Thursday, January 06, 2011

Brewin' Up Some Fresh Magic...

Robert Crumb - The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick

I'm wrestling with the second and third parts of the unintended Magical Thinking series. "Unintended" meaning I didn't mean it to be a series. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I even meant to write the first piece. In the meantime, familiar yourself with the 2/3/74 Revelation since it will play a major role in Part Two. And as always, please come join us on the Facebook fanpage, since it's chockful of supplementary information and cool people as well.


  1. A 'real-life' superhero' wears lycra in Seattle, LOL

  2. Crumb is pointing his readers to PKD;s

    The owner of that website is a PKD soulmate and has copies of many of Mr. Dick's books on line.

    Thank Chris.. I appreciate you focusing your readers in this direction.

    Emphasis on focus.

  3. Regarding 'synchs', a few weeks ago, a very noticable coincidence occured for me. I have always heard of 'tinfoil hats' with amusement. Of course I knew there must be people somewhere who actually don such protective gear, but I had never known anyone to actually do so. Then late one day I was surprised to see I am well acquainted with, and was still recovering from a recent mental breakdown, wearing a tinfoil hat. He said it was because he felt something was attempting to control his mind, and he was trying it to see if it would block the 'control' waves, or whatever. This was the first I had ever seen anyone actually employing a tinfoil hat, and this in all seriousness.
    Then a few hours later on this same evening, I was in an entirely different neighborhood helping a friend move some furniture. Suddenly, the door across the hallway opens, and the apartment tenent, an entirely different and unassociated person, in no way related to the earlier individual, was standing his doorway with a tinfoil hat on. He also seemed distressed, and was definitely not kidding around.

    Of course, it was 'only' a coincidence. Yet, highly uncanny that the only time in my life I've seen people wearing tinfoil hats was on the same evening only a few hours apart - and both cases completely unrelated. I just couldn't help thinking, you know, like "what's up with this?"

  4. "Now when I put my finger on a button on my shirt, it means we are in the presence of a button-down mind, and we can't talk." :-)

    "He had the sense of a regime that was murderous, not just oppressive, but murderous."

    And was it Mr. Dick who was wont to say: "The Empire never ended."

  5. I have seen articles saying that tinfoil will not help you- it's too conductive. A faraday cagelike device (grounded wire mesh) around your head is more realistic. I sometines wonder if it would help with ringing ears, headaches, and general fuzz and I may try one someday! I have my theory that tinfoil has been popularized for all the Wrong reasons-conspiritorially, Delorus