Friday, November 12, 2010

Signals, Synchronicity and Expanding Minds

Do you feel it? Do you feel something out there, straining at its leash? Do you hear it? I know there's a lot of noise out there and it's hard to cut through it all, but there is a signal out there. There is a code that's waiting to be deciphered. Which is exactly why the world is such a state of cacophony. Once the code is cracked, all bets are off. There's a lot of money riding on the status quo. Hell, all of the money is.

Which is why it's a very powerful feeling when Synchronicity knocks at your door, and it does so the more you knock at its, oddly enough. You start to feel it- I can actually taste it when I know a random news headline is going to hit me with a new piece of the puzzle once I click through. It's a strange, metallic taste that wells up from my soft palette.

Which is why I think it's very important that you all keep a personal sync log. It's one thing to track all of this madness out there in the mediafeed, but after a while it has a tendency to blur into static. All of the pant-pissing symbolic stuff certainly does. But it can be quite useful if you take it all as a tutorial for deciphering your own symbolic narratives.

I really can't say this enough.

This is what I was thinking about tonight before I watched Fringe, which allegorized this whole secret-codes-flying-through-the-ether business in a dramatic setting. There it's all part of Walternate's master plan. But that's what writers naturally do; impose conflict on a process that can't really be spelled out for John Q. Couchepotatau. There's nothing wrong with that, it makes for good drama. Otherwise, it ends up all Celestine Prophecy. But in real life, it's all quite a bit different.

Fringe is one of those shows that I feel is speaking to me. Not in a "Chris, go out and kill tonight" kind of way (I get that from Dancing with the Stars), but certainly in a way that it seems to coincide with my own progress. Not nearly as intense as The X-Files, which often got pretty damn scary. More like how I felt when I first read Altered States, which of course is a big touchstone for Fringe.

Then there's this whole business on Fringe tonight linking New Jersey to Milton, Massachusetts, of all places. Milton is next to Braintree, and was one of my "three hometowns." It's where I went to church, and it's also a place that still haunts my dreams (well, Blue Hills Parkway in Milton, to be exact). That certainly got my attention.

But I was thinking about Synchronicity as an agent/byproduct of Evolution after speaking with Erik Davis on his radio show,
Expanding Minds, since that's one of the many topics we discussed. Speaking of Synchronicity, Erik was a huge influence on my thinking seeing as how he wrote the seminal text Techgnosis, way way back in the Nineties. And sure enough I finally got a chance to meet Erik last year at Esalen, an event that kicked up another interesting Mothman-related sync as well).†

All of this is either just the most long-winded prelude to a podcast link ever seen on this blog, or more kindling for the synchronistic bonfire. Your choice. In the meantime, here's the link to Erik's page on PRN (which is chock-full of familiar voices to old school WBAI listeners) and here's a direct link to the podcast.

Or you can click the image!

We talk a lot about the ancient Mysteries, of course, but take it very far afield into the fever swamps of fin de sicle Synchromystery, Secret Sun-style. There's also my 2-hour Skypefest with Christie Aphrodite on the Truth Brigade podcast. You can read all about that here, pilgrim.

† The year before that California went up in flames shortly after I left Big Sur but the wildfires stopped at the gates of Esalen itself, miraculously. The cause was a still-unexplained "dry" electrical storm.

As I was typing this I just got hit with another scary sync blast, but that's a story for another day.

MIDNIGHT UPDATE: More synchronistic hijinks tonight, related. On Smallville (aka "Emo Superman"), of all places.