Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please Watch This.

The music is from the soundtrack to the Cameron/Soderbergh Solaris, which I write about here and here. I'm reading Lem's book- there's no doubt in my mind that it's meant to take place in the Sirius star system.

Posted yesterday on the Secret Sun Facebook page.


  1. I love Wayne Dyer

  2. All this information kind of gets annoying after a while because I more or less understand it but my life still sucks

  3. Enlightening video. My own, amateur exploration of this topic, the information-based holographic universe or consensus reality, has led in this direction for a while.

    It's nice to hear Grant Morrison among the people recorded for this.

    So, can we hack the operating system? Apparantly we do so continually, as we observe and our views are somewhat mirrored in what we see.

    As a side note, I've also wondered if personal realities, i.e. our own connection to the consesus reality, is different for each individual reality. For example, in the world of a hard-line nuts-and-bolts UFO believers, are there actually mechanical ufos that can be seen, recorded, touched, etc? I suspect yes. For the next observer over, probably no.

    I love your blog here, Mr. Knowles--I learn a great deal from it.

  4. I agree...all the talk from
    speculative philosophies is
    interesting but how to you
    finally break into the,"matrix",
    or for us Catholics;

    The sacramental life?.

    Cool stuff but we want to find
    the ,"rabbit hole"., rather
    than hear stories.

  5. GEO - change it! Amplify that frequency. One of those things you have to just do.

    great video, thanks for sharing.

  6. "And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, 'Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.' And we … kill those people."

  7. In my experience, finding the rabbit hole is a combination of meditation or active visualization. The meditation grows the channel, and the visualization give form to your desire.

    For changing ones' self, the value of stating what you want and speaking it out loud till you wholly believe it is huge (sort of an NLP meets the Power of Positive Thinking" thing). I'm no expert at this latter, but my subjective experience tells me it works great.

  8. While not new to me, this came to me at a time when I needed to hear it again. Purely objective reality has always been something that has troubled me. I've had nightmares about supposedly "heavenly" afterlives where people were stuck forever in a narrow band of reality, an eternal world that is the tiny corner of the universe that they've jammed themselves into out of fear of one variety or another.

    Then it occurs to me that perhaps this has already happened. Then I'm reminded that the Hindus have been saying that for a very long time.

    "'Do you believe in the afterlife?' the gunslinger asked him as Brown dropped three ears of hot corn onto his plate.

    "Brown nodded. 'I think this is it.'" Stephen King, from The Gunslinger (Which is another tale of the reality matrix.)

    By the way, Lem's Solaris is one of the most disturbing reads I've ever encountered. I feel that I understand it, but that I'm missing part of the picture, that there's something that I can't quite find or wrap my head around - which may itself be the point.

  9. "Mindflesh", a word combo bringing to mind a scene from survival horror movie, Lifeforce (1985) where a Mathilda May coagulates from Patrick Stewart's nosebleed.

    MindFlesh (2008) is a psycho-sexual horror/thriller about obsession. Chris Jackson is a taxi driver with a childhood trauma. The trauma has made him a portal for obsessions to pass from the mind to the physical world and hence disrupt the world’s multiple planes of reality. When the girl of his dreams becomes a nightmare in flesh and blood, Extraterrestrials that police the universe threaten to kill Chris’ friends unless he conquers his past.

    My good conscience says don't watch it let alone mention it to suggestible types.

    Homer: When the fire starts to burn,
    There's a lesson you must learn.
    Something, something, then you see,
    You'll avoid catastrophe!

  10. Geo- Watching a video isn't going to change anything. But hopefully it might give a new perspective. Understanding has to be prelude to action.

    Scott- Thanks for the kind words. It seems that what we call Reality might be a lot more interactive than we're supposed to believe. Knowledge is key.

    Pete- I hope there are no Stynkros reading that!

    Tommy- Ain't it the truth?

    Vanya- Yeah, Heaven has always sounded like hell to me. Who wants to stay trapped in the temporal persona? Let me travel the starlanes. I'm not finished with Solaris, but I'll be aware of your feelings about it.

  11. Most of the time I come to The Secret Sun and learn something that I can absolutely be grateful for. The rest of the time, I read about how one spends an entire day searching for the earthly remains of 'Uncle Al'--someone who sexually abused young boys to the point of death and I feel like maybe I'm not getting something. While I do think our minds have these great untapped resources, David Icke makes the concept undesirable to me...afterall, this is coming from a guy who once proclaimed himself 'the Son of God.' Hope you're returning back to optimal health, Chris!

  12. "The rest of the time?" You mean a single post from several years ago? That's very interesting, since it very much speaks to what you choose to focus on. And filter out, as well.

  13. Re:the Blinding's

    "While I do think our minds have these great untapped resources, David Icke makes the concept undesirable to me..."

    The trick is to focus on the message,not the messenger.

    I'm not a big David Icke fan,either,but I will listen to what people have to say,whether it be Icke,Crowley,Jesus,Buddha,or Bozo the clown.

    Truth can be found in the least likely of places...and if not,think of all mental fertilizer you'll have to plant some real seeds of wisdom into,when you come across them .-)

  14. What I meant by "the rest of the time" (10-12%) included that one post but also the need you seem to have for all of these alleged u.f.o. and alien events to be extraterrestrial instead of more blatantly misleading propaganda from ill-willed people. When the new "Transformers: Dark [Side] of the Moon" trailer came out, you proclaimed so enthusiastically that finally, the TRUTH about the Apollo 11 landing is coming to the big screen. All I saw was just more fiction and negative symbolism. You laugh at conspirators like myself and while you point out that lower level Masons look harmless enough riding around in their little cars, wearing their symbolically Christian blood soaked red fezzes, you forget to remind the casual reader that many of the men controlling this little rock of ours are in fact Masons. With 6 million Masons around the world, I'm sure most of them ARE harmless, but their leaders and their cause ARE NOT. By the way, I'm still waiting for that Zeppelin tour you had such good authority on manifesting. ;) Please don't take what I've said as an attack on you or your wonderful blog. While I may not agree with everything you (or Alex Jones and David Icke) write, you have still been incredibly influential in the past few years I've been reading, so thank you.

  15. As far as Icke, I've only seen him express one basic idea in interviews: choose love over fear. It's not a bad message to promote.

    Bill Hicks is amazing. In the rest of the set, he says something like "Some of these people come back and tell us, 'don't worry. It's just a ride.' And we kill them for it!"

    John H

  16. Peter Hoge-I suggest watching a documentary called (I think) 'The Man With No Proprioception." Hope I have the spelling right. It's about a man who gets the flu, and in a rare chance, a secondary infection erases his ability to sense his body. When this happens, paralysis is the result. So the guy refuses to 'lay down' and teaches himself to move again-by looking at his limbs and willing himself to move.
    The kicker is this-when they study his brain, they discover that there seems to be no actual neural activity involved, The scientists cannot find a physical means by which he accomplishes this. They wind up saying, cautiously, that it's almost as if he is literally looking at his limbs, and willing them to move. Near the end of the docu, there is one scientist who declares himself a staunch objective materialist, who now has a puzzle-he says "Now I know what will is." One of the tenets of Objective Materialism seems to be that will, or free will, does not exist, as it does not express itself as energy, matter, strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force, or nuclear force (interestingly, neither does information or pattern), although it may express through those means.
    The answer is will, and effort.

  17. I really need to get a land line sorted out. My dongle just hasn't got the bandwidth and while my boys have flu I can't get out the house. I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do.

    I think it is the Aborigine's that believe everyone is an artist. I see a persons life and all that it encompasses as their art, or masterpiece in some cases. It wouldn't be much fun if we were all the same.

    By the way, I know they were just words but my word! Obama threw out some good vibes yesterday.

  18. Cindy Blue-Being an artist, I've had an experience with art that has convinced me that the urge to create is fundamental to all, and is something that expresses itself equally well intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and even as a drive that could be considered instinct but is more than mere instinct.
    For instance, I don't recall his name offhand, but I remember reading about a writer, who, while on his deathbed, and in the act of dying, called for an assistant to type on his favourite typewriter, as the sound soothed him. That's just a single example.

  19. Friends,

    The Secret Sun Community sure does get deep into the ontology riff sometimes, and I love the connections and the mutual respect. I don't even mind a bit of clashing sometimes, to shake up the placid hippy in me.

    This placid hippy hates getting involved in the endless debates of 'message' versus 'messenger', etc, but I've found much of David Icke's work to be very useful and insightful to me personally, ditto Alex Jones, Michael Tsarion, etc.

    I may not agree with everything, or I may agree with more than I am willing to publicly admit (like many of us), I may even suspect that many of these guys are quite mad (like myself) - and that most of this is (meta)fictional nonsense of staggering importance, and so on.

    Politics is one thing, discourse is another, and sometimes the twain shall meet. We're living in the midst of something whose ontological status is indeterminate, interactive and in doubt(the living ocean of consciousness).

    We are dealing with what IS, and what IS includes matter, consciousness, pain, existential doubt and ontological uncertainty. THAT is the nature of perspective and interpretation. It's unavoidable.

    I hate to sound arrogant...but I am so that's how it comes out. However, I hopefully have the best intentions.

    This unavoidable IS-ness includes by association all that is NOT. It really is inescapable. This is not just a semantic play on words I'm indulging in here (although it IS this in part).

    Chris is defining himself with this wonderful blog, and defining his truth - his subjectivity and also that which he deems objective. More power to him, I say. We resonate with his thesis to greater or lesser degrees and so use it to further define ourselves and our subject/object thresholds.

    I'd remind this community here (and myself) that this kind of rigour, dexterity and openness is vital and transformative. We can quibble endlessly on the details, and a little quibbling can be fun, but we shouldn't lose sight of the overall thesis.



    If such is the case, then such a thesis is indestructible, rewarding and deeply logical, because it is inclusive of its own fallibility. It is the indeterminate ontology whose implications imply resonance and whose resonances suggest implications.

    "Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained."

    I totally love you guys.


  20. I wouldn't sweat it, Raj. It's not a David Icke video- he appears along with several other people. One individual with an obvious religious agenda wanted to make an issue of it, along with a laundry list of other things. I think most of us here see Icke in his own context. I'm not really a fan but I think some of his thoughts in the vid are interesting. Otherwise it's been the usual constructive and interesting feedback on the vid (from Bryce, Cindy and John), which I'm always grateful for.

  21. Pete Hoge, why must your exploration of Chris's blog be filtered by Catholic speak? Others that peruse this wonderful site use no such filters. Who or what is your comments directed? I am at a loss for any such dogmatic orientation. I just read his blog and am happy that his synchs are at most times resonant with mine. There are such forums to exalt Xtian non-sense for the religion of no-thing. Chris needs some space, perhaps he will deligate some genius from Winnepeg to give him some time off. What we project as human beings are sometimes of a selfish and degrading attempt at dogma. There is no magic if you are told what magic is. Shine forth brave souls! Dennis (who, usually will sniff out the longrobes and their bon-fires / plastic cruxifixes)

  22. Dennis, Pete comes at Christianity from a very Mystical perspective, not some paranoid, knuckle-dragging Snakehandler crap. I have no problem with it, since those are my roots.

  23. True dat, Chris. I gets a little fired up sometimes. It's all good though.

  24. Who is the first guy in this video? - who does the weird thing with his fingers :)

    I'd like to check out his whole video if I can find it.


  25. RE:
    "Who is the first guy in this video? - who does the weird thing with his fingers :)"

    That's the great filmmaker David Lynch.


    One of my favourites.

  26. Cheers Brizdaz!

  27. That particular David Lynch talk is called "Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain". You can get it for free on iTunes or YouTube.

    I wish that there were some Secret Sun(ners) asking the questions at the end of the talk :)

  28. nicely made piece, Chris, thank you!

    best wishes, Andi

  29. @GEO who said: All this information kind of gets annoying after a while because I more or less understand it but my life still sucks

    That's because this information still amounts to misdirection - a distraction from your personal truth, which is that your life sucks.

    Put it like this - it doesn't matter what you know about metaphysics or the illuminati or whatever - what matters is that your life sucks. No amount of information is going to make it not suck. You really only have one choice here: answer the question 'Why does my life suck?'

    Your life sucks because reality does not (indeed Cannot) support your vision of how life should be for you.

    Then you will understand: to be here is a compromise. It is a compromise because reality literally cannot meet your expectations (which are infinite btw).

    To put it another way: reality is the conditioned, and to place conditions around that which is infinite is to bastardise it and make it rage against the conditions - hence your life sucks.

    So you choose: when I die I will not come back.

    There is your point of enlightenment.

    Hope you get this message and hope this helps.


  30. the biggest con job ever, that we are somehow gods and can effect reality through our thoughts...

    we are receivers, not transmitters.