Friday, December 31, 2010

Enter the Mindscape

Alan Moore needs no introduction around these parts. He's the creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, the Jack the Ripper drama From Hell as well as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I believe is the finest superhero fiction ever written. For those of you who haven't read his work maybe this documentary will change your mind. I find it both intimidating and inspiring, maybe even a bit irritating given Moore's diehard hippie solipsism. But it's never boring, and if any of you out there are looking for a reason to continue in what creative pursuits you might have been putting off, Moore's views on the nature of creativity will surely help provide one.

I've been glimpsing a light in the distance which is signaling that the time is coming where rehashing old dreams- even if in the context of Synchromystic analysis- will no longer be enough. New dreams will be needed soon and on a massive scale. I've realized the past few years that my own creative impulses- that is to say "dreams"- had been held hostage by the lingering power of old nightmares. But the same tools that help us decode some of the collective dreams that we've looked at here can also help tidy up your own mindscapes, even if the application stage is quite a bit different.

Maybe the same process will apply to others out there- it's important to decontaminate and decolonize our own imaginations so we can dream more honestly. The mechanized dream machines are in crisis, and maybe their crisis is the honest dreamer's opportunity. I hope everyone reading this will learn to apply the lessons you might have gotten here to your own lives and your own imaginations. Just like the brain needs REM sleep to maintain its equilibrium so it is with a culture's dreaming. The first step to lifting our culture out of the sinkhole it's stuck in is to dream about it first.

So the next time someone tells you're a dreamer, say "thank you."


  1. Promethia was quite epic, I do beleive that the August 2001 Issue of Promethia featured the Twin Towers, a recurring setting, being hit with a tidal wave of hexagonal information slime, and then multitude of clowns taking on NY. Gotta find it online as I was only lent it. Im Glad hes getting recognition hes great. Keep up the great work Chris. Happy New Year!

  2. That made me think of this:, which I love.

  3. "I've been glimpsing a light in the distance which is signaling that the time is coming where rehashing old dreams- even if in the context of Synchromystic analysis- will no longer be enough."

    I completely concur with you on this, Chris. Part of our contemporary malaise is due to an over-reliance on the recent past for our cultural identity. This affects so-called "high culture" as much as any other part of the culture. The literary fad for reworking old classics as pastiches and parodies is one example; academic postmodernism is another.

    Like you, I see all kinds of possibilities in our immediate future that aren't dependent on this cultural rehashing. That said, you shouldn't abandon the Synchromystic side which has produced so much excellent analysis. But if you perceive some new creative avenue then you must follow it!

    I had a dream a few nights ago that might be relevant. I was in a suburban house not dissimilar to the one I grew up in. I was alone and imprisoned there, because all the doors and windows were barred and I paced around with increasing frustration. Then to my delight, I found a tiny window high in the attic that I should not have been able to fit through. Somehow I managed to squeeze through it and entered the wider world, though I had no possessions apart from my clothes. This dream is only one of several I've had lately that point to the emergence of something entirely new, beyond my current experience, and whatever develops I think it should be welcomed.

  4. I agree 100% and whole heartedly that our dreams must be taken back from the nightmare images that have colonized them. I too have been feeling that I have to sound out what ever creativity I have left in me, and use it bravely for whatever the hell it may be good for. To get started feels like pushing over a mountain of sludge! Bless you for you bravery and your willingness to share and may this next trip around the sun spark something amazing in a good way for the many...Sincerely, Delorus

  5. Here's to the dreamers:

  6. I enjoyed the film version of,
    "L.O.E.G", did not read the
    comic, but the film made more
    sense to me after reading
    some Gurdjieff.

    In reply to your Lady Gaga
    comment, I think she will
    reinvent herself into a
    ,"hole", which means she
    will take transhumanism so
    far, ( as you warned in a
    previous post on TH), that
    she will lose her core self
    in relation to God.

    The Shamanistic archetype
    has a sub-type in the role
    of the ,"geisha/courtesan",
    and that is Lady Gaga.

    Lady Gaga will inspire more
    hybrids which will have to
    do illegal and highly taboo
    actions in order to keep
    the attention of their fans.

    Like mass murder.

    Marilyn Manson wishes he
    could do this and one will
    generate from his line and
    actually kill people.

    This ties into the V for
    Vendetta story, as well as
    the Watchmen...a satanic
    world shaker...a ,"LOKI".

    A holographic rock star like
    we also saw in William Gibson's
    "Idoru", but extremely evil.

  7. New dreams will be needed soon and on a massive scale.

    Yes, it's like the movie The Neverending Story. It's up to us dreamers to stop The Nothing from swallowing up the world.

    ...the time is coming where rehashing old dreams- even if in the context of Synchromystic analysis- will no longer be enough.

    I enjoy your blog and I think it's perfectly enough. Just keep man's "old dreams" are another man's ephiphany.

  8. A Timely and Timeless Post. Good 4 You Knowles And Thanks 4 Sharin'. :)

    I'd Like 2 Tell Ya 2 Keep Your Head Above Water, But You're Probably Much Better Off Growin' Gillz.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

  9. Phenomenal video, thanks for that! I like Moore’s idea that our culture is turning to steam (I’d say it’s turning to bits). My own dreams and visions are pretty Lovecraftian lately; I have this weird idea that there is a global brain emerging from the Matrix, and it’s turning out to be some kind of monstrous entity or demiurge, which is probably a reflection of our collective unconscious.

  10. I'd love to go for a coffee with Alan Moore, and I know this might sound weird to some but I'd love to be stuck in a lift with that man. He obviously has talent. Maybe he can help write us into utopia, or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

    Another great post Chris, thanks.

  11. James Howard Kunstler thinks irony will die as this century progresses and I agree.

    Jon S.

  12. Alan Moore knows the score. So they say. I tend to concur.

    Too much of the "alleged" with the following story, but as Emory notes the meme (agenda? and whose?) convergence is topical as regards UFOlogy & teh eeveel Nazi superscience:

    Spitfire List: WikiLeaks: United States vs. The Flying Saucers from Antarctica(!)

    The Nazi angle is Emory's spin of course, he's been down this road for a long time.
    The story sounds like complete bullshit but it's entertaining.

  13. Moore brings up some brilliant ideas in this video. He argues that the need for deconstruction is coming to an end, and the need for synthesis among artists is becoming more urgent. This is similar to Chris' image of a light in the distance, of new modes of expression. Moore makes reference to the Singularity, the doubling of information every fraction of a second, predicting that culture changes phase from liquid to gas. I wonder if this is what Chris sees as well, and what many of us feel is coming over the horizon, or if there is some other means of a mass awakening or enlightenment...