning...and now your talking about synchronicity.
    Double wow.
    Nice far,BTW.

  2. Great conversation, Chris.
    A lot of food for thought.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Good discussion. Bit of a timely coincidence here, but have just come across an article about film studios hitting youtube with fake accounts who upload material with no sanctions.

  4. Great interview Chris. I'm always pleased to see another strike against the increasingly ridiculous and moribund world of "Conspiracy Ontology" (which I would define as a worldview in which conspiracy archetypes or memes are applied to virtually every aspect of human existence and taken to be fundamental).

    While I think it is blatantly obvious that the likes of Jay-Z really ARE into occultism (that "do what thou wilt" tshirt was the clincher for me), I do not think this means they are involved in anything more nefarious than any other person who has an interest in Crowley or whatever. Christian fundamentalist conspiracy theorists have long insisted that organisations such as the OTO are part of the grand hierarchy of conspiracies, but if any of them had actually ever met an average OTO member then they would see how utterly ridiculous that notion is. The same goes for the likes of the Theosophists. It's all bollocks and there's simply no evidence that any of these groups have any substantial worldly power at all!

    If I was a music video director, or a pop star for that matter, I would put esoteric symbols in my work to create an air of mystique and intrigue. Would that mean I'm in the Illuminati? Of course not, but countless "conspiricists" believe this to be so, and I think I know why...

    I have come to call this type of belief system "Conspiricism", which I think is a useful word to distinguish it from THEORY. Clearly, most people who are into this stuff are not interested in theory, they are interested in BELIEF, as evidenced by their vicious rebuttals whenever their precious conspiracy beliefs are challenged (so similar to the responses of religious fundamentalists when challenged by atheists, in many ways).

    Within "Conspiricism" there are various tenets (just like a religion), one of which is that the mainstream media is 100% controlled by The Conspiracy. It therefore seems logical to conclude that anything that appears on mainstream media MUST be part of the agenda. It is a fallacious piece of reasoning with a fundamentally flawed basis, because the mainstream media is NOT 100% controlled by THEM. If anything, I would say that the central driving force of big media is profit, and if that means selling pseudo-occultism to the masses then so be it. Alan Watt has been particularly guilty of spreading this kind of nonsense, IMO. He seems fixated on the idea that every single person involved in the entertainment industry is hand-picked and mind-controlled and/or initiated into the Illuminati to further promote The Agenda.

    This kind of thinking has been quite damaging to many people's minds. Just look at this illuminati "deconstruction" video of Shaun of the Dead, for example: I think this is one of the most ridiculous (and unintentionally hilarious) videos of it's kind I have seen. The guy who made it has clearly gone off the deep end and let Conspiricism seep into almost every facet of his perception, making him see evil hidden agendas behind the placement of garden sheds with triangular roofs. Of course, these people never seem to consider the logistics of all of this. The fact that all of these movies would require the secret cooperation of "initiates" behind the scenes, and this would be taking place hundreds of times per year all across the world with hundreds or thousands of different individuals. And yet nobody has ever produced a single shred of hard evidence that this is taking place.

    I have to wonder where all of this is heading. This memetic strain has been building for at least 20 years now and I think it's either going to transform into something new or fizzle out as more and more adherents begin to realise that none of their predictions/theories etc ever seem to bear any fruit.