Friday, November 12, 2010

Signals, Synchronicity and Expanding Minds

Do you feel it? Do you feel something out there, straining at its leash? Do you hear it? I know there's a lot of noise out there and it's hard to cut through it all, but there is a signal out there. There is a code that's waiting to be deciphered. Which is exactly why the world is such a state of cacophony. Once the code is cracked, all bets are off. There's a lot of money riding on the status quo. Hell, all of the money is.

Which is why it's a very powerful feeling when Synchronicity knocks at your door, and it does so the more you knock at its, oddly enough. You start to feel it- I can actually taste it when I know a random news headline is going to hit me with a new piece of the puzzle once I click through. It's a strange, metallic taste that wells up from my soft palette.

Which is why I think it's very important that you all keep a personal sync log. It's one thing to track all of this madness out there in the mediafeed, but after a while it has a tendency to blur into static. All of the pant-pissing symbolic stuff certainly does. But it can be quite useful if you take it all as a tutorial for deciphering your own symbolic narratives.

I really can't say this enough.

This is what I was thinking about tonight before I watched Fringe, which allegorized this whole secret-codes-flying-through-the-ether business in a dramatic setting. There it's all part of Walternate's master plan. But that's what writers naturally do; impose conflict on a process that can't really be spelled out for John Q. Couchepotatau. There's nothing wrong with that, it makes for good drama. Otherwise, it ends up all Celestine Prophecy. But in real life, it's all quite a bit different.

Fringe is one of those shows that I feel is speaking to me. Not in a "Chris, go out and kill tonight" kind of way (I get that from Dancing with the Stars), but certainly in a way that it seems to coincide with my own progress. Not nearly as intense as The X-Files, which often got pretty damn scary. More like how I felt when I first read Altered States, which of course is a big touchstone for Fringe.

Then there's this whole business on Fringe tonight linking New Jersey to Milton, Massachusetts, of all places. Milton is next to Braintree, and was one of my "three hometowns." It's where I went to church, and it's also a place that still haunts my dreams (well, Blue Hills Parkway in Milton, to be exact). That certainly got my attention.

But I was thinking about Synchronicity as an agent/byproduct of Evolution after speaking with Erik Davis on his radio show,
Expanding Minds, since that's one of the many topics we discussed. Speaking of Synchronicity, Erik was a huge influence on my thinking seeing as how he wrote the seminal text Techgnosis, way way back in the Nineties. And sure enough I finally got a chance to meet Erik last year at Esalen, an event that kicked up another interesting Mothman-related sync as well).†

All of this is either just the most long-winded prelude to a podcast link ever seen on this blog, or more kindling for the synchronistic bonfire. Your choice. In the meantime, here's the link to Erik's page on PRN (which is chock-full of familiar voices to old school WBAI listeners) and here's a direct link to the podcast.

Or you can click the image!

We talk a lot about the ancient Mysteries, of course, but take it very far afield into the fever swamps of fin de sicle Synchromystery, Secret Sun-style. There's also my 2-hour Skypefest with Christie Aphrodite on the Truth Brigade podcast. You can read all about that here, pilgrim.

† The year before that California went up in flames shortly after I left Big Sur but the wildfires stopped at the gates of Esalen itself, miraculously. The cause was a still-unexplained "dry" electrical storm.

As I was typing this I just got hit with another scary sync blast, but that's a story for another day.

MIDNIGHT UPDATE: More synchronistic hijinks tonight, related. On Smallville (aka "Emo Superman"), of all places.


  1. For some reason I was very captured by the Skyline trailer. Hobus pointed out a similar trailer for Altitude. Both trailers feature flying craft grabbed by tentacles. And decided blue/water/sky/monster themes.

    The first Altitude trailer begins with an upside down runway Illuminati I, resembling those in the psychedelic scenes of 2001 A Space Odyssey. There are pyramid subliminals: of an airport tower, and the girl rubbing her hair. The three teens are reflected in an unusual pool of water. Is this a Gnostic or satanic reference? As above, so below?

    The back tire on the jeep is an upside down pentacle. The runway is a capless pyramid. And there are several verbal references to Hell. There is also a clear written message in the trailer to "Fear...the...skies". As in Skyline, are we being warned or conditioned for something about to come from the heavens? Is this a Gnostic warning against the Demiurge? A Satanic warning against Yahweh?

    The both Altitude trailers there is a claim that 1 in 3 people is afraid to fly. Is 1 in 3 a covert 13? Or perhaps 1/3 equaling the masonic 33?

    There is also reference to "this happened before and it's happening again". This quote also appeared in similar form at the end of the Battlestar Galactica series. Reminiscent of the Hindu legends, one wonders if subconsciously or intentionally, our movies describe a world where humanity rises and falls and rises. The memories of past civilizations lying dormant, emerging only in our nightmares and horror movies.

    The second trailer includes another possible pyramid subliminal in the girl outstretching her arms. The plane is sucked into a stargate like monster mouth. The main character is also shown with Horus-like wounds around one of her eyes.

    Both trailers also feature a lot of terrible, wooden acting. The significance of which I have no idea!

  2. I'll have to check out the new podcast tomorrow. Sounds like fun.

    There's a strong message in that Jacksons video (and song). I rediscovered in the wake of Jackson's death and was overwhelmed by it's content.

    At the beginning of the video they seem to emerge from the sea to spread something powerful to the people, which is very reminiscent of the legends in ancient cultures where gods came from the seas to spread their knowledge. Then there's all this strange Earth-seeding imagery, Rainbow Bridges, Kuhndalini, a ton of solar imagery including the bazaar death of the sun. If you check out the full 7min version of this, there's a phoenix rebirth of the sun at the very end.

    This video inspired me to reexamine Jacksons's early work from the 70s & 80s. It's loaded with solar / alchemical symbology.


  3. "Not in a "Chris, go out and kill tonight" kind of way (I get that from Dancing with the Stars) . . ."

    ROFL. I bet DwS would have the same effect on me, if I ever tried to watch it. Probably one reason I never do. :)

  4. "Not in a "Chris, go out and kill tonight" kind of way (I get that from Dancing with the Stars)"

    LOL, classic.

  5. Techgnosis nailed the zeitgeist of the nineties better than anything else I've read. Great book.

  6. November 11, 2010

    Oddly, I found some further (incomplete) notes from my CIA friend "Mr. Langley" yesterday. (You may recall that he passed away in 2009).

    He said:

    "Remember that the rainbow is more than just a pretty promise that God put in the sky. It is a visual representation of the atmosphere... the different colors represent frequencies. Those frequency layers were put there by God as a barrier to block certain dark frequencies from being able to be as active on the Earth.

    "Blue Beam" is more than a name. The Blue, Violet and Purple colors/frequencies are the "God' frequencies... the Alpha and Omega frequencies. The current scientific work being done by TPTB are to lessen or eliminate those three colors, or barriers, so that there will be an increase in the dark frequencies. The more readily visible frequencies/colors represent the more worldly and 'dark' forces... (which does not seem natural to us, as yellows and oranges would seem, to us, to be 'happy' colors.).

    The more visible to us in this state of existence, the further these frequencies are from God... more worldly.

    Removing the blue-violet-purple, through HAARP and other means results in a concentration of negative power. by eliminating or lessening the blue range of light, they are removing the barriers that keep the dark frequencies in check... allowing them to concentrate... allowing dark forces to come together and increase in strength.

    God's rainbow is a visable reminder that He has all of the forces of nature and spirit in check. Some men understand this and are working to eliminate those checks and balances, for their own and the dark force's agendas. The rainbow represents the atmospheric 'covering' that God placed over/around the Earth after the flood, so that demonic forces would not have the ability to directly interact with men like they did in the days of Noah.

    Of course... The Bible says that the end times will be AS in the days of Noah... so you can see how it is important to TPTB to put things back like they were before the flood?

    That is the purpose of HAARP and 'chemtrails' and all of the other projects. The true purpose is known by TPTB, but even those high up in the programs don't realize their true purpose.

    One more thing about HAARP and the Alpha and Omega frequencies:

    There are over 2700 satellites right now that are in space and that have tuners that can increase or block the Alpha and Omega frequencies that reach the Earth. When they want to,they can bombard the Earth with the negative waves/frequencies... this will simply be a matter of tuning your radio and television broadcast waves. One minute the world will be watching their favorite sitcom, then, after the commercial, the picture and sound will be the same, but the electromagnetic and unseen message will be totally different.

    You will suddenly see increased negative tension and anxiety. Family arguments, and as the frequency strength is increased, outright unexplainable violence and crime.

  7. Wow, so much going on in that J5 video. Ancient Alien seeding of humanity, giants, green sun, floods, stargates, and a plea for oneness.

    As for the sync log, great idea. I started one this morning after having a few syncs already. Both of them stem from your blog Chris. Last night, my wife and I were watching a TV show called Monsterquest. In this episode they were searching for the Jersey Devil. Of course they never found it and suggested encounters with it might be a misidentified Great Horned Owl (give me a break). An artist made a life sized model of the creature based on eyewitness accounts ( @ 2:00). Pretty creepy. Anyways, I made a comment to my wife this morning how I thought the Jersey Devil is an extra dimensional creature and could be the (or a) Mothman. The Mothman scares the crap out of her. I was also thinking about the whole UN and M. Othman story because the whole strangeness of it intrigues me. I read your blog this morning and low and behold, you mention the Mothman as well.

    Another sync was based on Michael Jackson. After reading your blog this morning, I head over to CNN (I like to see what the establishment is talking about as well) and there is a story about MJ's new album that is coming out very soon. The album cover is full of synchromystic goodies.

    Should be an interesting day I think...

  8. @ericswan the rainbow's colors are a refraction of white light. Some colors are missing from our rainbow; this is because that wavelength of light is absorbed by gases in our atmosphere. (In fact Scientists are using spectroscopy to determine the composition of atmospheres on other planets.)

    Anyway this is relevant to your discussion because HAARP can only "change the rainbow" by changing the chemical composition of our atmosphere.

    Oh, wait...

  9. It's funny to me how the so-called "personal sync" (is there really any difference?) can unveil far more expansive reality-gestalts than the ones we tend to see in the media. The word "media"/medium makes much more sense when dealing with sync symbols, as they (movies, news, music) tend to be conduits which the etheric symbol passes before our point of view. It's really the conjunction and timing, the "coincidence" which lends to the magic feeling, alot of people focus on the symbol itself far too much though. Which could lead to a greater understanding of what the synchronicities could be trying to get across, but I've found that instead of trying to apply association after association to one phenomeon and just acknowledging it feels far more natural and appropriate than trying to logically analyze something which cannot be looked at rationally.

    Anyway... I want to check out Techgnosis.

  10. As a diagnosed psychotic I can
    get caught up in synchronous
    events so I am careful to judge
    each one by it's comparitive

    We should look at every node
    of relation though despite it's
    potential danger. The universe
    evolves by connections, and we
    are part of the evolutionary
    expansion stream as information.

    We cannot help but see the inter-
    weaving data flow because we see
    what we are unconsciously.

  11. Oddly enough, this isn't the first time I've heard “Fringe syncs with my life!”

    The psychic Ellie, who runs the metaphysical website “Crystalinks” has mentioned this on numerous occasions. Check out her blog here:

    I'm somewhat closed-minded when it comes to Apophenia; I prefer to believe I dictate my own destiny. However, I've had syncs come out of left field that left me speechless. I think everyone experiences these sort-of things one time or another.

    Didn't a scientist do some statistical study that claimed once a month everyone experiences a miraculous event?

  12. Soooo, you think the fire was related to your visit?

  13. New Scientist: Is this evidence that we can see the future?

    Extraordinary claims don't come much more extraordinary than this: events that haven't yet happened can influence our behaviour.

    Parapsychologists have made outlandish claims about precognition – knowledge of unpredictable future events – for years. But the fringe phenomenon is about to get a mainstream airing: a paper providing evidence for its existence has been accepted for publication by the leading social psychology journal.

  14. Excellent post. I just wrote my very first blog ever this week and it's all about Michael Jackson syncs. So of course when I saw the Jackson Five song at the top of your blog I knew it was winking at me :-).

    I plan to do a whole series on MJ syncs because there is so much material to tie in. Like SuperJudge mentioned, there's the new album coming out with the totally Synchromystic cover art. Then there's the Cirque de Soleil show Immortal (I plan to go deep on that one).

    FYI...Dancing With the Stars makes me wanna commit hari-kari, too. LOL.

  15. Nancy- Altitude. I must be slipping, it's not ringing a bell. Let me cheat and look it up...ahh. OK. Cheesecake vs. Chthulu. Got it.

    Jim- The irony is that they hit all of these godlike themes and the single was a flop in the US. As always, don't credit the band with all of it. Look up the guys behind the camera and what they're all about.

    Joe/CDH- Bristol Palin does it every time, you know?

    Tristan- Well put.

    Eric- Interesting. The Rainbow Bridge takes us to the gods and all of that.

    Superjudge- Sounds like it. Jersey Devil=Mothman? Very interesting concept there.

    Lynn- Interesting factoid about the spectroscopy. Well done!

    Tommy- I like where you're going with this. The symbol and the synch are separate yet interdependent phenomena. I think a lot of people confuse them which tends to mitigate the overall effect.

    Pete- Absolutely. I actually had a grading system at one point when I was trying to understand the phenomena itself.

    レベッカ Oooh, nice link. And how didn't I realize this all went down on 11/11?

    541- Related as in caused by? No, of course not. But it did tie into a whole host of mind-bending synchology. And then some.

    722- In which I bring up again that a professor I met at Esalen that same year told me that a lot of what I was interpreting as Synchronicity was actually precog.

  16. Eric, dude, chill. If you consider tptb can alter rainbows over terra firma? What the hell, here in the foothills of the Cascades the rainbows are frequent and often. You give way too much power to tptb. If the nature of our planet is modified to that extent by contrails and the military industrial complex we might as well,might as well. The ideas and dreams of the archons are not preparing this orb for silicon life forms. There is a beautiful world out there Eric, take a walk and enjoy it. Shine forth by day. Dennis

  17. Chris, I mentioned some of the synchs between Skyline and Altitude in my comments on your earlier post.

    Nancy wrote:
    "For some reason I was very captured by the Skyline trailer. Hobus pointed out a similar trailer for Altitude. Both trailers feature flying craft grabbed by tentacles. And decided blue/water/sky/monster themes.

    The first Altitude trailer begins with an upside down runway Illuminati I, resembling those in the psychedelic scenes of 2001 A Space Odyssey. There are pyramid subliminals: of an airport tower, and the girl rubbing her hair. The three teens are reflected in an unusual pool of water. Is this a Gnostic or satanic reference? As above, so below?"

    Don't forget the taglines shown on both posters. Skyline: "Don't Look Up" and Altitude: "Don't Look Down". Perhaps there's a strange "As above, so below" synchronicity between the two movies.

    Bonus Factoid: Altitude is the debut directorial feature from comic artist Kaare Andrews.

  18. Tommy- I like where you're going with this. The symbol and the synch are separate yet interdependent phenomena. I think a lot of people confuse them which tends to mitigate the overall effect.

    Wow. You and Tommy really brought it with that one. I think I get what you're saying. I guess it's not so much what the sync is telling you as it is that the sync is telling you.

  19. I'm currently watching Cloverfield. I have to confess that I will probably miss a lot of syncs since I am fast forwarding through large portions of it.

    Shallow, annoying, yuppie supermodels.

    I hope the lizard creature kills them all.

  20. Well Chris, it turns out that Cheesecake vs. Chthulu wasn't just a reference to Altitude. Cloverfield was just as gawd awful. Talk about Apocalypse 90210.

    54 minutes into the movie and the chief supermodel babe was still in her high heels.

    I don't know which conspiracy theories to believe. However, I do strongly suspect that J.J. Abrams is the Anti-Christ. Sent here to destory our minds with the most pathetic, ridiculous cultural garbage imaginable.

    (P.S. Yes, destory was an accidental typo. But it was so fitting that I left it.)

  21. Dennis- Hoagland claims that chemtrails are weathermod, which I think is the only explanation that makes sense.

    Hobus- Cheers for the info. I'll probably Redbox the both.

    Sibyl- Hear, hear.

    Nancy- Cloverfield? Haven't seen it. I'm so damn alienated from 99.9% of what Hollywood is spewing out. It kills my soul. If it weren't for Vancouverian TV, it would be a total washout.

  22. WeLL, while in my Experience, I've NEVER Witness'd a DOUBLE Rainbow, I HAVE SEEN a "halo" Shaped Rainbow

    Twas in Washington, the Evergreen State, the host of "the Emerald" City, aka Seattle

    There was a CLOUD that was right below the SUN, that day

    And Suddenly Light Rain, and For SOME Reason, afterwards, when raining stopped, VOILA

    Rainbow HALO: I'm talking like a FULLY 3D DONUT Shaped Rainbow Halo, Surrounding and right below the CLOUD...................

    I Curse that I didn't have a Camera that day, and I've found that there was only ONE Other person I know, who has SEEN One, but she Said that she "witnessed" that, while in ENGLAND, FuRReaLS...............

    Anyhow, what does that mean?

    Neh? Clovershit was Garbage, my Body & Mind Reject'd that shit, and I have NEVER Felt Nausea from a Film, EVER

    From that point on, I'm never a Fan of any JJ Abram related Schlock

    Sorry, Fringe may be the ONLY Exception, hehS................

    Bad ROBOT, INDEED, hehS.............

  23. Seems like the SupernaturaL & UNDEAD Memes follow the "king" of POP, to this day?


    Anyhow, We GIVE too MUCH Credit, to The Archons, they be Lame & Un-Imaginative Folks

    Siriusly, we can do so much better

    PRECOG is definitely a Requisite of Synk-Detecting...................

    EyEzzzz 2 See, Earzzzz2hear, hehS

    Though, Swan-san, u may be onto something, cuz Random Arguments, especially in a Family of SENSITIVES, makes a lot more sense

    There's a bit of Psychic abilities in the fambam, which kinda lends weight to your Theory about those "negative" influences

    We pick up on those "un-detectable" Frequencies, then act out the drama

    I've noticed, MOST of our Problems or Arguments COINCIDE whenever the Television is ON, in the Background

    and we've been Refraining from watching or turning that BOX ON, hehS.............

    SO: For SHure, there is a Psychic Amplifier going on, on random "dayzzzzz".............

    But, I've won the argument: TV NO-NO, Interweb is stiLL Safer


  24. Hobus, what an interesting idea. Down, up, as above, so below.

    Oh Chris, so true about Vancouver TV. How lucky I am to be a joint citizen. I spent a good deal of my childhood living in Vancouver. Trust me, the B.C. coast is even more sublime in person.

    I am already in serious Caprica withdrawal. I don't know if there is something wrong with me. But I was truly engaged by the new series, preferring it even to Battlestar. Forget the oceans and forest. Even the interior settings in Caprica were memorable. The rich autumn colors of the Adama residence. The almost painful whiteness of the Greystone residence.

    The actual Greystone residence is up for sale for 12 million dollars. 12 is pretty cheap, since it's probably worth... umm, err.. 17.

  25. Why do rainbows occur only at times when the sun has a certain angularity to the planet? When was the last time you saw a rainbow?

    I keep hearing that atomic weapons can only be activated when there are certain planets, moon, and sun are in specific alignment. Does that have anything to do with the launch of spacecraft windows as well?

    And what is up with eclipses? How is that possible where the moon fits the size of the sun on a solar eclipse and the earth fits the size of the moon on a lunar eclipse?

  26. 42 degrees Eric, have seen dozens of rain bows this year. Where do you hail from? Perhaps you should leave the city for the country and enjoy life and death. The northern climes have little sun-light perhaps a change of location will cure your blues. AWB's love the bleak clouds and bleak prospectives. The sun still shines, yea? All is not lost my curious friends. Dennis (where the grass is really greener) Shine!

  27. Hey Chris what happened to the web site Watching the Watchers? Is it no longer here in the synchrosphere? Dennis

  28. Erik Davis's website is a new and yet familiar world to me. Interesting work.

    Rainbows are amazing!
    There is so much more to them than meets the eye.

  29. A number of people here are discussing rainbows and white light. There is one fringe/alternative scientist named Peter Bros. He goes into great detail on why he thinks light isn't what the establishment physicists say it is. He also has unconventional interpretations of UFOs, evolution, and planetary motion.

    Google him, for insight and/or entertainment.

  30. MORE (*groan*) upcoming Hollywood cheese with synchs to Skyline:

    Battle: Los Angeles trailer:

    Basically the same damn movie as Skyline (Aliens invade Los Angeles, again). I guess they think the brain-dead masses will have forgotten about Skyline by next year.

    Anyway, two things I noticed in the trailer: Right at the start, the Goddess Columbia morphing into a blue star. The, the date at the end: 03.11.11. Perhaps another encoded 11:11?

  31. Great post as usually my friend. Hear is a very insteresting video that will go with the post. I'll let the vid do the talk. :)

    Have you seen this Chris? Let me know what you think?

    Enjoy! DS

  32. my kid came home from school on friday singing 'can you feel it',I have the song but have never played it to him,he just said they were singing it in the playground that day.
    he is six and three quarters.

  33. Then there's this whole business on Fringe tonight linking New Jersey to Milton, Massachusetts, of all places. Milton is next to Braintree, and was one of my "three hometowns." It's where I went to church, and it's also a place that still haunts my dreams (well, Blue Hills Parkway in Milton, to be exact). That certainly got my attention.

    it should parking lot of blue rock springs park on columbus parkway, independence day 1969, attempted double homicide

    meet me at the back
    of a blue bus
    doin' a blue rock
    on the blue bus


  34. When you talked about synchronicity being related to evolution it made me think of something Whitley Streiber said once:

    "Maybe this is what evolution looks like to a conscious mind."

    Streiber was talking about UFO/paranormal stuff, but I think that comment applies much more directly to synchronicity.

    (Streiber is someone that I used to regard as a kook. I still do sometimes, but now I sort of get him. He's in the same box for me as Crowley, Leary, Icke, etc.: people who are nuts but not "merely nuts." They're sort of channeling something and they don't know how to explain it. Maybe it drives them nuts too... potent visions can be psychologically stressful.)