Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Stairway to Sirius Addenda: Soundtracks


  1. Hey Chris,
    How do I 'share' your blog with friends? Can I press a Share Button.....So brilliant to know your blog. I love your connections...and Look at all the Happy Creatures etc.
    Flossibility. x

  2. Mike Oldfield is an impressive 'outside-the-box' artist, but knowing your love for Soma's Drone Zone I am sure you know that already and probably have several of his albums. Songs of Distant Earth is another one of my favorites from Mike O.

    Synchronistically the song Sirius comes from his 2002 album 'Tres Lunas' which (not so) cryptically translates from spanish to Three Moons.

  3. what about the most important Sirian piece: karlheinz stockhausen's "Sirius"? (important in the fact that this guy claimed to be from there and even received his musical training from there.)

  4. Wondering about the 5 pointed star relating to Sirius, and I've always related it to Venus which does the pentagram design in its 8 year cycle around the sun.
    I read that on the Ka'aba stone in Mecca there is a crescent moon and a five pointed star, which I assumed was Venus and the Moon. However,.....Wayne Herschel has an interesting hypothesis, and as I haven't read all your recent blogs you may have already mentioned it.

    Hope your weather improves.

  5. P.S.
    "Kaaba is the center of the circumambulations". Is this a circumpunct performance?

  6. German techno pop (1994) by a "Chris Craft" Sirius - This Is My Life

    Also this: 33->CC->cave canem, bevare of the dog! :)

  7. Microsoft 'cloud' advert has as its logo a 'bevy of circumpuncts.

  8. Toast

  9. Had to share this: as Mubarak is expected to resign this evening, from BBC: "Seventeen days that shook Egypt"

  10. According to Richard Branson,in his autobiography "Losing My Virginity",
    Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" album was the only thing keeping the Virgin Records label afloat at one stage.
    In other words,without Mike,
    Richard's "Virgin" would have been f#@%ed .-)

    P.S.I have almost all of the APP's CD's,and I even have a copy of the VIRGIN saving "Tubular Bells".-)

  11. Hi Chris, Peeps!!

    Long time no comment but I continue to stop by daily and I thank and applaud you for your ongoing and fascinating work.

    We should start a group called "researchers anonymous" for those of us who are addicted to the cause!

    Sirius, one of my fave topics and one which features large in Moorish studies as here with Bobby Hemmitt who declares himself right at the beginning of this series a "member of the Order of Melchizedek and the Brotherhood of Sirius" and goes on to tie the Egyptian dots to that planet...

    It's a fascinating series, somewhat dated but that doesn't matter.



    According to the Moors there are 360 degrees in REAL masonry as it's the journey of a man/woman to full consciousness as a fully awake and aware human being, (or whatever we really are lol!).
    ....and you don't have to buy your 'degrees' in the pyramid scheme!

  12. sukyspook

    um... if i were you.. i'd find another group/source to offer commentary on the egyptian system.

    'melchizedek's' ...for lack of a better collective term, would not necessarily be considered an impartial source w/o an agenda, especially where anything egyptian is concerned.

    kind of like neocons saying.. we need to keep the patriot act.

    cui bono?

  13. Kikz, so you didn't watch even the first 4 parts then lol.

    Everything is upside down, remember?? Black is white and white is black - which are just 'colors of law' to divide and conquer.


  14. Nathan's link to the Stockhausen piece prompted me to do some digging. In 71, Stockhausen bought a dog for his daughter and decided to call it "Sirius", probably because he'd just finished composing a piece called "Star-sound". Shortly there after, he chanced upon a passage by Jakob Lorber (a Christian mystic who claimed to receive revelation from a "voice in his heart") which stated that Sirius was the star at the center of our universe. What really turned the composer on to Sirius, however, was a couple of dreams: "Other snippets of vitally important information then came to me through a couple of revelatory dreams. Crazy dreams, from which it emerged that not only did i come from Sirius, but that, in fact, I completed my musical education there."

    Whats weird about this is the timing: early to mid seventies, the period where the whole Sirius sync-cluster involving RAW, Philip K. Dick, and Robert Temple was taking place. Stockhausen started work proper on Sirius in '75, a year after Dick got hit by the pink VALIS beam, and the same year Temple published The Sirius Mystery. Strange stuff!

  15. Interesting comments about Stockhausen,Tristan.
    I never really knew much about his work,so I looked him up on Wiki, and the first thing I noticed was he died on 5 December 2007
    (5/12/2007:5+1+2+2007 = 17).And you say above,he finished "Star-sound" and bought the dog,who he named "Sirius",in 71 (17 backwards).
    Sounds like an interesting guy...I'll have to read more...and what a cool looking grave his got.

  16. I just thought it was also amusing that not only did Mike Oldfield save Virgin Records,but again in 1977,it would be "The Sex Pistols" that would help save VIRGIN,when Branson signed them off EMI (who dumped them)and released "Never Mind the Bollocks,Here's The Sex Pistols".-)

  17. stockhausen was "deeply" envolved in Urantia "religion" (which is like the christian bible crossed with scifi quantum physics and hyperspace)... basically the book itself is a "history" of planet earth (urantia) tracing back 100's of thousands of years.. also includes a day by day journal of Christ, how the earth was terraformed and populated, lots on the trinity, center of the universe/paradise, super universes, the origins of the devil and lots about michael and gabriel (morning stars).. allegedly it sort of appeared here.. nobody is quite certain who wrote it or where it came from .. 1955 is the year it appeared and supposedly it was transcribed from alien psi-hyperlinks/angel race.. my guess is it has something to do with sirius.

    my thoughts are
    1) it is a brilliant work of scifi in the same vein as Jorge Borges

    2) it is spot on higher interstellar doctrine worded in language earthly people would understand, ie christian religion.. much like the ancients and their "gods"

    3) it is a work of blasphemy in order to taint the minds of the followers of "god"

    4) a combination of all of the above

    ive only read bits and pieces, the language is dry and the book is like 1500 pages, small print, thin paper .. but just the same, it is interesting read and some of the stories are pretty far out.. similar is some respects to the nag hammadi i suppose

    but back on stockhausen.. his music is seriously the most out there stuff I own.. aus den sieben tagen is improve chamber music with electronics played via everything is played from GUT feeling.. no notation.
    Gesang Der J√ľnglinge - Kontakte: predates most of the electronic stuff in the glitch/techno scene from now by 50 years...seriously amazing studio work using a filter, sine wave generator, two technicians creating envelops and a reel to reel
    Oktophony: electronic music from Electronic music of Act II of Tuesday from Light (huge opera of the 7 days) the music is the sound effects of a fight between lucifer and michael...meant to be played over 8 channel speaker set up creating fully 3d sound.. cd is the stereo mix down..